Authors Notes: So this story has been bouncing around in my head since RWBY first came out. I figured that now would be as good a time as any to get these ideas out of my head and onto paper.

Disclaimer- I don't own RWBY... If i did though... hehehe.

Prologue: The Start of... Something

I had to give her one thing, the girl was talented.

She wasn't a straight strength kind of person. Not that she didn't have strength, cutting through a beowolf does take some strength after all. Her style seemed to rely more on graceful slashes mixed with a high speed fight. All in all I'd say her style was actually pretty close to mine, minus the giant scythe of course.

She has great potential to become probably one of the best fighters in a long time, assuming she makes it out of all those beowolves alive. All it will take is one mistake on her part and she's done, granted if these beowolf had any kind of leadership or alpha directing them this fight would have been over already. A single rush to pile on her would have more then likely overwhelmed her defenses and ended any real fight before it could begin.

It's probably a good thing that she's killing these things now. If she didn't do it I would step in and do it myself. It saddens me that the once proud race of Grimm have fallen to such lowly levels.

Her choice in clothing was... strange to say the least. Last I checked people usually wore amour to come fight Grimm, not skirts and red hooded capes. I guess whatever works for you though.

It seems that she has the battle mostly won at this point. The Beowolves have only manged a single glancing blow which she deflected with that scythe of hers. Based on the crouched style and the new cartridge she put into her scythe she probably has a colossal high speed finish attack planned, and the Beowolves aren't even taking advantage of the prep time she needs to set this up! They're just standing their watching her. Yeah if she leaves any alive I'm coming out of my cave to kill any survivors myself.

Watching her is like watching a deadly dance. Her weapon sings out its death song in high speed slashes and whirlwind strikes. It truly is a joy to see someone so young take such passion in their art of fighting. Granted the victory dance might just be a tad bit immature, but that's just me I guess.

Figuring that their will be no more to the show I turn to enter back into my cave and get some sleep until a hear something that seems out of place in this silenced wood. A scream of pain coming from the direction of the battle that just took place. Turing back to the scene it seems i might have slightly misjudged the Beowolves from before.

One of them was smart enough to hide from the fight waiting for either the girl to wear herself out or let her guard down. Taking in the scene in an instant I see that the wolf hid under the snow behind the girl and likely pounced on her when she was doing her little victory dance.

However before in can take advantage of the downed girl with the broken leg and bleeding side the girl decides to take matters into her own hands and cuts the thing in half with her scythe.

I myself now face a decision on how I should proceed with what is happening before me. I can just ignore the girl who just took out a pack of roughly fifty Beowolves, leaving her to become the meal of some other creature of this forest and go back into my cave, or as my logical side would call it the smart and reasonable decision. The second option would be to go over and try and save her, or the really stupid idea for a numerous amount of reason.

Cursing myself for being soft and knowing that this is going to come back to bite me in the rump in about a million different way. I lumber over to the girl to drag her back into my cave and see if their is anything I can do to save the girl who smells of roses and makes her scythe sing its death song.