"How did it feel when it came alive and took you. Out of the black. It broke your skin and shift through. Every part of me, every part of you. You made a fool out of me, and took my skin off my back running. So don't breathe when I talk. 'Cause you haven't been spoken to."-Out of The Black by Royal Blood

Chapter 6: Trigon and Doomsday!

Naruto would wake up in his mindscape and blink as it had changed. He turning his head could see Kurama standing beside him just as confused as him. He then felt a energy signature that had been ingrained with his very soul years ago. Smiling he turned around and said "Hello mother."

Megami appearing had a soft smile on her face as she walked over and pulled her son into a deep and warm hug. Naruto relishing in the hug from his mother hugged her back and with his eyes closed asked "Not that I'm not enjoying this immensely but what's wrong?"

Megami sighing said "I hate that you're so smart some times."

She ending the hug looked him in the eyes and said "I need your help baby."

Naruto quirking an eyebrow asked "What's going on mom?"

She taking a deep breath said "In a different dimension a very powerful demon known as Trigon is very close to taking over the world. The only thing that could stop him is his daughter, but she is paralysed by her fear of him to stop him, even with her friends giving their all to stop him."

Naruto was about to ask a question when Kurama asked "That dumb ass Trigon is still alive?"

Megami turning to him nodded and said "Yes, you and Gyuuki didn't kill him like you thought. He managed to survive by the skin of his teeth."

Kurama hearing this snorted and said "Kit this is why I always remind you to finish what you started. If Gyuuki had let me finish what we started then Trigon wouldn't be a problem right now."

Naruto rolling his eyes turned to his mom and asked "I know that there's more mom, so what else is going on?"

Megami sighing said "Another of your cousins is set to attack a superhero known as Superman. Your aunt wants you to attack and kill your cousin before he can cause any damage."

Naruto sighing asked "Are both of these threats in the same dimension?"

Megami nodding said "Yes."

Naruto scratching the back of his head asked "What's my pay for this mission?"

Megami smiling asked "How about a few new bloodlines and a new girlfriend?"

Naruto quirking an eyebrow asked "What does this new girlfriend look like?"

Megami giggling waived her hand and the image of Black Canary appeared. Naruto whistling said "Damn that's one pretty canary."

Kurama snickering at his vessels play on words asked "What are the new bloodlines?"

Megami giggling at her son's play on words said "Sonic Release, Speed Force release, Amazon Release, Kryptonian Release, Bat Release, Guardian Release."

Naruto quirking an eyebrow asked "Why do these new bloodlines sound so weak?"

Kurama nodding said "I agree. I mean come on Bat Release, Amazon Release, Sonic Release. All of those sound lame."

Megami rolling her eyes waived her hand and showed to two what the bloodlines look like and smirked when Kurama's jaw scraped the ground and Naruto gained a huge smirk on his face. Naruto turning to look at Kurama said "Bat Release is so going to come in handy."

Kurama shaking his head asked "Forget about the Bat Release, why the hell did the Amazon Release turn both of us into a female?"

Megami eye smiling at Kurama said "Because all Amazon's are female silly fox."

Naruto rolling his eyes asked Kurama "How powerful is this Trigon?'

Kurama shaking his head free from the shock said "You'll need at least two of the gates open, and maybe use the truth form combined with Your soul slayer."

Naruto hearing this blinked several times and said "Okay he must really be powerful."

He turning to his mother asked "Which of my cousins am I killing?"

Megami said "Doomsday."

Naruto hearing this groaned and said "Fuck me sideways with a pink double ended dildo. It had to be motherfucking Doomsday."

Kurama actually rubbing his temples said "Okay so we have to very hard, very taxing battles coming up. You're going to be exhausted after both battles and need at least three weeks to rest up."

Naruto said "Four actually, as my soul slayer is very difficult to maintain."

Megami smiling at how they were already talking strategy said "You have five minutes to wake up and prepare to leave for this mission. Oh and your aunt and I will be using the Time Release bloodline so that you can take care of both threats with one trip."

Naruto nodding said "Make that 5 weeks as Time Release is going to drain the both of us."

Kurama scratching the side of his face said "A five week nap. Damn those females of yours are going to be worried."

Naruto sweat dropping said "I forgot about them."

