This was for the Ultimate OTP II competition prompt: dialouge: Actually, I don't want kids. Ever Warning: Mpreg. Ship : Remus/Sirius.

Sirius had a big surprise for Remus and he had a fun way of telling him. "Hey Remus do you ever want kids?" Sirius asked his husband. "No Sirius, actually I don't want kids. Ever." Remus said plainly. "Well don't you think that's kind of selfish, I mean what if the I want kids" said Sirius getting mad. "I'm sorry Siri but I'd never want a baby to go through what I went through at five, besides the transformation would most likely kill a baby." Said Remus solemnly. "Well what if it's not a werewolf" asked Sirius, his temper rising. "Sirius I'm sorry, but I'm not willing to take that risk" Said Remus becoming agitated. "Well it's to late for that." Said Sirius beginning to lose his temper. "And why is that, asked Remus becoming angry as well. "BECAUSE I'M PREGNANT!" Yelled Sirius. "You're pregnant?" Asked Remus calming down. "Yeah, but why would you care, you don't want kids ever, remember." Said Sirius still upset. "I know I said that, but you have to make compromises in relationships, and I'd never leave you. That's for times I've said that to you know, first when we first said I love you, next when I proposed, after that when we got married, and now today. Sirius I will help you raise OUR child." Said Remus tears beginning to swell in his eyes. "I love you so much Remus" said Sirius tears beginning in his eyes as well. They fell into each others arms and began crying tears of joy. They spent the next three days together discussing baby names and just being themselves. But those three days were the last time they saw each other for a very long time.