Bella POV -

Idiot, I'm such an idiot. I've made a huge, stupid, mistake. Who am I to blame? Edward, Fucking, Cullen that's who. Five years ago he walked out of my life, leaving me on the forest floor to freeze to death. After that I had no regard for my own life, as soon as I graduated I entered a university in Seattle. Every night I went out partying, drinking and sex, lots of sex and the like, if my virginity wasn't good enough for Edward then I didn't care about it, how naive of me. One night I ended up having unprotected sex with some random guy. Nine months later I gave birth to my daughter, Grace Lauren Swan. That was when I had to turn my life around for the sake of my daughter, I exercised regularly and refused to drink alcohol again. I had a healthier body than I ever had, being a size 6 in clothes although my breasts became a C cup due to breast feeding. She was now five years old and I'd like to think I've been as good a mother as I can be between juggling motherly duties, university and working as a personal training. Charlie and Renee have been great, but mainly Charlie just supplied me with money but never met Grace, while Renee kept trying to find me a guy, Phil was a bit better he would also supply me with money and often hired my babysitter for me when I wouldn't be able to look after Grace due to working late. Phil had paid for Grace and myself to take a holiday to Europe, in which he gave us free tickets to see his game in Volterra, Italy and enjoy the ancient city. I thought something was wrong when I saw the night tour guide for the ancient castle, she was oddly beautiful. However it all made sense when I reached the throne room, red eyes vampires were standing around with three men on thrones. I picked my daughter up in my arms, she was clueless as to why I did.

"Keep your head and neck covered Grace," I said to her, knowing the vampires could hear me.

"Why do I need to do that mummy?" Grace replied looking up at me.

"Honey, please listen to your mother," I said looking into her eyes, begrudgingly she pulled her hood on over her head.

My eyes scanned the vampires who now looked at me intrigued, however when my eyes landed on a blonde, red eyed vampire I felt an instant pull. Her eyes went wide and she almost seemed to smile, which caused the entire collection of vampires to gasp.

"Ah welcome, Heidi you've brought our lunch at a great time," the man in the middle throne said. In a flash the blonde haired angel was right next to me, her eyes fixed on mine and she looked at the child in my hands.

"Come with me, please," she almost pleaded asking me to trust her.

I did, she quickly led my daughter and I out of the room and through the brick layered hallways to another room, it was surprisingly modern with a large modern bed, there was a small library in it and I could see the bathroom off to one side as well.

"Stay here please, I will be back soon. Make yourself at home," the blonde haired angel said.

"Hey Mummy, look they have picture books. Read one with me please," Grace said as she skipped over to the book case and picked out a picture book 'Buffy: An Adventure Story'.

"Alright sweetie," I said sitting down, she climbed onto my lap and I began to read, trying to ignore the screams that could be heard.

We were half way through our fifth picture book when the blonde haired angel returned, she looked slightly worried but when she saw me reading to Grace she smiled, which brought some comfort to me as I felt on edge.

"Might I ask your name?" she asked me.

"Isabella Marie Swan, this is my daughter Grace Lauren Swan. Say hello honey," I said in which my daughter said a small "Hello".

"My name is Jane Volturi, I have a lot to inform you. Will you two please come with me," she said anxiously.

"Alright, Grace honey we need to go with the lady," I said gesturing for her to get off of my lap.

"Aw, but I want to continue reading," Grace pouted adorably.

"Do not worry little one, we will be back here before you know it then you can read all the stories you want. I'll even read you some myself," Jane said lowering herself so that she was eye level with Grace, my heart seemed to swell when she said that.

"Mummy she has red eyes, can she read to me later?" Grace said looking up at me.

"I'm sure Jane will be happy to read to you sweetie, but to do that we need to go with her," I said gently.

"Okay," she said getting off of my lap, waiting for me to stand up in which she then demanded I carry her. I must have sucker all over my face because I just can't say no to that pout, so I picked her up and followed Jane back to the throne room.

"Ah, our guest joins us at last. I must apologise for the atrocities you must have heard before. My name is Aro, I'm the leader here and I'd be happy to explain everything to you," this man, why did I feel like I could trust him instantly.

"You need not explain, I know you vampires were feeding. I'm just glad my daughter and I weren't a part of it," I said.

"Mummy, what's a ampire?" Grace asked.

"Might I hold your hand?" Aro asked casually in which I held out my hand for him to take.

"Amazing, you completely block me. Forgive me but I wanted to see how you knew about our kind, but it appears you block my gift," he explained.

"If you're wondering about how I know about you, It's because I was told about you from my supposed 'Mate' five years ago," when I mentioned mate I heard Jane growl.

"Who might this person be?" Aro asked intrigued.

"His name was Edward Cullen, he told me that I was his singer and that since he couldn't read my mind it meant I was his mate," I explained.

"Obviously not because he dumped me a few weeks later," I shrugged.

"My dear Isabella, I am saddened by that revelation, though I do not believe that our conversation should be continued in front of the child," Aro looked concerned for Grace's innocence, since when were vampires ever like this.

