_**Rating: Mature for adult language, sexual scenes.**_

First Love

The first time Warren and Evalyn made love, they almost didn't.

They had been living together for a few weeks following the Grimm attack on Evalyn. She had asked him to stay with her so he could heal, but there was a selfish reason as well; she wanted him near her. She couldn't seem to explain it, but from the moment she caught a glimpse of him she needed him.

Unbeknownst to her, Warren felt the same way; he saw her accross the plaza, and instantly felt a spark ignite something within himself that wanted, no, needed to be closer. Perhaps that's why he decided to help her, he wasn't entirely sure but whatever the reason he was drawn to her. Then she asked him to stay with her! Warren, the person she literally just met an hour ago!
She claimed it was to thank him for saving herself and her son and to give him a place to heal, but he smelt something on her he doubted even she knew was there: a light scent of need.

He agreed, but only so he could heal. He tried desperately to believe himself, as she set him up in the spare room. Wich lived up to it's name; there was little in the room aside from a few boxes, a nightstand and a bed.

With Warrens' arm over her shoulder, and most of his side pressed against hers', the walk to Evalyns' house seemed longer than usual. Occasionaly, when she was sure no one was looking, she'd inhale his scent. He had an old smell to him, the kind that signified that he had been around for a while. He smelled of past battles; it was a strong, musky smell. One that reminded her of a cool, crisp forrest at night.

It was a few months since the attack on Evie and Ash, and she actively kept trying to get him to stay with them.
The autumn winds threatened to bring change.
It was still weeks before Tayler would stop by, only to get chased away with his tail between his legs. It was that display of Alpha Dominance that triggered a fire within Evies' loins. Tayler and the Grimm aside, Warren never actually acted like an Alpha. He was often more shy and nervous.

Warren had agreed to live with them, but he had no explination why, though it didn't really matter to Evie as long as he was there. He tried to convince himself it was to keep Evie and her son safe, which wasn't completely wrong; he did care for them, and wanted them safe. But at the same time he needed to keep Evies' scent around him. If he could have her scent on him . .
He sighed, shaking his head.
'What am I doing?' he asked himself. 'I'm only making this more difficult for myself. She knows I worked for the Council, and it's no secret how they feel about inter-species pairing. Still, to have her on me, riding me, to have her come for me, and me alone.'
He'd never have the courage to say anything out loud, but every night he could dream.

His thoughts were interrruped when Evalyn came in the room.
"I just dropped Ash off at daycare." She said, feining innocince, as she had smelt a twinge of need from him when she walked in.
"He loves going. I think he likes to meet other people and he gets to play with kids his age." she glanced at Warren, who stood at the hall, watching her hang up her coat.
"He's a good kid." Warren agreed.
"He didn't even seem to be scared of me. That's odd for a Fuchsbau kit. Usually everyones' afraid of Blutbaden." He trailed off, thinking of how his kind was openly known to hunt other Wesen for sport. Most of the time it were Bauerswine and Fuchsbaus. It always disgusted him and outright enraged him when they invited him to join countless times. Each time refusing increasingly more furiously.
She smiled. "Well, there was something he knew to be afraid of more at the time. That Grimm came out of nowhere." she shook her head.
"I don't even know where he came from! There you were, and all of a sudden, so was the Grimm."
"Ohh, so you were watching me." There was no question in her voice as she made her way over to him, gently running her hands down his arms. She had to reach up to touch his shoulders, as he stood a good foot taller than herself.
"I-I couldn't help it," he gasped at the sensation of her touching him. She easily quieted him with a finger to his lips in a 'shushing' move, bringing her body ever closer to his.
She reached up on her toes to wrap her arms around the Blutbad males' neck, pulling his lips closer to her waiting ones.
"Mmmmm. . ." he moaned happily. He couldn't believe she was doing this! Sure he smelt the need on her often, but never thought it was his place to even ask.
But there she was, deepining the kiss until their toungues were eagerly exploring the others'.
He gently and hesitantly put his hands on her hips, drawing her closer to his own body.
'I can't be doing this.' He thought, unable to believe what was happening, but it was now beyond his controll; their bodies actively seeking each other out. Instinct burned brightly within both of them.

'A-are you sure?" Warren managed to pant as they eventually broke from the kiss. Evie smiled back at him nodding. She was panting as well, and the scent of need was much stronger.
She gave a soft giggle as she looked down. Looking down himself, Warren understood why she laughed; he was clearly getting hard, and it was obvious through his pants. He gave a chuckle himself. He hadn't even noticed, he was too surprised by her actions.
Evie took his hand, and led him to her room. In the time he had lived with her, he'd never entered her room. It was a huge faux-pas between Wesen, especially canine Wesen, to enter anothers' territory without permission. Not that he hadn't dreamed about barging in late one night and taking her until she screamed for more. He had pleasured himself to that image a few times, but never expected to be invited in the room.

