After the Fire

Dark Angel is the property of 20th Century Fox, James Cameron and Chris Eglee.

The year is 2031. This story takes place immediately after X-10: Kito's Story.

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This was my first delving into SML (Sweet Monkey Love, for the uninitiated, a term that was coined on the DA official web site by a couple of my friends, the authors of Dangerous Games, and there after stolen by the show with only a slight modification to the terms!), and was very hard for me to write (At least the ahem, lovemaking scenes) If you like what is here and want to peruse an uncut version you can get my email address from my profile.

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Prologue: Goodbye and Hello

It was early afternoon when the Logan Cale Brigade finally decided to break up and go their separate ways. It had been a long couple of days, but extremely rewarding to Logan's mind, he smiled despite his exhaustion, after four long heartbroken years he had Max back. Getting into and out of the Manticore stronghold had been the toughest thing that he had ever been through. He grimaced ruefully, regretting his failed second attempt at revenge against Lydecker, then he shrugged inwardly, but he still had Max back. He preceded his teammates out to the door opening it for them as they moved past.

Zach came first, looking Logan directly in the eyes as he shook his hand, "Well I'm glad it all worked out."

"I appreciate the help Zach, I can't thank you enough," Logan said sincerely.

Zach nodded his mouth thin, "Take care of her," He said sighing and then moved out the door.

Logan smiled as Tinga turned to face him, she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck. Logan leaned into it hugging her fiercely in return, "Thank you Tinga, I think you're the only reason I've stayed sane the last four years."

She let go of him smiling as she looked into his eyes, "If you ever need my help again, contact me. Pass that hug on to Max… tell her I say 'Hi'."

Logan nodded smiling again, "I will."

Next came Tima, Logan had to look down at her. She practically jumped on him hugging him so hard that it actually hurt his over tired and overworked body, "I am so happy for you," she said enthusiastically, and when she leaned back again she was crying. She definitely did not have Max's emotional control.

"Thank you Tima," Logan said softly, "I owe you more than I could ever repay," he smiled again feeling a bit teary eyed himself, "You helped give me my life back."

Her smile at him could have lit the night, "Anytime Logan," She actually managed to say in a voice that was both ecstatic and melancholy at the same time, if that was possible. She looked as if she was about to lose a friend despite her happy tone. Logan could tell that she was afraid that she would be excluded from his life now that Max was back.

To ease her fear he said, "How would you feel about coming by next Saturday for lunch? I'm sure Max will want to meet you." She smiled again nodding enthusiastically and practically bounced out the door and into the waiting elevator.

Kito stopped solemnly in front of Logan, "You're invited too Kito," Logan said sincerely, "It was your info that made all this happen, I'm sure Max will want to personally thank you."

Kito looked down at his feet nodding, "I'll consider it," he said his mouth thin.

"You going to be alright?" Logan asked seeing the stress in his face. He knew this world was something totally new to him, Kito must be feeling very lost at the moment, he'd spent his whole life as a soldier, sixteen years, and he was still not used to the idea of having to make all the decisions himself.

"I'm not sure," He answered both Logan and himself honestly.

"I got Tima hooked up, if you need it I can see what I can do for you."

"Thanks," He said quietly, obviously uncomfortable, "I'll do that." He turned away from Logan and strode to the elevator.

Logan stood leaning on the doorframe watching until they all waved and the doors closed. He slowly turned around shutting the door quietly behind him moving back toward the bedroom. All of that and Max still had not waken up. He had never known her to sleep much, that she was said that she must have been thoroughly beat down.

Just how far had Lydecker gone? Kito had hinted that it was serious, physical abuse, possibly sexual abuse? He felt his temper rise at the thought of Lydecker treating Max in that manner. He felt his muscles bunch up further and his face get hot, he forced himself to take a deep breath to calm down. He could not… he would not, bring that subject up to her as much as he wanted to know what exactly had happened the four years she was stuck in that facility under Lydecker's "Care". That was something they could discuss when the memories had dulled a little. By the time he reached the bedroom he had resumed a cautious caring attitude toward Max.

He was slightly worried about her and walked in to find her in a rumple of sheets on her stomach, her back bare. Her skin was smooth and dark, even after all her years in the dark room where she had been kept from the prying eyes of everyone. He frowned seeing the slight puckers that marred that smooth beauty. His memory flashed back remembering all too clearly even after all the years between the incident that had given her those scars. He swallowed hard closing his eyes against the tears that threatened trying desperately to beat down the ugly images that surged up in his head. That was the past.

Max was breathing evenly and for a moment all he could do was watch her, still not quite believing this was real. His heart compressed as another feeling rose up inside him, yearning. His loins responded to the sight of her an aching need that he had forgone these four years. Plenty of opportunities had presented themselves that was for certain, but he never could avail himself of it. Always the guilt had driven him from even getting involved in that way with anyone. He had never been able to let go of Max. He made himself breathe, as the urge to wake her grew stronger, telling himself it was too soon, that she needed her rest, and that they had all the time in the world now.

