Love, Baseball and Ballet

Chapter 14: Summer Bash

"Welcome party people; this is our first ever summer bash and we have a good show planned for you tonight. We have the best music in town, best booze in the world and tonight everything is free of charge!" Greg smiled when the crowd of teens cheered loudly. "Tonight I will be performing with my good friend Amethyst," He pointed to the purple girl on the drums.

"Yo," She mumbled into her microphone; holding up a piece sign.

"She's the best drummer in town so you know it's going to rock; so kick back and relax, get drunk and let's just have a good time! I'm going to kick this party off with an old song I wrote when I was a freshman; hope you like it,"

Greg began strumming him guitar.

I know I'm not that tall

I know I'm not that smart

But let me drive my van into your heart

Let me drive my van into your heart

Ruby groaned loudly from where she and Sapphire were leaning against the wall. "Ugh, he's playing that stupid van song again; he always does this when he and Rose split for a while,"

"Don't worry about that," Jasper said from behind them; also watching the teenager perform on stage. "Pearl agreed to sing her own song towards the end that will make the crowd go crazy; but for now, let's enjoy ourselves because school is out and summer is finally in!"

Sapphire grinned. "I can agree with that," The ballerina grabbed both of her girlfriend's hands suddenly. "Come dance with me,"

Ruby barely had time to trash her drink as she was pulled to the dance floor (living room). "H-hey, slow down the floor isn't going anywhere," She berated but smiled none the less.

And if we look out of place

Well, baby, that's okay

I'll drive us into outer space

Where we can't hear what people say

Jasper leaned against the wall; frequently sipping her cup of punch that was defiantly spiked. Her shoulders fell heavily as she watched her friends have fun; from Ruby spinning Sapphire in the cutest way, to Amethyst rocking it out on the drums and Pearl watching the purple girl with bright eyes. Even Lars and Sadie, who were on and off, seemed to be having a blast as they danced together,

Jasper couldn't help but think that if she'd disappeared no one would notice.

She quickly shoved those thoughts out of her mind. "Damn, drinking alone is making me depressed," She groaned out; skimming the crowd of dancing people briefly. "I came here to party and that's what I'm going to do," Jasper crushed her cup and made her way to the floor; dancing with anyone who'd let her.

I know I don't have a plan

I'm working on that part

At least I've got a van

So let me drive my van into your heart

"Where are you going?" Peridot asked, hearing the hum of a car engine on the other line. "You better not be going to Jasper's stupid party," She accused; sitting up on her bed.

Lapis rolled her eyes on the other end of the phone; coming to a stop at a red light. "She can't keep us from doing anything and until I prove that she is just going to keep disrespecting you,"

"I already took care of it Lapis! Jasper hasn't made a move to talk to me since,"

The swimmer sighed. "Look, I'm just going to talk to her. Trust me," She tried again when there was a heavy silence. "Periiii,"


Lapis threw her fist in the air in victory. "Yes!"

"Just—don't do anything reckless, okay?" Was Peridot's final request.

Lapis faltered; nodded firmly to herself. "I promise," Her voice softened into a hushed whisper. "…I love you,"

She could literally hear the smile on Peridot's face. "Love you too loser,"

"Alright that was our second song of the night but don't worry there is more to come," Greg announced; smiling at the cheers from the crowd. "Right, thanks guys, next up we have a song written by Amethyst and she herself will be performing it. So let's kick back and listen because it's summer baby!"

The crowd erupted with cheers.

Greg chuckled. "Alright, let it rip Amethyst,"

The purple girl clacked her drum sticks together three times.

Maybe you're better off with her

I think she's better for you

I forgot how great it felt to be us,

Guess I got carried away

"That's a new one,"

Pearl jumped at the familiar voice that whispered softly in her ear. She quickly turned around, taking a step back, coming face to face with a Rose Quartz. The pink girl was smiling down at her with that charming smile that made everyone swoon. Pearl, at a time, also was smitten by that smile.

But not anymore.

"Hey Rose," She mumbled; moving closer to the wall where they were out of Amethyst's line of sight. "…what are you doing here?"

Rose looked slightly burned. "I just wanted to hang out with my friends; it kind of feels like you guys have been keeping me out of what's going on in the group."

Pearl shook her head. "Rose—no—it's not like that and you know it,"

"Then why didn't I hear about the party until the day of; like you guys were thinking of inviting me, or when you ditched me at the ballet recital," Rose frowned, her lovely voice dropping to one of anger. "And why have you been acting so weird around me; you've been avoiding me like I have some contagious disease!"

"Because I'm not going to let you treat me like some kind of sex toy anymore!" Pearl shouted over the loud music.

I had to use you to make me feel strong,

But I don't care about that now.

I see a tower built out of my mistakes,

And it all comes crashing down.

