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As you can no doubt guess, this story is a Star Wars crossover with Naruto. This will have elements of the Knights of the Old Republic games, and it will also be my first time doing this kind of crossover. Perhaps at some point, I will add some of the movie elements into it as well.

It pains me to admit that I own nothing. Woe is me!

Star Wars: The New Republic

Chapter One: The Calling

"Well kid, are you ready to go?" asked the Toad Sannin, Jiraiya, to his young apprentice.

Standing next to him was a young teenager in a bright orange jumpsuit that had touches of blue and white thrown in. His hair was wild and erratic, though it was also a golden blonde as if it was kissed by the sun and formed in its image. Countering this were his eyes, which were a dark violet like the evening skies while whisker styled markings highlighted his face.

Looking to his teacher, Naruto Uzumaki shrugged and answered, "As ready as ever, I guess. Although, I'm still wondering why we can't stay in the village for my training."

The Sannin didn't answer him as he took the lead and made his way down the main path. Naruto sighed at the silent answer before he gave Tsunade Senju, the Fifth Hokage, a short wave goodbye and hurried after the Sage. When he caught up to the man, the duo walked on in silence, neither speaking a word for the better part of an hour.

The silence was then broken by the elder of them. "You've been denied your full potential, Naruto. Inside the village, you will keep being denied that chance, and it shames me to admit that about my home."

Naruto turned to his teacher, brow raised in slight surprise at the answer to his earlier question. "And you think I'll reach it outside, on the road?"

"I have no doubt you can. Kakashi, while a good shinobi, wasn't really the best choice in regards to being your sensei. He's got too much emotional baggage, and some of it is related to you."

"To me?" asked the blonde in shock.

"Yes, but that's a subject for another day. The point is, his baggage kept him from putting his full efforts into teaching you. Tell me, what did you learn from him?"

"Well, all I can really think of is the tree walking exercise…and a few teamwork drills."

"Exactly. Now, I honestly have no room to talk in regards to your training. True, I taught you two powerful jutsu and helped you perfect water walking, but I left you on your own for the most part. For that, I wanted to apologize. No teacher should just leave their students on their own."

The teen smiled awkwardly and waved off the Sage. "N-No, it's alright. I appreciate the apology, really."

Jiraiya nodded with a small smile towards his pupil. "Now, this training trip will last for a few years; possibly more if I feel you need it. We'll be working on anything we can to help you grow into a shinobi worth his headband."

Naruto smiled back at the man as his strides became more confident. He was going to look forward to this trip.

A soft exhale followed by a small frost cloud escaped the lips of Naruto. His legs were crossed and his breathing calm as he thought back to how his training trip started. Right now, he and his teacher were in Iron Country, home of the samurai led by Mifune.

Mifune was an old friend of Jiraiya's that had met the Sage sometime during the Second Great War, after he had been given the title of Sannin alongside Tsunade and Orochimaru. The two had come to understand and befriend one another over the concepts of ideals and philosophy.

At some point, Jiraiya had earned himself a favor from the samurai leader, and he had finally decided to make use of it by having Mifune teach Naruto how to wield a sword. At first, Naruto was unsure about how well he'd be able to handle a blade, let alone incorporate it into his natural fighting style.

But somehow, he took to kenjutsu (art of the sword) quite well; enough to impress the wizened samurai. Though, swordplay wasn't the only thing that Mifune taught the young man. He was also given some study in philosophy, some lessons in calligraphy, and even the Way of Bushido.

Right now, the Uzumaki was taking a moment to reflect on the past couple of years of his journey. In the first year, they had brought his original repertoire of jutsu from an average level to just below a master. He could now handle some Jonin with just the basic jutsu while more experienced ones would need a higher demand of tactics.

The first year was also devoted to his physical training. Every morning, he would rise with the sun and begin his exercises. Then, the late morning to early afternoon was spent going over his jutsu before going to an evening workout. The year had been very good for him, as shown by his growth spurt that brought him from his short stature to an even six feet.

The second year was spent working on his chakra affinity, along with a lighter workout so he kept in shape. It was revealed that his affinity was that of wind with a lesser one for earth. The combination was perfect in Jiraiya's opinion for it allowed him a perfect blend of offense (wind) and defense (earth).

