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- Epilogue -

One month later

Hermione was on the floor, wrestling Crookshanks to the ground.

Dratted cat, stay still. This is important!

She finally managed to wrangle the cat to stay still for long enough to attach a small item to his collar. Pulling back, her disgruntled cat immediately sat up and bounced onto the back of the sofa, a resentful glare in her direction as he watched to make sure Hermione didn't try to grab him again.

'Oh, stop looking at me like that,' she huffed. 'If you had stayed still like I asked, I wouldn't have had to pin you to the floor.'

Crookshanks lifted his paw and started to lick it, keeping his narrowed eyes fixed on her.

Hermione rolled her eyes and stood up. Maybe she should have just gone with a different idea. She brushed the cat fur from her clothes and poured a glass of wine, bringing it to her lips. Quickly, she placed it back on the table with a whack.

Ugh, I can't drink that.

She poured a second glass, this time juice, and took a mouthful to quench her dry, fur-lined throat.

Hearing a pop, she moved to the front room to greet Draco; taking the wine for him to drink instead.

'Hi, love, how was your day?' she asked.

'Good! I'm glad to back to working in France, things just move seamlessly in comparison.'

'After a month I would have thought you would be used to it again by now.'

'It still makes me happy, distance makes the heart grow fonder and all that rot,' he added with a shrug.

Hermione smiled and passed him the wine glass.

He gave her a confused look. He sniffed it tentatively and raised an eyebrow.

'What?' she asked.

'Should I be hunting for poison or something. I swear I don't know what I did.

Hermione rolled her eyes. 'You didn't do anything to deserve a potion in the drink.'

'Then what did you do?' he asked suspiciously.

'Honestly, it's not like I've never brought you a drink.'

'But it is like you have never brought me a drink without it being a special occasion or having done something you really shouldn't have... You didn't convert my broom cupboard into book storage did you‽'

Hermione whacked him in the arm with a scowl.

'Alright, alright, I'm sorry. So why am I getting a glass of wine then?'

'I just poured it and realised I couldn't stomach it,' she replied.

'Oh, well that's boring.'

Hermione gave him a withering glare and placed her hands on her hips. Draco flashed a quick grin in response and took a drink as he moved to the sofa. Crookshanks glared at him and swatted at his head.

Draco swatted the cat back and Crookshanks jumped down and settled on his lap as Draco scratched the orange-menace's neck.

Hermione huffed. 'Crooks isn't supposed to like you more than me.'

'You treat him too nicely,' Draco replied.

Hermione's mind flashed back to a few minutes ago when she was holding the cat to the floor. 'I doubt that's the reason,' she replied.

As Draco scratched the cat, his finger brushed something unexpected on his collar. He looked down and noticed an item attached to the collar. 'Hold still, Crooks,' he muttered, as he put the glass down and detached the strange object.

Lifting up the item, his brow furrowed. A baby pacifier. He glanced at Hermione who was standing in front of him, smile on her face.

'Is this—?' he began.

Hermione nodded.

'Are you—?'

'We,' Hermione said cheerfully.

'We're having a baby‽' he gasped.

'Yes, Daddy, we are,' she laughed at his wide eyes.

'That's wonderful news!' he cried out in delight, jumping up and lifting Hermione off her feet, spinning her around and around. He eventually put Hermione down and kissed her gently on the lips.

'I'm one month pregnant, I think we have Fred and George to thank for that.'

Draco smiled wildly. 'I'll have to let them know,' he replied cheekily, imagining the twins faces when they discovered that fact that their prank had a side-effect of fertility. This could even be a sweeter revenge than they had planned, he thought.

'Then we had best go and celebrate,' he whispered in her ear as he lifted her up and her legs wrapped around him.

Hermione laughed loudly as he quickly carried her to the bedroom.

It goes without saying that in the months that followed, Hermione was glowing with happiness; when she wasn't experiencing morning sickness, aching joints, a constantly-kicking baby, or in labour. A beautiful baby girl was born one week early - to the nervous panic of Draco - however, following Hermione's pre-written instructions he was able to care for the baby while Hermione recovered.

The Weasleys (san Ron and Arthur) came to celebrate the baby's birth and brought a mass of gifts with them. Molly confiscated the twins prank toys from the pile, however slipped one of her own prank creations into the pile instead. Hermione's spell identified the prank toy immediately… she is still planning sufficient retribution on the twins who continue to plead innocence with little effect.

Harry also came to celebrate, with the love-of-his-life – the person whose bed he had rolled out of that hectic morning so long ago. He had suggested the name Harriet for the baby and had been promptly thrown from the room by Draco. The little girl was instead named Lucy Helen Malfoy; after a white dwarf star and Hermione's mother.

Narcissa, Andromeda, and Bella attended as well. Bella brought a Muggle gift for the child, something she was assured was always vogue in the Muggle world by the sales assistant. Narcissa and Andromeda had handed over a booklet of 'I owe yous' to the couple, filled with baby-sitting and errand running promises.

And Hannah and Neville had sent their well-wishes, their own child being sick at the time – having just joined day care.

Of course, they also had their French friends supporting them as well. Draco took a year of paid leave off work, an entitlement thanks to Ron's hot-headedness, so he was thrilled to spent the extra time with his little family.

Yes, life was good for Draco, Hermione and little Lucy. Their past worries behind them, they were able to move on with their happy lives, now fully supported by friends and family.

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