Love, Baseball and Ballet

Chapter 1: The hop

The loud clangor of the school bell sounded throughout the halls and classrooms. Students of all ages hurried in the crowed halls in an attempt to make it to twelfth period. It was the last class of the day, for most students, until the school day was out. A certain afro headed girl couldn't wait for the day to end.

It was finally Friday and that would mean…

"Losers," A short red girl slammed her Algebra two text book in front of two other girls. "We're going to the hop today!"

The purple girl cheered loudly from her wooden school desk. "Finally; I've been waiting all week for this,"

"You're not the only one Amethyst," A larger orange girl spoke from beside her in another desk. "Ruby and I have been practicing every day after school."

Ruby nodded with a grin. "Jasper has been helping me out with m-"

Their teacher, Mrs. Johnson, spoke up from her desk. "Ruby class has started; please go to your seat."

Ruby, facing away from her teacher, rolled her eyes and groaned. Jasper and Amethyst laughed at her childish display. The red girl gave them each a quick handshake before walking to the back of the class and to her seat.

She sat at the back with a table big enough for two. Rose Quartz was her class partner; a junior who was loved by all and known for her music. Her boyfriend Greg and she are a two people band; the school liked their music so much that they got to perform for prom last year.

Ruby sighed when she sat down and pulled out her notebook. "Hey Quartz," She mumbled without looking at the pink teen.

"Ruby how's it going?" Rose smiled; not at all affected by the girls attitude.

She, and the whole school, was used to it by now.

The red girl shrugged. "Fine I guess," She then smirked; pulling out a pen. "You've been to the hop right?" She finally faced Rose.

"No but I've heard about it…" Rose thought for a moment. "Isn't that where you and your team play baseball after school?"

Ruby's eyes brightened and she nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah; Jasper, Peridot, Amethyst and I basically live there."

"When we were in middle school I remember you all talking about it." Rose giggled uniquely.

Ruby grinned; now giving the girl all of her attention. "You know; my team and I are having a game today." She raised an eyebrow mischievously. "If you have time maybe you can come watch us play,"

"Really?" Rose smiled brightly. "That'd be awesome,"

Ruby chuckled; turning back to her notes. "The game starts at six so don't be late,"

"I wouldn't think of it," Rose grinned.

When twelfth period was over all of the students stood up and quickly excited the room. Ruby managed to catch up with Amethyst and Jasper on her way out. She bumped Jasper in the shoulder playfully.

"You guys can't go without me," Ruby grinned when Jasper shoved her back. "We are going to trash those Hawks today!"

Amethyst nodded from beside Jasper as they walked through the halls. "We totally are,"

"Especially with you classic homerun hitter," Jasper motioned to Ruby.

Amethyst spoke. "Seriously; what do you bench? Last time when you hit the ball it almost burst upon impact,"

"Years of practice and baseball camps." Ruby chuckled; pulling her backpack on tighter.

A shoulder slamming into her left one made the red girl come to a halt. Red eyes glared at the blue girl who had bumped into her.

"Watch where the hell you're going," Ruby spat out viciously.

The short blue girl, unfazed, smiled apologetically. "Sorry,"

"…" Ruby was about to yell when she saw Rose, Lapis and Pearl standing behind the girl.

She was friends with Rose; that meant she would have to go easy on the girl.

"You better be sorry," Ruby mumbled softly; turning around to catch up with her friends.

Soft blue eyes watched the girl run through the halls. Shaking her head; Sapphire turned around to talk to her friends.

"The nerve of that sophomore," Her friend Pearl huffed with her arms crossed. "Talking to an upper classmen like that."

Sapphire tried to keep the harmony. "It's fine Pearl, really."

"Besides," Rose spoke up from in between them. "Ruby isn't really that bad; she always lets me borrow her notes in class."

Pearl frowned. "How do you have class with her? We're juniors and she's a sophomore,"

"She, Jasper and Amethyst all had straight A's and they got moved up a class." Rose smiled brighter. "And even better; Ruby invited me to come watch her team play baseball at the hop!"

Lapis raised an eyebrow. "The hop?"