Megami giggling vanished. Naruto sighing watched as his mindscape returned to normal. He spotting his soul slayer swimming circles in the only blue sky part of his mindscape said "Troublesome."

Kurama now being played with by the twin girls that represented the ultimate jutsu made after Ino shut his eyes and said "Troublesome to the 6th power."

Naruto closing his eyes felt himself waking up.

He opening his eyes on the outside noticed that he was in the room the males was sharing at Tazuna's. He getting up reached into his pack and pulled out his custom made armour that Koyuki had given him after saving her. He then pulling out the set of anbu armour Kakashi had gotten him the day after team placements slipped this set of armour on first. He then slipping on the set Koyuki had made for him. Lifted his hand to his head. He sliding it down made his fox mask appear on his face. He then grabbing Abyssal Tyrant placed it on his left shoulder. He bending down grabbed Zabuza's sword and placed it on his other shoulder. He could already feel the Kubikiribocho bonding with him and becoming more sentient. He now fully prepared for his mission, pulled out several scrolls and quickly wrote down a message to his team, his girlfriends and Kakashi. Nodding he placed the scrolls down and was about ready to go when he heard a familiar bark.

Blinking several times he turned and sweat dropped spotting Akamaru sitting in the corner. He having understood the bark said "I'm going on a mission Akamaru."

Akamaru barked several more times. Naruto giving the dog a deadpan look asked "You do realise that you're Kiba's partner right?"

Akamaru barked and growled a few times. Naruto sighing said "Fine you can come along."

Akamaru hearing this wagged his tail and jumped onto Naruto's head. Naruto rolling his eyes behind his mask, vanished in a swirl of tiny blue particles. Seconds later Kakashi would come into the room to check on Naruto and blink spotting him gone. He spotting the scrolls picked up the one with his name on it. Opening it he read it three times before he shook his head and said "Your first mission from your mother and aunt and it sounds like a triple S-rank one."

Shaking his head he grabbed the other scrolls and went down stairs to deliver them.

Naruto and Akamaru moving through space and time had their eyes screwed shut, as the feelings assaulting them were intense. Hell these feelings were so intense Kurama inside of Naruto, along with all of the soul slayers had their eyes shut and the twin girls had buried their heads in Kurama's fur. When the feeling stopped Naruto slowly opened his eyes and gained wide eyes finding himself standing in what looked like a barren a molten waist land. He looking around could see the many people frozen in statues and the fire demons actually roaming around. He shaking his head cracked his knuckles and said "I've got my work cut out for me."

He then drawing Abyssal Tyrant in her regular form blurred forward and instantly started taking down fire demons. Akamaru opening his eyes during this growled and jumped into the air. Akamaru while in the air started to transform until he was a huge three headed black dog with menacing glowing eyes the same color as Naruto's truth form. This beast instantly started to attack the demons, chomping down on them like they were snacks. Naruto slashing through a demon shifted his eyes to the right. He could see green light flashing in the sky along with blue flashes. He jumping into the air focused his attention on this area. He could now see that the green flashes of light was a pink haired orange skinned girl wearing a purple sleeveless top, purple skirt and purple boots fighting herself. He could also see a green bear fighting another green bear and two half human half robot teenage boys fighting each other. His eyes then focused on the huge figure sitting on a T like it was thrown. Naruto hearing Kurama growl instantly knew that this was Trigon. Landing on Akamaru he looked around at the fire demons who were focusing on Akamaru now. Naruto lifting Abyssal Tyrant high into the air asked "Are you ready for a power boost?"

Akamaru barking and growling gave him his answer. Naruto nodding said "Fuinjutsu: 1st gate open!"

Like in wave Naruto's power exploded around him and Akamaru wiping out the fire demons and attracting all attention to the two of them. Naruto holding a much deadlier version of Abyssal Tyrant said "Fuinjutsu: 2nd gate open!"

