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Yami watched as the second girl suddenly hugged the girl named Yume and skipped off. 'Maybe that girl is right.. Maybe I should tell Yugi how I feel. He might reject me.. but.. I'll.. I'll take the chance.' He thought, then a smile graced his face. He turned around and quickly started walking back to the game shop. Every step he took he gathered more courage.


Chapter 5

Yami walked faster as he neared the game shop. 'I will tell Yugi how I feel.. Like the girl said, there is a chance he'll reject me.. but there's also a chance that he'll accept.' Deep down in his heart, he was scared. Very scared that Yugi would be disgusted with him, that he wouldn't want anything to do with him.

"Yugi.." Yami whispered as he walked through the front door.

He quickly kicked off his shoes and ran up the stairs to Yugi's room. When he reached the door to Yugi's room, he hesitated. When he had run out, he had closed their link. 'Should I open it up while I say this?' Yami closed his eyes then nodded to himself. 'I will.'

The link burst open and nothing in the world could have prepared Yami for what he felt. Sorrow and pain. His hikari was held in the clutches of both of them.

"Y..u..g..i.." Yami gasped out, then clutched the doorknob on the door.

He yanked open the door, almost pulling it off it's hinges. There on the middle of the bed, lay his aibou, asleep and looking as if he was having a nightmare. Yugi's whole body was shaking, his skin was pale, and his eyes were closed. When Yami came closer, he could see a stream of tears that were racing down his hikari's cheeks.

"Yugi.. aibou, tell me.. What's wrong? Why.. why do you feel this pain and sorrow?" Yami choked out.

At the sound of Yami's voice, Yugi's woke up. His eyes shot open and the usually happy violet eyes were dull. Through their link, he could feel the surprise at seeing him and.. 'Hope?' Yami thought to himself, wondering why his little aibou would feel hope at seeing him.

"Y-y-yami.." Yugi choked out.

Yugi couldn't stop the tears that poured from his eyes. Oh, how he wanted them to stop! Yami would think he was weaker than before. He would despise his short and weak hikari! But as soon as he thought that, the link between him and Yami burst with denial.

How could Yugi feel that way? Didn't his aibou know that no matter what, he would always be with him? 'Oh gods.. Yugi..' Yami thought in anguish. Without thinking, he crossed the space between them and swept his aibou up in his arms. 'My lovely, sweet, innocent aibou..'

"Y-y-yami?" Yugi said, still stuttering over the words through the lump in his throat. Oh god, how good it felt to be held like this! It was what he wished for, hoped for, longed for! Yugi let out a whimper and curled up against Yami, closing his eyes as the pain and sorrow lessened somewhat.

"Tell me aibou, why are you feeling like this?" Yami asked, rocking Yugi back and forth.

For a moment, Yugi didn't do anything. He just sat there, wrapped in Yami's arms. 'Should.. Should I tell him? But what if he's disgusted with me?' Yugi thought. But something in him protested. 'He came back after the kiss,' it argued.

"Yami.. I.." Yugi started, then something blocked his throat.

Panic swelled in him. He couldn't get the words out! 'Why? Why can't I say these three words! I can dream about saying them, and I can think about it. But why can't I say them?!' Yugi thought in anguish. It was hurting him not to say the words, not to get it out.

"Yugi.." Yami said quietly, then did something he would probably regret later.

He tilted Yugi's head up and stared at the violet eyes in his aibou's face. Then Yami slowly leaned forward and brought his lips down. Yugi's eyes widened and the tears stopped as their lips touched. 'He's.. he's kissing me!' Yugi thought, then his mind shut down as Yami deepened the kiss.

Yami's tongue pressed gently against Yugi's lips, demanding entrance. Oh, how he wanted to taste and feel the warmth of his aibou's mouth. He wanted so much more than what was offered to him at the moment.

To Yami's surprise, Yugi's mouth opened and accepted him. Yugi whimpered and arched his back as Yami's tongue slid into his mouth. He moaned as Yami's tongue teased his own, then moaned again as the tongue slid in, then out, then in again.

'Intoxicating..' Yami thought as he brought Yugi closer to him. Yugi's mouth was warm, so warm. He wanted more, much more. Slowly his hands began stroking Yugi's back ((Ni-chan: Remember, Yugi still has no shirt on.))

A shiver went up Yugi's spine as he felt the hands. They were cold, but were warming up by the minute. 'Yami..' He thought, then arched his back to allow Yami better access to his mouth.