"Jane, perhaps you should take the little girl back to your room while we continue the chat, have Gianna make her some dinner and set her to bed, it is rather quite later in the day now," Aro said sternly, Jane looked like she didn't want to leave.

"Yay! Stories!" Grace jumped in my arms and struggled to get down, in which I set her on the ground and she ran over to Jane immediately.

Jane took her hand and led her out of the room, leaving me in a room full of vampires. Yet oddly I didn't feel vulnerable to their attacks. Somehow I felt... safe.

"Everyone you may leave except those who are required as previously discussed," Aro said, with that everyone left except the three men and three women who I assumed were their wives.

"How much did the Cullen's tell you about us?" Aro inquired.

"It doesn't matter, she knew of us and she should be killed like the law dictates," the blonde haired man snapped.

"That would be unwise brother, this woman is Jane's mate, and even more she is Aro and Sulpicia's familial child," the tall dark brown haired man said.

"Tell me Isabella, how much do you know about vampire bonds?" he said directly to me.

"I only know about the mating bond, Edward my supposed mate explained to me the nature. Then he left me, proving he wasn't my mate. So I did what any depressed teenaged girl did and drank, partied and had sex. That's how I conceived my daughter," I said.

"With the mating bond, we cannot knowingly hurt our mate. Nor can we ever leave them, if Cullen left you it means he was never your mate," the blonde haired man said snidely.

"No shit asshole," I retorted, in which Aro boomed of laugher at the look on his brothers face.

"You insolent girl! I am Caius Volturi one of the three kings!" he roared but Aro intervened.

"Calm brother, she is only trying to rial you up. Now Isabella, there is the mating bond. But there is also the familial bond. The bond in which we find ourselves connected to someone as a parent/child. That is the bond in which myself and my wife share with you dear Isabella," Aro said, I found his words highly unrealistic but oddly truthful.

"So what does this mean?" I found myself asking.

"We do not expect you to accept us and our lifestyle straight away but only ask that you allow us the chance to get close to you before you become a vampire," Aro said.

"While that sounds like a great idea, you have to understand that my daughter comes first," I stressed.

"Of course Isabella, your daughter is our granddaughter," this time a blonde woman spoke softly.

"Isabella, this is my wife Sulpicia, she and I have the familial bonds with you and in time we hope you come to see us as your parents," Aro said placing his arm around his mate with a small smile.

"I'll have to give you an answer at a later date, I'm tired and I need to see my daughter is safe," I said thinking about Grace.

"Of course child, come we will walk you to Jane's room," Sulpicia said.

With that the chat ended, Sulpicia and Aro walked me through the great halls of the castle detailing me the nature of its build along with small bits about themselves until we got to Jane's room. Opening it up I was greeted to a magical sight, Jane had already tucked Grace into the large bed on one side and my daughter was already snoring as she slept. Jane looked up at me and gave a small smile which I returned.

"We'll leave you now, I'm sure you have a lot to talk about," Sulpicia said before she and Aro disappeared.

"I put her into some warm clothes before putting her to bed, she was really tired after our fourth book," Jane said quietly.

"Thank you so much, usually she's difficult to get to sleep," I said walking over and checking her.

"My pleasure Isabella, your daughter is my daughter," Jane replied and I smiled at her.

"Did Aro explain the nature of our bonds?" Jane asked nervously.

"He did, but I cannot say I can immediately accept our relationship. Cullen broke me when he left and it was only after the birth of my daughter that I was able to forget... I need time to comprehend this new information, is that okay?" I replied, the look of admiration she gave me caused butterflies to flutter in my stomach and my cheeks to blush like a teenaged girl.

"I understand Isabella, I have been waiting thousands of years for you, mi amor," she said, I'm glad I studied Spanish in university because what she said made me blush more.

"Do you have anything I can change into? And can I have a shower?" I asked shyly, she was making me feel like a teenager with a crush.

"You're about my size, I'll give you some of my clothes, as for the bathroom it is over there," she gestured to a closed door.

I thanked her before walking to the door and opening it, inside was the bathroom from a luxurious five star hotel, there was a bath big enough for both Jane and I to fit and Grace as well. Next to it was a shower with four heads, the toilet was also in a separate section. It seemed she had stocked up on soaps and deodorant as well. Jane handed me some clothes and I closed the door behind me and turned on the shower. The feeling of the four heads pouring warm water on my body was heaven personified. I could find myself liking it here quite a lot.

When I was finished I dried myself and then put on the clothes Jane had given me, they smelt of vanilla and lavender such a rich aromatic scent to them. I walked out of the bathroom with the towel on my head drying it.

"Your showers are amazing," I said.

"I'm glad you approve, mi amor," Jane smiled and I sat down on the side of the bed.

"I'll talk more in the morning?" I said almost hesitantly, but my body was suffering from exhaustion.

I slid into the bed near my daughter but gave her some room, I found myself surprised when Jane slid in next to mer, her cold body was actually quite comforting and I found myself snuggling into her as I drifted off to sleep. I wasn't quite sure but I felt as if she stole a kiss.

