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I often get into fights and sneak out. I cannot seem to help it. There are always punks out there who need to be taught a lesson. I'll admit I'm a bit of a rebel and people expect me to act better because of who my family is or should I say guardian. I am smart though not all brainy like those who take advance classes but smart enough to still get good grades. I do not have any friends and I skip class from time to time. The fights I get into seem to be happening more and more often, almost daily now. What is wrong with me? I am first year at True Cross Academy as the new term has barely started.

I am walking around True Cross Academy Town somewhere in the Southern district in my casual clothing which consist of black knee high gothic combat boots, a black sleeveless corset dress, and black fingerless gloves that go up to my elbows. The dress zips up in the front right, has a belt around the stomach and zip up pocket on the left of the chest, the skirt goes down to my mid-thigh and is lacy on the bottom.

With a sigh, I sat on a bench by myself bored letting my mid-back length black hair flow in the wind. I did not have anywhere to be but I had just snuck out. I slowly looked up to the sky when I saw a black small, round creature with two cat-like ear projections, four miniscule spiked limbs on its underside and a long tail with a triangular point fly by. What the hell was that? A bug? I rolled my eyes thinking my mind is playing trick on me until I saw a yellow small, round body with green short, stubby hind legs and thick forelegs in front of me growling. I jumped back in the bench surprised with an arm in front of myself for protection, "Whoa! What is that thing?"

"That's my Behemoth," came a voice next to me. I slowly followed the chain that was on the monster to see a gold eyed teenage boy sitting next to me, staring at me. He had not been there before, I was sure of it. What the hell?He has a spike of hair that is lightly colored compared to the rest of his dark green hair. Now that is weird. Shit, those nails! How does he not cut himself with those? They're black too.He must be a cosplayer to be wearing those clothing. The torn long jacket with crossbone buttons is something that I would not mind having in my own closet, but for those green arm warmers… Maybe if they were another color. Oh no, those shoes! I never wanted to see that pointed-toe design again in my life. I'll admit the skull clasps are cool but I cannot stand the toe design. Please, never again.

"Behemoth?" Where did this weirdo come from?

"So you're who my big brother is so interested in. I always wanted a little sister." He turns to his monster, "Say, shall we play." The thing nods.

I raised a brow feeling uneasy. Has this guy lost it? I slowly get up and begin walking away, "Whatever. See ya."

"No come back," I begin walking ever faster. "Don't ignore me!" He lets his pet off the leash and the thing begins to chase me as I make a run for it.

"What's this guy's problem," I glanced at the monster chasing me and it seems to be vicious. "This psycho wants to kill me!" I looked at the people I run pass and they do not seem to notice the creature. Can't they see it? I begin waving my hands to wave away the black small flying bug things that seem to be swarming around. What's going on? Is this some type of prank?

I soon find myself running into an ally when that teen from before jumps in front of me out of nowhere making me stop in my tracks, "Stop running!"

I'm breathing heavily to catch my breath and glance behind me to see that guy's pet ready to pounce on command. I was trapped. I put my hands on my knees hunched over to catch my breath, trying to buy myself time as I could figure a way out of this mess. "What do you want," I glance at him with my hair falling in my face.

"To play with my little sister of course," he tilts his head to the side popping a sucker in his mouth.

Sister? I shook my head, "Look punk, I'm an only child. I have no siblings. Now run along and leave me alone." I began clinching my fists.

"Nah," he walked up to me and I was about to punch him but he ended up flicking me in the shoulder which ended up sending my flying across the ally.

Luckily I landed on some empty boxes with a groan. Wow, he's fast. How did he do that? I slowly started getting up, being sore all over with a split lip and a cut eyebrow with scraps here and there. "You're not human," I licked the blood off my lips and began popping my stiff joints.

"Go Behemoth," the monster ran toward me as I threw and kicked boxes at it with it dodging.

