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Chapter 1

Yami stood outside and watched as snowflakes fell onto the snow that was piling up on the ground. He sighed and brushed off some that had landed on his own jacket, then went back to staring at the falling snowflakes.


He whirled around, eyes flaring as he looked for the one that had dared to throw a snowball at the King of Games. Behind him stood his aibou, Yugi, who was laughing. Yugi's hands were hidden behind his back, and Yami had no doubt that his aibou's mittens had snow clinging to them.

Yami's eyes softened as he looked at Yugi, who was managing to look innocent. 'He looks like an angel' Yami thought to himself. Lately Yami had noticed things about his small hikari. Things that he had no right to notice, but still did.

"Yami, what's wrong?" Yugi asked, snapping Yami out of his thoughts.

Realizing that he had been caught staring at him, Yami whirled around, turning his back to Yugi. A blush crept up into his cheeks and he shook his head.

"Nothing.." Yami muttered.

'What is this feeling? Why am I thinking such thoughts about him? (Can it be that I lo-' Before Yami could finish the thought, a snowball hit him in the back, again. Yami whirled around, mock growling at his other half. He then leapt into the air and tackled Yugi, careful not to hurt him. Yugi laughed, his eyes bright with something Yami couldn't place.

After a few minutes of play wrestling, Yami pinned Yugi beneath him, his eyes flaring with his victory. Yugi kept laughing, his breath ragged from trying to win. Slowly the laughter stopped as their eyes met. Seconds passed and then Yami realized what position they were in.

He was sitting on Yugi's waist, his hands holding Yugi's hands above his head. Yami's eyes lost the victorious look they held before, instead desire warmed his crimson eyes. Yugi's breath stopped for a second, his violet eyes flickering softly.

'..What am I doing?!' Yami screamed to himself in his mind. He pushed himself away quickly, his cheeks turning red. ((Ni-chan: ^snickers^ He's doing that a lot)) Yugi looked up at him and blinked innocent as Yami held out a hand. Yami helped his hikari up gently, then let go of Yugi's had as if burnt.

An awkward silence, interrupted only by the chattering of Yugi's teeth. Yami quickly looked at his aibou. Yugi's nose and cheeks were turning bright red and he shivered every now and then.

"Why don't we go inside aibou?" Yami suggested.

"Ok!" Yugi agreed cheerfully.

They both walked towards the store, and Yami opened the door for Yugi, then stepped inside behind him. When they were both inside, they started taking their coats off. Yami finished before Yugi and he found himself watching his hikari again.

Before Yugi could catch him staring again, Yami snapped himself out of it. 'Stop it,' he ordered himself. 'He's pure and untainted. He's also your hikari!'

"Why don't we have some hot chocolate?" Yugi suddenly suggested as he put the coats away.

"All right aibou," Yami replied, then followed Yugi to the kitchen.

Yami frowned as Yugi got the packets(1) of hot chocolate out. 'He's always the one who does this..' Yami thought to himself, then he got a bright idea.

"Aibou! Go upstairs and change. I'll make it this time!" Yami said.

Yugi's eyes widened and he paled a bit. He remembered the last time Yami had tried to help in the kitchen. It hadn't been pretty.


"Of C~O~U~R~S~E I know how to make pancakes aibou!" Yami said.

"A-alright Yami. I'll just be in the other room," Yugi answered.

He went out of the room quickly, and listened to the banging in the kitchen. He winced as he heard something fall on the floor. A few long minutes later he sniffed the air as something drifted his way. 'Smoke!' his mind screamed at him.

//aibou.. I think something's wrong// Yami said through their link.

Yugi bolted into the kitchen and blanched at what he saw. There were eggshells and a few puddles of pancake mix on the kitchen floor. But what was on the stove was worse. There, in a frying pan that had black smoke rising from it, was ~something~ Yugi couldn't identify.

~End of Flashback~

It had taken two hours to clean the kitchen up, and another hour to get the smell of smoke out. The frying pan had to be chucked out, it was unsalvageable.

"It's alright Yami! I'll make it!" Yugi said quickly.

"No aibou! I will make it. Now, go upstairs and get those wet(2) clothes off!" Yami ordered.

"(Alright( But call me if you need help.." Yugi said as he walked upstairs to his room, hoping that his yami could make something as simple as hot chocolate.

Yami watched him walk up the stairs, then went to the counter. He looked at the packets and picked them up. 'It can't be that hard..' he thought to himself. Then he started to experiment. ((Ni-chan: o.O))


Yugi sighed as he pulled on some new pants. 'I wonder if I should try harder?' He sighed loudly and shook his head. 'Yami's resisted so far. Maybe.. maybe he doesn't want to be anything but friends..' Yugi continued thinking along that line as he pulled on some socks. He pulled off his shirt and started to get another one from his closet.


Yugi's eyes widened and his heart stopped. Without thinking, he ran out of his bedroom and ran downstairs.

/YAMI!!/ he shrieked in his mind, hoping Yami was alright.

~End of Chapter 1~

1) Those lovely little packs of hot chocolate.. though some people make it from scratch, We're assuming Yugi doesn't know how to do that.. and god knows Yami wouldn't have a CLUE how to even start that.

2) Well, since Yugi was playing in the snow.. his clothes got a bit damp, even though he had a coat on. ^.^"

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