Epilogue ~*~

Frodo woke up laying on the green grass of Lothlorien. His friends were all laying asleep with smiles on their faces. He sat up and began to wonder about the strange dream. Was it real? If it was, where was Gandalf? He didn't know what to think. He sat there in silence for a long time. His mind was racing with many thoughts. He thought about his mission. He thought about his dream. He thought about his companions.

"I wish I was back in the Shire," he thought aloud to himself.

"We all do," Sam said sitting down next to him, "Come on, you need to rest, you've been sitting up all night. We're leavin' in the morning. "

"Leaving, but we've only just arrived," Frodo said quietly.

"Did you have a dream too," Sam asked suddenly, "About Dumbledore, and Harry Potter."

"And Quiddtich," came Pippin and Merry's voices from behind.

"How strange," Frodo thought, "Maybe it wasn't a dream."

"I don't know," Sam said, "At any rate, we've got a long boat ride ahead of us. We can talk to Strider. We all need to rest."

"Yes young Halfling, you should sleep. All of you need rest." it was Legolas standing in front of them now, "Especially, you Ring Bearer."

"I know," said Frodo laying down and closing his eyes and immediately falling asleep.

Sam watched his master for awhile before he too went to sleep. None of them knew if they had all shared a dream or if it had been real. They didn't know if Earth was real but Pippin's dreams were filled with Quidditch.

A/N: Kay, I'm finished. I will now begin the revising process. Thank you all for your comments and I hope to write a sequel. Sorry this was so short.