Even more energy exploded from his body and this time the lava that had been the ocean literally turned into Ice, while clouds covered the sky which turned from red to pitch black. When the smoke cleared from Naruto and Akamaru, the two had gone through a drastic change. Naruto's black hair was now silver and no longer was it spiky. It did have ice crystals coating it. Naruto was skinnier and the fox mask had vanished as now poking from Naruto's forehead thick ivory horns could be seen. Akamaru was now the size of a tailed beast, with nine snarling growling heads. He was also coated in ice crystals, with his paws actually having layers of ice on them resembling armour. Both of them were coated in a godly amount of chakra and everyone could feel it. Naruto looking at the sky asked "How does this feel so far Akamaru?"

Akamaru roared to answer Naruto. He nodding said "Hold on we're not done."

He then roared himself and activated truth form, giving he and Akamaru an even larger aura of power. Akamaru actually transformed again, gaining huge wings that like Naruto had ethereal blue flames. His tail also transformed into the head of a black mamba. The final change to occur to Akamaru was that for the 6 of the nine heads to have their mouths zipped closed, as something black and powerful could be seen glowing in their mouths. Naruto with his eyes closed asked "How do you feel now?"

Akamaru roaring with his three heads answered Naruto's question. Naruto nodding said "Final step."

He pointing Abyssal Tyrant at himself said "Behold the ultimate truth. Bring the darkness down upon the foolish. Swim in the blue skies and relish your rule. Know not the trials and tribulations of the guilty and damned. I unbind you oh ruler of the sky. I beseech you oh guardian of the sea. Grasp all that threatens you and find the sky under the sea Maelstrom!"

Akamaru howled as a huge pillar of energy cloaked the both of them. When the pillar vanished, Naruto no longer looked like a human being. No now he looked like the perfect fusion of a dragon and the Shinigami. He had a dragon's face, with the horns of the shinigami. He had the long purple kimono the Shinigami was often seen it, but it was worn and tattered and two large golden wings could be seen behind him. His feet were visible and had six toes topped off with very sharp claws. Akamaru was now literally glowing with a golden aura of power. He also had a three eyes on each of his heads, with the new eye being the golden the Shinigami were known for. Naruto roaring vanished and the next thing Beast Boy knew his evil clone was literally pulled into a black gate kicking and screaming. Cyborg gained wide eyes when his evil clone was chomped down on by one of Akamaru's heads, one with the zippers on the mouth. Starfire watched as her evil clone was turned into a skeleton, a burnt skeleton at that. Trigon standing up wondered who these two new people were. Naruto appearing floating inches in front of Trigon opened his mouth and a very primal, yet hollow voice said "Trigon the destroyer of universes. I am Truth, Justice and Mercy. My name is Ookami Naruto and I am the living embodiment of Truth, Justice, Love and Chaos. I am the only Archangel of Death and a warrant for your soul has been issued."

Trigon hearing this snorted and said "I am the great demon Trigon, nothing can kill me."

Naruto shaking his head said "Foolish Akuma!"

He then vanished and the next thing the titans knew Trigon was flying through the air, slashed and bite marks littering his body. Trigon getting up wiped the blood from his mouth and growled. He standing to his feet roared and summoned more fire demons. His eyes widened when said demons were pulled into a pitch black gate by blood covered hands. Trigon actually recognising said gate, was shocked and terrified. That gate was the gate. It was the only way to discover the truth and no mortal being should ever be able to summon that. He then quickly realised how much trouble he was in. Before he could even come up with a plan to escape Naruto appeared and said "Ice, Shadow, Truth and Earth Style: Combination Jutsu; Icy Grip of Death pulling you into the gateway of Truth jutsu!"

Trigon and everyone else gained wide eyes when from the ice Trigon was standing on two gigantic hands made of shadows, the ice, some ice cold rock and caked in blood latched onto Trigon and started to literally drag him into the tear that Naruto had on his stomach. Trigon roaring and struggling to break free, reached out to grab the titans tower or one of the teen titans, but Akamaru appearing opened all nine of his mouths and unleashed nine dark purple beams of pure power. These beams hit Trigon and launched him directly into the tear. Trigon almost completely in the abyss screamed out "NO I CANNOT BE KILLED! I'M THE GREAT TRIGON!"

then dragged into the abyss, as the world transformed back to normal. Naruto and Akamaru spotting this both roared as they were swallowed up by time particles and a rift. Robin appearing with Raven blinked and asked "What the hell happened to Trigon?"

Beast Boy with wide eyes said "Dude you totally missed it."

