Your Hands in Mine P10/10

Notes: Thank you so much to those that came along on the trip to Bermuda, your words were so kind and supportive. This is the end of this story and this 2-story post-finale, but there will be something new soon, see the Notes at the end for more details…


"Congratulations," the Justice of the Peace shook both their hands after the kiss that sealed their latest set of vows and a few pictures snapped on Chuck's phone.

"Thank you," Chuck smiled as they watched the man move back up to the resort.

"Let's walk," Sarah suggested as she picked up her small bouquet of flowers.

"Sure," Chuck agreed knowing there may still be things going on at the cottage.

Sarah of course had the same thought so she walked them down the curve of the beach towards the rocks they sat on their first full day on the island.

"Are you warm enough?" Chuck asked as he reached a long arm around her bare shoulders.

Sarah was staring at her new ring.

"Don't go back to the CIA," she blurted out.



"Yes," he nodded.

"We can talk about the Intersect and CI and what we want to do, but if you go back to Beckman all those vows we just made won't mean anything, the Agency always wins."

"I know."

"When I remembered that feeling of nearly losing you in Thailand, when I remember being just barely recovered on our wedding day, when I think about holding a gun on you just weeks ago. I know life is unpredictable and one of us could be hit by a bus any time, but working for the CIA makes those odds unacceptable," she took his hands again as if reciting more vows.

"Sarah, all I want is you and those hypothetical kids running around. The CIA and the Intersect brought us here, but we don't owe them or my father's legacy anything. You know DST is working on technology that will make the Intersect look like an Atari console, the intelligence world won't even miss us."

"So we are telling Beckman no," she clarified.

"We are telling Beckman no."

"And we can sort out the rest later?"

"We have a couple low profile clients at CI right now that will keep us busy and you were there with the lawyer, we are more than fine for money, so yes, we can sort out the rest later. Including how many kids we're going to have, I'm thinking 5, they can be their own basketball team," Chuck teased.

"Well they are bound to be tall, but 5, really?" she wrinkled her nose.

"OK, maybe not 5," he acquiesced, "we only have 4 arms between us."

"You'll be a great Dad," she smoothed a hand along his shirt, loving the warmth of his skin through the blue material.

"I hope so."

Sarah moved closer, in reality she was a bit chilled now that the sun had set. Chuck wrapped her tightly in his arms, rubbed his hands along her exposed back and shoulders making her tingle.

"We should head back," Chuck murmured against her hair.

"Make a wish," Sarah pointed as a star emerged over the water.

"Done," Chuck closed his eyes and then opened them.

"Let's go make it come true," she took his hand and led him back towards the cottage.

"How do you know what it was? I could have wished for a hover board, I have wanted one since I was 8," Chuck laughed.

Sarah pulled up short and he crashed in to her in a delicious fashion, his hands forced to her hips to keep them from toppling into the sand.

"The only thing I have on under this dress is a very lacy very small pair of panties," she whispered hotly in his ear, "Care to rethink your wish?"

Instead of an answer Chuck picked Sarah up and threw her inelegantly over his shoulder, her squeals of delight could be heard by the diners on the restaurant patio.

It was tough work to trudge through the sand with Sarah over his shoulder, but Chuck soldiered on and soon they arrived at the path up to the cottage. All along the path there were lit torches that were not there earlier guiding their way.

"This is different," Chuck said.

"What?" Sarah asked and Chuck turned around so Sarah could see.

"Let's see what is going on up there," he grinned and carried her up the path.

Chuck put Sarah down on the patio, the twinkle lights from their impromptu dessert and dancing last week were illuminated and there were flowers everywhere, the dance floor was back and there was a beautifully wrapped present and a bottle of chilled champagne on the table next to a tiny little wedding cake complete with a tiny bride and groom on top.

"Pretty," Sarah noted as she plucked a flower from an arrangement and slipped it behind her ear.

"Yes, you are," Chuck said honestly, "the prettiest thing I have ever seen."

Sarah was disarmed by him, by how handsome he was and sincere. She felt shy all of a sudden and innocent, completely stripped of all of her defense mechanisms around him, she just smiled. Chuck slid the door to the living room open and stepped back, Sarah assumed so she could enter first, but instead he picked her up again, not over his shoulder but as a groom should.

"Chuck," she laughed as he maneuvered them over the threshold in one piece.

"You dropped me," Sarah exclaimed.

"Oh sure, that you choose to remember," he grimaced, "and to be fair I tripped and dropped both of us."

"In to a heap of wedding dress," she laughed, but her laughter turned sultry as the rest of the memory slid into her mind of the two of them making love on the floor of their hotel room just minutes after arrival.

