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Chapter 6
Edward POV

"Goodnight Amsterdam!" I yell into the mic, walking slowly offstage, until I know I'm out of sight. Then with a short, "See you in a few days guys," called to my crew I'm running toward the exit door.

"Come on, Leo," he says and I smile jumping in.

"Drive," I say a little too loud.

Emmett nods sliding on sunglasses as if he's on a planned adventure and suddenly the Mission Impossible tune starts to play.

I shake my head, but say nothing knowing that as long as he's happy and in this mood, I will get to an airport quicker.

"Eagle, progress report?" Alice's voice says as the music cuts off.

"Pixie, Leo has left the building and we are heading to the airport, ETA thirty-five minutes, according to GPS."

"Copy that Eagle, job well done. Leo, look in the glove compartment."

Pulling it open and shaking my head to see my passport, money, shades, and other stuff I need for traveling is all here.

"Thanks, Pixie," I say, knowing she can hear me over the hands-free.

"That's not all, Leo, your packed carry-on bag is in the back seat."

Turning I see the bag is packed and sitting there. Frowning, I wonder when she did all of this. I mean this was not something I planned. In fact I only thought of this tonight, while being on stage. There were so many young kids being lifted to get in my eye sight. People all hoping I'd pick their kid to bring on stage. I love interacting with the kids in my audience, but all it did tonight was make me miss my Lulu. "How?" I say trailing off.

"We know you, Edward. We know you need and miss your girls."

I take a deep breath and nod.

"Okay, Eagle, we do have a slight problem," Alice says quickly.

I close my eyes knowing this could be very bad for me.

"Hit me, Pixie, with all the deets," he replies.

"Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to get Leo to the airport as fast as you can."

I feel the car speed up, without any reply, as Alice goes on.

"There's a plane that will get him to the states at eleven in the morning. Then Leo, will take the connecting flight, to Port Angeles, that leaves at one pm. The flight will not arrive until six-thirty. He'll need a rental car, but I'll work on the details of that and send him a text with the info. If he drives swiftly from Port Angeles, he should reach Lucy's school as Bella, Rose, and Lucy arrive."

I nod, knowing this will all come across my phone in a minute anyway.

"Okay, Pixie, so what's the problem with my mission? What's the slight problem we have encountered?"

"Leo's plane leaves in forty minutes. Do you accept this mission?"

I look at Emmett at the same time the car speeds up even faster.

"On it – like white on rice, book him in, Pixie, he'll be there with time to spare," Emmett says.

"Good luck, men, and may God be with you," Pixie signs off with a chuckle.

I know the Mission Impossible stuff was making her crack up, but she loves to appease the kid in Emmett.

As we near the airport I get my seatbelt off and grab my bag. Keeping my passport in my hand, along with my phone, showing my digital ticket confirmation. Emmett drives up and I jump out sliding over the hood of the car and running inside the airport. I quickly glance at the board, find my desk and then run toward it. I am almost there as the lady stands up.

"WAIT!" I yell, "please wait!" I say holding out my phone, showing my confirmation information.

"Please, get me on the flight, I have no luggage, only this carry on."

She sighs but hands me a ticket. "Mrs. Whitlock said you would be in at the last second, I was just looking for you."

I smile at her trying to catch my breath.

"Sorry to say, Sir, but you're going to need to run again. They're about to start boarding and you have to go through security as well. But they are waiting for you in the premium guest service line and will expedite you through. Down this corridor, and take the second right."

Nodding in affirmation at her as she says the gate number and smiles, pointing out the way.

Running the full way there, and getting through security faster than ever before. Arriving at the gate just in time for the final boarding call. I hand the flight agent my ticket and board the plane. As soon as I am in my seat I let out a long breath, and quickly type out a text to Alice and Emmett. Letting them know the mission was a success. I can't help but let out a laugh as Emmett's return text is short, and tells me to turn off my phone before it self-destructs.

Unable to settle down, because I'm too excited to get home. I spend my time using headphones and my laptop to write a new song. Things are going well until we run into a storm and we get delayed. I become even more agitated when I find I missed my flight into Port Angeles. They book me on the next one going straight to Seattle, but I'll have to push it hard to make it to the school in time.

I get a rental car lined up and once the plane lands, I'm heading for the school. Knowing I'm speeding, I pray I don't get pulled over. The last thing I need is yet another delay. When I get to the school, I have to park the car almost three blocks away. Getting out of the car, I look at my watch. "Shit," I mumble and start to run for the school. I know the graduation ceremony should be starting right now. Running in the door, I follow the signs to the auditorium. Tripping as I enter the hall, I glance around looking for Bella and Rose. Hearing names being called, I hope I've made it in time, when I hear Meyer being called out.