Raven looking at Starfire asked "Missed what?"

Cyborg said "This dude shows up out of nowhere and not only defeats those nasty fire demons, but then does this awesome move and drags your dad into this black tear on his stomach. Oh and the dude was putting out enough power that he froze the molten lava and he was on this huge nine headed midnight black dog that had zippers on the mouths of six of it's heads and had like 27 eyes."

Robin and Raven both looked at Cyborg. Starfire said "Friend Cyborg forgot to mention that the dude looked like a dragon and was dressed in a very worn out plum purple kimono."

Raven hearing the part about purple kimono gained wide eyes and summoning a book opened a page to show the Shinigami and asked "Was this the kimono he had on?"

All three teens nodding said "Yes but it was more raggedy."

Raven hearing this gasped and said "A Shinigami took down my father."

Cyborg remembering what Naruto had said, said "He said his name was Naruto Ookami and that he was the living embodiment of Truth, Justice, Love and Chaos and that he was the sole Archangel of Death."

Raven hearing this gained wide eyes and said "The child of a Shinigami."

Naruto having dropped his soul slayer, once again had his eyes shut tight, along with Akamaru who was back to having only two eyes on each head and not glowing golden. When the intense feeling vanished Naruto opened his eyes just in time to spot DoomsDay charging towards Superman. Naruto cursing used his pure speed and appeared in front of his cousin's attack. Catching the punch he grunted feeling the power behind it. Naruto spotting the number of people around him said "Akamaru get these people back."

Akamaru barking grabbed the people, including Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman and jumped back. Naruto feeling his cousin about to attack with the other fish caught this punch also, allowing Akamaru to get the rest of the people back. Once sure everyone was far back, he shoved Doomsday back and said "Alright idiot. I'll give you once chance to give up, or I'll slaughter your ass right now."

Doomsday snarling said "Superman must die!"

Naruto rolling his eyes said "So be it. Don't say I didn't warn you."

Naruto jumping into the air knowing that his seals were still open lifted Abyssal Tyrant high into the air. He looking at the blue sky said "Walking down the path few ever travel. You embrace whatever life throws your way with a smile on your face. Your temper is as great as your medical skills. With a flick of your fingers you can shatter bones and break bodies. Your will of fire burns brightly, even with you far away from the land of fire. Burn like fire Shizune. Crush all that pisses you off Tsunade!"

When he said this a gigantic aura of power encased him. When the aura vanished Naruto was standing in the air with four arms. In the two right hands a huge sword could be seen, with the blade being red yellow and orange like the color of fire. The other two hands were holding a huge sword, that had a earthly brown and forest green blade. Naruto then slowly floating down to the ground looked Doomsday directly in the eyes and said "Today you die cousin and I complete the mission given to me by mother and aunt."

Doomsday hearing this roared and said "SUPERMAN MUST DIE!"

Naruto snorting dashed forward knowing that he was gonna have to go all out from the start to actually kill Doomsday. This meant full speed and full strength. He sliding past a punch from Doomsday, slashed the alien weapon across the arm, making Doomsday scream out in pain. Naruto jumping over a punch kicked Doomsday in the face and then coming down slashed him across the back. Doomsday feeling the burning properties of Naruto's right sword swung and actually managed to hit Naruto sending him back. Naruto shaking his head and knowing that Kurama was already healing him put his two swords in a x patter. He channelling chakra said "Kenjutsu: X Scissor!"

He then slashed down with both swords creating a huge green and red x that hit Doomsday directly on the chest. Doomsday screaming in agony looked down to find an actual x on his chest. He looking up and roaring charged towards Naruto who dashed forward to engage his foolish cousin in battle.

The people Akamaru had moved back all had wide eyes spotting Naruto actually engaging Doomsday in battle. Superman shaking his head turned to his fellow heroes and said "We have to help him."

Wonder Woman nodding said "Right."

The heroes were about to go help Naruto when Akamaru growled very loudly. Batman blinking asked "What do mean this is a mission only he can do?"

All eyes turned to him wondering who he was talking to when Akamaru barked several times. Batman gaining wide eyes said "This is a mission given to him by his mother and aunt who are both the goddess of life and death."

