New story again! I've become addicted to it, I think… It's just so funny to create things with fantasy as your only limitation! Enjoy my new story and I'll see you soon! And this is a fanfic, it's not necessarily real life fact.

Danville High, the public High school in Danville. It's a pretty common school, with disgusting food, endless homework, bad teachers and good teachers. There are extremely popular people, and there are completely invisible people.

The popular people contain the football-team, the cheerleader squad, the basketball team and… well, the other girls and guys who's not cheerleaders or athletes, but who's extremely hot, has a lot of parties or has done something to get into the popular kids-crew. But the cheerleaders and the athletes usually have all of that already, plus money.

It's amazing, too. How one little gesture, one mistake, can change your status completely. The queen of the school can suddenly become the queen of the fools. The invisible nerd can become the new it. Everything depends on nothing.

For some people, this is not even important. But of course, they are the invisible ones. They say that once you've tasted glory, you're never going back. This whole thing might sound overdone and high school can't be this serious, right?

But hey, it's the truth. High school is one single blur of drama, love, groups, bullying, homework and it changes who you're going to be as a person. And everything, because of these two worlds. This popular world and this invisible world, sworn to never be mixed.

But we all know that love is the most powerful force in the world and when it blossoms between two people, both from each world, it changes everything. This story is about those two single people who together not just changed the school, but also each other, forever.

Wow, this sounds like some kind of war between two countries or somethingXD Tell me what you think of it, down among the reviews! I love you all so much!