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"Love, are you ready yet?" Scorpius called as he lounged in the small loveseat in the living room that he and Rose shared together.

"Almost!" was the shouted response and he sighed. They were supposed to be at the Burrow ten minutes ago but Rose had changed outfits five times already.

"You looked beautiful in the first outfits. Honey, this is your big celebration, no one is going to care about what you wear," he said, heaving himself out of the seat and going to their bedroom door.

"Yes but I have too look good. I just got a promotion, I need to look the part."

Scorpius shook his head and smiled to himself. His girlfriend was something else and he couldn't be prouder. It had been three years since they graduated Hogwarts and she had already been promoted from Junior Assistant of two divisions to Senior Ambassador for those same two divisions. It was unheard of and it was all Rose.

So the family and their close friends were holding a celebration at her big news and it was also the day that Scorpius was going to finally ask the question he had been wanting to ask for years now.

"Ok, I'm ready now," she finally called, coming out of their shared bathroom. She looked stunning, her fiery red hair hung loosely, settling just below her shoulders. And she had slipped into his favorite dress, it was a silk blue sundress that clung to her curves perfectly.

"You look amazing," he murmured, bringing her in for a kiss. "And you know what that dress does to me."

"Yes I do, it's one of the reasons why I wore it," she winked back, returning the kiss but pulling away far too soon. "But we are late so that will have to wait for later. Come on," she said grabbing his hand and bringing him toward their fire place.

The two of them had made a nice situation out of themselves. Their one bedroom apartment was quaint and cozy and they had just expanded it to include a balcony. He was heading a committee to bring together the centaurs, mermaids and goblins in collaboration with wizards. He was hoping that by having a committee of representatives from all types of creatures, it would help in determining the legislation affecting all groups. It was a project that he had taken under his wing half a year ago and it had taken some effort to get the approval of the boss to let a Junior Assistant to lead something like this but Scorpius felt good about it and had a feeling that in a year's time that he would be heading that committee fully as its own sub department with him in charge.

Following his girlfriend into the green flames, he soon stumbled out after her when they arrived at the Burrow. The couple were greeted with shouts of praise at Roses' accomplishment and a mass of hugs and pats on the back.

Once the crowd had cleared, Scorpius was able to fully see who all was in attendance. The Weasley matriarch and patriarch were of course present, sitting on their twin recliners that they had received as a Christmas present two years ago, observing their loud brood proudly. All the uncles and aunts and cousins were present. Hugo was regaling the youngest children, Victorie and Teddy's two small children, with stories of his magizoologist exploits. Lily clung closely to Lorcan who had finally convinced her to date him a year ago. Lily was paving a road for herself in the fashion industry while Lorcan was taking after his mother in running the Quibbler, while Lysander accompanied Hugo on magizoologist expeditions.

Kat, Annabelle and James were present as well. Kat was fully pregnant with her and James first child. Though she claimed it wasn't going to stop her Quidditch career. A career that all three of them were excelling in. James took the role of expectant father and doting husband very seriously and on more than one occasion Kat had to shoo him away because he was overcrowding her. Annabelle had moved out of the apartment she had shared with Kat and James a year ago and was now entertaining a bachelorette pad with Eloise, when the girl was home. After spending a year as a magizoologist, Eloise had decided to focus her skills on dragons and was usually in Romania working with Charlie Weasley with the dragons there.

Seeing those three girls standing together, Scorpius saw Rose head over and greet her friends. Scorpius saw James and Freddie chilling next to each other and went over to share a few words with them for a moment or so. Freddie and Roxie had teamed together and were helping expand their fathers' business to not only Hogsmeade, which had happened a few years ago, but to other wizarding towns in Europe. Roxie herself was heading up the development of a shop near Beauxbatons in France.

The fire crackled to life once more and announced the presence of Draco and Astoria. No longer did they stand nervously together and off to the side, obviously out of place, in the shabby home. Now when they arrived they were immediately swallowed up by the clan and they would merrily chatter with the other adults as though they had always been apart of the family. It was definitely a weight off Scorpius' shoulders knowing that his parents felt comfortable and accepted within his second family.

It was just as dinner was about to be served, outside in order to accompany the large group, that Albus and Frederick stepped out of the fireplace. Seeing his best friend, Scorpius quickly made his way over and brought Al into a hug.

"How are you? I haven't seen you in ages!"

"Mate, we were just over at your house for dinner two days ago."

"Yeah but that's too much time," Scorpius said dismissively, turning his greeting to Frederick who merely grinned and returned the hug. Frederick still had his curly hair but was starting to grow a beard as well. Scorpius thought it fit the bloke, it went with the gentle giant persona.

"Speaking of time, when are you going to ask her?" Albus asked.

"Tonight. I'm going to try for after dinner. So when you see me give you the signal, try and distract everyone somehow so we can get away."

"I can do that," Albus replied confidently.

"We do actually have some news to announce," Frederick said taking hold of Albus' hand excitedly.

