The searing heat of the Sahara Desert blinds Nick Mallory for only a couple of seconds before he regains his sight. He steps out into the open and looks around to see if there's anything else apart from the blistering heat and an ocean of light brown sand stretching for miles and miles. Corey and the rest also step out and have a good look around.

"Man, I feel barbecued." Kon exclaims.

"Now I know exactly how a toast feels." Laney jokes.

"I don't see anything else out here." Mina adds. "It's completely . . . deserted."

"Duh, Mina that's why it's called a desert."


Everyone turns around in shock and instead of a kind, humbled and sweet- face, they were met with their worst nightmare. Trina.

"What are you losers all looking at?" Trina snapped. "I'm not dead!"

"Dang it Core, Trina's back." Laney whispers with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

"I think we all should focus on more important things like getting out of here." Kin interrupts.

"Kin's right, we all should look for a good place to set up camp, somewhere cool." Corey states.

"But where are we going to camp?" Laney asks. "Kin might have some good tent invention that we could use but I don't see any cool spot for us to set up."

As if on cue the groupies suddenly burst out of nowhere.

"GROJBAND!" they squeal. "Guess what, we managed to spot an oasis not too far from here."

"Kate, Allie where've you twos been?"

"We kind of snuck out when you were busy indulging yourselves in the scenery before you and went exploring."


"Uh huh, we'd do anything for Grojband."

"Ok . . . so, where is this oasis?"

"It's right around that sand dune." Allie points towards a dune of medium height about a couple of meters away.

"Nick Mallory thinks the groupies are pretty smart."

"Eeeeeee." Kate squeals.

"Lead the way." Mina instructs.

"Hold on a second." Kin spoke with urgency to his voice. "Let me just show you all something that will completely blow your brain cells out." He steps to the left side of the travel machine and to everyone's amazement, he flips open a secret compartment that no one has noticed before. Inside the compartment was a little red button. Kin quickly presses the little red button and suddenly the travel machine starts shrinking. Everyone watches in awe as the machine kept shrinking and shrinking until it was no bigger than a matchbox. Kin simply picked up the now mini sized travel machine and puts it in his shorts pocket.

"Bro, your inventions are awesome!" Kon yells with uncontrolled enthusiasm.

"Kin, that was craaaazy!" Corey shouts.

"It was nothing." Kin answers smugly.

"Nice one Kin, but we better get going." Laney says in her usual sensible manner.

"Ugh, for once I agree with Lamey." Trina pronounces with disgust.

"It's Laney!"


"Nick Mallory thinks girls should help each other out instead of arguing and being mean." Nick says with a voice like cool ice.

"That's exactly what I think too!" Trina forces a smile. "Sorry Laney." She tries to hug Laney but she backs away making Trina hug the thin air before falling face down into the sand. Mina tries to hide a snigger.

"That's enough drama people!" Kate announces at the same time clapping her hands twice. "We should get moving."