His heartbeat quickened as, for the first time, he saw her room. It wasn't quite what he'd expected, but it suited her; the walls were painted light brown, and the four-posted bed sat paralell to the large North window, complete with assorted herbs and plants growing in it's sill.
The large wardrobe stood across from the door, and it's dark oak finish seemed to reflect the light around it. There were a few pictures on the wall, but they weren't photographs -as he would have thought they'd be- rather, most of them were hand-drawn pictures that were probably done by Ash. Most were pictures of him and his mother done in crayon.
Evie gave him a moment to get oriented, but there was only one place he should be focusing at the moment.
She gently tugged his hand and led him over to the bed.

'Ok, so this is really happening,' he thought trying not to panic. 'is it? I mean why else would she bring me in here? Not to show me the plants. Granted, they are beautiful, but -'
Evie smelt the sudden panic from him, and sat him down on the bed, rubbing his chest to calm him down.
"Are you not ready?" she asked, confused as to why he suddenly was so nervous. "Do you not want me?"
Before he could stop himself Warren replied. "Of course I want you! Ever since I saw you I did! When you invited me to stay I nearly had a heart attack! I've wanted you from the very first day. Every night I lie awake and imagine what it would be like with you. "

Realizing what he'd just said, he turned a bright shade of red, face flushing deeply. He tried to turn away, but she caught his face with her hand, and turned him to look at her.
She was smiling.
"I've dremt about you every night." he admitted to her, quietly.
She thanked him with another deep kiss before begining to unbutton his shirt. He recipricated the movement and started undoing her blouse as well. When she finally got his shirt un-done she ran her hands down his chest and saw a flash of red within his eyes. She giggled, and moved her hands to his belt buckle. He smiled in the kiss, and made a move for her pants as well.
'He is following my lead.' She noted, managing to get his pants off low eneough his thick cock stood free.
'Wow.' she gasped. 'This one is huge.'

Warren pulled away from the kiss, panting. "Uh, yeah.. . . Blutbaden are usually . .. bigger . . than most." He actually looked apologetically at her.
'I'm not sure I'll be able to get it all in,' she thought, a devious smile on her face. 'But I certaintly wil try!'
"I'm going to enjoy this!" She giggled like a school girl, causing Warren to relax and smile as well.
"Oh! Uh, I-I don't have a condom. . " He blushed. "I didn't expect -"
She shushed him again with a kiss. "Don't worry. That's what 'morning-after' pills are for. please," she begged, 'take me."
He nodded, and gently ran his fingers over her naked body, having mananged -finally- to get her pants off - both literally and figuratively. He explored her, feeling every inch of her beautiful figure. To him, she was perfect.
And then his fingers reached her belly.

She looked sad, as he ran his fingers over the stretch marks along her stomach. She had already been taken by a male and impregnated. She was, technically, already mated.
It didn't feel as seductive and sensual as she thought it would to have him touch her body, only because she had forgotten about those marks on her as she played with herself at night. She'd imagined him softly stroking her body, rubbing, pinching in all the right places, but it never came up that the stretch marks would be there. Yet another way Tayler had screwed her - he made sure no other male would take an intrest in her by claiming her as his own property and getting her pregnant with his Kit.
What male in his right mind would want her now?
She was marked as Taylers' territory, and she hated it.

A sharp tug at her nipple shocked her back to reality. Warren was gently licking and nibbling at her sensitive mounds, his eyes barely open, and a wide smile on his lips; it didn't even seem to register to him what the stretch marks were.
The thought hit her instintaniously;
There was a male interested in her. His raging erection rubbed at just the right spot between her legs, and the reality of what was actually happining dawned on her.
Warren knew about her last mate, and her son from the bastard. Yet he was here. He loved the boy as his own son. And he'd admitted he was attracted to her - it was now very obvious.
She looked into his face as he continued his toying, running her hand through his coarse hair.

