Chapter 6: Revelation

Like a small boat...

On the ocean...

Sending big waves...

Into motion...

Like how a single word...

Can make a heart open...

I might only have one match...

But I can make an explosion...

Bella POV ~

I had beaten Emmett and Felix in arm wrestling around ten times each. They had been insistent that it was just my newborn strength and that they would have no problem in beating me when my newborn phase was over. Eleazar commented on my level of control and diagnosed it down to both the familial bond to the only human in the room along with the mental shield that protects my mind. Jane and Victoria had been talking for quite a while, I found that I was missing Jane dearly. They came back in when I was on a break and Emmett and Felix were having an arm wrestle between themselves to determine who was stronger, Rosalie was cheering Emmett on while I cheered on Felix.

"Hey Bella, we're going to go shopping later. Want to come with?" Heidi said, Chelsea was currently on her lap and Heidi was purring as she spoke.

"Sure thing," I replied.

"Mind if I come as well?" Alice spoke up, she hadn't spoken much at all today.

"Sure, whatever not like I really care," I dismissed her and I knew I had hurt her feelings.

"What happened Bella?" Alice suddenly asked and the room got quiet, very, very, quiet.

"Are you sure you want to be asking that question?" Jane's tone made her threat clear.

"I think we have a right to know, seeing as you're the ones who wanted us to leave in the first place. Why are you blaming us?" Alice ignored Jane and spoke right to me, my fist clenched.

"What did you say?" there was anger in my tone.

"I said why are you blaming us for leaving? Edward said that you wanted us gone from your life. That we were a safety hazard, so we left. You don't have a right to be angry at us, at me" Alice said, and I snapped.

My fist connected with her face and she went flying. Jasper immediately responded with violence but he was suppressed by Jane who used her power on him. Tanya was holding Grace away from us with her hands over her ears, much to my daughter's displeasure.

"How dare you think that! You bitch. I endured hell after you left. And you think that I wanted you gone, You do realise that I spent the rest of year 12 depressed because YOU weren't there. I could deal without Edward, but YOU Alice. You were my best friend, and I didn't survive without you. How dare you think that I wanted you gone!" I roared and punched her again.

"Let's calm down, surely we can just talk about this," Carlisle said calmly.

"Clearly she cannot Carlisle, Isabella is letting out her pent up grief. Do you really think it wise that she contain it once again, especially after what your coven did to her. I should execute you for the crime of not turning a human alone," Caius snapped at him.

"Brother, we will do no such thing. Though I agree that Isabella should let her frustration out," Aro said from where they were all talking.

"Their bonds are hardly there, but they still exist. It's possible that this will help them get over the past," Marcus added and Didyme agreed.

"Edward told us you wanted us gone Bella, he said that you didn't feel safe with us anymore and wanted us out of your lives," Esme pleaded to me.

"You listened to the words of a selfish spoilt brat and allowed him to dictate your movements," Jane cut in.

"He said it was his choice because he is..." Jane and I growled, and Victoria did too surprisingly.

"He was, your mate that it was his choice," Esme said.

"And you blindly followed him! You know very well that vampires cannot leave their mate knowing that they'll put them in danger. Edward knew the effect it would have on Bella and you all allowed him to do that! What a joke of a 'family', That should have been the sign that told you that Bella was not Edward's mate and that he had no right to leave her with the knowledge of our kind!" Jane snapped at Esme.

"He-He..." Alice stammered.

"He what Alice!" I shouted.

"He left Bella, alone while I was still around. The only reason I never attacked was because I care for Bella, and I watched her go through all the pain knowing that if I interfered I would hurt her more and I couldn't do that. You all abandoned her and I was forced to watch without being able to comfort, do you know how much that pains me," Victoria cut in, she was beyond pissed and I felt as if she were protecting me like Jane would.

"You left her at the mercy of another vampire!" Heidi shouted standing up causing Chelsea to fall onto the ground ungracefully, she hadn't known about Victoria stalking me.

