Hey guys! Long time no see!

..*cue angry mob of readers* So…I haven't been uploading much…I know. But you know...I'll just update at my own pace. Which is VERY VERY VERY slow. Since I'm one of those types of people who fall in and out of fandoms like phases. Okay!

So, recently I have gotten into a new fandom for a game called Cave Story, and I saw a video about Quote, possibly being a DLC character for SSB 4, although, I'm guessing it's been rejected, since the game is already out, and I haven't heard anything about him on the game. But that's why we have Fanfiction! And this is going to be a series of short stories with no particular plot in mind, featuring the SSB characters and the characters of Cave Story. Enjoy!

The crowd gathered at the entrance of the Smash Mansion.

"Ahem! May I have your attention please!" Master Hand's voice booms over the horde of participants in front of him. "As you have heard, we have two new challengers joining us this year for the fourth annual SSB tournament. Please welcome….Quote and Curly Brace from cave Story!"

Two teenage looking androids walked through the door of the mansion. One of the newcomers, a boy with jet black hair and empty blue eyes, stared over the masses, while the other newcomer, a blonde with brighter blue eyes, smiled and waved at the people in front of her. Master Hand turned to the two kids. "Enjoy your stay." Master Hand left the two alone, and the mass began to disperse, some going to welcome the newcomers, others going back to whatever business they were doing before.

Pit, a veteran of SSB, and Dark pit, a newcomer, were two of the contestants who greeted them. Well, Pit was the one who wanted to greet them. Dark Pit was dragged along by his counterpart.

"Hi, Quote! Curly! Welcome to the Smash Mansion! I'm Pit, and this is Pittoo!"

"Don't. CALL me that! My name's Dark Pit!"

"…" Quote just stared blankly, but nodded his head. Curly just shook her head and spoke, "Hi, Pit, Pittoo. I'm Curly Brace, but you can call me Curly." They shook hands.

Pit looked towards her companion. "Not much of a talker, is he."

Curly shook her head. "No. He barely even talks to me. And we've know each other for like, years!"

"I see…Well, I gotta go! Lady Palutena's calling me. Come on, Pittoo! See ya later!" Pit waved, once again dragging poor Dark pit around with him.

Quote and Curly moved on to their dorm room they shared together. Curly bounced on a bed, claiming it as her own, while Quote merely sat on the other available bed.

"Well, here we are...Our first Super Smash tournament," Curly sighed. "I hope Balrog's not too lonely...I mean, Sue and her families are with him, so it should be okay..."


"...Okay, Quote. I know you're silent by nature, but this is just too much."


Curly sighed. "Good night, Quote."


" Can't you at least say something?"

"…..Good night."

Curly smiled. "Good night."

So...Hope you enjoyed. Just a side note, I'm not familiar with all the characters and fandoms in the game, so I'm mostly just relying on playthroughs, and Wikipedia. So I hope you enjoyed.

For updates on my other stories, I will probably go back to them, but it is probably going to be hard since I've sort of fallen out of the fandoms. I will get back to them, since I'm currently getting back into Hetalia, and on my way back in Persona 3. So be on the lookout for those stories.

I hope I didn't overdo the silence. I just couldn't find the right time to add a voice for him until the end. Nope you enjoyed! Bye~!