The next morning, Katherine awoke and picked herself up as if the day before had not even happened. She got up, showered and dressed, before going down to breakfast as usually. She walked into the dining room and the spread was already laugh out on the large table. Moriarty was already in his seat at the head of the table and she took her normal one, to his right.

"Good morning." Her voice was light, no sing song too it. Just plain. She didn't make eye contact with him though, leaving him gazing up at her, fork raised.

"Morning." Jim dropped the utensil onto his plate and sat back, half with frustration, half in awkwardness. "Katherine?" She gave a small hum of acknowledgement as she reached for an orange, leaving him to continue. "I'm sorry." Honestly, she hadn't been expecting a further apology after the previous afternoon but she hid her surprise, picking up her knife.

"You're not forgiven." She left him sat, not really knowing what to do.

Minutes past, but it was only when she was half finished her orange, he reached out to her.

"Katherine." As soon as his fingers brushed her wrist, she wrenched it out of his grip and slammed the table.

"Are you going to hit me again?" The action seemed to shock him. It appeared to surprise him. For just a second, Jim's eyes widened as he watched her but apart from that he barely moved.

"Katherine. Please..." She didn't listen. She didn't have the patience to listen to him at that moment. So Katherine stood from the table, looking down at him.

"I'd like to go shopping today, with or without your so called body guards." Her hands were shaking as she thought of what he could do to her for speaking in the manner that she was. He could easily repeat his actions. He could stand and throw her to the grown. He could crack her skull. He could scar her much worse than Samson or any of his men had done. But he never stirred. Jim simple watched her, trying to hold back a proud smirk in fear of it scaring her. But he was proud of her and he wished her could tell her how much so. For she was standing up for herself, to the one man who was the real danger. And he knew if she could do this towards him, she could do it to anyone. It hadn't been on purpose, his response to her snooping. He had cracked, overwhelmed with fear of what she'd heard, but it had brought out the best in her. His little ace in the hole. "I'm leaving after breakfast. I don't care if I'm in danger or not, I'm going."

Before she had the chance to leave his presence fully, Jim spoke loud enough to make her pace hesitated and slowed. "I'll ask for a car to be brought around." She stopped then and looked at him. "May I come with you?"

"I do not care. I leave at 10, if you have a need to be in London you may come with me." Her snarl was beautiful. It warmed him in ways her smile never could. Jim watched her leave, the sway of her hips exaggerated with anger and then, only when she was out of ear shot her called out, summoning the sniper who was lingering near by.

"Sebastian..." He felt the precedes enter the room behind him. "Take her wherever she wants to go. Watch her back. And don't say no to her." The girl deserved a treat. He'd admit that. But he would not admit, even to himself, whether he was rewarding it out of proudness or guilt. "If she comes back with one hair out of place, I'll hold you solely responsible."

"Of course, boss." Sebastian nodded and then left to get her his men, picking out the best to escort Jim's girl into central London.

She was the one. Jim knew it for sure as he turned the butter knife in his hand. She was the one.

Dead on ten o'clock, the car pulled up outside of the house. The town car manned by a driver and Sebastian, behind them what a large Range Rover; surrounded by four bodyguards. Jim really was being protective today. Katherine mused with the idea as she collected her bag from the head butler.

"Katherine!" A voice interrupted her exit out of the door. Moriarty. With a light sigh, she spun around and tilted her head, questioningly. He walked with purpose until he stood right in front of her and took her hand, pressing a plastic credit card into her palm. "Here."

"What is it?" She assumed it was going to be her new card, topped up with her first 'pay'.

"My card." He gave a smile, which may as well have been amiss in Katherine's opinion. "Get anything you want." He had a nerve. A strong one.

It wasn't what he'd done. It's how he'd done it. He knew...he knew what she had been threw and yet he did it himself. 'No one like Samson will ever be able to touch you again'. Those were his words. But not even he had listened to him. He'd told her he trusted her. It didn't seem that way.

"You can't just buy my forgiveness Jim." Katherine frowned and stepped away from him. "I..."