Warren didn't see stretch marks. He didn't see how they marked her as another males' property; he saw the strpies of a Painted Fox. He saw the beauty in her strength, the will to live on, and the courage it took for her to leave the ruling of a cruel mate, taking herself and her son to safety.
And it made her so much hotter to him. She smiled, a tear escaping her eye. Warren finally caught the scent, and looked up at her.
"I didn't hurt you, did I? I didn't mean to!" He looked sheepish and started backing away.
"No. No, you. . . " she ran her hand along the side of his face, following the thin beard.
They stared into each others' eyes for a moment, Evie was unable to finish the sentance, so she took him once again in a passionate kiss.
"Warren, please - I need you in me." she whispered in his ear. He smiled, but instead of entering her, he moved back so his face was right at the entrance of her. He took a moment to soak up his surroundings, and she felt his hot breath drawing closer.
"What- what are you doing?" she asked. She had never liked it when Tayler tried this; in fact it made her feel like she were going to be ill.
"Relax." he merely replied, and licked the sensitive pearl at her opening. The sudden touch of his warm toungue sent shock waves of pleasure up her spine causing her to arch towards him.

He gave a sly, confident smile and continued.
He licked around her delicate folds, savoring her taste. It was a sweet, yet tangy and he'd never tasted anything better.
He moved deeper, enjoying every sensation it caused within himself and her. When he entered a finger into the mix, she bucked her hips, and moaned loudly, urging his instincts to go further. He rubbed the clit between two fingers, and massaged one of her breasts with the other, all the while running his tounge around her opening. A few twists and tugs later she came, and Warren greedily lapped up the juices flowing from her.

She'd never come from that before, and quite hated it whenever Tayler had tried it.
But Tayler was young, and this Alpha Blutbadden male before her was far more experienced than that poor whelp could ever hope to be. She panted as she came down from the wave, and looked more surprised than she wanted at the male below her.
Warren licked the last remaining juice off her, and smiled at her in return, however the smile he gave was one that signified he was nowhere near through with her.
"Warren. . " it was the only thing she could manage to say as she smiled.
"You taste so good." He sighed happily, and responded by running a finger into her, and she bucked again. She was tight and wet.
'Yes, she was ready. But she deserves so much more than simply sex. She deserves kind of male would I be if I didn't make sure she was satisfied? '

He gently toyed with her opening again, but this time he drew his face close to hers, and caught her, mid-gasp, in a kiss.
She could taste herself on him, and found could taste what he did. She drew her hands around his neck, and tried to wrap her legs around his waist, but he refused to allow her lock him to her yet, she had to come again for him.
He continued to wiggle his fingers within her as he stroked himself. He felt her walls start to tighten around his fingers, as if attempting to draw him in deeper, and knew she was close again.
He brought his other hand up and pinched her nipple, while twirling his fingers around her clit.
That was all her body needed, and she came again, arching her body to his.

When it had, once again, subsided, he brought his fingers up to her. He wanted to show her how excited she was - as if she didn't already know! - and slowly liked them in front of her.
She couldn't take it any more, she had to do something, and the only thing she found herself thinking at the moment was; 'I have to know what he tastes like!'
In one swift movement, she somehow spun him around so he was sitting at the edge of the bed, and she had herself between his thighs.

He didn't even have a moment to question how that just happened, as she took as much of the thick member before her in her mouth, vigirously pumping what simply wouldn't fit.
He let out a sharp gasp, as the sensation took over his body.
Sure, a few of his last girlfriends did this for him, but somehow it wasn't the same. She moaned and made a humming noise as she greedily sucked and licked his shaft.

It was his turn to run his fingers through her hair, occasionally he'd accidentaly pull at a hand full as a particularly rough tug from her threatened to take him over the edge.
He tried to apologise, but he found it difficult to form words at the moment, though he was able to manage a few grateful moans.
He tasted wonderfull. It was exactly as he had smelled, he had a musk about him, that, while tasted earthy, was also sweet. She couldn't explain it, but she loved it any way.
She reached below him with one hand, and gently started tugging on his testicles, feeling them between her fingers. A sharp gasp, another tug and gentile bite to his tip, caused him to explode.
He came on her face, and she smiled proudly; he didn't even get the chance to warn her.

He panted, and watched as she wiped it off her face, and licked it off her finger, making sure he kept his eyes locked in hers.
"You are so beautiful." he smiled, his head still swimming.
She smiled again, and took him in a desperate, passoinate kiss. It was his turn to see how he tasted to her. They couldn't hold out any longer - and Warren fell back as Evie took his large cock in her hands once more, guiding it to her entrance.
He stopped her before he penitrated her core.
"Are you sure you can do this? I don't want to hurt you." His voice has husky, and she saw his eyes shine with need. Behind that, she also saw worry within them. He truly did not want to hurt her.
"I can handle it." She smiled encouraginly. "I want to do this. I need you inside me."
He nodded, and she slowly sunk down on him. He was thicker than she'd thought, and she could feel herself stretching around him.
There was some discomfort at first as she adjusted to his girth, but it soon became immensely pleasureable, as he touched every nerve, and hit every sweet spot within her. She still took it slow, but started to add little bounces as she went further down onto his length.

