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Percy had done plenty of stupid things in his life for certain... but jumping off of a cliff to save a girl he barely knew anymore who also happened to be part of a man-hating troupe led by a man hating goddess...

Well that was stupid.

Even by his standards.

In all honesty he wasn't even sure himself as to why the hell he was diving off of a cliff to save her. It had all happened so fast that Percy barely figured out what the hell he was doing the moment he launched himself over the cliff to save the girl.

At first he kept his body spread out wide slightly as he attempted to give himself some clearance from the rocky face of the cliff that was as white as fallen snow and about as even as an unattended to country lane. The air felt drier the farther from the cliff he travelled, almost as if the damned salt from the sea was drying every last drop of moisture from the air and sucking it back into the oceans themselves.

After several seconds, Percy quickly angled his body forwards like a bird of prey setting out after it's target, straightening out his back like a wooden board whilst holding out his hands in front of himself like some sort of break so he could slide through the cold, dry air even faster than any normal human thought possible.

For a few moments, it felt like Percy was simply going to hang in the air like some sort of ghost, his body neither going up or down, affected by neither gravity or mystical forces attempting to pull him back to the safety of land. He simply floated there for several seconds, peering down after his prey like a vulture... before gravity took its hold and he plunged after the girl.

Wind whip around his armour like a hurricane as he rapidly picked up speed and accelerated after the Manticore and the girl. At first it was like a low whistle from a million miles away, more an annoyance than a hindrance. But after only a few moments it was like being in the eye of a massive hurricane, with the winds whipping around him like he was a plane and the horrific howl of the wind louder than the most fearsome pack of wolves.

It took him only a few seconds to catch back up to the huntress and the Manticore who were tumbling completely out of control like they were fighting over control of a parachute. Percy smirked slightly as he quickly reached the pair, the Manticores mane whipping in the wind like hair in a blow-dryer whilst the huntresses silver uniform somehow managed to keep its shape like it was made of steel opposed to gods knew what animals and synthetic materials.

Upon reaching the Manticore, Percy immediately reached into his pocket and found what he was looking for...his Patron's gift to him from so long ago.


Pulling out the small fountain looking pen, Percy immediately pulled off the small cap to the pen, which unleashed the magically enchanted blade to Percy's service, a long, leaf looking, celestial bronze blade that hummed with a faint bronze glow that simply added to the weapons enchanting and terrifying look.

With a new weapon firmly in his grasps, Percy drove the celestial bronze blade not just through the Manticores tail, but he drove the blade so far through the monster that he not only severed its tail, but he also managed to cut through one of its flailing legs like it was nothing more than thin air, the graceful blade making short work of the animals pathetic body in milliseconds.

Thorn howled in pain as his body slowly began to crumble to dust, each molecule leaking as it reverted back into his sickly grey monster essence as his being began its journey back to the damned hell hole of Tartarus. Percy let himself taunt his foe a little more as he finished him for the second time in a row in Greek.

"Nice try little lion man but I thought you would've learnt that I always win!" Percy growled as he shifted through the remains of his foe like it was a grey winters night snowfall towards his target in the still falling and screaming huntress.

Percy smiled as he pulled up alongside the huntress as he managed to grab her bridal style before pulling the shadows of the very mighty cliff face he had jumped off of to the pair as they tumbled to within metres of the violent, cold, dark and unforgiving sea.

(Artemis's P.O.V)

If there was any time that Artemis had been more dumbstruck concerning the stupidity of a male, then it must have been something bordering on insane because the male who had just jumped off of a cliff was currently sat at the top.

The moment Zoe was dragged over the edge by that damned monster, she almost felt her heart-break at the prospect of Zoe dying. She had been with Artemis since almost the very beginning of the hunters of Artemis and had served as he Lieutenant for countless years. She was like a sister to Artemis... and her best friend. Someone who had stood by her through thick and thin, seen hundreds of girls come and go ,fight and die. And for it to end like this was too much for Artemis. Out of everyone she had ever served with, Zoe deserved a place in the stars more than any hero to have ever existed.

So Artemis almost suffered a heart attack when what happened next occurred.