"I remember," was all she said, her voice dry.

Chuck kissed her then, still in his arms and felt her heart beating steadily against his own chest.

"Something smells good," she pulled back and finally looked around to see a fully set table and side board.

"Oh yeah, I ordered dinner," Chuck remembered and gently relinquished his hold on her body.

Not ready to leave him all together Sarah kissed him again and linked their fingers as they approached the food.

"Hungry?" Chuck asked innocently.

"Yes," Sarah replied, her voice still dry as she hopped up on the sideboard and pulled Chuck close, kissing him deeper.

"This will keep," he said hazily as Sarah laughed.

"Patience, Chuck, we should enjoy this food you had arranged. It looks amazing," Sarah noted as she looked at the iced tray of seafood to her left.

Chuck watched with rapt attention as Sarah used a tiny fork to lift a piece of salmon with capers from the tray and place it on a piece of toasted bread, she squeezed a tiny bit of lemon on it, her every move calculated and sexy, but instead of eating it she held it out to Chuck.

He took a bite and the crunch of the toast and the meltingly smooth salmon felt so good in his mouth, the acid of the lemon and capers made his mouth water as the sweet salmon soothed his tongue.

"Oh my God," he moaned as Sarah ate the other half and nodded.

"I am actually kind of hungry," Sarah giggled.

"Well, if we are going to share all our food like that I am all for it," he leaned in and kissed her again.

They worked their way through all the trays and chafing dishes in that manner, small bites shared and savored together.

"Had enough?" Chuck asked as Sarah put her plate down on the sideboard and wrapped her legs around him.

"Yes, it was delicious, thank you."

"I just said we wanted food, this is all the resort," he shrugged.

When Sarah kissed him this time Chuck knew dinner was over and the dancing and dessert was going to have to wait. An hour of feeding each other and touching and kissing was more than enough foreplay for the two of them who were already so emotionally full after their day.

"Bed, Chuck," Sarah instructed .

"Mmmmhmmm," he nodded bumping his nose against hers.

Chuck pulled Sarah off the sideboard, her legs still locked around his waist and her arms around his neck and got her back to their bedroom without dropping her like their first wedding night. When he stepped into the bedroom though he knew something was different.

"Sarah?" he said in awe as Sarah moved her lips down to his neck and open shirt collar.

"Babe?" he said again and lowered her legs to the floor.

"Yeah?" she replied breathlessly.

"Look," he said in shock.

"Oh my God," Sarah's eyes widened.

When Chuck and Sarah had both mentioned to Leslie that they wanted to do something different to their cottage they each had envisioned some flowers and candles. Sarah honestly thought the arrangement on the patio was enough, but as they both looked around the bedroom they had shared for 10 days they couldn't believe their eyes.

"Surprise," they both said in unison.

"What?" Chuck said confused.

"I asked Leslie to do something special for tonight," Sarah mentioned.

"No, I asked Leslie to do something…" Chuck grinned.

"She must think we are lunatics," Sarah laughed.

"Well, she certainly delivered."

What had previously been an open airy beachy room with white painted wood furniture and white linens was now completely transformed into a colonial looking masterpiece fit for a museum. The dresser was tall dark wood with brass fixtures, the lamps brass with ornate shades and even the drapes were a different style, in gold brocade. The biggest difference of all though was the bed, what was a lovely comfortable and otherwise simple king sized bed was now a giant four poster dark wood frame with exquisite linens and pillows.

"This is, how did they do this?" Sarah asked.

"I remember seeing one of the other cottages had a more colonial feel. I picked this one for my toes in the sand girl, but they must have swapped the furniture," Chuck said still in shock.

"It's like we are going on a honeymoon in the same room we've been in for 10 days," Sarah grinned.

"That's exactly what I wanted," Chuck nodded.

"Mission accomplished," Sarah said as she moved towards the bed.

The bed was so high Sarah had to hop onto it, but once she did she melted into the mattress and pillows.

"Comfy?" Chuck stood at the foot of the bed watching her recline into its soft depths.


Chuck reached up and began unbuttoning his shirt, but Sarah would have none of that, she made her way to her knees and scooted down to the end of the bed and replaced his fingers with her own, slipping each plastic disc through the tiny hole.

Chuck felt his knees tremble when Sarah leaned forward to kiss the skin as she exposed it.

"You need to come up here," she suggested as she sat back on her heels.

Chuck climbed on to the bed from the end, overtaking Sarah and bending her back until she had to turn to free her own legs. He kissed slowly and wetly along the edge of her dress, the skin there slightly salty from the ocean wedding hours earlier.