Akamaru nodding all nine of his heads watched as Naruto sliced clean through Doomsday arm and was rewarded by a powerful punch to the stomach. Superman looking at Batman asked "Who are you talking to?"

Batman pointing at Akamaru said "I'm talking to that dog."

All eyes looked at him wondering if he realised what he had just said. They all blinked when something started beeping. Batman knowing what was beeping reached into his utility belt and pulled out the communicator. He opening it blinked spotting Robin and the Teen Titans instead of Martian Man hunter. He was about to ask what he needed when Robin said "Batman that guy, the one who is facing Doomsday is the same person who killed Trigon a few months ago."

Batman wasn't the only one to hear this and all eyes widened as the death of Trigon had been broadcasted across the world as the teen titans had been looking for the one who had defeated the world destroying demon. Akamaru hearing this barked several times and Batman looking at the huge nine headed dog asked "So you're telling me that Trigon was the first half of the mission, and that Doomsday is the second half?"

Akamaru nodding once more barked when Doomsday started to wail on Naruto. Superman spotting this said "This is silly we need to go help him."

Akamaru turning six of his nine heads on the hero growled. Batman said "Akamaru said if you try to go near that battle he'll be forced to attack."

Superman blinking asked "Why don't you want us to go help your master?"

Akamaru barked several times and Batman said "He says that his master is about to destroy Doomsday in one move and if you went over there you'd be caught up in said move and die. He also says shut up and watch."

Everyone did indeed shut up and turned to the battle between Naruto and Doomsday.

Naruto having gathered enough power, closed his eyes and said "It's Over. Overture!"

He then unleashed twice the amount of power Doomsday had been hitting him with in two slashes. Doomsday being directly hit by said attack never stood a chance as he literally dissolved into nothing from the pure unrestrained power behind the attack. Naruto snorting dropped his transformation and put the normal Abyssal Tyrant on his shoulder. He closing his eyes then closed both gates, making Akamaru return to the form of a huge three headed black dog. Naruto yawning could already feel how tired he was and if he wasn't mistaken could hear Kurama stomping a mudhole in Trigon. He spotting Akamaru used a lightning shushin to appear standing beside the dog. Akamaru spotting this transformed back to the small white dog and landed on Naruto's head. Naruto yawning once more said "Double S-rank mission complete, without any side effects. Pay up mother."

Everyone besides Akamaru blinked wondering who he was talking too, when Megami literally appeared in front of him along with a woman that looked almost identical to Megami except she had red hair. Both females had huge proud smiles on their faces and Megami hugging her sleepy son said "Good job sochi-kun."

Naruto having a very hard time staying awake asked "My payment?"

Kione giggling said "Already done, I even added Demon Release, Doom Release, and Starbolt Release."

Naruto hearing this closed his eyes and leaned into Megami's body said "Cool."

Megami smiling when Naruto fell asleep said "Sleep easy my precious baby boy."

Naruto now snoring in her arms was asleep along with Kurama, all of the soul slayers and Akamaru. Kione giggling said "He's so adorable."

Megami smiling nuzzled her baby and said "Yes he is."

Kione turning to the wide eyed heroes and world waived and said "Hello my name is Kione Ookami and the boy who defeated not only Trigon, but Doomsday is my nephew. Most people know me as Kami, with my sister being the one true goddess of death. He did these two thing as a mission from us. He also saved Superman's life."

Megami still nuzzling Naruto said "He's from a different dimension so need to worry about him."

Kione looking at Canary eye smiled and asked "How would you feel about being his girlfriend Laurel Lance?"

Canary gained wide eyes asked "Why exactly would I do that?"

Kione still smiling said "Part of his payment is something called a bloodline, much like the superpower here. It's called Sonic Release and I'm sure you can guess what it involves."

Canary gaining wide eyes said "My Canary Cry."

Kione nodding turned to look at the camera and asked "Raven and Starfire the same offer extends to you."

Raven hearing this blinked a few times, looked at Beast Boy for a few seconds and said "I accept."

Starfire looking towards Robin who still hadn't asked her out said "I too accept."

Canary closing her eyes said "Count me in."

Kione smiling said "Excellent."

Megami smiling said "Time to leave then."

The six people and one dog then vanished in the familiar burst of time particles.

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