"That's just something they call it," Rose smiled. "And I've heard that Ruby is pretty good; want to watch their game?" She suggested.

Pearl scoffed. "Go to that sand trap? No way,"

"Well," Sapphire began to speak when she saw Rose look to the floor with rejection. "I want to watch."

She couldn't care less about watching a baseball game but if it mattered to her best friend then she would give it a shot.

"Me too," Lapis blushed. "Especially if Ruby is going to be there…"

Everyone in the school knew about her crush on the red girl; except for Ruby. But it wasn't her fault. Lapis never made any move to talk to her even in seventh grade when her infatuation began. All she did was stare at her with a dopey expression whenever they passed in the halls.

"What?" Pearl's shrill voice broke her out of thought. "Are you all really going?"

Sapphire sighed; sick of her friends constant complaining. "Well you don't have to come-"

"What choice do I have," Pearl mumbled as if they were all dying to know her opinion.

Rose nudged the skinny girl in the shoulder; a mischievous grin spreading on her chubby face. "Amethyst will be there…In uniform," Her eyebrows wiggled suggestively.

Pearl blushed deeply. "…"

Sapphire always had a feeling that Pearl was crushing on the purple girl. Ever since they went to that one party at Jasper's place last year. The blue girl remembered seeing Pearl and Amethyst being really close during it but the next day at school they were ignoring each other. It didn't make any sense.

Then again Sapphire didn't really want to get into it. Pearl's business was her business; she wouldn't get involved.

"So it's settled!" Rose stood in front of them with a wide grin. "We're going to the hop!"

"You have to twist your wrist a little more when you throw that, short stuff!" Jasper shouted from across the field.

Ruby caught the ball that the orange girl threw at her; yelling back. "I'm just getting warmed up, relax."

It was five thirty exactly and it seemed like the whole school was at the hop. Ruby could recognize many of her sophomore classmates cheering them on from the bleachers. Everyone knew that today would be the game to see. They were going up against their rival team; The Hawks.

They have been practicing for this day all month and they were going to take advantage.

"You better be warmed up in a few minutes when the game starts," Jasper pulled her red cap from her belt and threw it on her head; she stretched her arms. "I'm all ready to go; I'm going to sit by the cheerleaders for a while,"

Ruby rolled her eyes; walking closer to her pitcher so that she wouldn't have to yell across the field. "Peridot isn't going to like that," She teased.

The red girl subconsciously glanced at Peridot who was practicing her throwing with Sadie. The green girl was a great part of the team and Ruby didn't need her quitting because of stupid drama with Jasper.

"Who cares," The large girl glared at the dirt covered ground. "If she wants to act like nothing happened between us then I'm going to talk to all the cheerleaders I want."

Ruby punched her in the arm. "I think you should talk to her…" She saw Jasper stare at her bewildered.

"Talk to her?"

Ruby stuttered. "I-I…I m-mean, talk to her about how many cheerleaders you're about to lay," She covered with a grin.

"Oh yeah," Jasper chuckled; slapping her on the back. "Man; I thought you were getting soft on me for a minute." She made her way to the dugout with the cheerleaders.

Ruby chuckled. "Never that…" Her laugh died down when her friend was out of ear shot.

The red girl sighed heavily and pulled her cap on tighter. Ruby, along with her team, was dressed in her home uniform. A red had, white tight pants, and a white jersey with the red words 'Crystal's' in the middle.

Ruby had her own personal black and white cleats. She wore black warrior paint under her eyes; two solid strips across her cheeks. She was number fifteen.

"Get your head in the game Rub's!" Amethyst came out of nowhere and hit her head with her glove. "The game is starting,"

Ruby shook her head and jogged next to the purple girl. "Yeah I was just stretching…"

"Yeah right," Her friend grinned. "You're thinking about someone…Who's the girl?"

Ruby laughed. "There is none…And there never will be,"

"Go Jasper!" Rose shouted loud from the bleacher.

She was sitting with; Lapis, Pearl, Sapphire and Lars had also decided to join them. He was there to watch his girlfriend Sadie play but along the way he caught up with them.

