A/N: Hi! OK all, this is my first Snowbarry fic. This one is an AU high school story so it's clear. I'm telling it through Caitlin's point of view for right now. I only have the first chapter written and I'm brainstorming for the next ones to come. Please tell me what you think of this so far. I would really love reviews it will help me write faster and post frequent updates. This story is going to center on Snowbarry, there are other characters to come, possibly other ships. Hope you like it! :)

If someone would have told me I, Caitlin Snow, was going to be paired up with the new kid, Barry Allen, for the anatomy project, I would have definitely told them they were nuts off their rocker. Not to mention I'm shaking inside because it's worth more than half my grade in Science class.

I was worried because the teacher paired us up at random so that meant we weren't allowed to choose who our partners would be. My best friend Cisco Ramon rolled his eyes at the whole thing. He's too smart for our class anyway. He always told me I was too smart for the entire school. I guess in some way he had a point. Being smart made us feel like powerful mutants.

I sent him a text to meet me at my locker to discuss what we're going to do when we get off. I spotted him coming my way. He always wore these out of character shirts, basically a nerd's high end wardrobe. I like to call it nerd suave. I kind of envy his personal style. Beats me, I had an ordinary pony tail, glasses that were imprinted on my nose bridge and my favorite jacket over one of my many denim fitted jeans. I know I'm a girl, but I prefer not to wear dresses and skirts unless I absolutely have to.

"Hey Cait, did you watch the new episode of Space Invaders last night on Netflix? Too bad my little brother and dad used the desktop when it aired." He mumbled.

I bit my lip and stuffed the rest of my notebooks inside my locker. Half of me was listening and the other half was dreading this project with the new guy.

"No I didn't catch it. I'm too stressed about class. I can't believe the teacher. She's so unreasonable. To be paired up with someone I don't even know, what if I get a bad grade?" I grumbled.

"Well you could get to know this guy," Cisco suggested. I gave him a look. "It couldn't hurt. Just interview him to see what he's like. If he'll flake, at least you have a warning. We do that sometimes."

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah like it's gonna be that easy Cis. Guys aren't like that." I grabbed my next book, unable to bring myself to the next class but pushed myself anyway. "See ya later." I waved at him.

"Give him a chance; you never know the clique might not have sucked his entire soul out yet." Cisco said leaving me to go to English. Now I was forced to fend for myself. Just great, now I'm left with all these annoying thoughts too.

I heard Barry Allen was the new guy a few weeks ago but apparently Ronnie, Iris and Linda already tried to convert him to their cliqued up ways. I hated that. Not that it was bad having just Cisco as my friend, it's just our school hardly gets new kids anymore. Not that I wanted Barry Allen to be my friend. For a second I thought he was like me and Cisco, nerdy and hopeless as well as dateless, turns out, Barry's a jock and proved it by signing up for track immediately.

I admit, OK, during PE class I've watched him run before, he has this charisma and charm that you were only born with. His smile could light an entire country. I hate that. I hate myself for feeling this way. I wasn't crushing, hell to the no. Barry Allen will never have that affect on me. No matter how good he looks right after a 5 mile sprint. I digress.

I hope school in general (minus the only class I have with Barry) will get my mind off of this pending project. I'm more dreading it because I don't know what kind of a student he is. To continue running for the track team, you need to maintain a C or higher to stay. I can't deal with a C, call me uptight and prompt but I can't handle anything lower than an 89% even getting that percent would kill me. Barry better not be one those "bottom of the barrel" types of guys. I don't believe I have the patience for it.

Cisco is right. All this speculating and I clearly have no idea who this guy actually is. I don't even think we made eye contact once. That meant I didn't see his reaction when I heard our names were called together. He probably – for my sake anyway – has no clue who I am and maybe will probably get Linda to work with him in my place. For a popular girl, Linda is actually more at my level. Part of me felt sorry that she gets teased about it from her friends but anybody who hangs around the popular knows what they are getting into.

If I have to be paired up with someone besides Cisco I normally get their information, barely speak to them about anything other then what we're assigned to do and cross my fingers that the oral presentation goes off without a stitch of error.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, I have no idea who Barry Allen is or if he's going to purposely make this experience hellish for myself. I'm annoyed with not knowing too.

Cisco said I should go talk to him and I'm half thinking I should and half hoping he'll ask Linda to trade. Barry didn't even come to talk to me about it. It was just announced yesterday. Science is my last class of the day. It sucks that I have to wait to talk to him. I guess that means I'm going through with it. Oh well, then there is also tracking him down before class, after his track meet.

I don't think I have the courage to talk with him among other jocks. I'll be the laughing stock and I know I'll regret it because Barry probably allow them to bully me.

I received another text, it was from Cisco.

Quit stressing girl. If you want a good grade just go after him already.
I could see you making up an excuse.
Just ignore what you think you know. Go talk to him. Let me know how it goes! xx

"Easy for you to say." I sighed and checked the time.

Was I going to flag this guy down or what? I feel like this was going to be now or never.

OK, whatever, I'll give it a shot.