Prologue.- Stones in a puddle.

Our story begins in a high-tech laboratory, where a turtle in a wheelchair was putting a blanket over a blonde female mouse with a lavender coat who had a strange bluish glow, who was asleep, as he sighed. He kissed the mouse on the cheek and then turned to a raccoon who was wearing a blue shirt.
- No, Sly, that could backfire. - Said the turtle.
- Please, just think about it, Bentley. - Sly replied.
- Sly, I've thought about it, but if we change something, it could alter the entire timeline!
- You're overreacting.
- I wish I was. - Bentley sighed and turned to Sly. - Look, the slightest change in the past can completely change the future, and that's just the best case scenario. In the worst, you could create a paradox that could cause a rupture in the time-space continuum.
- And that means?
- That means the universe as we know it would be destroyed.
- Come on, it's just...
- Sly, you don't seem to understand what I'm trying to say, time travel is a very dangerous thing; make one single mistake, no matter how small, and it could ruin everything.
- I just want to save my parents, Bentley!
- I know, but think about it! If you save your parents, you won't end up in the orphanage, if you don't end up there, you'll never meet Murray and me, if we don't meet us, you'll wipe Jason, Sakura, Julie and Michael of existence because we would have no reason to recruit and meet Penelope and Jing!
- I would've met you at school! And we would've needed recruits for the Cooper Vault Job!
- Yes, but think about everything, Sly! Consider every little possibility!
- Nothing can be as bad as you say.
- Look, Sly, I'll try to leave everything clear for you. - Bentley said as he grabbed a blackboard. - Altering things in the past is like throwing stones into a puddle; when the stone hits the surface, it causes waves and those waves alter the entire puddle, no matter how small the rock is, it always ends up altering the entire thing. And in this case, since the Super Dragonballs merged our dimension with others, the timeline would be altered in its entirety, making history as we know it, change radically.
When Bentley stopped explaining his little hypothesis, he finished drawing his diagram while Sly looked at him confusedly.
- I still don't get it... - Sly let out.
- Dammit! - Bentley yelled and threw the board. - The point is that you shouldn't mess with the timeline, and don't insist me to help you, because I will not. If you want to destroy reality as we know it, and not only our present and future but also our past, you'll do it alone.
- Well, then so be it!
- Don't you dare, Cooper! You have no idea what you're getting into!
Sly stormed away furiously as he cursed and ignored Bentley.
Keswick Bulma, Nathan, Inoue, Halsey and even Hermione had told him the same thing.
He didn't understand why it would be so dangerous to alter the time stream, but that didn't matter, he didn't need Bentley, nor anyone else for that matter.
Sly reached into his pocket and pulled out a shiny object, which looked like a pocket watch of some sort.
The master thief smiled as he began to set the clock to a specific date.
"Soon, mom and dad, I promise I'll save you. The Fiendish Five are not going to kill you this time." Sly said inwardly and disappeared in a blinding flash.

"The path to the dark side is paved with good intentions."

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