Yo it TTJOD here with my latets plot bunny/brainchild. Truth Is...! His form is like that humoncolous child from Fullmetal Alchemist and Truth. Oh and this will be a harem fict with Naruto being part of team seven and Kakashi being the sensei for team eight. Kurenai and Anko are the sensei of Team Seven. I'll let you guys tell me who you want on his team beside his sister.

Chapter 1

A blonde haired boy of about 13 could be seen sitting in a classroom, staring at a the wall. His blue eyes showing nothing but boredom as he listened to his teacher drone on about how important today was. His angular face was slightly childish and the strange whisker marks on each side of his face gave him this wild look. He was dressed in a black shirt that seemed tight on his upper body. His arms were bare, and on the forearm is a tattoo of a snarling wolf. Each hand was outfitted with a black fingerless glove, with a metal plate on the back. He had on a pair of matching black pants, with a few white slashes sewn in. On his feet were black ninja sandals. Sitting to the left on his back is the handle of a katana. The katana was sitting inside of it's black sheath. This boy is Hatake Naruto, formally Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, but he had abandoned those names, both clans, and took on the name of his older brother.

Naruto was a genius unlike any other as he understood everything you threw at him, and could break down a ninjutsu, taijutsu or genjutsu move after just seeing it once. This made him a excellent student, but because he rarely talked he was looked as the mysterious, dark, brooding boy and had tons of fan-girls. It didn't help that his older brother was the legendary Hatake Kakashi, and he had been learning from Kakashi from the time he was 5. He was also the only male to ever learn from the legendary Senju Tsunade. The boy's chakra control was flawless, and he could heal most wounds and could if he tried extract poisons. Sitting on either side of the boy was a dreaded fan-girl.

Iruka smiling said "Okay time for the written exam. Mizuki will be passing them out."

Mizuki passing the exams out, sneered when he handed Naruto his exam. Naruto glancing at the exam once rolled his eyes spotting the anbu entrance exam. Shaking his head he decided to just do the test, since he already knew all of the answers, as it was his goal to become the 2nd youngest anbu captain after Uchiha Itachi, and surpass his big brother. Finishing the exam, he moved his eyes to the window and started to look out of it. He smiled at how peaceful the village seemed, with the anbu hidden in the shadows working hard to keep it that way. He blinked when he heard his name be called. Turning he blinked wondering when they had moved to the taijutsu part of the genin exams.

He walking into the ring bowed to Mizuki and then proceeded to get in a ready stance. Mizuki pretending to not hate Naruto's very existence did a bow back and then rushed the boy. Naruto seeing this coming, started to effortlessly dodge all of the teacher's attacks, causing the fan-girls to drool. He grabbing Mizuki's left hand tossed the man over his shoulder and using a little of his natural speed landed over 20 light jabs to the man's stomach. Naruto appearing at the edge of the arena looked at Iruka and said "It's over." Iruka gained wide eyes when Mizuki hit the ground and a little foam came out of his mouth. He rushing over to his partner could checked up on him. He winced finding several bruises on the man's body. He turning to look at Naruto could only shake his spotting the boy now leaning against a tree, not paying attention to the world around him. With good reason, as his fan-girls were all around the boy swooning.

He shaking his head called out "After a five minute break the next person up is Namikaze Uzumaki Tsuki." Everyone nodded, and his eyes set on said girl, who staring at Naruto with a look of longing. This made Iruka sigh because the Namikaze family had been trying to get Naruto back into their family every since he became an Hatake, but both Kakashi and Naruto refused. Hell Naruto wouldn't even acknowledge the Namikaze family and would ignore most of the village for that point. The strange thing was that nobody knew where Naruto got his katana from, not even Kakashi knew. All Kakashi knew was that whenever asked about the blade Naruto would touch the hilt smile and say "I can't tell you or anyone until a certain event happens." He sighing turned to his other top student and sighed even deeper. It was Uchiha Setsuna, one of the three remaining Uchiha alive. One was Uchiha Mikoto and the other was Uchiha Itachi who had slaughtered most of his clan for reasons unknown. Setsuna had many fan-boys, but like Naruto she ignored her fans. She was friends with most of the kunoichi, and best friends with Tsuki. It was obvious though that Setsuna had either a crush on Naruto or was head over heels in love with him. That's why she trained so hard to catch his eye, and prove to him that she wasn't like the useless fan-girls.

