This story was inspired by the song Warriors by Imagine Dragons, the song Immortals by Fall Out Boys, and the song Larger Than Life by Backstreet Boys. I own none. But you should listen to them. Those songs are awesome. No kidding.

"You'd lay awake at night and scheme, of all the things that you would change," - Warriors


Erika snuck out of the house at midnight. She snuck along the garden walls, then ran out the gate. Hopefully her foster parents wouldn't notice her abcense until she was long gone. She was NEVER going back. Ever. She ran into the Helena, Montana woods, hopefully never to return. Suddenly, something bit her leg. She looked down to see a tiny lizard with wings and red glowing eyes. She screamed as membrane began to shift, bones popping and growing and snapping. Slits in her back appeared, and black, leathery wings grew to full size. A tail grew, complete with tailfins. Her stomach felt hot, and she coughed- and a ball of blue fire came out.

Her eyes felt like they were bulging out of her head, and when she looked at her reflection, she saw luminous green eyes in her human head with diamond pupils, large leathery black wings, and a long tail with two sets of fins. Spines were running down her back. She looked at the reflection in the lake, and made a decision. She would accept what she had become. She would no longer be human, but Night Fury, because her wings were black as night, and she was filled with fury. Of course, she was not all dragon. She had legs still, and arms, but she had spines running down her back, wings, a tail, and strange eyes.

She looked up at the moon. She would go to New York. Hide. Find a way to become good in the eyes of normal humans, not a monster. She looked at the body of the tiny radioactive dragon, and smiled. She viewed her new wings as a blessing, not a curse.

Acting out of her little dragon instinct she had, she spread her gossamer wings and took off into the night.