Jane POV

After thousands of years of being without my mate to finally have her in my arms felt like heaven. I stole a kiss from her before she fell asleep, and I continued to examine her sleeping form as she slept. Her daughter was just as beautiful as she was, the young girl was enamoured with reading as I'm sure her mother might be as well. I felt annoyed that someone else had her before me, but I knew that I would have her for all of eternity. The only surprise that came to me was that she had a familial bond to King Aro and Queen Sulpicia, the two left with smiles. I knew that without I doubt I would do anything to protect Isabella and her child, even while she's human. When she was a vampire I'm sure she'll be quite the warrior, she seemed to have that fighting spirit. I would still protect her and her child though and I'm positive she will turn her child as soon as she comes of age.

I let my thoughts wonder about the woman in my arms. She slept so peacefully, but something she did that surprised me was that she sleep talks. "Jane so comfortable," came out of her sleeping mouth then her body reacted and entwined her legs in my own. The next time she said "better than he ever was," and snuggled her head into the space between my shoulder. I gladly held her and even though my eyes darkened I was content to just lay with my mate for hours. However when she started making small sexual sounds I was forced to place my hand gently over her mouth as to avoid waking her up just to have sex with her. Especially with her daughter in the bed with us, it would not have ended well. I closed my eyes in thought and listened to the sound of Isabella and young Grace's heart beat, they were in tune with one another. However the young girl woke earlier, when she stretched she took a few moments to take in where she was, looking over at us with Bella still asleep I placed a finger to my lips telling her to stay quiet which she nodded. Gently I pulled out my phone, Aro answered immediately.

"Yes Jane?" he asked in a hushes whisper.

"Isabella's child is awake but she is still sleeping, I think she needs to sleep... would you and Sulpicia be able to take the child until she wakes up?"

"Of course, we would love to spend the morning with our granddaughter," Sulpicia answered for Aro, I could also hear his agreement.

With that I hung up the phone and turned to Grace, the girl looking at me with utter curiosity plastered on her young face. I quietly slipped from holding Bella as gently as I could, she just turned in bed and continued to sleep.

"Grace, let's let your mother sleep. Your grandparents will be here soon to take you out for breakfast," I quietly told her.

"Okay," she yawned stretching, she seemed to not mind the castle at all.

Moments later there was a quiet knock on the door, barely registered by vampire hearing. I opened the door to see Aro and Sulpicia. Grace walked over and looked up at the king and queen with small olive green eyes.

"Are you Renee's ex husband?" she asked them.

"No child... but we are Isabella's parents, and therefore your grandparents," Sulpicia said leaning down to be eye level.

"You have red eyes, they look pretty. Mummy says she used to love someone with gold eyes, but he was what she called a dick... what's a dick?" Grace asked innocently and Sulpicia looked mortified at the young girls question while Aro suppressed a chuckle.

"That is a question that should be answered later sweetie, for now we should let your mother sleep. Tell me child, what do you want for breakfast, we'll get you anything you want," Sulpicia said with a radiant smile, one thing I haven't seen for quite a while.

"Do you have blueberry and banana pancakes with ice cream and waffles?" Grace's eyes lit up like a lightbulb.

"I'm sure we can manage that," Sulpicia said.

Silently they left the room yet Grace's young voice could still be heard from a while away speaking with Sulpicia and Aro. I went back to bed and slid in with my mate who was soundly asleep. I continued listening to the soft beats of her heart well into the day, when it started increase I could hear the gentle yawn that came from her as she began to wake.

"Grace? Grace!" Isabella shouted immediately, noticing her daughter was missing.

"Calm down Isabella," I said trying to sooth her.

"Where is my daughter!" She shouted frantically.

"She's having breakfast with your parents," I replied.

Isabella immediately shot out of bed, and ran out of the room. I had to follow her and guide her towards the kitchen where I could hear Grace talking to botch Sulpicia and Aro with the curiosity that comes with being that age.

"Grace!" Isabella shouted barging in to see the young girl sitting at a table with a plate of blueberry and banana pancakes on top of waffles with french vanilla ice cream and maple syrup on top.

"Morning Mummy, Janie said you needed sleep so she asked Nana and Papa to look after me," Grace said through a mouth full of food.

"Good morning Isabella, we did not mean to frighten you. Jane requested you sleep longer and so asked us to care for your daughter as we are your grand parents," Sulpicia said with a smile.

"Nana made me that breakfast you say we couldn't afford, how awesome is that!" Grace said holding up a fork with a piece of pancake and maple syrup on it.

"Heidi is currently getting your breakfast, please sit join us," Aro said pulling up a seat for Isabella next to Grace. I sat on the opposite side of the table next to Aro.

"How did you find the sleep?" Aro asked, while Grace was animately talking to Sulpicia about primary school and how she disliked that she wasn't able to see her mother much due to work.

"I slept better than I have in years... since... he left," she admitted and I suppressed a growl.

"Might I ask who this 'He' is?" Aro further inquired, I too wanted to know what the name of the vampire who hurt my mate is.

"Edward Cullen".