As I aproched camp I thought about what to say. Should I tell them that I'm a werewolf? I decided agents that. They'd pro think I was a threat and kill me. But as I aproched the border I thought of the last war the gods had desided to what on the gifts so we had time to recuperate, yes I know larg words and what they mean. Eney way I walked to my cabin in the fith court each cabin was in one of the five courts. Separated by who your godly parent is. For example the last to be clamed and in one of the courts before the Romans knew of the Greeks and the giant was started that's were you go unless that court is to full of cabins. And if two are clamed around the same time and are in different courts the one clamed last is the one you go with for where you siblings stay.

After I was done putting my things away I out to head to the beach when I was suddenly plowed over by my best freind."Percy! Everyone has to meet at the dining pavilion for an announcement. Come on." Jason was already running of to tell the rest of camp. I couldn't help thinking that it would take forever to gather the whole camp. With that thought in mind I walked of to dining pavilion.

"Campers! I know you're wondering why you were cald here and why it couldn't whait till lunch. The answer is that from now to an undetermind time we will be training to cach the last werewolf of the water pack. She is room eared to live in New York living with a mortal to hide her self. The gods have also informed me she might have a pup. So she'll be extremely protective of it and might attack us. But do not and I repeat do not harm or kill them in any way. For the gods are trying to preserve their last animal allies." Chiron announced loudly. Everyone started to whisper how strang it seamed to cach and not harm a monster. One boy next to me mermered that he would just kill it anyways.

with that someone asked why the pack was so small. Subconsciously I winced at what mom had told me. That my mating instincts would kick in soon, mad that I'd have to find a mate and have a pup or pups with him or her. Aperintly some males can carry pups do to being subs.

"The pack kept on fighting for the gods until only one was left and she was only a pup. So now her pack is an indangered one. Because they are know as the water pack for a reason. Which is all of them can breath under water. Now any further questions or comments?" Chiron answered.

"Yes. I would like to know why the gods trust them. I know they helped a lot but stile. They're monsters." An Athena girl wondered. Whispers and nod of agreement spread like wildfire.

"The gods trust them because the whole pack along time ago swore on their lives and the river stycks to be loyal to the gods for four hundred years. And the end of it is aproching within this year. The agreement was that if the are loyal and help in the wars for the gods when they over threw their father then when the Romans and Greeks become allies the wolfs will work for them for the four hundred years. It was prophesiesed that the two of use would unite in the last year of the agreement. But it was also said that one of the olympians would meet and have a child with this last living member of the pack."

At the knowlig that the werewolf pup could be a half brother or sister the kids of the council started to freak that their family might be killed if a child of a minor god got to the person first. Sought soft outrage flooded the pavilion, torchering ,y sensitiv hearing. With that everyone dispersed angry that camp had to save a monster.

Layer in Percy's cabin

I was dreaming of a wolf in a garden. A Japanese garden by a stream.


A whight female wolf was siting on an enormous rock overlooking a turquoise stream. Her eyes looked like mint green light from a leaf. The fur of hers was perfect, no stains and no dirt was on her fur. The sight of her with the backdrop of bamboo and cherry tree blossoms blowing in the wind making a light snow storm of color that made her look breathtaking.

"I've bin waiting for you. Meet me at the Japan section in the metropolitan museum in ten day time. Good bye and I hope to see you again." With that the dream faded.

—•—•—end dream—•—•—

I woke to the sound of people out side my door snickering. I looked around and got got ready for the day. But as I ap the door I could smell roting fish. I was mortified that someone would desecrate the graves of fish for a prank! So I willed water to appear above them dows them then move the bucket of fish to the floor next to the all I am a vegetarian when it comes to sea I opened the door to find Conner and Travis scoking wet looking frustrated they didn't get me. Then I noticed that the whole camp was their staring at me like I shouldn't have know that this prank was coming.

I just shrugged and went on my way to breakfast. I got a plate and put sausage, bacon, and hash browns. I scraped some sausage in and muttered 'Poseidon' then sat back down.

"Campers. A God has chosen to come and visit our camp and help protect it for a little while. Lord Poseidon." Chiron announced. I was mortified that my dad was here. 'What if he knows and is gonna tell them that I'm one of the werewolfs their looking for' but I didn't let that show on my face.