How I Spent My Vacation

Wanda: My god, I have a relatively short and self contained story that didn't go running off in weird directions! I can't believe I actually pulled that off! I'm sorry if the ending is short, I still suck at making good endings, but I hope that it doesn't bother you too much.

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Chapter 14: All's Well that Ends Well

The dinner was very lavish, cooked primarily by Molly at her own insistence. Arthur, Bill, George and Charlie arrived by portkey an hour earlier to meet Ginny's new friends. Which was surprisingly pertinent, since Hermione and Loki Odinson both turned up just before dinner began in earnest.

What would have been a horribly awkward meeting was defused by Hermione, who finally explained to Ginny why she had been absent. The Unspeakables had been collecting, and destroying, the Infinity Stones that had been sublty manipulating the they could 'harvest' it to gain more power by eventually causing Ragnarock. They had corrupted a simple, weak being called Thanos, who in turn had used the Mind Stone to control several other carriers.

These carriers included Loki, who had been brainwashed after landing half dead in what was essentially Thanos's back yard.

Hermione had used a new creation called the Ultima Time Turner to retrieve the Aether. Along the way, she managed to rescue Queen Frigga via a quickly transported body double, earning herself the gratitude of her adopted son. Loki had then offered to help her collect the gems, and during their journeys they found they had a lot in common. This realization eventually blossomed into a relationship they were both quite happy with.

Ginny was, indeed, extremely pissed off that she had been left out of it, despite Hermione insisting that it had basically been a glorified Fetch Quest. Once she was done ranting, however, Ginny had forgiven her friend, and introduced her to the rest of the Avengers.

Loki's reintroduction probably could have gone smoother, but James Barnes was almost immediately accommodating and friendly (considering how quiet he was), the two hitting it off fairly well.

Thor, at least, had been very happy to see his brother.

Dinner itself was a lovely affair. Bruce, with a friendly (read – sudden and almighty) shove from his Science Bro Tony, proposed to Betty! The woman was so happy she tackled him to the ground in a hug, which was quite a feat considering she was light and not very physically strong.

Wanda seemed utterly fascinated by The Vision, standing by his side and asking him all sorts of questions. Vision seemed slightly flattered by her interest, though probably not quite getting it – technically, he was born yesterday.

Tony, meanwhile, was very amused to be fielding Arthur's eager questions about muggle technology, eventually offering to show him around Stark Tower. The genius mused that, in time, he and Arthur may be able to create Magitek, which would put mankind on nearly the same level as the Asgardians.

Natasha talked with James whenever he wasn't talking to Steve or Loki. Apparently there was a bit of history there. If Ginny didn't know any better, she swore that the red haired spy was flirting with the former Winter Soldier.

Ginny introduced Pietro to her whole family. Charlie and George took an instant liking to him, while Bill was less impressed but willing to give the silver haired speedster a shot. Auntie Muriel was appalled that Ginny was dating a 'strange muggle', but since when did they care about her opinion? Ginny was quite happy about it, and Wanda liked Charlie and George's pranking tendencies. And as Pietro said, "anyone who makes my sister laugh is good in my book'.

Steve and Arthur got along well, just as Molly predicted. Sam Wilson quickly established a rapport with Bill, with the two exchanging stories from work long after they'd finished eating. Clint and Laura swapped parenting nightmares with Molly over dinner, much to the children's mortification.

The main problem – Ginny's effective demolition of the Statue of Secrecy – went over better than one might have expected. At least, when you have Nick Fury on your side.

When Draco Malfoy, Minister hopeful, stomped in with a bunch of Obliviators to 'haul Ginny in' for her breach, he got a complete verbal asskicking from the thoroughly unimpressed ex Director of Shield. "You have a government that makes third world countries laugh, you employ war criminals, you have sensibilities stuck in the medival era, and you call us savage? I suggest you get your gear in order, or we'll be sending some actual politicians to straighten out your nightmare of a country."

"...Could you be in charge?" Charlie asked hopefully.

Fury snorted. "You couldn't pay me to do that. I don't have the patience."

"That's a terrifying thought."

"Shut up, Stark."

Ginny and Pietro snickered in concert. "Stark isn't so bad after all," Her boyfriend remarked.

"I told you."

"Right. The lady's always right, can't forget that."

Ginny slugged him in the shoulder. Pietro playfully winced before brushing her hair away from her face. "Still think this is your worst vacation ever?"

Ginny smiled radiantly at him. "Maybe. But it has my favourite ending."


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