Your Hand in Mine P1

A/N: This is a sequel to my 1st Chuck story "Your Lips on Mine". If you haven't read that one the big thing to know is Sarah is getting her memories back slowly, but is back together with Chuck and headed on vacation with a short stop in DC to see everyone's favorite General.


Chuck was glad they hadn't sold the Gulfstream yet. General Beckman had given them coordinates for a private airfield in West Virginia and Chuck reviewed everything with the pilot and first officer while Sarah stowed their carry-on items.

"I could've flown the plane," Sarah offered.

"I know, but that isn't much of a vacation starter. You can fly home if you want," Chuck offered wanting her to know it wasn't that he didn't trust her faulty memory.

"OK," she agreed as she sank into a leather love seat and crossed her long legs.

Chuck had just had those long legs wrapped around his body in the supply closet not 2 hours ago and he felt his mouth go dry at the site of them again.

"We are cleared for our scheduled take off," the pilot stated.

"Huh?" Chuck replied his eyes still glued to Sarah's legs.

"Take off, in 20 minutes, Chuck," the pilot reiterated.

"Right, thanks Captain," Chuck snapped out of it.

Sarah smiled and stared at Chuck through her eye lashes, certain if she looked at him directly the plane might spontaneously combust. The spark between them seemed to be growing stronger every day, Sarah was certain it would ebb, but she was very wrong about that. It seemed the more she gave herself to Chuck the more she wanted him, she hoped that had been true before too.

"You going to join me or are you planning to stand for takeoff?" she grinned.

"I'll be right with you," he smiled and headed to the galley, returning with two small bottles of water.

He tucked the water into compartments on their arm rests and joined his wife in the double wide seat they always occupied when flying together.

"Why the secret rendezvous point?" Sarah asked worrying a nail between her teeth.

"Not sure, with Beckman it could be anything, but it is actually a lot easier than flying into any of the DC metro airports, so look on the bright side," Chuck took her hand and laced their fingers together trying not to let his own curiosity show.

Once the plane was airborne and the Captain had cleared them to move about the cabin Chuck went and foraged for snacks. The plane was pretty well stocked, but they wound up not having time to stop for dinner on the way to the airport.

"I present a snack buffet," Chuck said with a flourish as he laid out dishes of nuts and dried fruit and chocolate covered pretzels.

"No shrimp?" Sarah arched an eyebrow and Chuck smiled.

"You remember that?"

"Morgan ate his weight in them on one flight and I was panicked he was going to throw up all over my beautiful plane," Sarah stroked the soft tan leather adoringly.

Chuck decided then and there they were keeping the plane.

"He did look a little green on landing," Chuck laughed. "I'll make sure the plane has better provisions for the flight home."

"This is fine," she smiled, "we should actually sleep a little if possible."

"Matt, Mrs. Carmichael and I are going to try and sleep, wake me if you need anything," Chuck had picked up the phone to the cockpit before Sarah finished her thought.

"Yes, sir, I'll try to keep the flight as smooth as I can, sleep well."

"You too," Chuck said before he realized what he said, "I mean thanks, not you too, please don't go to sleep."

The pilot laughed at Chuck's babbling as Sarah's eyes went wide.

Sarah unbuckled her seat belt, took her bottle of water and the bowl of chocolate covered pretzels and started moving to the back of the plane. Chuck didn't have to be asked twice to follow.


"This may surprise you," Chuck had a hard time getting his breath back as Sarah rolled off of him, "but before we bought this plane I had never had sex on a plane."

"Why would that surprise me?" Sarah giggled as she placed a hand over her heart to try to slow the rapid beating.

"Because I am so good at it," Chuck rolled back on top of her and kissed her again.

Sarah giggled louder and shifted her body to accept Chuck's weight, her thighs cradling his narrow hips as her feet trailed delicately along the back side of his calves. Chuck flexed his calf muscles against her toes and nuzzled his cheek against her shoulder, the five o'clock shadow adding a lovely friction.

"What are you laughing at, Mrs. Bartowski?"

"How adorable you are," she said honestly as she ran cool fingers along his slightly damp hairline before reaching to kiss his forehead.

"I am adorable," he agreed.

"Yes, Chuck, you are. You are adorable and sexy and kind and funny and I am so happy to be going on vacation with you…" Sarah trailed off and Chuck knew she was remembering something.

"You asked me to go on vacation before."

"A couple times actually, which one are you remembering?"

"I was wearing a pink dress. A bridesmaid dress?"

"Ellie's wedding," Chuck clarified.

"That dress was blue," she corrected him.

"The second dress was blue, the real dress for the actual wedding, but there was a whole other wedding," Chuck tried to explain.

"Oh, the one Casey planned?" Sarah was remembering something Chuck had said before.

"Casey planned the 2nd one, Awesome's mother planned the first one. You looked gorgeous at both of them, well until the sprinklers went off at the first one and you kind of looked like a drowned rat," Chuck smiled.

"I think I need to hear that story in detail," Sarah said as a big yawn shook her body.

"We have 2 weeks to talk about anything you want, just get some sleep now," Chuck shifted his body off of hers and drew her close to wrap around her.