"Then let me come with you. You can order me around all day." Moriarty's tone was different to how she had ever heard it. To someone unfamiliar to his ways, he'd have sounded vulnerable. A chuckle had accompanied his words but it did nothing to melt her anger. Not much anyway. But there was something about him. All staff had dispersed upon his arrival and it was just the two of them, no one to act in front of, no one to fool. Jim looked truly sorry. And like a moron, she fell for it.

"Get your coat. One bad word from you and you'll be sent straight home." Upon seeing the smirk stretch across her full lips, Jim grinned and let a hand slide over her hip, pulling her against him.

"I knew you couldn't stay mad at me."

"I wasn't that mad at you." Katherine chuckled in her own dark way, a snigger which matched his own frightening grin. Of course she wasn't telling the truth. "I just wanted you to let me have my way." Her voice was light, feminine, and she turned back to make her way towards the car, removing his hands from her.

Jim followed her, taking the sunglasses from his pocket and finally allowing himself to smile honestly. Some tender love and care, that's all she needed to make her come around. Never the less, he couldn't help himself from making sure,


"No." Her blunt answer made his smile drop and caused his head to lurch. "It'll take more than that, Mr Moriarty." Katherine had a straight face as she lowered herself into the passenger seat of the car. As Jim studied her, she couldn't be read. He wasn't sure if she was kidding but he got the impression she wasn't. Maybe he was allowing her to spend too much time with her.

Jim had allowed her to shop for hours without any interruption. He paid the stores she chose, to close she they could have ultimate privacy and even then he stayed sat with Sebastian in the corner, out of her way.

Katherine took her time searching the clean rails, picking out dresses then putting them back. Choosing a full outfit then deciding against the shoes. Musing over each item and humming to herself, muttering under her breath as she finally approached the till. Only at that point did Moriarty rise from his seat, to pay for her extortionately priced choices which had made the cut. She had approached him for an opinion once or twice over the morning, asking what would be suitable for work and what he liked, but it was just in passing, she didn't really care.

After she purchased what looked like half of Oscar De La Renta's latest collection, almost draining her next months pay from his bank account, his men packed the car with her bags and Jim led her out onto the streets. It was then she who suggested lunch and took his hand, surprising him.

That was how they ended up in a small London cafe, sat outside on the terrace at the back of the building, overlooking a park. She had ordered an ice coffee and a glass of rosé wine with a salad, Moriarty sat with a scotch on the rocks with steak. To the strangers that surrounded them, they looked like a perfect couple. Wealthy, relaxed, beautiful. He even smiled at her as they made small talk and she laughed in reply.

Half an hour in, Katherine even started to see it. They weren't hiding in the dark depths of a restraint in the late evening. They were out in the open and Jim looked...happy. So it was no surprise when he brought up the topic he did.

"So, France?" It startled her at first, causing her to frown and lift her left brow in confusion.


"One of your suggestions...for the wedding." Jim concentrated the most of his attention on his half empty plate as he spoke. It made him...uncomfortable, talking about the big day as it were. He wasn't sure how he was meant to approach the idea and he wasn't totally convinced she would want to talk about it. But she'd expressed such a need to hear him interested during their 'fight' so he would try, if not to only make her come around to him quicker.

"We don't have to talk about that." Katherine must have sensed his hesitation and discomfort, but she didn't seem to really mind it. It just made her smile, amused something so normal could affect the man in front of her so dramatically. But that was just Jim, she should have known. After all, when they'd first met he had wanted her never to be normal.

"We do if you want it to happen." Jim uttered sarcastically. But he had a point, they'd been engaged for almost three months. She was bored of learning and he needed her out on the field, but he would only allow that once she had the name for it. "It's already approaching August, you wanted a summer wedding."

"I don't need one though." Shaking her head, Katherine took a large sip of her wine. "Whatever you want, I'll be happy with that." A part of her didn't care, another part really cared. As confusing as it sounded, it confused her even more. Ever since last night, she found it hard to think about. A wedding ceremony, binding her to the man who had grabbed her so viciously, just didn't feel the same as it did just wanted him to choose, for him to get what he wanted.

"I want it to be your day, not mine."

"Please, you have the dramatic'd put on a better show than I." Katherine smirked and looked at him from under her lashed.