//Yugi..// Yami thought through their link.

/Yami.. I../ Yugi thought back.

Yami pulled back from the kiss, allowing both of them to breath. Their breath was ragged and they were both gulping in air. 'It's now.. or never..' Yami thought to himself, then placed another kiss on Yugi's lips. He pulled back before it could become like the other one though, much to the disappointment to Yugi.

"Yugi.. I.." Yami started, then he hesitated.

'No, I have to say this to him. He kissed me back. I know he did. And he didn't have to open his mouth to me! So.. maybe he feels the same?' Yami thought, then looked into Yugi's eyes.

"Yugi, I.. I l-lo.. I lo-love you.." Yami whispered, then pressed his face into his aibou's neck.

Those words stopped Yugi's heart. 'Did he just.. Did he..' Yugi wondered. Tears appeared in his eyes and he suddenly kissed Yami's temple. 'He did.. He did!' Yugi's heart was leaping and doing flips within his chest. All the pain and sorrow that he had felt that day disappeared, leaving behind a warm feeling that Yugi never wanted to lose.

"Oh Yami.. I love you too!!!" Yugi cried out.

Yami's head snapped up and he stared at Yugi in shock. 'Did my aibou just.. accept me?!' Yami thought in surprise. Looking into those wonderful violet eyes, he knew the truth. Yugi did love him, just as Yami loved Yugi.

"Aibou.." Yami said, then brought his head down to kiss Yugi.

Both of them melted into each other's arms. Not caring about anything beyond needing to comfort each other, needing to know this wasn't another dream. Yami's hands wandered over Yugi's back, soothing the muscles there. They then wandered down and encountered Yugi's pants.

Yami gently ended the kiss, Yugi let out a small whimper of denial, but hushed when Yami kissed him again. 'Is it to soon? But Ra, I want him. I want him to be mine and only mine' Yami thought possessively. Again he ended the kiss and looked straight into Yugi's eyes.

"Yugi.. I.. Do you.." He stumbled over the words, not sure how to say it.

"Yami.. Please.. I want.. I want you to.. to make me yours.." Yugi said, his whole face turning red as he said it.

'Oh boy.. that was embarrassing. What if Yami doesn't want to do this?' Yugi started to think, then stopped as Yami let out a small chuckle and kissed his forehead. Yami reached up and took off his own shirt, smiling as Yugi blushed even more.

Though he was embarrassed, Yugi couldn't help but watch as Yami took his shirt off. '..Wow..' Was all he thought as the shirt came off. He had known that Yami was good looking, more than that actually. But without his shirt on.. 'He's.. sexy..' Yugi thought, then blushed some more at the word his mind had picked.

Yami chuckled again as he saw Yugi blushing. 'Oh Ra, he's so beautiful like that.. I want him so badly, but this is his first time..' With that to push his own desire back, Yami buried his head in Yugi's neck and gently licked the skin there.

At the feel of Yami's tongue against the sensitive skin on his neck, Yugi let out a soft moan and closed his eyes. Pleasure raced through him and he could only let Yami know by moaning, it was too hard to form the words through all this.

/Yami.. more../ Yugi thought to his love.

Yami chuckled some more and allowed one hand to come to Yugi's chest. His fingers gently started circling Yugi's nipple and caused Yugi to moan again. Slowly, oh so slowly, Yami started nibbling his way to Yugi's other one. His hand was gently pinching and caressing, making Yugi moan louder.

/Yami.. please!/ Yugi whimpered in his mind.

Yugi wasn't sure exactly what he wanted, but he knew he wanted more. Something more than what Yami was already doing to him. His body ached and he found himself arching his back when Yami's tongue swirled around his nipple. 'Oh god!' His mind screamed at him as the pleasure shot to his mind.

//Patience Yugi..// Yami thought to him, sensing his aibou's desperate need.

Yugi didn't want to be patient. He wanted that something right now! Yami lifted Yugi into his lap and started taking Yugi's pants off with his free hand. When they were off, Yami threw them to the ground. He gently made his way up to Yugi's lips again and kissed them with his own. He slowly separated their lips and looked into Yugi's dazed eyes.

"Yugi.. if you want me to stop.. now's the time.." Yami said, his voice hoarse.

'Oh Ra, I don't want him to say stop.. I want him now. But I don't want him to have any regrets..' Yami thought to himself. He wanted Yugi to say that he wanted him.