"No, you don't get to play victim here Alice, you don't get to say it's my fault or hating you. You abandoned me when I needed you most, you became but a distant memory. Hell I'd even play video games with Emmett all freaking week if it meant that none of you had left me, but you did. You left me alone, depressed so I did what stupid humans did. And now, I'm an adult, hell I have a five year old daughter. You think you can just appear again and I'll let you back in, no, it doesn't work like that. You don't get to be the victim who gets her friend back easily, playing on my faults. You, Alice, are nothing to me anymore. Heidi is my best friend, hell, even Felix and Alec were better friends than you ever were. So you can come with us as if we were friends again, but we are not friends Alice. You have a lot to make up for before we can get to that point," I had her backed in a corner now, my red eyes glowed right into her golden ones.

"Bella please..."

"No Esme. You do not get to act like you care, clearly you didn't care enough since you just abandoned me. You don't get to act like my mother, Sulpicia is my mother and she has been more motherly towards me than you ever were. You don't get to act like you cared. Do you know what you are? Someone who wasn't able to have a child when she was alive and is stuck in that time grabbing onto anything that you can mother. How old were you when you were turned? 25? and your mothering skills suck, you gave into a 117 year old vampire, who acts like he is 17. I'm 24, I have a legitimate daughter so don't you dare try to act like my mother when you've never even had a child," I snapped.

Esme deflated with that comment. I was furious and needed to get out of here or punch something, or better yet, both.

"Felix, training room now!" I all but shouted storming out the door at vampire speed.

When we arrived I immediately attacked him, being a better fighter Felix easily blocked it but his arms cracked under the force of my attack. Of course, liking a challenge he fought back causing cracks on my own skin. I dodged a punched then managed to clip Felix in his head sending him flying into another wall.

"We're going to have a lot of walls to fix with Isabella here," Athenadora commented from where she, Caius, Jane, Victoria and everyone else stood in the doorway.

"Go Mummy! Beat Felix!" Grace shouted from the doorway.

"Go ahead honey, I know you want to join," Athenadora said to Caius.

"Be careful brother, Isabella isn't as skilled as you are," Aro said to Caius.

I felt Caius run at me from behind while Felix was attacking me. I ducked as he went to kick me then spun my legs around hitting the one he was using to stand on causing him to fall over. Athenadora laughed at him. Felix was back and he got me good in the chest, causing me to flip backwards onto my back. I got up and blocked a roundhouse kick from Cauis with one hand then ducked under Felix's causing him to accidentally kick Caius instead.

Edward POV~

Forks, the place where I first met Bella. It held many memories for the two of us. Once we're back here I'm positive that she'll be back to her old self. Quiet, loving Bella that always did as she was told. I was waiting at the treaty line for Jacob, though I hadn't seen him for seven years I doubt much has changed with the mutt. His russet wolf form appeared at the treaty line along with the rest of his pack and a few other wolves I hadn't recognised before.

"Jacob," I said, the wolf went behind a tree and shifted back into his human form.

"Edward, I'd say it's good to see you again. But that would be a lie," Jacob said.

"I'm here because I need you're help rescuing Bella," I said.

"Come with us, the Elder's are waiting for you," Jacob turned and I followed, surrounded by the stench of the mutts.

The old men were all waiting for me at their tribal circle. The old fools only looked older but their minds still had the same amounts of stubbornness. Carlisle had sent me a picture of Bella from the castle as I had requested.

"Cullen, what is this about Bella still being alive?" Billy Black said.

"Take a look at these pictures Carlisle was able to acquire, Bella is being held by the Volturi, a group of tyrannical vampires that rule our world," I passed them my phone and their faces grew enraged as did their thoughts as they saw the images that I may or may not have photoshopped.

"So they're holding Bella and Grace there as prisoners?" Quil Sr asked and I nodded.

"We have to get her back," a woman spoke up.

"Sue I know how close you are to Charlie, and he's my best friend as well. But we have to do this carefully," Billy said to her.

"Our first priority should be getting Grace, Bella would want her daughter safe above herself," Jacob suggested.