"Anyway how's it going with the business? Did you sign that contract?" Scorpius asked Frederick in hopes of distracting his growing nerves. He had been doing fine until Albus had brought it up and now he wasn't sure if he would even be able to eat dinner when it was served.

"We have the negotiations starting tomorrow and if it all works out I should be able to start the building in about a month."

"That's great!" Scorpius exclaimed.

Apparently once word got around about Frederick being a magical engineer, the only one in the United Kingdom and word spread about his work on Knockturn Alley, people from all over had started calling him to build or renovate their towns or buildings. He had his own business now and was booming.

"And even better, he is about to start taking on interns!" Albus boasted proudly. "I told you that once people learned about magical engineering more would want to do it. And now he has two interns who are starting their last year at Hogwarts so they will be joining him officially in a year."

"Mate that's great!" Scorpius praised sincerely. "And I would ask how work is with you but I know you can't tell me anything," he sighed looking at Albus who merely shrugged with a smug smirk on his lips.

"I can tell you that it is really cool," he replied.

"Yeah, yeah. Just rub it in," Scorpius said rolling his eyes.

"Dinner!" Molly Weasley hollered. The noise subdued, the group gathered outside. Taking his seat beside Rose and Albus, Scorpius flashed her a smile but inside he was a nervous wreck. The woman beside him was beautiful and smart and funny and he still didn't understand how she had agreed to be with him. And now he was going to ask her to make it permanent.

Once everyone was seated, Ron Weasley stood up holding up his glass to make a toast. "I know everyone is hungry, so I'll make this short. I want to thank everyone for coming to join us in this celebration. Rose you have made me proud with the work you have accomplished and your mother and I are looking forward to see where you will go from here. Well done sweetheart and congratulations. You've earned this promotion. Congratulations Rose."

"Congratulations Rose!" the rest of the group said in unison. Rose sat in her seat blushing furiously but smiling happily despite it all.

"Thank you everyone," she replied. "Now I won't waste to many words on a long drawn out speech because I for one am starving. So I just want to say thank you for all of the support everyone has shown me over the years. I really appreciate it. Now, let's eat." Her last remark was met by a chorus of laughter as everyone dug in.

True to his prediction, Scorpius could barely eat anything. His nerves were proving to much and his stomach was in knots. The small box in his pocket felt like it weighed a ton.

"Scorp, you OK? You've barely eaten anything," Rose asked in concern as dinner was winding down.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. Actually, do you mind going for a walk with me. Just the two of us?"

"Of course," she replied, pushing herself away from the table. He followed suit and gave a pointed nudge to Albus, who noted the departure and gave him an encouraging thumbs up before standing up and bringing Frederick up as well.

"Well, today is the day of celebrations and so we felt that this would as good a time as any," Albus began, nervously grabbing hold of Fredericks' hand. "The two of us have decided to have a child. We are about to start the adoption process."

Any notice of Rose and Scorpius' disappearance disappeared as the table erupted into more cheers and congratulations and questions.

While inwardly proud and pleased with his best friend's decision, Scorpius knew he couldn't dwell on that. Instead, he took Roses' hand and lead her down a small trail. The sun was setting and casting soft shadows on the trees and bushes and alighting Rose in a beautiful glow.

"Rose?" he asked, dropping her hand and coming to a halt.

"Hmm?" she asked turning to face him with a question in the tilt of her head.

"I have a question to ask you."

"Ok, shoot. What's up?" A flurry of birds escaping a nearby bush drew her attention away momentarily and Scorpius took that moment of distraction to drop to one knee.

"What's your name?"

"What? Scorpius what kind of -" her questions was broken by her sudden gasp at seeing his kneeling position.

"Yes, I know you by a name. But I hope that isn't the name you want to be known as much longer. You see around this time ten years ago, you found me on the Hogwarts Express and gave me a choice. To make a new name for myself, not a name of my family. Well, it's because of you that I have made that name for myself, it's because of you that I am proud of the man I have become. I can't imagine my life without you. And I'm asking now if you want to continue helping me forge that name for both of us. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you Rose Weasley. You asked me what my name was ten years ago, and then I was just Scorpius and you were just Rose. And now I'm asking you the same. Will you marry me and become just Rose Malfoy?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes, Merlin, Yes!" she cried out as the tears streamed down her face. Before he could even put the engagement ring on her finger she had crushed him in a hug and gave him a breathtaking kiss.

Laughing, weak with relief at her answer, he shakily took the ring out of the box and slipped it on her finger. It was a simple but elegant twisting band with a large sparkling emerald with two small diamonds on either side of it. He had found the emerald more fitting than a diamond since it was Slytherin that helped them come together after all and Rose was far too precious to just have a diamond like every other girl.

"Scorpius that was amazing and I love you," Rose whispered when they finally stood up and she began admiring her ring.

"I thought it was fitting that since our first adventure started with us discussing names that our next adventure together should start in the same fashion."