Naruto having climbed into the nearest tree, reached into his pouch. He pulled out his notebook, the one that was used for lyrics only. He flipping past several songs, landed on an empty page. Closing his eyes he pulsed his chakra through the village. Finding what he was looking for he smiled. The thing or person he had been looking for was right now in the hokage tower along with many others. This person was standing beside the window trying to get the smell of smoke off of her. This woman had long flowing wild black hair that looked as soft as snow. Her eyes were this exotic shade of red that captivated you and made you blush no matter what. Her skin was pale, but held this supernatural beauty, though she was but human. Around each eye was a light appliance of light purple eye shadow. She had a light appliance of pink blush on her faces. She was dressed in a red and white dress, the white looking like bandages. On her forehead shining proudly was the Konoha headband. She had the perfect frame, and was simply gorgeous to him. This woman is Yuhi Kurenai, genjutsu mistress of Konoha, and one of the four ice queens. She was also the woman who Naruto had a heavy crush on according to Kakashi.

He closing his eyes started to write down in his notebook. Five minutes later he was still writing in said notebook as the matches continued. He looking up from his notebook minutes later blinked finding himself back in his seat inside of the building. Shrugging he went back to writing his new song, knowing that Kakashi and many others where watching and that his brother would be expecting to read the song later. He hearing his name called, got up still writing in his notebook, entered the exam room, and without stopping did all four of the jutsu required to pass. Iruka with a shocked look on his face asked "Is there any other jutsu you would like to show?" Naruto nodding motioned for the two examiners to follow him. Leading the two outside along with the class. Naruto put his notebook in his pocket.

Lifting his hand into the air, he closed his eyes and started focusing his chakra. Feeling it flowing around him. He then smiling said "I know that you're watching Kakashi-nii. This is my response to your challenge. Behold My Ultimate Jutsu, of both the offensive and defensive nature." He then pushing his chakra into the very air opened his closed hand and said "Burst and Scatter in the wind. Become thy ultimate shield. Rend and Reap with a thousand blades of blossoming cherries. Prepare thy ultimate sword. Explode Senbonzakura!" When he said this everyone gasped as the very air around him became a bright pink, like the color of a certain fan-girls hair. Naruto swirling the mass around him, started spinning as the mass started to lift him up. He then directing the mass at a tree, smiled when a small amount of the mass broke off and launched at the tree. Everyone gained wide eyes when the tree started gaining deep gashes were the mass hit at. Seconds later the tree fell over. Naruto then creating two shadow clones had them throw Shuriken and Kunai at him. Everyone gasped when the mass either deflected the kunai/shuriken or turned it into scrap metal. Naruto then lifting up both of his hands revealing what the mass was, and again everyone gasped. Floating around him was one thousand tiny Sakura petals. Naruto smiling let the jutsu drop, and pulled back out his notebook ignoring how the no longer deadly Sakura petals fell around him gently, and a warm breeze blew through the village.

Sadly for him the fan-girls did not ignore this, as they gained hearts in their eyes and one certain pink haired fan-girl screeched out "OH MY KAMI NARUTO-KUN CREATED A JUSTU THAT HAD MY NAME IN IT. TAKE THAT INO-PIG!" Ino hearing this went bright red as she screamed "NARUTO-KUN DOESN'T LIKE YOU FOREHEAD HE LOVES ME. IN FACT HE'S PROBABLY GOING TO NAME AN EVEN MORE POWERFUL JUTSU AFTER ME." At this statement both girls started to fight along with the other fan-girls. Everyone including Naruto sweat dropped at this. Naruto shaking his head walked over to Iruka and asked "May I please have my headband so that I can get away from these crazy and troublesome fan-girls." Everyone hearing this sweat dropped at him using the word troublesome. Iruka handing him a headband, said "Congratulations Naruto. Be here tomorrow for team placements." Naruto nodding turned to Shikamaru and asked "Care for an ride mini-Yoshino." Shikamaru rolling her eyes mumbled "Troublesome cute blonds." She then walked over to him and grabbed his arm. Naruto eye smiling at Chouji held up the peace sign and said "Ja Ne!" He then vanished in a flash of lightning. Iruka spotting this could only think "Nose in a book, Vanishing in a shushin, powerful jutsu, talent beyond measure, legions of fan-girls. Damn all he needs is a crazy rival, a lazy attitude and to start reading porn and Naruto's a clone of Kakashi." He then shivered at the thought.

