It was a quiet evening for once in the Team RWBY dorm room. Weiss was seated at her desk, her pen scratching furiously as she revised a paper due later that week, Yang had her tools out, cleaning Ember Cecilia in one corner of the room, and Blake sat in her bed, reading a book that she'd picked up earlier that week. Ruby was conspicuously absent, having an extra class to help make up some of her two skipped years.

The only sounds were the scratching of Weiss' pen, the flip of Blake turning a page, and the occasional thump as Yang set down a part to pick up another. The three of them enjoyed the peace and quiet they so rarely got, since Ruby tended to act as a catalyst for their more energetic activities. Still, they knew it wouldn't last, and as the door lock clicked open, they unconsciously braced for Ruby's energetic greeting.

The familiar sound never came as Ruby tiredly stepped through the door, her eyes already half closed. Without a word she silently made her way over the closet and started changing into her pajamas, leaving the door wide open.

All three of the older girls silently turned to look at their clearly exhausted leader, concern registering on all their faces. Ruby had been under more stress than usual lately, between her additional classes and the upcoming exams, and it seemed to finally be taking its toll. With a silent glance between them, Yang got up from her weapon cleaning and closed the door before walking over to Ruby, intending to see her safely to bed.

Ruby finished changing before Yang arrived and turned, tired eyes glancing about the room. Without a word to Yang she pushed past her and made a beeline for Blake, stopping by the side of her bed. Blake looked up at her leader with no small amount of concern, and started asking her if everything was alright. "Ru-"

She was cut off as Ruby crawled onto her bed and curled up against her side, gently head-butting her way under the Faunus' arm. Yang and Weiss looked on with bemusement as the dark haired girl shot them a bewildered look, unsure how to respond. She made to rouse the younger girl but stopped, listening to the quiet rumbling that was Ruby's snores. With a sigh, she relented and turned back to her book, ignoring the quiet giggles coming from the other two. She counted it as a blessing that she'd already changed into her nightclothes.