DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings characters and places featured in this story. Thank You

Prologue ~*~

A tall blonde elf was running for his life. He had lost his bow and all his arrows. Even his two little knives had been lost when he fell into the river. The elf was not alone though. He had some friends with him. There were two men, one with black hair the other with brownish blonde hair. There was also a small dwarf with the handle of a broken ax in his hand. The two men carried, upon their backs, two small halflings each. The halflings were too weak to run with their friends. There had also been a ninth member to this group. The man, or rather wizard had been lost in the Mines of Moria at the bridge of khazad-dûm. The loss had devastated the group. They had run from Moria to the land of Lothlorien where they had met the Lady of the Wood. She gave them boats and sent them down the Great River. Before the company had gotten to their destination, they had come to some unexpected rapids, put there by the enemy, no doubt. All their boats had been overturned and them, washed away in the rushing waters. They had been thrown against rocks and bashed against the jagged walls. They were all to weak to swim to shore when they came to the calm before the waterfall, Rauros. They were swept over the edge, thinking that they had failed their mission and they were all prepared to die. When they woke up, they found themselves on a strange shore. No one knew where they were but they knew they had best get away from the river. Finding that all their weapons had been lost or broken, except for the black-haired man's sword. They picked up the four halflings and started running. This is what they are doing now. They all ran on. Silently, not talking. Finally, the woods started to thin out and they came out in a huge grassy lawn. In front of them was a huge castle. Bloodied and bruised, and hurting terribly from many un found injuries, they made their way slowly up to the castle.