"I know the castle, it's weak spots and I can help get us around the guards. I can't do it alone, they're heavily guarded. That's why I called, I need your help getting Bella and Grace out of there," I didn't mention that Bella was a vampire now but that was beside the point.

If I take Grace and explain to her that I am her actual father then Bella will return to me without objection. I'm her mate after all and she should listen to me like she used to. Nothing has changed, she is my mate and I am the dominant one. She'll come to see my view of things in no time.

"Alright, We'll help you Cullen. Jacob will come with you along with his Beta Sam, Paul and Leah. We can only spare those four as the others are still learning and require more time to properly control their shift. And Quil Jr's fiancé is due to have a baby soon so his wolf won't allow him to leave her," Billy Black said.

"That's a good amount, small enough to sneak in but not too small that we can't kill what resistance we meet," I said.

"We'll be ready to leave within a days time," Jacob said.

"Jacob, Grace will be our first priority. If you can only get one of them out get her first. Bella would want it that way," Leah, the female wolf said.

I had only planned to get the young girl anyway. She would serve as the bait that would lead Bella away from those monsters. I've called up a few of Carlisle's friends who hate the Volturi to come and help, I've also called up Peter and Charlotte who were Jasper's friends telling them Jasper asked me to call as we need their help. They were on their way to Fork's straight away, along with Vladimir and Stefan who the Volturi overthrew centuries ago. A friend of Carlisle named Garrett was also willing to help. Of course I told them that the Volturi was holding my mate hostage as leverage to try to get Alice and I to join them.

It felt like hardly any time had passed since the meeting finished when Jacob and the other three were knocking on my door telling me they were ready.

We got into my car, though I disliked the foul smell of the mutts I needed their help to make Isabella see things my way. The drive to the airport was made with small talk among the wolves, mostly asking about what to do once we were there. The flight to Italy wasn't as bad as they were occupied with food and movies that were available. We arrived at night and drove all the way to Volterra, sure I was exiled but I'm here to take back what's mine.

Bella POV~

I spent a good few hours taking out my frustrations in the training room with both Caius and Felix. Emmett decided to join in seeing a fight and not being able to be a part of it was killing him, I'll admit I enjoyed fighting against the three of them. Caius also tested Felix's skills and it was an all around fight. Grace had taken Tanya away to watch Frozen with her, much to everyones relief. Tanya was more than willing to watch Frozen with Grace, but I made sure Didyme was with them. Alice and Jasper were watching quietly while Esme looked downright sad and Carlisle, well I don't know where he went actually.

Emmett was the one person who I couldn't be mad at. I remember seeing him a few times when the Cullen's disappeared, I would catch a glimpse of him somewhere and then blink and he would be gone. He did confirm during our fight that he would often tell Edward to go screw himself and come and watch me from a far. Though he confesses to never being aware of Victoria watching me otherwise he would have made himself known. He was acting like my brother still, and I missed the way he did that. He even managed to cause me to promise to play video games with him some time in the future.

Once we were finished, well, it was safe to say the room needed to be repaired from the amount of wall that was laying around in the room. I retired back to my room with Jane and Victoria came with us surprisingly. I had just finished taking a shower, sure I didn't need it but I wanted to take one anyways.

"Isabella can we talk with you," Jane said, I was currently in a towel with another one drying my hair.

"Sure love, what is it?" I said walking out of the bathroom.

"Victoria would like to say something," Jane said with a smile that made my heart beat.

"What is it Victoria?" I turned to her and our eyes met.

I was highly confused, I felt the same pull that I had to Jane. But it was more intense, I don't know what came over me but before I knew it I had Victoria pressed up against the wall, my body against hers. Her breathing increased despite the fact we don't need to breath anymore.

"Why do I feel the mating pull to you as well as Jane," I said, then my mouth attached itself to her neck causing her to moan.

"We-we are also m-mates Isabella," she managed to get out.

"The three of us are mates, Victoria held off because she knew she'd have a harder time for you to accept both her and I when human," Jane said but my mouth and mind were already occupied on Victoria's neck.

