This is my first Klaroline story, I've received few requests to write one and this short story was what I came up with, I'm sorry if it's bad. Right now it's going to be a two shot, please let me know if you're interested to read the second part.

Caroline paced back and forth in front of the fireplace, she was too nervous to concentrate on anything. The moon was full. She knew what that meant, just like everyone in her small village. The first thing the children were taught was never to go outside when the moon was full. Once again she looked outside through the window, but she couldn't see anyone. Her father hadn't returned; he should have been home before the sunset. He had gone to the village nearby for the fair and she was praying that he had stayed in the tavern for the night.

But what if he hadn't? What if something had happened and he was in the woods… The thought made her shiver and brought tears to her eyes. Her father was all the family she had; she couldn't bare the thought of losing him. No, she was acting ridiculously; surely he was safely in the tavern. Still she knew that she couldn't sleep, not before he would be home. She walked around in their small cottage, trying to think of something useful to do.

"Caroline!" a familiar voice called from outside.

Quickly she unbolted the door and saw Alaric, their neighbor. She gasped when she also saw her father's horse; clearly the poor animal was in panic.

"Hey, Micah, it's alright…"

Her tone of voice was calming and she didn't make any sudden movements, she had always been very good with animals. Finally Micah allowed her to approach him and calmingly touch his muzzle.

"What happened?" she asked. "Where did you find him?"

Alaric bowed his head.

"He… He came from the woods."

Caroline couldn't fully comprehend his words, she was concentrated on Micah.

"It's alright, boy. Where's father…"

She gasped in shock when she saw the blood on the saddle. No…

"I'm sorry…" Alaric started, but Caroline wasn't listening, she ran to the village square.

"Help!" Someone please help me!"

The whole village was quiet and most people were asleep, but Caroline's desperate screams alarmed men from few houses, women and children stayed inside when the moon was full.

"Caroline!" Stefan Salvatore said while running towards her. He was the younger son of Giuseppe Salvatore, the mayor and the wealthiest man in the village. Stefan and Caroline had been friends ever since they had been children, although Caroline's father was just a shoemaker.

"What's the matter?" Stefan asked.

"My father… He…"

Caroline let out a sob before she was able to continue. Few men gathered around her when she explained to them what had happened.

"Oh no…" Stefan muttered and placed his palms on her shoulders. "I'm so sorry, Caroline…"

"What, no!" she snapped and took a step back. "We don't know if he… He might still be alive. Please, help me to find him…"

"Absolutely not," Giuseppe Salvatore's firm voice cut in, he was approaching the group with his older son Damon. "No one goes into the woods before dawn."

"No, please," Caroline pleaded. "My father can't wait for that long, he might be hurt…"

"Your father is most likely dead," Giuseppe interrupted her. "And so will be everyone else who leaves the village, we all know that. Our agreement with the…beasts is very fragile, but it has kept our village safe."

Caroline looked around desperately, but all the men looked away.


"No one leaves the village before dawn," Giuseppe ordered firmly.

"Stefan…" Caroline muttered pleadingly.

"No one!" Giuseppe snapped.

"I'm sorry," Stefan said quietly. "We shall go and look for him at first light, I swear…"

Caroline turned around and marched back home, she was done listening to the cowards who called themselves men. If they weren't going to help her, then she would find her father without them. Determinedly she went inside and tried to think what she could need. A weapon. Her father didn't have a sword, but he had few sharp knifes. Those wouldn't help her much against the beasts, but she refused to think about that, she needed to help her father. She wore a red cloak her mother had sewed for her before she had died. It was dark in the woods. A torch. She wouldn't have wanted to take Micah with her, but she didn't have a choice, he was the only one who could lead her to her father. She was an excellent rider, her father had taught her to ride as soon as she had been old enough to sit on a horse.

"Alright, boy…" she muttered while mounting. "Let's find father."

"Stop her!" someone shouted when Micah galloped through the village.


There was a fence surrounding the village, she dismounted as soon as she reached the gate. Quickly she unbolted it and pushed it open.


The voices were getting closer, but she had already mounted.

"Go, boy!"

Micah wasn't a very young stallion anymore, but he was fast. Caroline's heart was beating like a drum when she rode into the dark woods. She heard howling from somewhere far away, it made her heart to skip a beat.

"Hold on, father," she muttered. "I'm coming."