Sarah nodded against his chest and was asleep within minutes.


Chuck woke alone in the sleeper cabin, he found his carry on on the floor at the foot of the bed and proceeded to freshen up before searching for his wife. Sarah was dressed, her hair and make-up done and she was sipping a cup of coffee in the main cabin when he emerged.

"Morning," she smiled.

Chuck could see from the streaky pink and orange out the window that they had actually caught up to tomorrow on their overnight flight East.

"Morning," he returned the smile.

"Coffee is fresh," she raised her glass and he retreated to the galley to pour himself a cup.

He found an open box of granola bars and ate one standing there before taking another back to nibble on.

"You sleep OK?" Chuck asked as he tried not to spill his coffee.

"I did, not as well as you though. I climbed over you this morning and you mumbled something about Mario and rolled over. I must be losing my touch already," she emphasized her words with her hand on his thigh.

"I must have been playing Mario Cart in my dream, heh, but trust me your touch is just fine," he assured as he squeezed her hand.

"Everybody up back there," the pilot spoke over the intercom and Chuck picked up the phone.

"Good morning, Captain."

"Morning, Chuck, we are about 30 minutes out," the pilot reported.



The plane landed smoothly on the private airstrip in West Virginia. Chuck could see a limo parked off to the side and a few follow vehicles in sight as well. Chuck opened the hatch and released the stairs as Sarah talked to the pilot and first officer about their next leg.

"Ready, babe?" Chuck asked as he ducked his head into the cockpit.

Sarah nodded, not really sure she was ready, but trusting in Chuck. He started down the stairs first, reaching back to offer Sarah a hand. It was cool in West Virginia in February and the wind whipped at her hair. They walked hand in hand to the limo, a chauffeur standing at the ready.

"Mr. & Mrs. Carmichael," he greeted.

"Good morning," Chuck returned as the man opened the door.

Chuck peeked in, seeing only General Beckman in the limo he allowed Sarah to slide in ahead of him, folding his long legs into the long car after her.

"Thank you for coming," Beckman began.

"Of course, General," Sarah replied.

"I know how much you two have been through and I am unsure how to tell you this, but it is possible that Chuck's status has leaked."

"My status?" Chuck asked confused.

General Beckman tapped her temple and Chuck remembered he had the Intersect again, with all the stress and emotion over Sarah it was honestly the last thing on his mind.

"Oh right, that old thing," he laughed.

Sarah looked less mirthful.

"What do you mean, General?"

"I originally asked you here to try to convince you to come back to the agency, to put the Intersect to use for the greater good again, but last night I heard chatter that someone at the concert hall was working with Quinn, and that guy saw you diffuse the bomb, he got away" Beckman laid it out.

"OK," Chuck nodded slowly taking it all in.

"Quinn was obsessed with the Intersect, surely his team all knew what it is and what it can do," Sarah said quickly.

"Exactly my fear. We rounded up most of Quinn's crew though, both at the concert hall and around the world. This guy, if he knows anything, is in the wind, but unsupported. I can't specify the threat," Beckman said with a frown, she did not like being uncertain.

"So what are you saying?" Chuck asked straight out.

"I still want you to consider coming back to the agency, but right now your safety and the safety of the Intersect is paramount."

Chuck was pleased she had put his own safety ahead of the Intersect's for once.

"I'm not going in to a bunker," Chuck held his hand up in protest.

"And I am not going to return to my role as handler, I am Chuck's wife now," Sarah responded as vehemently.

"I am not suggesting either. I have sent a couple of agents ahead of you to Bermuda, they are doing a full sweep of your resort. Your scheduled vacation is actually perfect, gives us time to work on capturing this man while we have you in a secluded and easy-to-secure location. Sarah, I do ask that you keep a close eye on Chuck and Chuck if you do flash on anyone you are to alert the team immediately."

"That's it?" Chuck asked skeptically.

"That's it. Well, one more small thing. I ask that you stop back here on your way home so we can have that original conversation," Beckman grinned.

"Yes, Ma'am," Chuck nodded.

"General, will the men on the ground be surveilling us?" Sarah asked with a cringe as she saw Chuck go instantly red.

"No, Sarah, your privacy will be complete. They will leave panic buttons for you though, don't hesitate to use them if needed. You will also have an encrypted portal, I trust Chuck can find it, you can use it to communicate with me or the team as needed."

"Thank you," Sarah nodded.

"Enjoy your vacation," the General stated with finality and knocked on the window.

The chauffeur opened the door and Chuck and Sarah made the short trip back to the plane. Within 30 minutes they were wheels up for Bermuda and an hour later they landed in paradise. Sarah looked less giddy than she should.

"Babe, don't let this ruin our vacation," Chuck kissed her cheek as they taxied.

"Are we ever going to be free from danger?" she asked in a small voice.

"I don't know, Sarah, but we are safer together."

"Beckman did tell me to keep a close eye on you," Sarah restated her orders.

"Just an eye?" Chuck smirked.

Sarah closed the distance and placed her lips firmly against his.

"Now you're getting the idea," Chuck smiled against her lips.