"Show? Is that all it is to you?" He wasn't amused by her this time. There was some stronger meaning behind her words, something he suspected but didn't want to be right about. After working so hard on her for what was coming up to a year, he didn't want it all to have been ruined. He didn't want her to become set back, all because of him not being able to control his anger.

"Is it anything more for you?" Their camaraderie had changed. They didn't banter off each other, when one of them made a harsh comment it was meant as just that, a harsh comment, not a taunt or a was meant to cause more questions.

"What is this about?" Moriarty grew more suspicious and frowned, leaning forward to get closer to her. One arm rest on the table and the other rested on her knee. "Did you hear something yesterday?"

"Was there something for me to hear?" That was the beginning and end of it right there. That was what made him finally realise. It wasn't that she didn't forgive him, or that she was scared of him. She was suspicious herself, she didn't trust him , because of how he had acted. But how could he lame her, it wasn't a subtle reaction. "James if you have a plan for me, if there's something your hiding just...tell me." Her face softened and she found it hard to meet his eyes. She'd missed something yesterday. During that meeting, something had been said. Something he was scared of her overhearing and for once, he was playing it very obviously. He was terrified. "If you feel anything at all...tell me, please?" The ever present smirk had vanished, her hands shook and her brow was worried. Jim needed to persuade her and he needed to do it now.

"There's nothing. Like I said, I have plans and I don't want you to know about them. Just like other members of my staff, you'll know what you need to know, when you need to know it." His words were precise. He spoke as he did when they had first met. He had the same expression, the one she had trusted. "But contrary to what you believe, you are not part of any vindictive plan." She hooded before she made a sound and looked away, focusing solely on the melting coffee. She could trust him. She still remembered the night he admitted trusting her and how raw it had sounded.

It was one slip. One slip of his darker side being unleashed upon her. The darker side she knew seen more light than his softer side, the part of Jim who held her as he slept. And the way he looked now, he looked desperate for her to believe him.

"You promise?" Their eyes locked and Jim let out a sharp breath before smiling and nodding, very slowly. Then she smiled and sat up straighter. "I don't mind honestly, I just want you to be happy with what you're paying for. But I did want to ask one question." Katherine paused, thinking of the best way to deliver the question. "You know about my family, both...but what about you? Surely you have someone, somewhere?"

They had never discussed his family and upon trying to generate a guest list, Katherine sort of hoped he had family. If not, well it was going to be a very intimate ceremony with the both of them and Sebastian.

"Difficult story, I can't say we're in touch." He didn't sound to heartbroken about it, so she didn't make it a big issue.

"It's going to be a very bare wedding, so much for a royal affair." Jim seemed to agree after a second, raising his brow and sucking air in through between his teeth. Laughing alone with each other, Katherine bit her tongue and thought aloud. "I think I want it small. Somewhere nice, just the two of us. Class it as a honeymoon as well."

Moriarty smiled, swirling his scotch. "Where?"

"Where can we go?" As soon as the words left Katherine's mouth, Jim looked at her and smiled. He looked...himself, but it was a rare version of himself. She found herself giggling just at the sight.

"I have somewhere in mind. Besides, I'm due time off." His Irish drawl was relaxed as was his whole demeanour. It was nice. For the first time they weren't just sat together, they were sat as a pair. "You don't mind flying do you?"

Katherine started to laugh then, an easy laugh which was almost blown away by the light breeze. Jim caught a couple of young men watching her from a few tables away and smirked to himself. She was his and he'd make sure she stayed his.

"Surprise me, Mr Moriarty. Keep surprising me."

"Only if you promise me one thing." He replied, moving his chair neared to hers and draping an arm across her shoulders. "Don't get boring. Don't become...ordinary."

"I wouldn't dream of it." Planting a quick kiss on his lips, Katherine let him play with her hair and sighed. It had turned out to be one of the best days they'd spent together, as a couple. And she hoped they would continue to happen. But if only she could have seen into his head, if she could have saw the looming dark storm clouds and plans. If only she could know about the obsessions and addictions. If she could, she may have been able to escape. Katherine may have been able to change everything that was about to begin unfolding.

So...that's it...that's the end and this is the last chapter we'll see of Katherine...

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