I was glad that dad didn't seem to know. But then I worryed about what he would do if he found out. So once we were allowed to leave I went straight to the arena.

—•—•—Poseidon's pov—•—•—

I was welcomed to camp and was surprised when I saw the look of fear that adorned my sons face for a second before he masked it with a look of composure. With that everyone was excused to return to their training. I decided I'd observe each of the different things the campers could do. So I started with arts and crafts. To me it seemed that it was a good stress reliever for the for one, he seemed to be a son of Hermes, he might have bin making a cup but then again it could just of easily supposed to of been a circle.

The next activitie I looked at was the volleyball court, everything seemed fine so moved on to the strawberry fields nothing happening there. So on I whent to the stables, besides the horses and Pegasusi bowing to me nothing strange happened. The armory was fully stocked so I when to the arena. There in the middle of other heroes Percy stood ready for a group attack to hit him. Out of nowhere the fight began and as I wached I noticed he moved without a single hit making contact with his skin. I was quite impressed with how he beat all of them without even using his sword. So I just stood there in the entrance waching dumb struck as my son continued training as if I wasn't there. I was jolted out of my thoughts by the sound of the Conkle horn announcing it was time for lunch.

When we got to the dinning pavilion everyone sacrificed some of their food. But when Percy, got to my table he seamed almost different than the cheerful kid I used to know as my son. "So Percy, what's new with you? I know we don't get to talk much but I fig this would be as good a time as any to see how your doing." As soon as I said that he tended up.

"Nothing." He pushed out between gritted teeth,"Just wish I could stop my nightmares. You know same old same old." But I could tell he was hiding something from me I just didn't know what. An awkward silence came over the table then I noticed all the meat he had on his plate.i decided I'd just leave it alown.

After lunch I when to the climbing wall I'm sure glad we added it to this camp. Then I nowti how perfectly Percy, ascended the climbing wall. It amazed me how he was able to get to the top in less than a minute.

—•—•—time skip—•—•—

I was woken up by the sound of my son violently tossing and terning in his bunk. I got up and aproched him to wake him up to ask what was wrong. But then I noticed that his hair seem to have gotten longer from the last time I saw him. I though ok he just hasn't goten a hair cut yet. Suddenly he jolts up to a siting position. banging our heads together. While I fall back startled he looks like he was ready to take on the mother of all monsters.

But he seemed like he was out of it to. "Son? Are you alright? Is something wrong?" He didn't anwser instead he got up and walked outside. I followed but what I saw next proved to be hard to swallow because there lo and behold was a wolf coming up to my son. The wolf had deep brown fur but it was graying and its eyes were blue like Sally's which I though was strang.

Next thing I knew I was following them to the forest. Then the wolf changed. One moment it was a wolf the next it was a woman I'd never forget, Sally Jackson or Blowfits.

"S-Sally? Is that you?" The wolf turned human faced me with shock and worry. I couldn't believe it Sally was the wolf the other gods were looking for. That means my son is a werewolf! I hastily backed up when she tried to aproch me. Turning I ran off to inform the campers.

—•—•—Percy's pov—•—•—

When I woke up I headed straight for where mom was and followed her to a place to talk. She shifted so she could tell me how to change forms when we heard an all to familiar voice from behind us. Mom turned around and when she reached out to dad to explain he moved back and ran off. "Mom I think it's time to go." She nodded and told me to shift into a wolf I just have to think of a black wolf.

So I quickly shifted and ran with mom into the woods outside of camp. Never looking back. For I knew that if I came back I'd be in danger.