At first it seemed like the shadows themselves were bending towards a spot only fifteen or twenty metres from Lady Artemis and her hunters, shifting and twisting like they were alive as the air in the small clearing grew colder and colder with every passing second, sending it well past sub-zero. Artemis's very bones and blood grew cold at whatever was happening in front of her. It was terrifying for her girls as each one backed away in shock and horror, raising their bows, aiming at the shadows as they began to take the shape of not one person...but two.

"Lower your weapons and move up on this thing... we shall see what it wants and if it tries to attack. Put it down." Artemis hissed in a voice as cold as death itself as she and the rest of her hunters moved up until they were only several metres away from the anomaly as it finally settled into a physical shape with one figure carrying the other.

After several tense seconds, the shadows began to dissipate, and the last two people Artemis expected to see appeared in their wake.

Zoe and the crazy male.

Almost immediately, the boy set down Zoe on her feet with a certain air of respect and kindness and turned to Artemis before bowing to a perfect forty-five degree angle to the goddess even though she was in her thirteen year old form.

"Lady Artemis, it's an absolute honour to meet you." The boy spoke in flawless ancient Greek and spoke in a voice that seemed almost robotic it was so cold and lifeless. It seemed as if it's owner had stopped being human a long time ago... and that made it all the more terrifying. It also spoke of great pain and weight of responsibility.

He also appeared to be very well-informed of her hunters ways and traditions, touching a hunter for no longer than was absolutely necessary and bowing to the goddess that barely anybody recognised outside of the hunt.

'My, my, my... something tells me this is no ordinary male' Artmeis thought to herself with a small amount of shock. However this was swiftly replaced with disbelief. This was due to the fact that when she finally got hit by the first wave of his power, Artemis nearly collapsed from its intensity.

'What the Hades... this power is beyond most minor gods and some major gods...whoever the hell this is, if it turns violent, it could be one tough fight.'

Shaking off her surprise from the initial comment and aspects of the boy, Artemis assumed her typical cold demeanour before finally replying to the male.

"Who may you be, boy?" Artemis sneered as several of her Hunters raised their bows as Zoe retreated to Artemis's side.

" I am nobody of great importance, my lady." He replied again in ancient Greek. Artemis tensed up slightly. She was used to people providing her with straight up answers and not being given cryptic and confusing answers from a boy no less.

"Why are you here?" She replied calmly, hoping that the boy would open up a little bit and provide her with a little more information. But he was as minimalistic as before.

"I am under orders to take my little brother and sister back to my father's realm..." He paused as he looked over Artemis's shoulder before continuing, "...which seems to have occurred rather painlessly. " He replied in his ice-cold voice as Artemis turned around to just catch sight of the two children of Hades, Bianca and Nico, being swiftly dragged into a shadow by Alecto, the leader of the three furies.

Artemis turned around with fury building up in her silver eyes as she turned back to face the mysterious male, bow raised and arrow knocked.

"Who are you?" She hissed as she took another step forwards.

"I am simply an errand boy I suppose, and I would appreciate it if you will let me take my leave." He replied coldly.

Artemis felt her eyes glow slightly as her power built up.

'A mere boy is ordering ME to let him go peacefully, I should turn the fool into a jackalope but in all honesty If I bring him to my father like that he may not be all that happy...' The Virgin goddess of the moon thought to herself bitterly.

Artemis bit her lower lip before speaking again.

"You are a fool. You will come with me to my father and the council, and they will decide your fate." Artemis replied venomously, hoping that the arrogant boy would make a stupid move and simply give her and her hunters enough reason to put him down.

So to say she was shocked when he simply nodded his head and replied.

"I understand completely lady Artemis and..." But he was cut off as the foolish son of Poseidon raced forwards with his blade drawn.

(Zoe's P.O.V)

Zoe was only just coming out of shock when that arrogant, foolish boy from that silly little camp raced forwards towards the mysterious "errand boy" of Hades.

The boy's face was blood-red where he was so furious as he drew his sword from his side and went to place the tip up against the throat of the newcomer as he tried to come across as a superior being.

"How dare you interfere with a quest from Olympus! Who the hell..." But he never got to finish his sentence.

