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Chapter 1: Speechless

Detective Beckett sat at her desk sipping a coffee. As usual, she was filling out the paper work from her last case. Alone. Castle was nearby of course - he always was - but he had found some new ghost-tracking app for his new phone and was determined to find any sort of "ghostly presence" in the precinct.

After reading the same line for the fourth time, Beckett looked up at Castle. She wasn't going to get anywhere while his app was beeping and distracting her. She was determined to get his help with the damn paperwork, but found herself momentarily distracted.

Castle was perched on a chair, one arm holding onto the wall, the other pointing his phone at the air vent on the ceiling while he listed to the beeping noise become more frequent through his headphones. Damn. He really is ruggedly handsome isn't he?

Although she would never admit it, Beckett loved the six-year-old side of Richard Castle. His playfulness added something to her life that she had been missing for a long time. A small smile threatened to emerge on her lips when…

"Detective Beckett! Mr. Castle! In my office. NOW." The words rang out through the precinct even after the Captain had turned and walked back into her office.

Beckett gracefully jumped to her feet, and straightened the badge on her hip while Castle concentrated on not falling off the chair. He had simultaneously smacked his head on the wall and dropped his phone on his foot when Gates had called out to the duo.

"You comin' Castle?" Beckett's voice dripped with Sarcasm and she didn't bother to turn around to check for his answer. She knew he would be behind her before she reached the Captain's office door. He always was, and she secretly hoped he always would be.

Gates didn't even turn around when the partners entered her office.

"I trust you haven't found any extraterrestrial beings in my precinct Mr. Castle?"

"I. Uh. Well…." Castle stumbled over his words, still unsure why the Captain called him into her office. He knew she didn't like him nearly as much as Montgomery had, but he'd really been on his best behavior recently.

"Captain… Sir…" Beckett threw a look to Castle who was still sputtering nonsense – the one that said 'shut up now or you're seriously going to pay' – as she cut him off before he got them into any more trouble.

"Don't bother Detective" said the Captain with a sigh. "I didn't call you in to yell at Mr. Castle. This time."

Castle opened his mouth to say something, but stopped at the look on Beckett's face. She no longer was looking at him, but at the Captain. Her eyes were wide open, her confusion etched into them, and her lips had parted ever so slightly. Whatever words she was going to say died on her lips and her breath escaped in a confused huff. Breathe Rick. In. Out. In. God she's gorgeous.

"You're going undercover. One of our stalled investigations just reopened due to a new body, and I'm counting on you two to gain some evidence to prove it." Gates hesitated for a second before adding, "Well I'm counting on Beckett. But unfortunately Mr. Castle will need to tag along."

Castle's focus returned to Gates as soon as he heard the word "undercover". His eyes lit up like a child's on Christmas morning and he had to physically cover his mouth with his hand to keep from squealing in front of the Captain, although Beckett could practically hear the 'SQUEEEE' that he was suppressing.

"Captain." She paused when she realized she was still speechless.

"Sir." Beckett stammered. She couldn't find the right words to describe how she was feeling. However, she didn't need words because the distress she was feeling was plastered all over her face.

"Beckett you can be as unhappy as you want about the assignment, but my decision is final. I need two people to go undercover as a couple, and not only do you two fit the description, but this gets Castle out of my precinct for a few days. It's a win, win." Gates' eyes almost betrayed a smiled as she filled the two in on their assignment, but it didn't reach her lips. "Detectives Ryan and Esposito are bringing up the files now. Read them tonight. You leave in the morning. And don't forget your bathing suits"

Without waiting for a response, Gates turned around and went back to the case file she had been reading when the two entered her office.

Castle turned to stare at Beckett. She was still watching the Captain and hoping this was a joke. She had distinctly heard the words "couple" and "bathing suit". Before she could say anything, Castle was dragging her back into the chaos of the precinct towards her desk.

"Ouch Castle!" Beckett rubbed her arm when the two finally reached her desk.

"Okay we need to read these files, and look over the crime scene evidence, and pack, and learn our cover stories and…" Castle began to ramble, completely ignoring Beckett.

How am I supposed to get through a vacation with Castle? Sure we will be working – okay I'll be working, but I can barely stand to watch him here in the precinct. He's going to be insufferable! Or perfect. Oh he'll probably be perfect and then how am I supposed to keep my distance? He's going to know I lied. I'm not ready for whatever this thing between us is to grow.

"Wait!" Castle's talking stopped suddenly, snapping Beckett out of her thoughts. "You do own a bathing suit right?"

The smirk on Kate's face was enough to cause Castle's pulse to race just in anticipation.

Just as Beckett opened her mouth to respond to Castle with a sarcastic 'only very tiny ones Ricky – guess ill have to go buy some new, modest ones', Ryan and Espo appeared with the case files.

"Well isn't it our new, favorite couple. Congratulations you two. We're really happy for you both. Sorry we should've gotten you a better present, but I guess a few weeks – Ehem years – worth of case files will have to do!" Espo was clearly getting way too much enjoyment out of this.

Okay. Thought Beckett. If I have any chance of surviving this assignment, I need to take control back. Now.

Beckett snapped back into her "detective mode". "We don't need a present boys, just a room and a way to get there."

The detectives' twin smirks were wiped off their faces as they turned to look at an equally stunned Castle.

"Focus boys. A room with two beds. And a nice view wouldn't hurt. Where are we going exactly?"

As soon as she had asked the question, she regretted it. Ryan was looking at her with sad puppy dog eyes, and Esposito's eyes twinkled way more than she would've liked.

Castle, who was already nose deep in the files detailing their cover stories and travel arrangements, looked up at Beckett in disbelief. "Bon Voyage, Detective."

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