"…" Rose flushed, looking around to insure that no one was listening. "I don't—"

"You do," Pearl growled; finally having enough. "You only want me whenever you and Greg are having problems; I thought I could be fine with that but…I'm not. I finally have someone who actually picks me first,"

Rose scoffed. "Who, Amethyst?" She laughed but nothing was amusing. "She doesn't care about you,"

"Maybe she doesn't; but that is my choice to make," Pearl dropped her arms in defeat. "I still want to be friends with you Rose, I truly do, but there has to be a line drawn before I get seriously hurt…I think, I think that this summer you should take some time to be by yourself and see what it is you really need,"

"…because it's not me,"

That being said, Pearl swiftly skimmed passed the larger girl. Not looking back; even as Rose called out to her over the music.

Is there something I can do?

Is there something I can do?

Is there something I can do?

Can I make it up to you?

Isn't this such a beautiful night,

Whoa, we're underneath the thousand shining stars.

Isn't it nice to find yourself somewhere different,

Whoa, why don't you let yourself just be wherever you are.

Jasper wrapped her heavy arms around a slim body as the slovenly ascended up the stairs in a drunken state. The orange girl didn't know the others name and couldn't care less either; all she knew was that she was some senior who had come to her picking a fight but it was obvious that they had both been drinking a lot that night. So somewhere along the way they, not knowing who started it, began kissing in the kitchen before moving upstairs to Jasper's personal room; locking the door behind them.

Look at this place,

Look at your faces.

I've never seen you look like this before.

Isn't it nice to find yourself somewhere different,

Whoa, why don't you let yourself just be wherever you are.

"This doesn't mean anything," The girl beneath her said in broken gasps; clutching at Jasper's back and clawing her nails into thick skin. "I have a girlfriend—"

Jasper threw them on the bed with a bounce. "Look, I'm pretty wasted right now so I probably won't even remember this; let alone put a face to you. I'm just trying to get laid with no strings attached,"

The senior bit her lip.

Look at this place,

Look at your faces.

They're shining like a thousand shining stars.

Isn't it nice to find yourself somewhere different,

"So, with that being said," Jasper sighed, looking down at the flushed beauty. "Are you sure sleeping with me is worth the guilt of your girlfriend or whatever? Because I don't want you bitching to me in the morning about how I took advantage of you o—"

She shook her head. "No,no, I want to do this,"

Jasper had no objections as she was pulled into the fiercest kiss she had ever been a part of.

Whoa, why don't you let yourself just be wherever you are.

Why don't you let yourself just be somewhere different.

Whoa, why don't you let yourself just be whoever you are.

"I know, I want this party to last as much as you do but all good things must come to an end," Greg said sadly. "But, the good thing is that we have a special song being sung by our good friend Pearl! Now please be generous; she has never performed before a live audience so be nice,"

Ruby, arms wrapped around Sapphire from behind, chucking softly. "Pearl looks like she's about to shit herself,"

Sapphire nudged her in the stomach. "Be nice,"

Everyone watched as the skinny girl nervously took the microphone in shaky hands; bringing it close to her lips. She closed her eyes and began to sing.

Why do you have to look up to her?

Aside from a literal sense,

Don't you know that a power that big,

Comes with a bigger expense?

And can't you see that she's out of control

And overzealous

Ruby bumped her head to the beat. "She's not bad,"

Sapphire hummed in agreement; watching her friend become more comfortable up on the stage.

I'm telling you for your own good,

And not because I'm—

I can show you how to be strong,

In the real way

And I know that we can be strong,

In the real way,

"So, are you staying here tonight to help Jasper clean up?" Sapphire asked as they walked into the kitchen where it was less crowded. "…where is she anyway?"

Ruby shrugged; leading her girlfriend outside where no one was there. "She said she wanted to meet some girls and I saw her going upstairs behind someone; I didn't get to see their face though," The younger girl sat down in a lawn chair; pulling her girlfriend to straddle her waist.

Sapphire blushed but didn't object. "I think I'll stay over to help you clean,"

"Why," Ruby frowned. "You shouldn't have to worry about that it's—"

"My mess too," She finished for her. "I'm part of the group now and I helped plan the party so I should have the honor of helping you clean,"

The shorter girl grinned. "…I guess that's fair," She leaned up to press their lips together.

And I want to inspire you,

I want to be your rock,

And when I talk

It lights a fire in you

Sapphire pulled away with a soft smack of their lips. "Okay, tomorrow is the first day of summer…what are we going to do?"

Ruby teased the skin under Sapphire's loose shirt with the pads of her fingers. "I think it's long overdue that we just spend the day alone together; no friends, no drama, just you and me hanging out,"

"Like a date?" Sapphire hinted playfully.

The younger girl grinned. "You bet. After I leave Jasper's house tomorrow I'll drop you off at home so you can shower and dress; then I'll pick you up around five,"

"Do I have to dress a certain way?"

Ruby shook her head. "Nope, just the casual jeans and sneakers; and it's going to be a surprise so don't ask me where,"

"Romantic," Sapphire snickered; running her fingers through the younger girl's dark curls. "…I'm really glad I met you,"

"Me too, I've never been able to be so open with someone before," Ruby rested her head on Sapphire's collar bone as she spoke. "You're smart, funny, kind and oh so beautiful," She shook her head. "No, you probably hear that all the time; you're stunning; no words can do you justice,"

Sapphire pulled her up by the chin. "You're the one who words don't give justice to,"

The ballerina leaned down to capture awaiting lips. The summer breeze was in the air as they pressed closer and kissed longer; it was a great feeling. As if there wasn't a care in the world. They didn't know what the world had planned for them but they knew, as long as they were together, everything would be alright.