"I-I love you Isabella," Victoria managed to get out and I growled, eyes darkening.

My towel dropped and I ripped off Victoria's dress and tossing her onto the bed. Jane also joined us as my instincts took over, by the time I could think properly we were all naked. I had two mating marks on either side of my neck from Jane and Victoria. Jane had two from Victoria and I and Victoria had two from Jane and I. I knew I'd have to ask Uncle Marcus about this but I felt as strongly for Victoria as I do for Jane. I don't even know how long we were at it but it would probably have been at least 12 hours, if not more.

"Worth the wait Tori?" Jane purred at our redhaired mate.

"Worth it in every way," she purred in reply.

I was in the middle and had my head against Jane's shoulder and cuddled up to her while Victoria's head was on my chest and she was cuddled up to me. I purred my agreement and that we could go for another round if they wanted, which of course they did.

Edward POV~

I had gotten the wolves and I into the castle, we had already killed the guards that were stationed by the secret entrance. We managed to get inside where Carlisle met us.

"Grace is with Tanya, they're currently watching a movie. I can draw Tanya away while you take the girl then I'll signal the guards as you make your escape making it appear as if you're taking Grace. Then I'll plant the footage you made. You can mislead the wolves into thinking that you were found and are only able to get Grace," Carlisle said.

"Good, let's go," I led the wolves following behind Carlisle. We waited silently just out of hearing range as Carlisle went to get Tanya.

They were engaged in a conversation and we managed to slip into the room. The young girl was on a couch watching Frozen. Leah went up to the girl and she turned to looked at the female wolf confused.

"Aunty Lee-Lee, what are you doing here?" Grace asked looking up at the woman.

"Come with me Grace, we're going to get you out of here," Leah said and picked Grace up who was tired.

"Your mother wants you to come with us," Leah said and Grace nodded.

"What do you think you're doing!" Shit, Tanya came back quicker than expected.

"Run!" I barked and the wolves listened, they sprinted off towards the exit with Grace and I followed.

"Edward!" Tanya growled and raced after me, however I was faster and we were well out of Volterra by the time anyone was alerted to what was happening.

This is the first step to getting Bella to be mine again. Now that I had Grace she would no doubt follow me, Carlisle would need to get out of there as well and back to our house in Forks. I couldn't wait till Bella accepts me as her mate. I'll have to clean her body with my own to remove the vile smell that Jane left on her.

"Aunt Lee-Lee where are we going?" the young girl asked confused.

"Somewhere safe sweetie," Lead replied and I rolled my eyes.

Bella POV ~

Two days later, that's when we were able to stop. I was feeling great and comfortable with my mates, and had accepted that Victoria was also one of my mates. Easier to do now that I was a vampire however someone bursting through the door interrupted us.

"Someone better be dying," Jane muttered as she opened the door.

"Isabella! Grace has been kidnapped!" Heidi came running in, those heart stopping (pun intended) words causing me to shoot out of bed.

"What! By who!" I shouted at her.

"Edward! The guard have detained Carlisle for helping him. The other Cullen's were as surprised as us to hear this. Tanya is flipping out as well," Heidi said.

It took me five seconds to get dressed, literally. Victoria and Jane followed suit and we were in the throne room where Alec and Felix were holding Carlisle and Dad had just taken his hands off of him. He then whispered to Sulpicia who slapped Carlisle leaving cracks in his face.

"What's this about Fuckward kidnapping my daughter?" I growled venomously.

"Edward kidnapped Grace in order to force you to come to him and view him as your mate not Jane," Aro said disgusted.

"And Victoria," Marcus added.

"Alice did you know he would do this?" I looked at her accusingly.

"Well... he kept on changing his mind. I couldn't tell until it was too late. I'm sorry Bella, I would have told you if I had known," Alice pleaded.

"Carlisle, why did you help Edward," his name was like poison to my voice.