Spotting Bella and Rose, I make my way to them. I look at the stage and see Lucy waiting to be called yet and I know I haven't missed her for sure.

When I reach Bella she just looks at me in shock before standing to hug me tightly.

"She's next," Rose interrupts our moment, and we turn and sit.

Watching Lulu get her certificate makes me smile so much my cheeks hurt. She looks so happy, as she looks down at her mom. When her eyes move to me, her face lights up and she calls out to me. Before anyone can stop her, she's off the stage in a flash and in my arms. She's crying, but I can tell they're not sad tears, because she keeps saying, "You maded it."

In that second, having both my girls close and in my arms, I finally feel at home.

Lucy's not in my arms long when a young looking teacher comes over to take her away. Lucy shakes her head, but this only makes an older woman come over. I know right away this is Lucy's bitch of a teacher. I don't care what Bella says, her reasoning was not right, and telling Lucy we weren't her family was not right.

I glare at the woman as she narrows her eyes at me but she gives up and walks away.

Lucy seems reluctant to let go of me, and I'm only too happy to keep her in my arms.

"I'm staying, Lulu, don't worry I'm not leaving again," I whisper in her ear.


It only took until the next day for the media to get a hold of my dash back home. According to the reports there were many reasons speculated for it. One report claimed I found out that Alice was going to get married and crashed the wedding. Another report claimed, I was going to rehab, stressed over my break up with Alice.

I was worried about how Bella would feel, knowing this was just the start. Having it posted that I was madly in love with some other girl and posting old photos to support their claims would be hard on anyone. To my surprise when Alice came over after coming home. She wanted to talk to us about Lucy having a guard and going to a private school. She asked if anyone had objections to her looking at the schools near the house. Bella started laughing making us look at her, and she looked back at me.

"What, isn't this your place to object, or is that just at weddings where you act like that?"

This made everyone laugh and of course the jokes started coming out at my expense.

Even my parents added to the jokes, and I knew that we were solid. We were a family and I had found my soul mate.


One year later

"Hello, Los Angeles!" I yell into the microphone and everyone yells and screams hello back at me.

"You all know this venue here, is my third favorite place in the world, don't cha?" I ask them as they all cheer.

I pull the stool Emmett set out for me to the middle of the stage before sitting down.

"This time last year I was on this same stage. Do you all remember? I danced with little Lucy?" I ask and can't stop the smile as I remember it. It's not easy to forget, and the video still gets daily hits on youtube.

"Well I'm going to tell you all something no one knows."

Taking a deep breath, but for some reason I want them to know. This isn't just the media, these are my fans and people who helped make me the star I still am today.

"That night I met the woman of my dreams, right here in this concert hall. That woman and I have been together ever since that night."

There are some gasps before everyone starts to cheer. I look around at all my fans, but my eyes land on Bella who's in the front row with Lucy, Emmett, Rose, Victoria – who's James' girlfriend. Smiling when I see Bella rubbing her swollen tummy. I wink at her and she blushes. Her beautiful face turns pink and it only makes her look more beautiful to me.

"For that reason this place will always be special to me. That is also the reason for this being the one and only night and place that me and the band are playing this year. I want to thank all of you for sharing tonight with me."

Standing, I take the chair back off stage. Walking back out, knowing I'm going to give the audience and my girl a night to remember.

As I sing my new songs and old songs, my eyes always seem to remain on Lucy and Bella. No matter what and even knowing this was putting them in the spotlight, I can't take my eyes off them. The new songs I've written and am singing tonight are from my heart. Since Bella, Lucy and my unborn child are my heart, the songs are for them. They are my world.

I had been planning on doing a tour this year and taking the girls with me, but Bella got pregnant almost right after my last tour ended. With her being pregnant, I changed my mind about being out on the road. Bella told me to still go, but there's no way I could leave then. I didn't want to leave her and Lucy, never mind her being pregnant. I have to be there when my son or daughter is born. That meant putting the tour on hold for at least a full year. Tonight I'm doing this one show to raise money for several charities, one of which is the hospital that looked after Bella's parents.

I had come up with the idea, as my father was talking about the lack of funding at Forks General. Bella asked if there was something she could do to help raise money, since that's where her mom and dad were both cared for. I made a comment to Alice asking if something like this was possible and she set about it right away. She is great and even managed to get this place for nothing, so the full amount of the ticket price will go to the three hospitals we chose to donate to.

When the last song is sang, I walk backstage to Bella who is hugging Rose.

"Love," I say looking at her.

"The baby's coming," she says making me turn white. She's not due for another three weeks.

"Fuck," I say grabbing my hair. This place is just mobbed with people. There's not a chance in hell we'll get to the hospital for a while.

"Don't worry," James says as he grins. I pick Bella up following the band as Emmett, Jasper, and James yell at people to get out of the way.