"No," I ran and hopped onto a trash bin and jumped up grabbing onto a fire escape latter, lifting myself up. I was climbing up and ran across it as I looked back at the teen who was now gone. Where'd he go? I ended up running into him. How did he get here so fast? He kicked me over the edge but I caught onto the railing as I fell to catch myself. I looked down then back up to him with a gulp. I'm too high up, if I fall then that's it for me. He looked down at me and stepped on my fingers. I bit my lips hard to endure the pain as I flinched, "S-Stop!" I went wide eyed as I lost my grip with that hand, now holding myself up with one arm. Slowly he lifted his other foot, "No, don't!" He began to lower it to smash my other hand. I'm going to die! I began to panic, "Get AWAY!"

All the sudden there was a flash of blinding blue light as I heard the teen shout, "Yay!" Slowly I opened my eyes that were closed so tightly and found myself safe on the concrete. I felt something warm over my whole body as I looked at my hand in confusion, "It's burning… Blue Flames… What the hell?"

I heard the teen laughing, "Yay! Wasn't that fun?"

I looked to him in confusion back to my hand then to the rest of myself. "What just happened," I whispered as the flames slowly disappeared.

I started to feel week and dizzy with my body still sore all over. "Raven," came a voice.

I looked to see a tall figure that I would recognize anywhere. No, not because of his forest green eyes or the purple hair or goatee. It was not even because of the ridiculous elegant white principal uniform he loves to wear. I warned him countless times about wearing it outside of school especially when we have to be seen together. The purple gloves are fine and classy but the top hat needs to go. No, it was not the pink ascot, or the pink and purple tights, or the pink umbrella, or the white tail coat with pink buttons that gave him away. Oh, why must he love pink? I despise the color. Does he like to torment me? Oh, the boots. We have talked about the boots on countless occasions. I told him pinkish purple boots with pointed-toes are an abomination and should not exist. Why can't they just exist in his precious manga and anime? No, he just loves those horrid things. Do not get me started on that white cloak. Does he really think that makes him look cool? There's only one thing that would allow me to recognize him even without the outrageous clothing, just one: the fact that the very man is my father. I managed to call out to him before everything went black.

I woke up a couple times before I finally could stay away. One was when my father was picking me up off the ground and another was while Belial – the butler to the mansion of Johann Faust – was cleaning up my wounds. I finally woke in my bedroom, not my dorm room at the academy, but my actual bedroom at home. I was still so tired and aching but I needed to get up at some point. I slowly sat up to find my dad sitting across my room.

"Good you're up," he spoke.

I looked at him, "How long have you-? Never mind."

"We need to talk about those flames of yours," he stood.

"Flames," I questioned then it started to come all back to me. "Hell we do!"

"Let's talk over supper. We are having my favorite instant noodles, Matekiya," he said excitedly as he walked out the door.

It's that important, huh. We only have that whenever it's serious. I slowly got up and followed him. He stopped and looked at me with a smirk. I raised a brow in confusion.

"Eins! Zwei! Drei," he snapped his fingers and there appeared a table all set with the food and candles as a center piece with some flowers in a poof.

I jumped back wide eyed, "Whoa! How the hell did you do that?!"

He laughed, "Have a seat, Raven." He snapped his fingers using both hands and he appear in one of the chairs in a white suit with black strips with his hat and gloves gone revealing long black fingernails.

I blinked in confusion, freaking out. Slowly I took a seat as things on the table began moving on their own, "What's happening?!"

"Oh, Raven, this is a formal dinner. Didn't I tell you," he looked at what I was wearing and snapped his fingers changing my dress into a black dress with a bow on my stomach that had lace around it and black and blue ruffles in the skirt. My hair was pulled back nicely with curls and I was now gloveless. I also had makeup on to help complement my features and apparel.

I looked at myself with wide eyes and touched the dress to make sure it was real. It was. I pulled out my phone and looked at myself through the reflection of the screen. "What the hell is going on," I nearly screamed.

"Now there is my beautiful Princess," he smiled.