"Because he wants you Bella. I said I'd help because he's my son, I don't tell him no about anything. He wants you and he wants a throne, so I'd give him both. I gave him all the numbers of people I have favours owed to me, and he's gathering them up. With you he'll overthrow the Volturi, which reminds me. Tanya you owe me a debt when I saved Kate. I expect you to join Edward," the nerve he had to speak this out loud, I could see my parents, uncles and aunts were very enraged.

"Carlisle she stole my mate from her mother and you purposely distracted me knowing well what he did. My debt to you Carlisle is paid by simply not killing you right here and now," Tanya said not looking at him.

"They left this," Chelsea handed me a USB drive which Aro took and plugged into Sulpicia's laptop.

A video came up of Edward. 'Hello Bella, by now your daughter will be in my grasp. We will be where it all began my love. If you want to see her again you'll come back and accept me as your rightful mate. From there we will invade Volterra and take over so that Carlisle and I will be king of the vampire world. Don't worry I'll make sure you're daughter is alive, though I cannot assure you of how... safe she'll be. Tic tic love.' and the video ended.

"Carlisle Cullen you are a monster!" Didyme shouted, he looked at her as if daring her to hurt him.

"See Bella, the easiest way to resolve this is to leave your fake mates and go to your real mate. I may have said I'm happy for you, but that's a lie because Edward wasn't happy. If you ever want to see Grace again you'll do it," Carlisle smirked, I had enough of his talk.

"You won't be around to see what I decide to do," I snapped walking up to him.

"Edward won't let anything happen to me, I'm his creator," Carlisle snarled at me.

"I don't see Fuckward here right now, do you?" I said looking around the room, realisation came across Carlisle's face.

"Jasper, Alice, Emmett, Rosalie, Esme help me, we're leaving this instant," Carlisle said.

"Fuck off Carlisle, you helped Edward kidnap Bella-Bear's kid. And you expect me to help you? Get real, in fact I'll be volunteering to help come find her and then I'll join the Volturi after that. How about you Rose?" Emmett said looking at is wife.

"You've gone too far Carlisle, we've only just found out Bella is alive and you and Edward are trying to force her to leave her mates. You can tell easily that Jane and Victoria are Bella's mates by the way they interact with her and she them. I'm with Emmett on this," then she turned to me.

"Bella, I know we weren't especially close when human. But I'm with Emmett, we'll do anything we have to in order to help you get Grace back," I was touched by her words.

"Jasper, Alice?" Carlisle was desperate now.

"No Carlisle, you knew that he was doing this. I couldn't see it, I've gone along with everything you've done until now. What you're asking us to do is suicide, I don't want Alice and I to be killed for your selfishness. You're not the man we though you were, and not the father figure that we expected. I'm with Emmett and Rose on this one," Jasper was the one to talk, Alice looked downright sad.

"I would gladly offer my service as my debt to you Isabella," Jasper said kneeling down onto one knee and lowering his head.

"You're alone Carlisle," I said leering above him.

"You can't do this to me!" he roared and tried to get out of Felix and Alec's grip.

"Hold him still for my boys," Felix and Alec did so.

I raised a palm and swung down towards his neck, his head come off with a 'Pop' and his body fell limp to the floor. I heard a terrified cry that came from Esme as she saw her husband headless.

"Have Gianna burn the body," Aro said.

"The entire elite guard will be required to move out, we have a war on our hands and a kidnapped princess. I want every Elite Guard into the throne room in 10 minutes, no less," Caius shouted as Carlisle's body was taken away.

"He's dead, and whoever helped him is also dead," I growled impatiently.

"We're joining you, she's my mate and our coven feels responsible for part of it as well. I should have stayed with her, I should have seen Carlisle's deception coming. I'm... sorry," Tanya looked like she were crying.

"You should have stayed with her, she was in your protection. When we get her back you and I will be having a serious conversation about this, Titania Denali," I snapped at her.

The entire elite guard were all gathering in the throne room along with the rest of the Cullen coven and the Denali's. Only one though was going through my head.

I'm going to kill you, Edward Cullen