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Master Makarov sighed as he leaned back in his chair. The letter that he had just finished reading and then re-reading lay on the desk in front of him. Based on the salutation he knew it was one of many that had been sent out. Well, that and the numerous communication lacrema calls he had received since several other guild masters had read their own letters.

The most concerned, Master Bob, had shared, by far, the lengthiest conversation with him.

"You can't ignore this Makarov, they know, and they will find out eventually."

"You don't think I know that Bob," he replied, already exhausted from the third iteration of this conversation today.

"How many celestial mages are left in Fiorie? Not many. How many dragon slayers? Probably even fewer, your guild having three of them alone," Master Bob said, trying to reason through the probability of the order finding out.

"I know the numbers," And even if I didn't, Master Mavis was kind enough to calculate it down to the percentage for me... "And besides they only want information... at least that is the way the letter reads."

"Come now, we both know they have to be after more than information. My guild's records have a letter on file from the last time they asked for 'info,' on some kind of event they had been tracking. The individual who happened to be tied to that event went missing less than a week after the letter had arrived. We had nothing, no sign of them."

"Well of course that is suspect," Makarov mused to himself, stroking his beard absentmindedly. "But what is this nonsense about a celestial dragon? Two humans cannot produce a real live dragon."

"It could be in reference to a dragon slayer, we've seen the power they hold. The idea of a celestial dragon could be the type of dragon slayer magic utilized. You, yourself, have told me of Natsu's ability to harness a mix of lightening and fire dragon slayer magic. When all of the lore and research we have done has never said anything about the ability to wield multiple different kinds of dragon slayer magic, at least not without successfully absorbing multiple dragon lacrema, which in it of itself, is life threatening."

"So you think they have some kind of intel on this type that we don't have access to?"

"It is possible. Dragon slayers are so rare to begin with, and all of the lore we have dredged up is several hundred years old. And based on their past communications, I would not be surprised if they have access to more lore, older books, information that we don't."

Makarov had spent several more hours pouring over the letter. Unsure if he should inform the Ancient's Order if he could shed light on a certain pregnant wizard. It just seemed to preposterous. And if Lucy was the mage they were looking for, what could they want with her?

It was true he had been informed by Loke that her magical reserves were being increasing with every passing day. That she needed to expend the excess, that it was taking more and more training to get the amount of magical energy into a safe range for both her and for everyone around her. At last count she could maintain four celestial gates of the zodiac keys. Not a feat many could claim. One of the most powerful celestial wizards ever recorded could only hold open two of the zodiac gates for an extended time due to the significant drain on their magic they gates required. Though, a good number of the zodiac spirits could open their gates on their own magical power, it was easier to focus their fighting powers when they didn't have to maintain their own gate. Loke being the exception, of course.

I'll write the Ancient's Order and inform them that I may know of whom they are inquiring. I'll keep my answer simple and to the point, no names, no hints as to who it could be, and if they want more information they will have to tell me why they need it. I'll let Lucy and Natsu decide how much they want to share when they get back from their mission.

"Sir, we have received several replies to our inquires," a young man gasped as he came to a halt next to the polished desk, holding out a stack of sealed letters to his superior.

"Good. You are dismissed," passively acknowledging the interruption of his thoughts.

The young man paused momentarily, taken aback by the lack of interest in the responses. Quickly, composing himself, he left the stack on the corner of the desk and dismissed himself.

All of the letters were the same, no one had heard anything. No one had any idea what they were talking about. All but the last letter, the bottom most bit of parchment.

It was a simple reply, however it spoke volumes. They had a place to start.

It read, "Our guild may have information on an individual who could meet your description. We will need more details about why you are looking for them prior to releasing any details. Master Makarov, Guild Master, Fairy Tail.

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