"When are they going to put Ruby in," Lapis groaned; watching Ruby practice her batting by the gate. "She's the only reason I'm here…"

Lars swallowed his cheese fries. "Good luck trying to get her attention; I heard she never dates because she is too focused on baseball."

"She just hasn't met the right girl." Lapis disagreed.

Lars shook his head. "No…I've heard that she's been with a lot of girls but just doesn't commit."

"Do you know her?" Sapphire challenged.

"W-well no…"

She frowned. "Then you don't know if she's really like that; don't spread rumors."

There was a loud cheer that caused them to look back to the field. Everyone was screaming 'Ruby' over and over again as the red girl walked up to the plate. Sapphire took in the calm look on her face; it was different then the angry one she saw in school.

She was different when she played baseball. It was like she was in her element and nothing could bring her down.

Ruby tugged her cap so that it was blocking the light from her eyes. Her vision fixed on the pitcher who prepared to throw the ball.


Everyone stood up when the ball hit the bat. They all watched it fly over the players and past the gate; the crowd went wild. Ruby sprang into a slow jog along with her other teammates who were on the bases. Sapphire watched the Hawks sulk and through their hats to the ground in anger.

"Yeah Ruby!" Rose cheered; clapping loudly along with Lapis.

Sapphire felt a smile twitch at her lips; they had thrown Ruby into the air and were carrying her around the field. Her hands clapped together softly.

"You need a ride Sapphire?" Lars asked; shaking his keys about.

Sapphire shook her head. "I'm going to ride with Rose and Lapis."

"Okay," Lars got into his car where Sadie was sitting in the passenger seat. "Text me tomorrow to let me know about the pool party at Rose's place,"

Sapphire nodded before moving to climb into the back seat of Rose's car. Pearl was sitting in the front while Sapphire sat back with Lapis.

"The game was honestly decent," Pearl remarked. "Amethyst did a good job on the outfield." She sighed dreamily.

Rose grinned as she backed out of her park. "I knew you guys would like it! I went to tell Ruby how great she did at the game and somewhere along the way I invited her and her team to my house on Saturday,"

Lapis squealed causing Sapphire to cover her ears. "Ruby in a bathing suit,"

"You invited the whole team to our private pool party tomorrow?" Pearl frowned. "Do you even know who she's inviting?"

Rose nodded. "She's only bringing Amethyst and Jasper; they're her closest friends," She smiled brightly. "I want everyone on their best behavior tomorrow!"

"Are you guys staying at my place tonight or do you need me to drive you home?" Ruby asked; looking at them through her mirrors.

Jasper sighed; putting her beer into the cup holder. "I guess I can chill at your place tonight; my parents trust you so I'll just text them."

"Amethyst?" Ruby asked.

The purpled girl nodded. "Yeah I'll just tell your mom to call mines; they know you."

"Oh yeah I forgot," Ruby stopped the car when they came to a red light. "Rose invited us to a pool party at her place; we're going."

Amethyst groaned loudly. "Ugh no way…I don't even talk to her! Or her loser upper classmen friends,"

"You didn't have a problem talking to Pearl," Jasper teased.

Ruby grinned and also turned around to face the purple girl. "Who will be at the party…" She wiggled her eyebrows.

"Not after what happened at that other party," The purple girl spread out on the leather seats.

Ruby gasped. "You said nothing happened you liar! Now you've got to tell us," She edged on.

"Yeah, we won't tell anyone." Jasper smirked. "I told you guys about Peridot,"

Amethyst sat up and held her pinky finger out. "How about this…If any of us get into some kind of fling relationship we have to tell each other about it, deal?"

"Deal," Ruby and Jasper said in unison.

They all twisted pinkies. Ruby jumped when a car behind her beeped; she cursed under her breath and started driving. Jasper stuck her middle finger out the window to the person behind them.

"Jackass," The orange girl mumbled. "So what went down?"

Amethyst grinned. "I'll tell you guys when we get to Ruby's place but for now let's turn up the music!" She shoved herself to the front and blasted the music.

This is just a story that I'm writing to get rid of my writers block. I'm going to expand on it but it's just a story for fun; hope you like it.