With what seemed a sigh of boredom, Zoe's saviour stepped to the side with a slight huff before he shot his left arm forwards at impossible speeds, knocking the blade away from his throat before twisting his upper body so that his right arm was now in perfect alignment with the fools elbow, before striking forwards with his right fist with the speed and accuracy of a viper striking its prey. When the boys fist connected with the other's elbow, there was a sickening crunch that sounded like a twig breaking underfoot or a branch being torn from a tree.

There was a howl of utter agony as the boy desperately tried to grip his now mangled elbow. The joint itself was popped completely out of position whilst the bone on either side was broken so badly that the jagged edges were clearly visible through the skin.

"Foolish child, you would do well to learn your place. Just because you can swing a sword and kill a monster doesn't make you a great fighter or hero. Go learn how to use that blade before I actually decide to hurt you." The armoured warrior spat in ancient Greek as he looked at the whimpering son of Poseidon with what Zoe could only assume was a look of pure hatred.

What was amazing was the boy's speed. It rivalled any hunter and made the other one look beyond slow.

'A snail is probably faster than that boy.' Zoë thought to herself as a sneer marred her gorgeous face. Artemis looked at the armoured figure with a look of both amazement and, if Zoe was not mistaken, her ladyship also looked slightly impressed.

Finally, Artemis spoke again."

"You say you will come with me?" She asked casually as if the "interruption" had not occurred. Zoe smiled, her mistress was always one to turn a blind eye to violence if it helped put people in their place. The warrior nodded his head and walked forwards towards Artemis.

"I Perseus do swear on the River Styx that I will not fight back physically against the imprisonment Lady Artemis forces upon me, nor will I try to escape from the custody of Lady Artemis.

Know, however, my lady, that I will defend myself once the meeting is underway. As much as I love my undead friends, I have no real wish to join them." He stated solemnly before stopping about a metre away from Artemis whilst a deep, drum like thunder roared overhead, sealing his oath.

For a few seconds, Artemis seemed rather worried about the implications of taking this man to Olympus.

Eventually, she spoke.

"I will take you to the council and they can decide what to do with you,..." Artemis paused until she met Zoe's deep brown eyes with her own silver ones before continuing, "...Zoe, set up camp here whilst I help deal with this issue, and tend to the son of Poseidon, for as much as I dislike him, I doubt that his father will take his sons arm being left unattended to very well..." Artemis finished as she closed the gap between herself and the warrior.

"But my lady!" Was all Zoe could get out before her Lady and her mysterious saviour disappeared into a flash of blinding silver light.

(Percy's P.O.V)

Percy felt his entire stomach lurch when Artemis used her teleportation ability to drag him to Olympus.

When the intense light finally faded. Percy was met with a sight he did not want to see at all.

The throne rooms doors of Olympus.

Designed to be intimidating to all those bought to Olympus for crimes against the Gods or their fellow demigods or to express the ultimate authority of the Gods to all those who sought an audience with the Gods or those who live in the shadow of the main throne room. Standing at over twenty-five feet tall and made of solid gold, the doors were a sight to behold. Made in Hephaestus' main forge, the doors were adorned with scenes of great heroism from the Gods victory in the Giant and first titan wars, the battle of Troy to the original Perseus's exploits to kill Medusa. It was truly an awe-inspiring sight.

"I never thought that I would see these halls in all my years alive." Percy mused quietly to himself whilst a light snickering broke out behind him. "Why? Because you never thought you would get caught or because you never thought you'd be worthy enough to venture into these halls?" A feminine voice from behind retorted.

Percy spun around to be greeted by Artemis...but a lot different to how she normally appeared.

Now looking more like an eighteen year old girl, Artemis's long auburn coloured hair draped casually down her shoulders, flowing with the grace and beauty of the most undisturbed of rivers. Her figure was slender yet very buxom (a slight shock given the fact she was a maiden goddess.) whilst her skin was somewhere in between tanned and white, a perfect combination that gave her an air of natural beauty that Percy felt no-one could beat.