Naruto after dropping off Shikamaru at her home and dodging the frying pan from Yoshino, for kissing Shika on the cheek before saying goodbye for now mini-Yoshino teleported to his room in the Hatake household. Kicking off his shoes, taking off his shirt, and pulling out his notebook with jutsu ideals on it, he flopped down on his comfy bed, and started reading through his jutsu. He then blinked feeling Mizuki heading towards the outskirts of the village. He closing his eyes sighed as he could feel Tsuki's chakra signature along with Iruka's chakra signature in the direction that Mizuki was heading. He putting his book down stood to his feet and slipped his shoes back on. Strapping his sword back on his back, he put his headband on and said "I guess it's time for you to claim me as your child now." He then putting black bandages on his hands. Turned to the widow and said "Good, because I was really starting to think that you were never going to claim me and that all of this was one big dirty trick."

He then vanished in a burst of pure speed. At the outskirts of town, Tsuki was shaking in fear as tears trailed down her face. The reason why, well she had just been told something she didn't know, by Mizuki, something she was sure her family knew about. Mizuki spotting the trembling girl sneered and said "Oh look the little demon didn't even know. That's right cry like the weak little demon you are." Iruka who had taken a giant shuriken to his back was trying to tell Tsuki to run and that Mizuki was trying to get her to let her guard down, looked at the girl's purple eyes and felt his heart break spotting the deep hurting in the girls eyes. Mizuki smirking thinking that this was over tossed his other shuriken at Tsuki. It looked like the weapon was going to hit, until the shuriken was deflected and sent into the trunk of a tree. What had deflected the shuriken was none other then the hilt of Naruto's sword. Naruto staring at Mizuki with burning rage in his eyes said "I always knew your were trouble. I should've killed your treacherous ass when I had the chance earlier, but I let you live and now I find you here revealing S-class secrets and hurting not one but two of the people I actually give a damn about in this village."

Naruto standing to his full height said "I hope you're at peace with yourself and have no regrets because tonight you die." Mizuki laughing said "Well look if it isn't the other demon. The boy with the other half of the Kyuubi inside of him, who couldn't even use chakra until he turned five." Naruto hearing this let his hair overshadow his face. Mizuki spotting this asked "Oh what's the matter demon. Did I hurt your feelings are you going to cry? Do you need for me to get your mom, oh wait you're a demon and demon's don't have mothers." Naruto then started to trembling and Mizuki thinking that it was fear said "Look the demon's trembling. Are you afraid demon, if you surrender now I'll make your death quick unlike the other demon. I plan on having some fun with her before I kill her."

When he said this the trembling stopped and suddenly a massive intent to kill appeared and brought Mizuki to his knees. Mizuki looking up at Naruto, felt his bladder empty. The reason why, well because Naruto's eyes were no longer ocean blue. No instead they were dark red, promised a slow brutal murder. Naruto with a snarl on his face said "You dare threaten someone with rape." Naruto's eyes shifting up said "Claim me now. I wish to show this fool his mistake." The one's watching were confused until the light of the moon started to shine down on Naruto who closed his eyes. Mizuki literally shit his pants when the image of the fucking Shinigami appeared in front of Naruto. That image shifted into the form of a woman with long flowing silver hair, and a body to die for. She leaning forward kissed Naruto in the middle of his forehead and said for all to hear "I Ookami Megami, the one true goddess of death, sister of Ookami Kione the one true goddess of life, herby claim Ookami Naruto as my child. This not only makes him the heir of death, but the brother of Otsutsuki Kaguya, uncle of Otsutsuki Hagoromo, Otsutsuki Hamura, and Zetsu. Grand-uncle of the tailed beast, Otsutsuki Indra, and Otsutsuki Ashura. Myself and Kami herby declare him to be the living embodiment of Truth, Justice, Love, and Chaos. I also declare him as my sole Archangel of Death. I fully unlock his powers. May his enemies fear him, and his comrades worship him."

