Break Time Is Over

Explosions, pain and death. Men and women who could not die, but merely regrow lost limbs, heal instantly, and glowed orange. Tony's house exploding and Tony falling into the ocean. A blonde woman clad in yoga pants and a sports Bra screaming as she glowed orange.. The president kidnapped. Terror and screaming.

Those were my waking dreams. Once they were over I rolled up from my bed. Zeus's head lifted and he turned to look at me. He must have seen these dreams too for he rumbled in my mind "Your world needs you David. They need Iron Thunder." I saw the truth in his words for I knew that too. However I loathed to part with Zeus. Last time had only been a few short days and those were almost unbareable. However I hd a feeling this time would be longer. It appeared I could not leave Earth alone without me since New York. I was an Avenger, and an Avenger did not shy away from his duty.. Not for personal reasons such as this.

"You are Right..Tony needs me. Or if he is dead... The Word needs a replacement for Iron Man." I refused to think he was dead. He couldn't be. He was Iron Man. He was who started the world down the path it was on. However he needed Iron Thunder by his side.

I set about quickly gathering my weapons. I decided it was best bringing them all. The Dagger and Bow which The Queen had sung for me before the Varden ignited the war with Galbatorix. The Axe which the dwarves had gifted me with after the battle of Farthen Dur, and of course my sword.. Kveykva. I decided I did not need to bring my armor for I would have my Iron Thunder suit. When I thought I was ready, I went to find Eragon and Saphira...

As to be expected they wanted to come along. I shook my head

"Eragon, Saphira. You are needed here. We are starting to get Riders trickling in, and they need you to teach them. Zeus will help you as best as he is capable of. I for one, have the power to aid Tony.. Or if there is no Tony to aid... To take his place. I assure you, if the Avengers are needed, I shall return and grab you... for we are not complete without Shadeslayer and Brightscales." I said with both my mind and mouth. They were both logical beings, and saw sense in my words. However Saphira said

"Take an Eldunari with you, you might need one. I know you can not cast spells with ease in your world, you could use their energy to, at the very least, Heal yourself" I however shook my head at that "I would have no where to put one in my suit." I sent her an image of my suit to remind her, and she yeilded, knowing the energy required to keep a spell that attached it to his suit going would defeat the purpose of bringing one. So the two gave me their blessing.

Meghan and Hera.. Were not as easy.

"NO! You are not leaving me again David!" She screamed when she found out. Hera too did not want me to leave, however not so much because Zeus was staying. I said softly "Your training is far from done Meghan. Listen to Eragon and Saphira. They know what they are doing. I am not a kid anymore.. I do not need Percy or Eragon or Even Zeus to defeat my foes. I can handle myself. That was not enough for her, however she seemed to give in. With that I nodded and pulled out my sword and slashed it through the empty air. I went to step forward and Meghan ran forward to jump through first. I twisted and barked a spell in the ancient language, designed to hold both her and Hera in place until I closed the portal. I Then looked at Zeus, who dipped his head and touched me brow "May your enemies flee before you Little one.. And may you return to me swiftly." I then replied softly "I love you Zeus" He hummed and replied "And I too Little one. Now go forth and remind your world to fear the name Iron Thunder!" He roared as I stepped through and closed the portal. My connection with his mind cut off instantly, and I felt utterly alone.