"I.. Don't stop Yami.. please.." Yugi begged, looking up at Yami with his eyes.

Yugi wanted more, and he wanted it now. The heat was curling up inside of his stomach and below too. He shivered as Yami gently pushed him onto the bed and stood up. Yugi watched as Yami carefully took off the rest of his own clothes, then gasped as he saw Yami fully naked.

He was.. incredible. That was the only word that could describe it. His body was sleek, yet strong. And his member.. Yugi blushed as he looked at it with wide eyes. He had never seen any man naked before, at least not like this!

"Yugi.." Yami whispered as he saw the blush.

Yami leaned down to kiss Yugi, tracing his lips with his tongue. He loved this innocent boy, and he had gotten permission to make him his. 'Mine.. Yugi will be mine.. And I will be his,' he thought. That thought alone was more than enough to arouse him even further. He pulled back from the kiss and quickly finished undressing Yugi.

"Perfect.. You are perfect.." Yami whispered as he stared at his fully naked hikari.

Yugi blushed at those words and looked away from Yami. When Yami saw this, he frowned and put a finger under Yugi's chin. Gently he turned his aibou's face towards him and leaned down to kiss him. As the kiss got deeper, Yami gently knelt between Yugi's legs and started caressing Yugi's member.

"Uhn.." Yugi moaned and pushed his hips up.

Yami smiled and broke the kiss. He stopped the caresses and looked straight at Yugi. He knew that it would hurt him, and wished that it wouldn't. Slowly his hand traveled down and a finger slipped into Yugi.

Yugi was not prepared for the pain. He let out a loud whimper and tears stung his eyes. For a moment he tensed, then relaxed as Yami leaned forward to kiss him. 'Yami will take the pain away.. I love him.. I trust him..' Yugi thought as Yami pushed another finger in. It still hurt, but Yami was kissing him, in a way that took away the pain and made everything all right again.

Yami slowly spread his fingers and winced as Yugi whimpered in his mouth. 'I'm sorry aibou.. but it will hurt..' He thought, then pulled his fingers out. He pulled away and Yugi looked at him, confused.

"Yami..?" Yugi whispered, the tears of pain still in his eyes.

"This will hurt Yugi.. But I promise you, it'll get better soon." Yami said softly as he spit on his hand.

"I trust you Yami.." Yugi answered and watched him.

Yami slowly covered his shaft with the spit and then brought Yugi's hips up. He hesitated, then leaned forward to kiss Yugi. Just as his tongue was retreating from Yugi's mouth, he thrust himself all the way in. Yugi let out a cry of pain, which Yami swallowed.

'Ra, he's so tight.. So hot..' Yami thought as he felt Yugi surround him. He wanted to pump into Yugi like an animal. Instead, he stilled himself and kissed Yugi again. Yami waited until Yugi had gotten used to him, then slowly started withdrawing himself. Yugi whimpered again and then his eyes widened and he let out a scream as Yami thrust himself in again, this time hitting something within him that sent a wave of pleasure throughout his body.

"YAMI!" Yugi screeched again as he hit it again.

Yami smirked and began to rock faster. Faster and faster, again and again. Yugi let out small screams of pleasure each time Yami thrust forward. He was so close, so close! To what, he didn't know.. But he wanted to reach the end.

A tightening of the muscles in Yugi let Yami know that he was close. 'A little longer.. wait for me Yugi!' He thought in his mind as he thrust forward again. Yugi's eyes widened as Yami quickened the pace again. Yugi was surrounded by pleasure, that was all that was in his mind. He whimpered as another shot of pleasure rocked his body.

"Now!" Yami cried out as he thrust in again.

Yugi let out a loud scream as the ball of pleasure inside of him exploded. His muscles contracted and Yami let out a gasp as he too exploded. As Yami sagged down, still inside of Yugi, he looked up at his aibou. Yugi opened his eyes and smiled sleepily.

"I love you Yugi.." Yami whispered to him as he pulled himself out.

"I love you too Yami.." Yugi answered.

Yami lay down beside Yugi and pulled him into his arms. Exhausted, in a good way, Yugi curled up beside him and fell asleep. Noticing this, Yami smiled and stroked his aibou's hair. 'I love you Yugi. You are mine, and I am your's,' he thought as he looked outside the window and watched the snow fall down.

~End of One Winters Day~


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