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//...\\ = alternate universe


// The boy stumbled as he was pushed into a room. The man who pushed him bent down so their faces were mere centimetres apart. "You're not leaving this room or getting any meals until you learn some respect! And judging by your track record you'll still be here at 50!"

With that the man rose and left the room, slamming, then locking the door behind him. The boy rose shakily to his feet and lay on his bed. He was used to this, he sometimes went days without food. The boy rubbed the arm that the man had dragged him upstairs by.

He spent hours and hours locked in this room for various offences, real or imagined. The boy felt tears welling up in his eyes, he was exhausted from cleaning, lack of food and being yelled at. The boy pulled his knees to hic chest and hugged them.

" Hagrid will come" he thought "or Dumbledore, or someone". He puled out a battered note book from under his mattress, on it's cover 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix' was scribbled. "maybe there could be a Quiddich match, or a party in the Griffindor common room". He could play wizard chess with Ron. The boy's stomach rumbled.

What good were these stories really? They were nothing but childish fantasies that he could use to escape from his life. The boy stood up and with a strangled cry, he lobbed the notebook at the wall. \\

Suddenly, Harry Potter jerked awake, and sat bolt upright in bed. Around him he could see the shadows of his friends doing the same. The hairs in the back if his neck stood up. Something was either happening or going to happen, and it wasn't good.

Harry clambered out of bed and lit his wand. As he did there was a low rumbling and the ground began to shake. Harry's friends also lit their wands. Harry ran down towards the common room, Dean, Seamus, Ron and Neville in hot persuit.

The Griffindor common room was filling quickly. "What the hell is going on!" Ron yelled "I don't know! This castle is protected against earthquakes!" replied Hermoine (A/N Earth quakes are rare in England, and usually quite small) "It's not an earthquake" Harry shouted as the Griffindors made their way down to the entrance hall. "We woke up before this started!"

One they reached the entrance hall, the shaking stopped. The entire school was gathered there. Dumbledore and the other teachers were huddled together, talking. "You don't think You - Know - Who is behind this do you?" Ron asked. "Maybe" answered Hermione "But wouldn't Harry's scar be hurting him?" "Probably. But what else could it be" said Harry.

At that moment, Dumbledore turned at face the students. The hall went deathly silent. "I expect you are all wondering what just happened." Panicked murmurs broke out around the hall. "From what the teachers and I can tell it was caused by magic. Not the kind that a witch or wizard can use. No, this was different. This was caused by pure magical energy. This usually means that something.(pause).significant as about to occur." More worried whispers. "I must ask you however, to stay calm. Return to your dormitories. I don't expect you to get much sleep but at least stay in your common rooms. Classes will be cancelled tomorrow."

People began filing out still looking very concerned. "I once read that magical signs usually mean that the world is going to end!" Hermione said. "Hello! I'm trying to 'stay calm' Hermione" Ron moaned, as the three traipsed upstairs. "The end of the world!" exclaimed Harry "But how? Why now?" "It's just a sign, maybe ti means that there will be the chance to stop it" Said Hermione. "Or" Said Ron "it could be a GOOD sign. Professor Trelawney has predicted Harry's death so many times by now she should have been right once out of pure luck." "Thanks. But the ground shaking isn't exactly like seeing a grim in some tea leaves is it?" Said Harry.

When they got back to the common room, they found Fred and George trying to organise a 'we might die so let's have fun' party.

The next day, everyone was sitting around in the common room, cheerfully abandoning panic for telling dramatic - but everything turned out ok - stories about other signs they had experienced.

The fact that classes had been cancelled was worrying Hermione, Ron and Harry had been playing exploding snap happily for an hour as they would have been in double potions. At that moment a brown owl flew in through a window with Hermoine's Daily Prophet.

The entire newspaper was full of seers giving their opinions of what the earthquake meant. Harry picked out the cheeriest looking seer and they began to read. The trouble was, the newspaper was fading. "What the-" Said Harry.

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