She then vanished and Naruto was surrounded in a powerful aura of energy, that was not only corroding the ground underneath him, but wilting the tree's around him, and darkening the very forest. They then watched as Naruto went through a change. Firstly his hair turned oil black, and lengthened until mid-way his back. His skin went from tan, to a dark ebony brown. His shirt and jacket corroded away, revealing his muscled upper body. His stomach then split open and a pitch black abyssal tear appeared. On his right hand a mouth full of sharp teeth appeared and licked it's lips. On the back of said hand a slitted blood red eye appeared and glanced around. From his back large skeletal wings appeared coated in his own blood. Said wings then lit aflame with ethereal bluish white flames. His pants transformed into the bottom half of kimono pants, that were black in nature. Then his eyes changed into two purple slitted ringed eyes. The eyes then transformed even more when nine black tomoe appeared. The final thing that happened was two thick silver horns to appear on his head, coming from his skull. This transformation made Naruto look like something not even Kyuubi would want to fight.

Naruto's eyes landing on the terrified Mizuki narrowed. He then spoke, and his voice sent a wave of fear into the men, and made most women shiver in lust. He said "Foolish Ningen. Behold my true form. I am Truth" His voice was like a whisper, yet was so strong. It also had this echo, that sounded like the words of a hollow body. Naruto pointing the hand with the mouth and Mizuki said "Your truth is that Orochimaru of the Sannin lured you into his clutches with false promises of power. This lead you to raping and killing many people including your own sister and your two teammates." Mizuki was now trying to stand to his feet but for some reason he couldn't move a muscle. Naruto continued with "You lusted after Mitarashi Anko, Yuhi Kurenai, Inuzuka Hana, Uzuki Yuago, Nara Yoshino, Namikaze-Uzumaki Kushina, Ichiraku Ayame, Uchiha Mikoto and nearly succeeded in raping and killing of Hyuga Hitomi. If I hadn't found her and escorted her back home." Naruto then vanished and appeared directly in front of Mizuki with an angry glare in his eyes. He leaning forward said "I am rewriting your truth. Tonight I purge the world of your presence and consume your soul. Tonight the many souls of the innocent rest in peace. Tonight your poor sister, and your teammates gain their vengeance and finally move on to the afterlife to be welcomed into the open arms of my aunt. Tonight your world dies." Before Mizuki could even scream, the tear on Naruto's stomach opened up and everyone gasped or turned green, when billions of bloody hands came from the stomach and latched onto Mizuki, who started to scream, beg, plead for forgiveness and for the agony to end.

The screams didn't stop even when most of Mizuki's body had been consumed/ dragged into the abyss. With a large hand on his head he screamed out "OROCHIMARU-SAMA!" His voice and existence was then snuffed out by Naruto. Said being turning his eyes to Iruka snapped his fingers and Iruka was completely healed. He turning to Tsuki who was terrified, shifted into a more normal form. This meant he lost his wings, the horns, the abyss on his stomach, the eye, and the mouth on his stomach. His eyes also shifted back to the ocean blue he was known for. Walking over to Tsuki with soft eyes, he picked her up bridal style and said "Don't you worry Tsuki-chan. I have seen your truth. You are meant for great things. You are one of the children who is slatted to bring peace to the elemental nations. I see you taking on S-rank Shinobi, I have seen you loosing your sensei. I have seen you finishing the rasengan. I have seen you summoning the toads. I have seen you rescuing princesses and entire countries." He smiling down at the now peacefully sleeping Tsuki said "You won't ever have to worry about a thing, because if your mother and father cannot protect you, I'll be there. I'll be the light when all you see is dark. I'll be the silver lining in the dark clouds. I'll even be your training partner. I'll always have your back, and will always be there for you silly little moon." He then shaking his hair started his walk back to the village with Iruka floating behind him, along with the forbidden scroll of sealing.

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