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//..// = Alternate universe

What If? Chapter 3

//Harry stirred the soup that he was making, his mind wondering over the events of the previous day.

Having shredded the stories, he felt strangely free, now he wasn't dreaming of a better world, he could somehow accept this one. At that moment Uncle Vernon stomped into the kitchen and dumped a fiver onto the kitchen table.

"Boy, go to the shop and get me my newspaper."

"But the soup - "

"Go!" Harry turned the gas off and left the house into the November rain.

As Harry walked in the cold air, wishing he had a coat, he heard a shout from across the road. "Harry! Harry!" He turned to see two figures running towards him, narrowly escaping a speeding Land Rover. As they got closer to Harry he froze. 'God I'm hallucinating' he thought 'this is impossible!'

The figures approached him and then paused to catch their breath.

"Who are you?!" Harry yelled, already dreading the answer.

"You (puff) already know (puff) who we are!" exclaimed the figure closest to Harry, a boy, with bright red hair - straight out of Harry's imagination.

"N- No" stammered Harry, stepping backwards "This isn't real!" He then ran into the nearest building (A café) as if being inside would somehow snap him back to reality. The two people followed him and dragged him over to a table in the corner.

The girl glared at him and said "Harry, I know this must seem impossible but you have to listen! Look of we finish this conversation and you don't believe us we'll go. But we'll also be dead. Please!"

"Ok, but if this is some kind of a joke I swear I'll -" Harry stopped at this moment as a waitress was approaching. "Hello, what can I get you?"

"Uh" said Harry panicking "3 teas please."

"OK, I'll be back in a minute." Harry knew that he would get into trouble for spending the change, but felt that he could not sit and not buy anything.

"Talk." Harry said, face pale.

The girl spoke "Needless to say, I'm Hermione and this is Ron" Harry could not suppress a small gasp as she continued "you, of course, already know that as you created us, our history, everything." The waitress bustled over with the tea. Harry paid her.


"Harry, you've been writing stories for years, and believed them. These tales were so - I don't know, detailed that they came true! We exist, our world, us, you, he who must not be named, all of it! But if you don't finish the story, we'll all die. We won't exist anymore! Harry please!" Tears welled in Hermione's eyes

"How is this possible!"

"It doesn't matter. It just is!"

Harry paused for a while, in shock. "So, you, you're real?"

"Yes. By Merlin, if I didn't need your help so much I'd hit you!" Ron exclaimed.

"Harry, I don't know why you wrote the story, our Harry thinks it is to make you feel more special. Well congratulations! You're like..our God. You made us. Don't destroy us." Hermione now had tears streaming down her face.

"Ok Ok I'll keep writing, but I can't forever. I'm not, and never will be, a God!"

"Dumbledore says you need to leave the end open, like a 'happily ever after' but like, better." Ron said, his arm around Hermione.

Harry took a deep breath. He had somehow created a universe? His stories had probably saved his sanity as a child. In a strange way, it was like he owed them. "I'll try".

"That's all we can ask." Said Ron

The three stood up and Hermione began fishing around in her pocket as Ron spoke up. "Did you really get hit for burning the breakfast?"

Harry looked at him, startled "How did you know?"

"Just do."

"Yeah. I guess I could never bring myself to write the truth about the Dursleys in my stories, but, yeah. It's worse for me than your Harry." Ron and Hermione looked at him sadly.

"Why do you live with them - I'm guessing that Voldemort didn't have anything to do with it." Hermione asked

"My parents died in a car crash. Peter was driving. Stephen, or 'Sirius' was my Godfather. He killed Peter after the accident. He's still in prison."

"Harry I'm so sorry." Hermione whispered.

"Don't be." The three paused and looked at each other in silence for a few minutes.

"Harry" Ron said "when you leave the Dursleys, why don't you sell your stories. You could make a fortune - I mean they're about us!"

"I shredded them."

"But you still remember though?"

"yeah" Harry said, the first smile he's made in weeks flitting across his face "I'm 16 soon, so the Dursleys will throw me out. If I could make a little money.."

"Harry, we've got to go." Said Hermione pulling a strange device out of her pocket.

"Bye, I guess." Said Hary

"See ya." Said Ron " oh, and Harry, write it so we don't remember any of this. Otherwise I don't think even you would be able to stop mass suicides among the Slytherins. You should have seen their faces!"

Harry smiled even wider, gave each of his characters a huge hug andwalked back to the Dursley's house//

A boy sitting at his desk picked up a notebook and began to write...

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