"Ah! Evie! Y-you're so tight!" he gasped, and gently put his hands on her hips fighting the urge to start bucking. She had to get adjusted and comfortable first. As eager as he was to have her, he still didn't want to hurt her in any way. He allowed her to take controll, and move as she saw fit. Evie could tell he was focusing on holding still, and continued her decent until she had taken his entire, thick lenghth in her. She threw back her head and gasped; he reached right into her very core; the tip of his cock hit the entrance to her womb.
Feeling new strength, and having finally fully adjusted to Warrens' manhood, she started bouncing deeper, drawing his cock nearly to her opening before dropping back onto him.
She punctuated her deep thrusts with smaller, faster bounces once in a while.
Quickly, he felt her tighten around him, she was nearing release again.

She furiously started rubbing her clit, and the sight sent Warren over the edge. He started thrusting in her, complimenting her movements perfectly. She moaned louder than he'd ever heard her moan before, and she threw her head back, coming hard.
She was panting like she just ran a marathon, and had a lustful look in her eyes.
"You still haven't come?!" she asked, gasping for air.
He was clearly close, and he smiled. "I'm almost there, my love. But I want to see you come one more time."
She gave a wry smile, and squeezed her inner muscules around him. The sudden, extra pressure made Warren thrust harder under her.
'No, this wouldn't do. I want HER to come for ME.'
He shifted himself so he was more or less sitting up, pulled her closer to him and locked his hands on her hips.

They both look into each others' eyes, and instinctively Woge for each other; Warren with a bit of a roar, and Evie with a purr.
This time, he would have controll. She allowed him to pick her body up, his clawed 'hands' under her thighs, so he almost pulled her off him.
Fearing he would remove himself from her, she made a soft whining noise.
"Don't worry," came his deep reply, "just trust me."
"I do." she whimpered, exited to see what he would do next. She trusted him completely, and her paitience would pay off, as he brought her down quickly, and forcefully. He coupled that with thrusting his hips upwards to catch her.
She had to put her hands on his shoulders to keep herself upright.
The way he was moving, with every penitration, his huge cock hit and rubbed on her sensitive clit, forcing wave upon wave of extacy to shoot through her entire body. Her pants became quicker, and her walls closed in once more.
"One more time. Come for me one more time."

She involuntairily obliged, and shook as the final orgasm roared through her body. Two more deep thrusts, and Waren came as well, him actially roaring as he threw back his head and emptied all of himself into her deepest center. They stayed there for a few minutes, trying to catch their breath, before Warren slowly pulled himself from her, causing them to sigh. She was positively dripping from all that was in her; both hers and his.
She suddenly felt so empty without him inside her. He filled her in ways she never dreamed possible. And now. . .

Neither had Woged back yet, and Evie looked at Warrens' cock covered in both of their juices. She marveled at simply how far it reached inside her.
She scooted back, and licked his member clean, causing him to take a sharp breath.
When she was satisfied with her work, she started crawimg back to him, only to have him stop her. He riased an eyebrow, and motioned for her to turn around. Once again, she obliged by rolling so her back was on the bed, and felt his tounge lap any of the remaining dripping fluids from her, occasionally dipping his toungue inside, only to release more of it from within her.
'She really WAS wet!' he smiled.
When he finished, he pulled Evie close to his chest taking deep breaths of Evies wonderful scent. She had an aire of wildflowers and fresh earth.

Neither one could find the words to describe how they felt, so they both watched the sky outside the window. She rested her head on Warrens' shoulder, and he in turn placed his chin on the top of her head.
"So," Evie started, the first one to get her words straitened out. "Is this what having sex with a Blutbad is like?"
"I can't speak for all Blutbadden, but I've never come that hard before. It must be because you're so foxy." He giggled at his own joke, and she joined him.
They both sighed happily again. For once they felt happy. Evie was going to be sore, but it was totally worth it.
"I can't wait to do this again."
"I have to remember to get condoms next time I'm out."
Evie snuggled into his chest. "Mmmm. . . don't bother. I don't want anything seperating us when we make love. I'll take birth controll."
"As you wish, my Queen." Waren whispered into her ear, hugging her as tight against him as he could.

Later that night, after they took a shower and picked up Ash from daycare, Warren found himself in Evies' bed, his arm under her head.
She had asked him to sleep in her bed with him, and he happily agreed. Anything she wished of him, he'd do for her. She would find that out soon enough, but for now, he reveled in the days' events.
'She planned this all along.' he silently mused. 'She was planning to do this from the moment she woke up today! I must make sure I get her back for that.

Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh. . 'I don't want anything seperating us when we make love'

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