Her cheekbones were positioned high up her face, stretching her perfect skin to the point her cheeks still appeared full yet not fat. Her cheeks seemed to be naturally rouged whilst her lips were a luscious red that no amount of lipstick or other such things could ever hope to match, whilst her silver eyes radiated power and influence whilst remaining incredibly attractive to anyone who knew how to appreciate beauty.

Percy shook his head before speaking.

"I just simply didn't think I would get enough free time to do the former and that I wouldn't be in enough spotlight to afford the latter, Lady Artemis." Percy replied in his typically cold voice.

Artemis shook her head before waving her hands, commanding the great golden doors to slowly creep open. Once they were open enough, the duo stepped inside to be greeted by the council.

The hall itself was some thirty to forty metres tall and covered in countless paintings and etchings and decorations that it looked more like a Greek art gallery opposed to a throne room. Some hundreds of Pillars shot forth to the sky like trees looking for the sun, providing a somewhat Pantheon like feeling to the whole room. It looked beyond beautiful and amazing. But it was the thrones that truly captivated any and all who had been in the room.

Eleven thrones sat in a horse shoe shape that made the whole room insignificant. Each one was a Testament to each and every one of the Gods power and authority. Ten of said chairs sat occupied and filled with very grumpy and angry-looking Gods. Percy swallowed but strolled into the room with a calm confidence and serenity that caused several of the Gods to give him curious stares.

Artemis flashed to her seat before Percy could look around again, leaving him in the centre of a room filled with lots of angry Gods.

"Is this the boy you spoke to me about?" Bellowed a voice that sounded louder than the eye of even the greatest storm. Percy looked to the middle-aged man sat at the head throne. His hair was black with several gray spots in it whilst his face was handsome and his eyes and electrical blue.

Artemis nodded.

Percy bowed, "Lord Zeus, I am Perseus." He uttered in his ice-cold voice, his dead gaze meeting that of the king of the Gods... and winning their "death glare" contest.

"Who is your father or mother, boy?" He asked as calmly as he possibly could after staring into Percy's cold and dead gaze. Percy smiled slightly underneath his helmet before addressing Zeus again.

"My father is Lord Hades and my Mother is his Queen Persephone." At these words the entire Olympian council fell silent, hoping to any deity greater than themselves he was not a new God, until finally one of them spoke up.

"Well, well, well Percy, hasn't it been a long time?" A luscious female voice asked as one of the Gods glowed a verdant green before walking towards Percy, who couldn't help but smile.

"Too long indeed, Lady Demeter." Percy replied calmly as he walked towards the goddess of summertime. In her normally "elder" woman look, Her hair was slightly grey and her skin perfectly tanned. Her figure was just as elegant as any other goddess and her eyes a gorgeous green like Percy's.

Demeter smiled warmly at Percy before pulling him into a tight hug. "I think we've got a lot of catching up to do." She said calmly as she pulled out of the hug. Percy could not help but let a small, somewhat restrained laugh escape his lips before nodding as his adoptive grandmother returned to her fifteen foot godly height on her throne.

"YOU KNOW THIS CHILD? WHAT IS HE? A GOD?" Zeus bellowed, his master bolt appearing in his hands, a two foot long celestial bronze lightning bolt that literally burnt white at the power pouring through it...that was until a third person interjected before Demeter could reply.

"Zeus, If you have done ANYTHING TO MY PERCY I WILL TEAR OLYMPUS TO SHREDS!" Screeched an all too familiar, angry sounding Goddess.

"Oh hey mu..." Percy went to speak but was cut off as Persephone literally tackled her son with a hug so tight Percy thought his lungs were going to break in half. Firing off a million and one questions, Persephone spent almost a minute blubbering and asking countless questions until both Hades and Percy managed to calm her down whilst the council looked on in shock.

"Mum seriously, I AM FINE!" Percy stated clearly as he shook his mum slightly, causing her to finally calm down enough to take several breaths. She nodded her head calmly. Hades went to speak but was cut off by the Zeus.

"Damn it! All of you sit down and shut up! Seeing as neither of you have a throne, I suggest that you summon a throne and sit down it! We WILL have this discussion in order!" Zeus bellowed to Percy's parents.

