This popped into my head whilst I was creating a backing track for At the End of the Day for a Les Mis Fancast that I will be directing. (If anyone wants to audition, contact me at lesmisfancast gmail . com. The deadline is July 1st.)

Disclaimer: I don't own Les Mis or the characters.

Marie Dionne hated Fantine with a passion and, she thought, with good reason. The little wench had stolen her lover away! Monsieur Charles Davies, the factory foreman, had been hers before Fantine had returned to the small town of M-sur-M. And this was hardly the first time that Fantine had taken from her what was rightfully Marie's. Marie was always second-best when it came to beautiful Fantine, ever since childhood. Marie had been relieved when Fantine had gone off to Paris.

But then she came back.

And since Fantine had returned to Montreuil sur Mer, her lover had wanted nothing to do with her; since Fantine had begun to work at the factory, all of the foreman's attention had been directed toward the blonde and Marie had been all but forgotten.

Her husband didn't care about her and her lover had abandoned her. Marie was miserable. That wretched Fantine! Charles Davies had been Marie's only escape from her unhappy marriage and Fantine had stolen him away. It didn't matter that Fantine denied him; he still focused on her and ignored Marie.

It seemed only natural to Marie to take revenge upon the hideously beautiful woman.

This opportunity was delivered to her when she saw the Innkeeper's letter. Of course, there had been rumours about these letters that Fantine always received. The rumours could not even come close to the deliciousness of what was actually in the letter.

Fantine had a child! Ha! This she revealed; this she announced to the whole factory.

At long last, Marie had her revenge.

There you have it. Short but sweet... Or, rather, bitter. I may actually end up making something longer of this, but I don't know yet.