A/N: My sister (Zashaka) and I did a story trade, and this is my part. It's really short, but I hope it's enjoyable.

Olive eyes narrowed at the glowing screen, slender fingers clenched in a shaking fist. Lies, lies, unforgivable lies. How could anyone think that such a man – a man who drew such thick lines between good and evil – could commit such a crime? But he supposed it wasn't completely those poor souls' faults; they always just blindly followed and believed whatever the people on TV told them.

Yuri scoffed and narrowed his eyes further, letting his fingers fly across the keyboard. He smirked darkly, a humorless laugh escaping his throat; none of the files on Kotetsu Kabaragi or Wild Tiger were accessible. But he wasn't surprised. Someone had framed the man, and had gone to great lengths to make sure the truth was never discovered.

The chair tipped backwards when Yuri stood up, his eyes glinting in the dim light. He cast one more look at the screen, at the face that stared back at him. 'As if such a... pure man with such a foolish sense of justice could ever kill and innocent woman.' And yet, that 'foolish' sense of justice is what made his decision so easy to make.


The heroes were gone by the time the flames had dimmed, and so was the real Wild Tiger. Though he had honestly wondered if he was going to stay, what with that wide-eyed look at being saved by a 'villain'. Lunatic laughed softly as he turned away from the ally. Kotetsu was so innocent, so naive, and followed his heart when he should follow his head.

"Let's see where your sense of justice leads you." It had led him to being framed, to this ally, cornered by his friends. And he would have let himself die, because protecting himself didn't seem to be on his list of priorities when others were concerned.

"Are you going to let your justice end here?" He had spoken with wry humor, though he doubted Wild Tiger had heard the faith that underlaid it – faith that his justice would keep him going no matter the odds stacked against him. And maybe, just maybe, get him out of the mess he'd gotten himself into.

Lunatic could easily track down who had framed Kotetsu Kabaragi and make them pay for their injustices, but... he didn't think that would fit into Kotetsu's sense of justice; and this was his fight.

Of course, Yuri may not have thought twice about crossing that ridiculous sense of justice and just taken care of it himself to get it done and over with. That is, if he didn't believe Wild Tiger could handle a crazy master mind, convince his friends of the truth, take on the world, and still come out with his head held high.

After all, he'd manage to convince Yuri that even lunatics had a place in the world.