"You smell like the beach," he grinned against the skin of her throat.

"You smell like my Chuck," she replied as she inhaled and became overwhelmed by a flood of intimate memories.

It was almost like an Intersect flash, but instead of it hurting it was so incredibly arousing. She saw Chuck over her and under her, his head arched back in pleasure or tucked in close to taste her. Chuck could feel the tremor that went through Sarah's body.

"You OK?" he asked as he pulled back a bit.

"Yes, I remember loving you Chuck. I remember so much all of a sudden."

"Yeah? Are you alright?" he stroked her hair back concerned.

"I am so good. Make love to me," she asked.

She didn't have to ask twice. Chuck made short work of the lovely decorative pillows and worked Sarah out of her dress with little trouble. True to her word all she had on was a tiny lacy pair of underwear. Chuck worked the blankets up and off the bed, moving them to the foot of the bed for later. The sheets he uncovered were a deep brick red and the contrast of Sarah's hair and body against the sheets was almost too much for Chuck to handle.

"Wow," he breathed before capturing her lips once more.


"They didn't replace the bath tub," Chuck reported when he returned from the bathroom later.

"Well that's good, you have become quite attached to it," Sarah giggled.

"I like this bed though," Chuck launched himself into it and landed very nearly on top of Sarah.

"I like any bed that has you in it," Sarah smiled cheesily.

"Sweet," he kissed her gently, and then not so gently.

"Mmmmm, we are going to do that again, real soon, but right now we need to go have cake."

"I can go get the cake and bring it back here and we could eat it off…" Chuck leered but his thoughts were interrupted.

"We are not eating in this pristinely beautiful bed," Sarah corrected and slid out of said bed to find their bathrobes.

Clad in the soft terry cloth of the hotel robes they padded barefoot to the patio. Chuck got the fireplace started with ease and soon the chill of the night air was gone. Sarah popped the champagne and poured, handing a glass to Chuck.

"To forever," he said.

"To always," she replied before clinking her glass to his and sipping the sweet bubbly wine.

"Do you have your phone?" she asked suddenly.

"No, it's in my other bathrobe," he smirked.

"Go get it, I want a picture of the cake before we eat it."

Chuck returned with the phone and snapped a couple of pictures. Sarah then wielded the cake knife with her normal acuity slicing a nice sized wedge of cake. She was thrilled to discover it was traditional white cake, her favorite. She went to grab a fork and Chuck intercepted the plate, swiping a long finger through the icing and smearing it on her nose.

"You did not," she tried to sound affronted but the laughter shook her façade.

"Yep," he said as his tongue snuck out and licked the tiniest bit of frosting from the tip of her nose.

"Goofball," she accused as she attempted to clean the icing from her face.

"Mmmm, it is good," he mentioned as he went back to the plate and took some more on his finger.

"Yeah?" she asked.

He nodded and held his finger out and watched intently as she took it in her mouth. Sarah could feel the heat radiating off of him again, see the dilation of his pupils and hear the slight increase in his respiration.

"I have a present for you," she forestalled his passion for a moment.

"Oh?" he asked and reached for the tie on the bathrobe she was wearing.

"It isn't under my robe," she swatted at him playfully.

"That's the only present I need," he said honestly, kissing her again to near distraction.

"Well, I bought you something too," she placed a firm hand on his chest to get his attention.

The hand on his chest wore the new ring he had just given her and they both looked at it lovingly. Her other hand reached back and found the beautifully wrapped gift.

"Did you wrap this?" he asked with an arched brow.

"No, the woman at the store did," Sarah giggled, wrapping gifts was one of the few skills Sarah did not possess.

"Oh good, I will feel less bad about destroying it," he winked and tore at the paper.

What Chuck unwrapped was a wooden box that opened to reveal a beautiful compass.

"You're my home Chuck, you always have been," Sarah repeated familiar words.

Chuck looked up at her with tears in his eyes. She placed her hand on his and turned it so he could see the back, there in perfect script it read "Always have, always will."

The End

Notes: So this is the end of my post-finale world….for now. What comes next is a story I am going to call Chuck vs The Love Scenes. As I wrote this story I found myself starting to give Sarah memories of things we didn't see on screen (their honeymoon for example) and that I really wanted to see (Chuck mourning his father's death) so I am going to go back and write a missing scene or scenes from each episode starting with chuck vs. the other guy through chuck vs the bullet train. Either a mid-ep scene or a continuation, but each will be a Charah scene I wish we had seen. Look for it to start next week!