When Tenrou Island vanished of the face of Earthland, what everyone didn't know, was that the island was sent to another world. And when the island came back, it brought back nine mysterious people, and a ship.

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'Argh, Sanji FOOOOOOOOOOD!' Luffy screamed while waving his arms and legs in the air whilst sitting in his favorite spot. 'You'll get it WHEN IT COMES!' The blond curled brow chef yelled back from the kitchen door, looking rather pissed. 'But I'm hungry!' Luffy complained. 'SHUT UP YOU IDIOT!' A sudden whack met with Luffy's skull, and a big bump appeared. 'Ow! Nami, what was that for?' The straw-hat wearing idiot asked the navigator. 'I'm trying to make a map of the last island we visited and since it's a lovely day today, I'm making my map out in the open.' Nami replied, gritting her teeth and a piss mark on her fist. 'And I can't concentrate with all this yelling…. SO SHUT THE HELL UP!' The orange haired navigator yelled while giving the rubber man another blow to the noggin (Head-No dirty thoughts~ ;P) and walked back to her table. 'Nami, you're so mean!' Luffy yelled back. 'SHUT UP!' Nami countered. Ussop and Chopper sweat dropped at this sight. 'He will never learn.' The sniper commented. 'Typical Luffy for you.' The reindeer doctor replied as the two went back to fishing.

'Jeez, it's too early in the morning for this.' Zoro yawned and got up from his favorite napping spot. 'IT'S TWO IN THE AFTERNOON!' Everyone on the deck yelled. 'Huh? Is it?' The green haired swordsman pondered. Zoro stood there for about ten seconds before he shrugged and walked away to the training room. 'He's just as clueless when walking on a straight path.' Ussop thought out loud. 'DAMN YOU USSOP, I HEARD THAT!' An angry Zoro yelled as he came around the corner and charged towards to Ussop. 'Argh Zoro! I'm sorry! Stop chasing me!' 'Damn you, you stupid liar!' Robin, who had remained silent up to this point, giggled at this sight and looked at Chopper. 'Any sign of land, Mr. Doctor?' 'No, not yet Robin.' 'I see.' And with that, Robin went back to her book.

'Sanji, MEEEAAAT!' Luffy yelled. 'I know, you can have my meat! Oh wait, I have no meat on my bones! YOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH!' A light and goofy voice called out. 'Oh Brook, where were you? Writing a new song?' Sanji asked the walking skeleton, while carrying two glasses of strawberry milkshake. 'Yes, I have composed a new so-' The skeleton was cut off, as Ussop had bumped into him in an attempt to run away from Zoro. 'Ow! That may cause a bruise. If I had blood vessels. YOHOHOHOHOH!' The pirate laughed. Ussop groaned and looked up, only to see Zoro's dark and evil glare. 'Hehehe.' The sniper nervously giggled, sweat coming down. 'Why you!' Zoro was about to let down a punch, until…