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Chapter 1: Introductions and New Friends


Hiccup was flying with Toothless two weeks after HTTYD 1, when a black egg-shaped thing appeared out of nowhere! Toothless slammed full-force into it, and Hiccup was thrown out of the saddle. Toothless just barely managed to swaddle Hiccup in his wings before Everything. Went. Black.


Hiro paced in front of the college. "I HAVE to go to this nerd school! If I don't my brain will explode!"

Then a red, egg-shaped orb appeared in front of them, and a red wave washed over them.


"Sven, get ready to jump!" yelled Anna.

"You don't tell him what to do, I do!" cried Kristoff, scooping her up and throwing her on Sven. "Now, Sven! Jump!" he yelled, cutting the rope.

The sled, reindeer, man, and young woman flew off the cliff, Sven hitting the white egg-shaped orb that had had suddenly appeared in front of them first. Everything went white as snow.


"I have magical hair that glows when I sing."


"I have magical hair that glows when I sing!" gasped Rapunzel.

Just then, a three-foot yellow egg appeared in front of them, bobbing gently in the water. It floated dtoward them, and Eugene reached out and touched it. Yellow covered their eyesight.


Hiro groggily sat up. He was on a platform high in the air, painted red. A platform about ten feet away, also painted red, had Baymax on it.

Baymax cheerily waved to him. "Hello, Hiro!"

"Hey, Baymax." he said, looking around for Tadashi, but there was no sign of life. Three white platforms, two yellow, the two reds, and one black platform was arranged in a semicircle. He was on the right, the black one in the middle. Suddenly, a black orb appeared between the two black platforms, and it flashed black lightning, which was pretty creepy. That, and the thick black fog swirling around. When the fog began to clear, he could hear growling. Deep, low growling. Very scary and creepy growling. "Baymax, scan please."

Baymax obliged. "There is a human boy, age fifteen on one platform," said Baymax. "There are traces of burns and adrenialine. Also on the platform is an unidentifiable object."

"Thanks, Baymax," Hiro said, dissapointed. he had hoped it was his brother and professor Callhagn. The fog had turned light grey, and was starting to clear. He saw a black lizard. Then the fog cleared all the way. Hiro noticed the black lizard -he suspected it ws a dragon- seemed to have wings, and a saddle. It was the cause of the growling. It opened its wings slowly, revealing a boy clutched protectively to the dragon's chest. Hiro watched in amazement as the boy scrambled out of the dragon's clutches. Hiro could see only the back of his head, showing auburn hair. The dragon pounced- and began to lick the boy! "Toothless! You know that doesn't wash out!" Hiro sniggered- a little two loudly, he realized.

The boy gasped and spun around. He was instantly on his guard. "Who are you? Did you bring me here?" he hissed.

"No!" Hiro said. "Baymax and I were brought here by a red one. My name's Hiro, by the way. And that white baloon-man over there is Baymax."

The boy relaxed visibly. "Okay. If you are stuck on these things too, I believe you."

Hiro looked at the dragon thing- it was still growling- and the boy noticed. "Oh, where are my manners?" he asked himself, face-palming. "My name is Hiccup, and this is my dragon, Toothless."

Hiro smiled. "I thought that was a dragon!"

Hiccup frowned. "Don't you have dragons where you live?"

Hiro shrugged. "Nope. Everyone thinks they are ledgends."

Hiccup looked very sad and downcast. "Oh..." he trailed off.

Hiro felt bad for making his new friend sad, but before he could comfort Hiccup, a white orb apeared above the middle white platform, shooting white lightning. A white haze surrounded them, but it was not nearly as creepy as Hiccup's. Why? First, there was no growling, and second, it was WHITE, not BLACK.

When it cleared, there were three new people sitting up. The first, a woman, had white hair and blue eyes and seemed to be wearing a dress made of... ice? The second was an auburn haired woman, slightly younger than the first. She had winter clothes on, and a white stripe in her hair. The two women must be sisters, Hiro thought. The third was a blonde man, also wearing winter clothes. He blinked a few times and looked around frantically. "Sven?" he called. "SVEN?!"

"Who's Sven?" asked Hiccup bluntly.

The man noticed Hiccup for the first time. "Sven is my reindeer. And I'm Kristoff. Who, may I ask, are you?"

"I'm Hiccup, and this is my Nightfury, Toothless."

"I'm Hiro, and this is Baymax."

"I'm Princess Anna of Arendelle." said the auburn-haired woman.

The white-haired woman looked afraid, but concealing it, said, "I am Queen Elsa of Arendelle. Did you bring us here?"

