Ok, now for something rather different that I'm trying: adapting an old game into a new modern light. This one will be of an all-time classic, Sonic 3 &Knuckles. Now there are a couple of differences that I wanted to put in for this specific iteration of the story, and it's not too much:

At this point, the events of Sonic CD have already happened, thus, Amy Rose will be joining as a main character. Most people may not be welcome to this, but I thought of it as something that could be possible. Now, this does NOT imply there will be Sonamy, but I've always pictured Sonic and Amy as close friends during the Genesis Era rather than the stalker-like fangirl.

Before you ask, the Mecha Sonic in this story is NOTHING like the Super Mario Bros. Z variant. It is, however, still a loyal follower of Eggman and ends up being the tricking factor for Knuckles, as well as being an upgraded version of previous failed models. As to what these upgrades are... well, read the story to find out!

This story is rated T for mild swearing and small amounts of blood.

There exists a legend that has been passed down for ages... a tale of an age when echidnas still roamed the lands of Mobius. The gods had created seven gems of power to be used among these creatures for building an ideal civilization. However, there were some who had wanted these powerful gems for their own misaligned and selfish needs. This angered the gods and then, all at once, the tribe had mysteriously vanished, and their land broke off from the continent and drifted into the sky, never to be seen again...

Some people have just regarded it as just that, a legend, a myth. But it will be shown that this legend is in fact real...

As the stricken craft began it's slow descent toward the floating landmass, a rather round scientist was pacing back and forth rather angrily from the control deck of the massive satellite, stroking his large mustache in ponder. His massive satellite for world domination had already taken a beating a few months ago from a meddling pest and his fawning sidekick, and since then he's had the station in hiding.

"Damn that hedgehog for being a thorn in my side for so long!" He said angrily, slamming his fists into the console. "First stopping me from taking over South Island, then ruining my plans for Little Planet, and now crippling my beloved Death Egg battlestation!" He vented his steam a bit with his pacing. "If only they didn't have those Chaos Emeralds..."

Soon a beeping occurred from one of the screens on the console. He turned to take a look at this monitor, and was rather intrigued at what he saw. Normally the monitor would pick up the Chaos energy radiating from the Chaos Emeralds, which would have been useless as of now since the entire set was in the hands of his adversary. But this was picking up Chaos energy from where he was landing. An evil grin soon appeared on his face.

"Well, well, what could this be?" He said, looking at the radar. "Large amounts of Chaos energy here? With that much energy, it will be more than enough to repower the Death Egg, and then some!" He grinned, typing something into the control console, having the station steer itself for a large lake on the island's surface. "Now begins the comeback..." He said, pressing another button on the ship's control deck. "Mecha, prepare for an investigation of the island. I'm curious to see where this power source lies..."

It was another sunny day across the jungle-filled area known as the Mystic Ruins, and it a small workshop overlooking a cliff, it was the same deal as before. Inside the workshop, a small, seven-year old, two-tailed kitsune was busy working away at his gadgets, while a large machine with a monitor in the back worked on scanning away at seven different colored gems.

"Let's see, just a little more and..." The kitsune said, fiddling away with a couple wires in a booster engine. "There we go! That should fix the Tornado's rocket booster for it to fly again. Now I just need to reattach it to the Tornado, and..." He said, before being interrupted by a beeping coming from the machine behind him. Curiosity took the better of him as he went to investigate and looked at the screen on the monitor. "Now, this is interesting, what is this?" He said, looking it over. "The sensors are picking up large amounts of... Chaos energy off-land. But," He looked over at the console where the gems are. "Didn't Sonic and I collect all the Chaos Emeralds nearly a few months ago?"

"Hmmm," The kitsune said, looking over the monitor. "Maybe the system's got a bug in it right now." He said, kneeling down under the machine and removed a panel, checking the wiring in it. "No... everything looks to be in order." He said replacing the panel. "Odd, this could be something big. I might want to get in touch with Sonic..." He said, grabbing a phone nearby...

A beautiful sunny day cast across the beaches of Station Square. With that sun the weather brought a moderately warm temperature, perfect for relaxing on the beach. And none other than two close friends were sharing the beach on the sunny day, relaxing under an umbrella on the sandy shores. One was a male blue hedgehog with a tan muzzle and arms, wearing red shoes with a white stripe, lying back and enjoying the relaxation of the sun and sand. The other one was a female pink hedghehog with bangs, wearing a one-piece green swimsuit and red sandals, with a satchel lying near her normal lavender shoes with orange laces, and reading a book.

"Another day, another moment of relaxation." The pink hedgehog said, looking over the top of her book. "And not a Badnik or mad scientist in sight."

"At least it's a couple months that we've HAD to relax." The blue hedgehog said, flipping up his sunglasses. "I only had about a week's time since the first time he tried to take over South Island and the Little Planet incident, and then only a week and a half between that and meeting Tails and the Death Egg Project. I'm honestly glad that old coot's been taking his sweet time, if he hasn't just stopped altogether."

The pink hedgehog nodded. "You're telling me." She said, closing her book. "We've barely had time to hang out. I'm at least glad we've been able to have a couple months where we can just be friends together like normal people."

"Well, as normal as we can be." The blue hedgehog said, leaning back. "At le-" He started before he was interrupted by the vibration of his mobile phone. He picked it up and answered it. "Yhello, Sonic here." He answered. "Oh hey Tails!" The hedgehog said. He continued talking a bit before a serious look crossed his face before finishing with. "Roger that, we'll be there soon." He said, hanging up. "Sorry Amy, looks like our vacation's cut short." He said, getting up and stretching a bit.