Logan moved over to her side of the bed, which had become the middle since he had risen several hours ago and crouched down next to her smiling in wonder at her face. It was peaceful in sleep and he didn't even notice the ugly bruises marring her features, he raised a hand and moved a stray black hair out of her face. Sighing he stood again, still not comfortable with disturbing her much needed sleep. Even if she was awake he was unsure his sore body was up to satisfying his desire. He decided instead to take the hot bath he had promised himself upon the departure of his impromptu rescue team. He quietly slipped back out of the bedroom and moved down the hall to the guest bath, grunting as he leaned down to start the water into the tub. He slowly undressed his thoughts a jumble of the rescue and the future and the past all in a wash of images that blurred and mingled until none was clear.

He tried to stop thinking of anything as he eased himself into the near unbearably hot water sighing as soon as his skin stopped itching. He closed his eyes as his bundled and bruised muscles began to loosen in the therapeutic heat. He lay there long moments just enjoying the warmth and the chance to relax.

"It's good to know you kept yourself in shape," A voice said and Logan started sitting up slightly and quickly looking up to find Max standing just inside the door of the bathroom. He must have fallen asleep.

"Hey," Logan said automatically smiling warmly.

Max wasn't wearing a thing and Logan could no more help look her bare body up and down than he could stop breathing. Her dark hair was longer than he remembered it falling nearly to her breasts in wavy curls. Her dark eyes were haunted looking, she was not yet fully rested but there was a hint of playfulness there that he remembered all too well. The swelling in her face was still dark and ugly, but he could see that it was already well on its way to healing. His eyes moved down her long neck and her still muscular shoulders and arms lingering for a moment on her breasts still pert, firm, and full. They continued to move down taking in her slim waist, wide well proportioned hips, and her long well defined legs met. The other reaction he couldn't help was his own physical response to the sight, it was almost painful how quickly his body reacted. Her eyebrow raised knowingly.

"How you feeling?" He asked her softly, ignoring the feeling a moment longer.

She shrugged, "Like hamburger, y'know jumbled up, ground down, and pounded flat."

"That good huh?" He smiled crookedly nodding, he leaned his head back against the wall, "Feeling about the same myself," He smiled warmly at her, looking out the corner of his eye and reaching out a hand, "Care to join me?"

"A hot bath…" she said one corner of her mouth quirking up, "You just don't know how long I've been wishing for one of those," his smile became even wider as she stepped over to him taking his outstretched hand and lowered herself into the tub facing away from him. She leaned back against him, sighing blissfully as she settled into the water, as Logan wrapped both arms around her chest as he kissed her above the ear.

"I missed you," He whispered emotionally.

She turned her head smiling at him, "Me too."

His arms tightened about her reactively as he remembered again about how he had thought all this time that he had lost her forever. He was still waiting to wake up from this dream, waiting to find himself alone just as he had been three days ago. He made himself relax his hold, instead raising one hand and moving her hair away he leaned down and kissed her neck. Max obliged him by tilting her head away from him allowing better access. Gooseflesh raised on Max's skin reacting to the light electric touch of Logan's lips on her skin. He backed away a moment seeing the barcode, seeing the scar where she had nearly killed herself with the Red Series Implant, brushing light fingertips over each, frowning slightly at the remembrance of that day. They both were a part of her, and he accepted that. He resumed kissing her neck moving down into the crook where her neck and shoulder met feeling her shiver with delight.

Max ran one hand down the outside of his right thigh and back up the inside of it feeling the reaction in Logan's body in the way it tensed under. Teasing him she moved her hand away, moving it instead up his body and then through his hair. She twisted her body so that she could kiss him on the lips. He was breathing heavy now and she found that she was as well.

They both stopped a moment just staring into each other's eyes longingly, "Are you up to this?" Logan asked huskily, clearly concerned.

She nodded licking her lips, "Are you?"

"Try and stop me," He said smiling again, suddenly his body didn't hurt at all.

"Why would I do that?" she teased.

Logan's hands found their way to Max's chest again, his hands re-familiarizing themselves with her features. Their kisses became deeper, more passionate and Logan's hands moved again, slowly moving over her body light fingertips traced from her chin down her arched neck, lower over her body touching those sensitive spots he remembered even after four years. Logan traced over her taut stomach and over to the curve of her hip.

It wasn't long until she was squirming on top of him in ecstasy. She pulled away from him a moment standing, and Logan thought for just a moment that he had overstepped her willingness to fill the void that they both had been living with for the past four years. His judgement was premature She looked over her shoulder at him with bedroom eyes as she slowly sensuously turned to face him. Logan raised his hands settling them on her thighs. She bent her knees and began to settle onto him and he ran his hands over her dark skin as she did, feeling her shiver under his touch.

Max leaned down to kiss Logan hands on his cheeks as she slowly moved on top of him. He pulled her against him moving his hands slowly up her back. Passion swelled as the moments went by and it was not long before Max collapsed on top of Logan's chest, both of them breathing heavy, and both of them content. They remained there for long moments neither able nor willing to move.

Slowly she pushed herself back upright looking down into his eyes her face brimming with relief and her love for him shone brightly.

Logan smiled again, "Welcome home," He said softly pulling her back down into a long and loving kiss.