After several moments of re-organising, Percy, his mother and father were all sat down in small thrones at the base of Demeter's throne.

Once the room had settled down, Zeus continued.

"So, Perseus, I ask you again, seeing as you are the son of my brother Hades and his queen Persephone, I take it that you are a God?" He asked as calmly as he possibly could whilst the rest of the room tensed, hoping that it wasn't the case. Percy smiled again under his helmet.

"No lord Zeus, I am no god, I am but the adopted son of Hades and Persephone. They took me in once my birth mother was killed..." Percy stated coldly as he shot a vicious yet hidden glare at Ares, his blood literally boiling in rage, taking a deep breath before continuing, "...my birth farther is Poseidon and my birth mother Adriana Gredurkas of Sparta." Percy finished calmly.

At these words, the entirety of the Olympian council froze, especially Poseidon who simply shrunk into his chair as seemingly a million things flashed back to him at once, rendering him silent as memories of the past flooded back into his mind.

"What do you mean Adriana Gredurkas of Sparta? Sparta has not existed as a city-state for millennia unless..." The blond-haired and grey eyed Athena mused until Percy cut her off.

"Yes, a little over two thousand fiver hundred years ago, Lord Hades made me partially immortal on my fourteenth birthday once I has snuck past Ladon himself and stole an apple from the tree of immortality, using an age prevention spell that preserves my age whilst not allowing my years to catch up with me once it is removed..." Perseus paused as the entire Olympian council attempted to comprehend the ramifications of such a long living child of the big three, except for Demeter. Even Athena herself was struggling...

"If what you say is true, then what have you been doing for all of this time?" Artemis sneered...she clearly knew that there was more to Percy's story than he was letting on. Swallowing slightly, Percy picked his next words very carefully.

"For great periods of time between hunting monsters that this council forgot about over the ages, I trained with the greatest heroes to have ever lived. From Theseus to Achilles and the original Perseus and for a little while Orion." Percy stated as calmly as he possibly could, hoping to avoid another barrage of questions.

So Percy was surprised at Artemis's next question.

"Why only 'a little while' with Orion?" Artemis asked curiously whilst her brother, Apollo, raised his sunglasses in anticipation.

"Percy is ruthless when it comes to men who mistreat women. When he found out Orion's 'antics' were true, Percy forced Hades to give him a physical body so he could beat the crap out of him before designing a special little area for him to reside in within the fields of punishment which he has resided in for well over two thousand years... and I don't think Percy has any intention of letting him go any time soon..." Persephone stated calmly as she smiled at Percy, who simply nodded his armoured head.

Apollo nodded his head in approval.

"I like this kid, Orion was a right dick." He grumbled whilst smiling slightly at Percy. Percy turned his head to see Artemis looking somewhat flustered and slightly embarrassed, as if she were trying to get over the fact that she had brought the man who took care of her most hated enemy to his potential death.

Zeus held up his hand and spoke once again.

"As much as I would love to hear more of these stories, there is the simple fact of what we should do with the boy. His is powerful and could therefore be a threat to us going forwards, as could his brother and sister..."

"They will be loyal. If it troubles you so much then simply send them to camp, I mean after all they will be important pieces in the upcoming war." Hestia stated calmly as she walked into the centre of the room in her average, twenty-five year old woman look.

Percy smiled underneath his helm before the gravity of the words that she had just spoken hit home...

(Artemis' P.O.V)

"YOU CANNOT EXPECT ME TO GO TO CAMP WITH THOSE WEAKLINGS!" Perseus roared as he stood up from his seat faster than anyone previously thought possible whilst black flames slowly began to lick around his armour... flickering and prancing from piece to piece like the most elegant and agile of ballerinas.

Persephone whispered something into his ear that caused the flames to dissipate whilst Hestia stood there with her arms crossed with a somewhat annoyed look on her face.

"It's that or get blasted into a million pieces Percy." Hestia replied calmly.

At these words, Percy slumped back down into his chair in defeat, knowing his "aunt" was right.

"I take it you knew about the boy as well?" Zeus growled from his throne. Hestia nodded her head calmly before she spoke again.

