**Heya, this is another fic I've come up with! This part here is told by Yugi Moto himself about how it all started. I hope you will enjoy this fic!**

Introduction to my story

I remember it well....it was like it was yesterday. Some people say I didn't have it bad......but boy were they wrong. But in the end, they were right, it has gotten better for me.

First, let me introduce myself. I am Yugi Moto. I am now seventeen years old and I am attending high school. I like to play card games and puzzles on my spare time and hang out with my best friends Jounouchi, Honda, Bakura, and Anzu. I guess in my story you will find out more about me. Lets go back two years.

I live with my dad and he works as an animator. He is famous for designing combat video games and RPG's. It can be a pain though because reports and camera people follow us around and try to dig up some dirt on us. But my dad's bodyguards always chased them away.

My friends at school think its cool my dad designs video games. I would always be the first kid to try out my dad's games before he releases them to the public. I'd also invite my friends over whenever it is a four-player game. It was all so great until I was almost reaching my tender age of sixteen.

It all started on an ordinary day when I came home from school. I arrived at home expecting an empty house, but my father had come home early. He was in the living room with a young lady and a boy that seemed to be a few years older then me. It turns out he is a year older then me and he was quite handsome for his age, which is sixteen.

Anyways, he introduced me to them. The women seemed very nice and so did the boy. The women's name was Akiko Kanzato and the boy's name was Tatsuya; I nicked named him Yami and you'll find out why I did later on in my story. The weird thing about Tatsuya is that he looks almost like me except taller, and his eyes were blood red.

I was silently wondering to myself about why these people were here. Was it some charity campaign? Business deal? His secretary perhaps? What could it be?

My father suddenly announced that she was going to be his wife.....and my new mother. I was shocked. I felt like my heart snapped out of its place and fell right into my stomach. How could dad do this to me? Mom died only a few years ago and already he was chasing women!

My mother died from a heart problem she has been having for quite sometime. She died in her sleep while in the hospital after a severe heart attack. I loved her dearly and swore that no one will ever replace her. But my dad is forcing me to break my promise by bringing me a new mother.

I was so angry that I yelled at him "How could you!" and ran out of the room with tears in my eyes. I didn't know how I could find my way to my room but I did. I remember throwing myself onto my bed and sobbing my eyes out. I know I shouldn't be such a baby but I couldn't help it, I was so mad!

My dad made the two guests stay downstairs while he went up to my room to comfort me. He told me that he was so very lonely and he met Akiko while on a business trip. They have secretly fallen in love and finally had the courage to tell each other a week ago. They then decided they wanted to seal their love by getting married.

He also told me that Tatsuya felt the same way I did about this idea but agreed to it because he wanted his mother to be happy. He said that Tatsuya would be the brother I've longed to have.

I had no choice but to agree, my dad looked so sad when I said I didn't want her to be my mother; he seemed to really like Akiko. After I got to know her, I started to like her as well.

The wedding took place half a year later. I had to admit it was a very beautiful wedding and Akiko looked so very pretty. I also enjoyed looking at Tatsuya in a tuxedo and he looked so good in it; for some reason I've been admiring Tatsuya a lot and been day dreaming about being his arms.

The wedding went well until it was time for my dad and new mother to go on their honeymoon. I was happy about the idea of spending two weeks with Tatsuya alone, but after those two weeks I have changed my mind.

This is my story of hell with Tatsuya Moto. A story on how Tatsuya and I survived being brothers and much more.

**Tatsuya doesn't sound bad...........right? *looks around nervously* I hope you like it so far! Stay tuned for the first chapter!**