"Lucy," Bella calls out sounding in pain.

I turn my head to see Rose has her and is right behind us.

"She's fine. Alice, call dad," I say knowing he was in the hotel waiting for us. I'm so glad that he insisted on coming just in case.

"Come on, get out of the way," James yells as our fans take photos.

"If you all get out of the way and help us get Edward's girl to the hospital, we do a strip show, for the next Rose Nose Day here in the USA."

I glare at him for a split second but the fans—well female fans—all start making room. I move faster and Bella sniggers, "figures."

"Us girls will do a calendar shoot in some sexy underwear too," one of the female backup singers calls out, and the male fans start pushing others back out of the way too.

Once we're out the exit door, I see a police car there with the lights already flashing. An officer ushers, Bella, Rose, Lucy and me into the car and it speeds off with sirens blaring.

"It hurts," Bella whimpers, as she hugs me.

"I know, love, just hold on."

Just over a day later it's all over the news. They know I'm a married man and father to sweet little Lucy and a brand new baby girl. I chuckle as I look down at my bundle of joy, sleeping peacefully. Bella and I got married four months ago, in a small family and friends only ceremony. I've already adopted Lucy, and they both now carry my last name, my real last name – Masen. The ink was not even dry on our marriage certificate, when I got my soulmate tattoo completed. After ten years of having the first part done, it's finally completed. I also got one over my heart that says, Lulu.

I turn off the TV as the reporters start to rhyme of all the girl names I may choose. A small cry makes me look down at little Charlie, his name will be going below Lulu's name very soon.

"They'll never get all of it right, will they, Little Man?" I ask him.

Kissing his head, my eyes go to his sleeping mom and sister. I know that Los Angeles will always be in my heart, as singing with Lucy brought all my dreams to life. However, my whole heart is in the room, and goes with me wherever I go, because my wife and two children are my whole being.

"Mommy and Lucy are sleeping," I say picking up Charlie's bottle. "So your old dad's going to feed you." I watch him open his eyes and his blueish green orbs flash back at me. I place the bottle in his mouth and he starts to suck. I can't help but tear up slightly as my heart fills with even more happiness. Instantly some new melodies start to fill my mind, and I know this year is gonna be another good one.



Five years later

If someone would have asked me six years ago if I thought my life would ever be much different, I'd have told them no. Now here I am a mother of four children, Lucy, Charlie, Renee and my newborn Robert. I'm married to an international Country and Western recording artist. I have a degree in design and work in my family business.

We have a huge house built close to our first house, where James and Victoria now live now. Mrs. Cope is still helping out, but now she lives in a house on the property and she watches over all the little ones with the help of Victoria.

Rose is still one of my closest and best friends, and we laugh all of the time over her crazy antics. Rose still records shows Monday through Friday and has a syndicated shock Jock show now on satellite radio. Alice fitted in right away and the three of us get along very well. We have a lot of fun, and you'd be surprised to know Alice is better at redemption than Rose is.

I'll always remember the night after Edward surprised me at Lucy's graduation. Alice arrived back in Seattle, and the first thing she did was hold a 'girls only' meeting with Rose and me. According to her, we had some major lessons to teach a tramp. Alice planned out a huge hoax against Tanya, and with Rose's help, she pulled it off.

Mysteriously, Tanya's whole house suddenly got a bad odor, and no one could make it go away. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the bottles of Liquid Ass, Alice was dumping through her mail slot had anything to do with it. Apparently she kept taking the rug from her front door with her, and every time it got wet—and it rains in Seattle almost daily—the smell would come back like it was new. She moved and her new condo had the same odor problem. Within four months, she had moved three times. She finally gave up and moved out of state. I often wonder if she ever threw out the damn rug.

My life has lonely times, because being on the road with four children is not an easy task. Edward tends to not tour a lot anymore, but does most of his touring during the summer months. In the summer the kids can travel with us and not miss school. He plans to stop doing tours for a few years and work on doing more on the writing and producing side of things. He has found and signed a few artists already and his new label Lulu is already doing well.

My daughter entered me in a contest that changed my life. Rose loved Lucy's letter so much, she refused to let Garrett choose anyone else. After meeting me, she loved me so much, she demanded Emmett to take care of us all the time we were in California. I've learned it was Emmett who decided we needed spending money. It was never part of the contest, it was part of Emmett's generosity and natural exuberance to share his happiness. The same happiness he shared with us is the same happiness Edward has brought to my life tenfold. I love my wonderful husband, and it's all because my little girl had a wish to sing with Eddie on her birthday.

Sitting here waiting for Edward to come take us home from the hospital, I can't help but think about it all. I mean who would have thought him singing with Lucy would have brought me all of this?

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