"I said nothing because it was not my place to say anything." Hestia told Zeus calmly, who simply seemed to literally shrink into his own damned chair from the cold and steely gaze he was placed under, causing Artemis to mentally giggle somewhat. Despite supposedly being the strongest God, Zeus was still terrified of the power of his elder sister.

"It was a sound strategy father. The boy needed time to grow into the warrior Artemis claims he is. The time lock spell helps in that if something were to happen to Thalia then we would have the perfect replacement for her. But in general the boy holds no grudges towards us, so it would be unwise to kill arguably the greatest weapon in this war we have over 'what ifs' and other such petty thoughts." Athena added calmly to Hestia's words, clearly hoping that the words would sway any borderline Gods to back the motion to let the boy live.

"Okay all we have to do now is put all of this to a vote I suppose..." Zeus stated calmly as he ran his hand through his hair.

"Who thinks that we should execute the boy before he becomes a threat?" Zeus asked calmly.

Only Dionysus and Zeus raised their hands.

"All for letting the boy train at camp half-blood?"

Artemis raised her hand and was glad to see the other nine Olympians raise their hand with her. She couldn't tell what it was about Percy, but something told Artemis that he was going to be important at some stage in of the upcoming trials... and that he also deserved her respect for taking care of Orion.

"It is decided then. Perseus will go to camp half-blood for at least six months until he is either proven loyal or simply proves not be a threat." Zeus roared over the numerous insults that were being thrown Dionysus' way.

But it was Percy's last words before the council adjourned that best summed up the whole situation for the powerful child of Hades...

"Well shit!

Percy, Hades, Persephone, Demeter and Hestia all stood around in the throne room catching up for several minutes as the vast majority of Gods disappeared from the throne room in various amazing and somewhat over the top explosions of gold and reds and sometimes blue.

Eventually only Poseidon, Zeus and Artemis were remaining outside of the group. The first two were in a deep conversation about something whilst Poseidon continued to sit in his chair a blank expression on his face as he continued to literally swim in his past from what Percy could see.

"Percy, I would appreciate it if you would try NOT to kill anyone whilst at camp. It may be the best action but sometimes the shockwave's it deals out and its aftermath are not really worth it in some places, and Camp Half-Blood will be one of those places." Persephone warned her son sweetly. At this Percy could only smile slightly and nod before replying in ancient Greek.

"I will do my best mother. But if they hurt my brother and sister whilst we are there then I will personally send them to father the fast way." Percy practically growled the last part. At first Persephone seemed to be trying to win a staring battle with Percy but she swiftly caved in before simply letting out a small sigh before vanishing in a storm of petals and leaves in full blossom.

Percy turned away from the small spring hurricane only to be crushed in a hug by his father. "Listen to your mother, she is only thinking about what is best for you. But do not hesitate to eliminate any threat to yourself if necessary." Hades informed Percy calmly who could only nod slightly as he was still in shock from his father's public display of affection.

"I will farther... that was my plan from the start." Percy replied calmly but with a slight cocky edge to it that only caused Hades to laugh before melting into a plethora of screaming shadows and shades before vanishing from the throne room.

"I will let my daughter Katie know that you will be staying in my cabin whilst you are confined to that hell-hole." Demeter informed Percy calmly as their green gazes met. Percy went to protest but Demeter cut him off.

"I will not allow a grandson of mine to be cooped up in that damned Hermes cabin on the floor for the rest of your stay." Demeter stiffly informed Percy who quickly relented.

"When she's got her mind-set she's sure got it set..." Percy grumbled as his grandmother vanished in a bright green light.

A light chuckle from behind caused Percy to smile as his gaze was met with that of his Patrons. "You did well Percy. Not many people would handle themselves so calmly in front of the Gods... or so fiercely."

Hestia smiled warmly as she pulled Percy into a tight embrace.

"I only acted how one should with these damned Olympians, Aunty." Percy replied calmly as his patron slowly wrapped an arm around his shoulder before slowly dragging him over to one dejected looking god of the seas.