Summer vacation, it was basically the end of the school year. It gave you time to relax before you began a new year with new friends and new experiences. It gives you a break from high school drama, annoying teachers and the dread of waking up before the sun; the weight of school and all its' burdens would finally be dropped. It paved the way for vacations, college visits and whatever else your heart desired. For some people summer was a time to:

Explore and get closer

"I really liked your song last night," Amethyst said from where she sat beside Pearl on the couch. "You looked so nervous but after a while you got comfortable; maybe you can sing more in the future,"

Pearl blushed, playing with cubby purple fingers. "I'm not that good; I was off key but your drums sounded it out, you and Greg really made it happen last night,"

"Don't put yourself down like that; you were amazing and you know it," She dared to peck the skinny girl on the cheek. "…I would really like for us to spend the summer together; you know, getting to know each other better. I mean the sex is great, amazing even, but I want to know more about you,"

"Me too, and I'm ready to let you in; just as long as you grant me the same wish." Pearl bit her lip. "…I can't take another heart break,"

Amethyst softened her gaze. "I promise that I will do everything in my way to not make that happen; I really want this to work,"

"So do I,"

A time to think things over and be by yourself

"I didn't even know you were at the party," Greg mumbled.

Rose nodded. "I was only there to speak with Pearl," She heard Greg scoff from beside her. "No…it's not like that, we didn't do anything; she's pretty invested in Amethyst right now," She kicked her feet lazily in the air from where she sat on the edge of Greg's van. "I tried to go to her again but she refused; I kept calling her name but she just kept walking and after a while I drove back home to think things over like she suggested,"

"…and?" Greg pulled.

"And, I think that I really care about you and I don't know where we went wrong but I have to figure myself out before I can figure us out," Rose confessed. "I'm not telling you to wait for me because I don't know how long it's going to take b—"

"I'll wait for you," Greg interrupted; looking straight ahead when he felt her eyes on him. "I miss what we had too and I'm willing to make it work if you are; and if giving you space helps in any way then that is what I'll do,"

Rose smiled weakly. "…thank you," She leaned over to hesitantly hug him; she pulled away after an awkward silence. "I guess I'll see you,"

"Yeah, take care of yourself Rose,"

A time for secrets

"You cannot tell anyone about this; do you hear me?" The senior screeched; walking around to search for her clothes from last night. "God, if Peridot finds out she is going to—"

"Lapis, I could care less about what happens to you or your trash of a girlfriend," Jasper huffed out, pulling her sheets closer to her chest. "So can you shut up; I have a killer headache,"

Lapis whipped around to glare at the orange girl; clad in her white cotton bra. "I mean it, keep your mouth shut, this is all your fault!"

"My fault?" Jasper scoffed. "You're the one who came to me, you weren't even as drunk as I was, and last night you didn't really put Peridot's feelings into consideration. Why did you even do it; I thought you too were in love,"

"We are, I just…I made a mistake and was blinded by booze and the thrill," Lapis tried to fix her frazzled hair. "Please don't tell your friends and especially don't tell Peridot, please. It was a mistake and it will never happen again,"

Jasper ignored the pang that was sent to her heart. "I promise; but only because I owe it to Peridot not to break her heart again, no come on…I have to sneak you out so my friends won't see you,"

And, a time for love

"Do you know what you want to do when you graduate?"

Sapphire shook her head; causing her soft hair to tickle Ruby's neck. "Not yet but I'm sure I'll figure it out; what about you? Even though you're a sophomore—or a junior now—do you know what you want to do?"

Ruby sighed; looking up at the birds sitting on the cable lines above them. "I want to play sports professionally but I should have a backup plan too I guess; but I have time to figure it out," She pecked Sapphire through her thick bangs. "Right now I just want to be here,"

"Hmm," Sapphire giggled; turning her neck away as Ruby trailed soft kisses up to her ear. "That tickles,"

"Sorry," She placed one last wet kiss on the older girl's earlobe; pulling out a groan from her. "But let's make a promise," Ruby said, sitting up completely on the lawn chair they were resting on.

Sapphire followed her lead. "Okay sure,"

"No matter what we decide in the future; we make sure to make room for each other," Ruby swallowed thickly. "Even if we break up, I don't by the way, we promise to stay friends. Because aside from being able to kiss you, you're one of the only people who I can talk to and I'd hate to ruin that,"

Sapphire took hold of her hands. "I promise; but I plan on being with you for a while, so I hope you don't mind the company,"

"A pretty girl all to myself; how can I be against that," Ruby said with her signature grin.

"You're such a charmer," Sapphire teased.

Ruby kissed her on the lips soft and shortly. "…only for you,"

Summer would surely be interesting.

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