"What was Tails calling about?" The pink hedgehog asked, grabbing her satchel and shoes. "Sounded like it was something serious."

"He didn't say." The blue hedgehog, Sonic, said. "He just wanted us to get there when we get the chance."

"Well, give me a second to change into my clothes," The pink hedgehog, Amy, said. "Last thing I want to do is show up looking like... something."

Sonic nodded. "Alright, I'll meet you at the train station."

Soon after the train arrived at the Mystic Ruins station, the two hedgehogs, with Amy now sporting an orange skirt and red blouse with her quills tied back into a ponytail with three bangs in front, the two headed up the cliff to the workshop.

"So, why would Tails call us to his workshop now?" Amy asked, knocking on the door to the workshop. Sonic merely shrugged. "Dunno, maybe somethin' with the Chaos Emeralds." He said as the door opened, with the kitsune stepping out. "Hey guys, glad you could make it!" He said, leading the two inside. "Man, I had a big discovery, and I really think it's something we need to check out!" He said, typing into the console, bringing up the radar. "I've managed to pick up large amounts of Chaos energy coming from off land. If this could be a potential eighth emerald or Eggman's next plan, this could mean that the bad doc's already making his move!"

"Well, sounds like it's time for a little expedition!" Sonic said, cracking his fingers. "The Tornado back up and running since the battleship incident?"

Tails nodded. "Got the main engine housing fixed and everything. We should be good to go." He said, walking over and removing the Chaos Emeralds from the machine. "Amy, take ahold of the Emeralds while Sonic and I are gone." Tails said, before starting to walk to the Tornado before the receiving end of a large hammer came down in front of him with a loud THWACK. Tails, with a very nervous expression, looked over to see a rather angry Amy.

"Now hold on just a sec, Tails." Amy said. "Just because I was left out last time, you've got another thing coming if you think I'm not allowed to come along."

"Well, Amy uh," Tails said, pushing the tips of his two index fingers together as he sweated buckets, trying to explain to the eleven-year old female that coming along was not a good idea, but then Sonic stepped in to her defense. "C'mon Tails, have her come along." He said, crossing his arms. "She's been itching to go on an adventure with us since Eggman's Death Egg plot, so I think this could be a good opportunity for her. Just let her come." Tails looked back and forth between the two hedgehogs, then sighed. "Ok, she can come." Amy smiled at this then contracted her hammer into a single rod and put it into her satchel, along with the Chaos Emeralds. Tails walked over and put on his flight helmet, then climbed into the cockpit of the plane. Sonic and Amy then hopped onto the wings of the plane and attached the foot braces for takeoff. The hangar doors opened to show the sprawling runway, and the plane revved up and took off into the wild blue yonder...

Meanwhile, the station already touched down into the lake, the doctor has already sent out his mechs to scouer the area for that energy signal, including his special project, Mecha Sonic. However, this would soon interrupt the routine of the island's only inhabitant...

A red blur soon dashed across the jungle before grabbing a robotic rhino's head and smashing it in, deactivating it immediately. The blur soon stopped to reveal it was an echidna, approximately fifteen years old with long dreadlockes. But the most notable feature were his fists, with two spikes on each fist on the knuckles of the gloves, and from looks, he was rather mad.

"Alright, who thinks they can just come and dump their scrap metal off on my island?" Knuckles questioned himself, looking around. His answer would soon be found as heavy metal footprints stomped from behind him and he whirled around to see a large mech, twice as tall as him, with a shiny metallic grey body and muzzle with cobalt blue forearms, shoulders and forelegs and dull red feet. The robot stared at him with a single unwavering red beam of vision. The echidna's fists tightened as he stared down this robot. "Alright, bolt for brains, who do you think you are, messing with my island?" He growled. The robot didn't respond immediately, but instead stuck out his arm as the forearm flipped out into a machine gun barrel, pointing straight at the echidna. "Stand down red creature," the robot, Mecha Sonic, said. "Master Robotnik wishes to have a word with you."

"Who exactly is this 'Robotnik' figure?" The echidna asked, before a small hovercraft flew over the two and landed nearby. "I'm sorry, but that would be me." The round scientist said, walking over to the two. "Stand down Mecha, he is of no threat." He said, with Mecha Sonic then deactivating the machine gun and retracting it back into the arm. "My apologies...erm..."

"Knuckles," The echidna said. "Name's Knuckles. You must be this Robotnik guy?" The scientist nodded. "My apologies for Mecha's rather hostile behavior, haven't exactly worked out all the bugs yet." Knuckles just shook his head. "Can I just get an answer as to why all these damn robots are crawling over my island?"

"Ah! My apologies Knuckles, I haven't explained why I've come here." The scientist, Robotnik, said. "Unfortunately, my adverary, Sonic the Hedgehog and his fawning sidekicks are on there way to this island to obtain whatever this power source I've picked up is." He said. "They already have all seven of the Chaos Emeralds, and whatever is on this island, no doubt they'll be after it too."

Knuckles nodded the entire time, understanding what the dire situation was. "Well, they ain't getting anywhere NEAR it while I'm around. Count me in to help."

Robotnik smiled at this. "Now there is someone reliable!" He said. "Now, chances are they could be here any second, so get ready." Knuckles nodded before speeding off into the jungle...

"Any sign of what's giving off that energy?" Amy said, looking off over the horizon.

"No, not a damn thing." Sonic answered. "I'm starting to think that radar of yours is on the fritz Tails."

"It can't be," the kitsune said, tapping the screen. "It should be nearb- oh my god..." He trailed off as he stared off ahead, Sonic and Amy following in it. There, right in froont of them was the largest Island they had ever seen. But what had made the discovery more shocking was the fact it was floating miles above the ocean...