Poseidon looked to be a man of around forty to forty-five years of age like his brother with several streaks of grey running through his hair. His skin was well tanned and slightly leathery looking in some ways like that of a white man living in a hot country like South Africa. His figure was well-built yet somewhat slender like any self-respecting surf-boarder that easily seemed to put some of the "younger" looking Gods to shame. His jaw-line was strong and defined as if carved in marble whilst his nose was perfect and unhindered by breaks and what not all the way down.

His eyes though were the giveaway that he was no ordinary man.

A deep sea-green like Percy's, Poseidon's eyes seemed to be full of life and joy when he was happy, the colour of his eyes dancing around his pupils like the most playful of morning waves. When angered and upset, his eyes transformed into a green so dark that they may as well be as black as the ocean during the darkest night. But during both occasions, there was no doubt as to the power he wielded...because just like Percy's own, his eyes were as deep as the oceans themselves...and spoke of the fury he was truly capable of unleashing.

"Lord Poseidon." Percy stated as he bowed to his birth father only a metre from the step he was sat down at, in his human height. At Percy's voice, he lifted his head out of his hands and closed the distance between the pair. He stood there as if analysing him for any lies or deceit about his age and birth father...but he clearly found none when he spoke up next.

"Perseus...I'm...so, so, so, so sorry. I would have helped but..." Percy cut off his birth fathers tear-choked voice with a small wave of his hand.

"It is fine my lord, I know of the ancient laws...", at these words Poseidon brightened up slightly but Percy continued before he could speak, "...But I also need you to understand that Hades is my farther and has been for two thousand years." At these words the God of the seas expression became so heart-broken that Percy had to fight the urge to hold the old man and stop him from bawling his eyes out.

"But that does not mean I cannot have two in my life or a close uncle..." Percy replied calmly as he extended his hand towards the now happier looking God of the sea. Poseidon looked at his hand for a moment before extending his own and grasping Percy's hand in a vice like grip.

"I would love that Perseus. I just hope I can make amends for leaving you on your own for so long." He replied solemnly before disappearing in a gentle sea breeze that one encountered first thing in the morning.

Percy slowly let out a huge breath that he didn't know he had been holding as he turned towards his patron.

"That went a lot better than I expected." Hestia said playfully as Percy shot her an annoyed glare from underneath his helm, however it was soon replaced with a mirthful look and small chuckle as Percy replied.

"You and me both. I thought he was going to start crying like a baby." Percy responded calmly, causing his patron to chuckle softly.

"I'm sure that I would have been the one doing all of that comforting he would need. After all you're not good at that kind of stuff, are you?" Hestia replied whilst fighting off more chuckles as they both slowly set out towards the only other remaining God in the room.


"Would you mind telling me what all of that was about?" Hestia asked the goddess calmly as the pair drew nearer Artemis.

The leader of the hunt sighed heavily as she turned towards the somewhat unlikely duo with a expressionless face before speaking.

"I was just asked by my father to get Perseus to camp along with my hunters and those three kids from camp Half-Blood." Artemis replied with a somewhat annoyed tone in her voice as she slowly closed the distance between the three of them. Percy laughed a little before speaking.

"Lady Artemis, it's absolutely fine. I can make my own way to that lovely little hell-hole." He replied sarcastically, which to his surprise, caused Artemis to chuckle slightly.

"Unfortunately, I am under orders to get you there safely so you're going to have to come with me – no chains though this time." Artemis replied dryly as Percy stepped forwards, nodding his head slightly.

"Well then we may as well get this over and done with," Percy paused briefly to quickly send a small bow back to his patron and aunt, "...I promise I will try to get into as little trouble as possible and I will try not to kill any annoying brats whilst I'm there Aunty...but no guarantees."

Percy stated in a slightly mischievous voice. Hestia laughed before nodding and then speaking to her niece.

"I trust my champion will remain safe whilst around your hunters, niece?" She asked calmly but firmly...indicating the hell that would be literally raised if Artemis failed to meet her requests.

Artemis nodded timidly before Hestia vanished in a plethora of flames that danced like the Russian ballet itself.

Percy smiled slightly until a small yet strong hand placed itself on his shoulder whilst a familiar female voice rang out behind Percy.

"We need to talk a little."


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