Hiro and Hiccup both said, "NO!" at the same time. Then, looking at each other, they laughed. Hiccup, being older, went first. "Toothless and I were brought here by a black egg."

"And Baymax and I were brought by a red one."

Before anything else could be said, a yellow egg appeared between the yellow platforms, sparking and fizzing. It left yellow mist, but when it cleared, there was something surprizing about the people there- well, at least the girl. She had blonde hair that reached down, almost all the way to the ground.

"Woah!" said Kristoff. "That girl's hair has to be 70 feet long!"

On the second platform was a brown haired man, groggily sitting up. "Am I dead?" he croaked.

"No." said Hiro.

The man nearly jumped out of his skin when Hiro spoke. "Who are you?"

The girl groggily sat up. "Yes, who are you?"

Hiccup sighed. He was really getting tired of these introductions. Authour's note: (And so was I... you probably are too, at this point.) So, he decided to tell them his full name and get it over with.

"I'm Hiccup Horrendous Haddock lll, and this is my Nightfury dragon, Toothless."

Hiro face-palmed at his new friend's weird name, trying to smother his laughter. Hiccup glared at the younger boy. After a munite, he managed to croak, "I'm Hiro Hamada, and this is my robot, Baymax."

Baymax did his little wave. "Hello, I am Baymax, your personal healhcare companion."

"I'm Kristoff,"

"I'm Princess Anna of Arendelle,"

"I'm Queen Elsa of Arendelle,"

The brown haired man nodded politely to each. "I'm Flynn Rider."

The girl looked like she would have smacked him if he wasn't ten feet away. "Tell them your REAL name!"

He looked pained. "Do I have to?"

"Yes!" said everyone at once. Toothless warbled.

"Fine... my real name is Eugene Fritzherbert."

The girl, who had bare feet, Hiccup noticed, chirped cheerily, "And I'm Rapunzel!"

Then, suddenly, a whirring sound floated into their ears...and a large blue platform rose. Two people were on it: A girl with shoulder length, dirty blonde hair, and a girl with longer red-blonde hair.

"Hello!" said the first girl. "I'm Neo."

The second girl waved. "I'm Jamie."

Neo turned back to them. "We have made you time travel to the future- to watch your movies. Now, everyone, don't ask, I'm going to use this machine to put all the information you need to know about technology into your brains. Exept you, Hiro. Close your eyes."

They did so, and suddenly, everyone knew what a movie was, and the slang and computer terms used for Big Hero 6.

"Now," said Neo. "We are going to watch five movies. The first is:" she pulled a peice of paper out of a hat. "How to Train Your Dragon 1 and 2."

Hiccup grinned. "That's me!"

Jamie took the hat. "The second is: Big Hero 6. That's you, Hiro."

Hiro looked confused. "But I'm not a hero!"

"You are, you just don't know it yet." she replied.

Neo drew a paper. "Next is Frozen."

Elsa seemed to flinch. "Yes, that's you, Elsa."

"And last but not least, Tangled."

Rapunzel nodded, and Neo continued. "All the Vikings, dragons, Hiro's family, friends, the policemen, the citizens of Corona and Arendelle are here."

Jamie flipped a switch, and bridges expanded to the platforms. "Come on." they all trotted over, and clustered together. Toothless sniffed Baymax. Baymax patted him. "You are a good dragon." he said in his robotic voice.

They reached to floor, and Jamie gestured to a large door. "Wait there." then Neo and Jamie dashed off to get the Vikings and others.

As Hiro walked, he heard beside him a shoof-shoof-shoof and saw Toothless boucing around. Then he heard Baymax's squeaking. And then he heard thud-clank, thud-clank. He frowned and looked at Hiccup, and involuntarily gasped. He had a metal leg! Hiccup looked at him, confused, then realiziation dawned on him. He face-palmed. "Sorry I didn't tell you. I forgot."

"How did you lose it?"

Hiccup grimaced. "It's a long story..." he was cut off by Neo and Jamie, who had returned with everyone.

"And that is what How To Train Your Dragon 1 is about. Now let's go. The main characters, mainly Hiccup and Astrid and their dragons, Hiro, Tadashi, Baymax, Rapunzel, Eugene, Kristoff, Anna, Sven, and Elsa will sit in the front. Everyone else: free-for-all." Then she opened the door, and everyone swarmed in.

Jamie spoke up when everyone was situated. "We are keeping a 'near death' count to see who is the most accident prone," she said, and plopped down on a beanbag chair in the aisle with Neo. Then she hit a button on a remote, and How To Train Your Dragon started.