So far, Naruto had four wind jutsu and three earth jutsu under his belt along with the knowledge of why exactly the Shadow Clone technique was so forbidden.

He was proud of how far he had come along thanks to Jiraiya, and a part of him was disappointed with his home village for holding him back so much. Granted, he wasn't arrogant with his new abilities. Humility had been drilled into him by both Jiraiya and Mifune who knew just what arrogance could lead to on the battlefield.

Though, there was one other thing that had happened to Naruto during the first two years. Every now and then, he would feel these tugs and nudges on his senses that made him drown out everything else. At first, he believed it was the Kyuubi sealed within him, but Jiraiya shot down that thought almost instantly; much to Naruto's surprise. It grew when the Sage told him not to ignore those feelings, to listen closely and pay attention to them.

The Sage knew something about them, and Naruto was wondering just how much. This feeling didn't just pull on his senses. It also worked alongside his emotions, and it helped him when he was speaking with others. For some reason, it was quite easy to persuade others to his side and he was able to somehow feel the thoughts of anyone he spoke to. With this, he was able to see if anyone had ill intentions or not concerning him.

It was also this extrasensory that allowed him to develop so well in his kenjutsu training. He was able to feel the flow of the spars he took part in, and he was able to commit stances and forms to memory much easier than most. And every time he brought this up to Jiraiya, the Sannin would just tell him to keep embracing it with this knowing look on his face.

It was strange that he wasn't able to feel the thoughts of Jiraiya, but he just chalked it up with how much he knew about whatever was happening to him. He sighed as he stood up, staring at the small town from his position on a snowy hilltop.

He was about to head back down before Jiraiya made his presence known. "There you are. Taking a break?"

"Just…thinking over the last couple of years, sensei," replied the blonde. "A lot has changed since we left, y'know."

"All too well, kid. At any rate, we should head back soon. Looks like a storm is about to come."

Naruto nodded and made to follow before he felt a familiar tug on his senses. Only this time…it was different. Whereas before it was somewhat erratic and unfocused, this one was far gentler.

He gasped slightly as an image of a blurry figure flashed in his mind, going too fast to really get enough detail. His head turned south and he frowned before rushing in that direction.

Jiraiya frowned as well, though it was because the snowstorm was coming from the south. However, his student had never really acted so strongly on the feelings he had experienced throughout the years. So, he followed him without hesitation, knowing that he already had a much deeper connection to whatever this was than he did.

The two stopped at a wide plain that was covered in thick snow. Naruto had his eyes narrowed as he surveyed the area, searching for whatever it was that was calling out to him. He then held his head as another flash went through his mind, showing him the image of a strange…thing beneath some ice.

"Beneath you… Hurry…"

A voice whispered in his mind, soft and soothing like a gentle breeze on his face. His eyes narrowed further as he imagined the voice's owner, and he couldn't help but imagine that it was a woman's voice. It was strange how he just knew it was a woman, but he didn't question it as he looked closer at the "plain". He soon noticed the ice in certain spots, revealing that t was actually a frozen over lake.

Acting fast, since the person calling out to him was sounding urgent, he formed a Rasengan in his right hand and slammed it onto the ground, cracking the ice with its power. The cracks grew and spread across the lake before the ice caved in on itself and the thing he saw in his vision surfaced with a great splash of icy water.

It was made of some kind of metal, though it had taken some significant damage from something since it was stripped in some areas. Fortunately, no areas were damaged enough for water to have gotten inside.

"Strange," commented Jiraiya. "This looks like something that would've been made in the Hidden Sky Village."

"Hidden Sky?"

"It was during the Second Great War. The Hidden Sky got its name from the strange, yet also unmatched creations that allowed them to fly across the skies. Whatever this is reminds me a lot of their old creations."

"Well, we can talk about that later," Naruto stated as he leapt over the water and landed on top of the metal contraption. "There's someone stuck in there, and they were calling out to me in my head."

Jiraiya smirked and leapt onto it as well, landing next to his student. "So, you're able to speak telepathically with someone? I'm impressed, kid." He then reached down and used chakra to enhance his strength, turning the wheel of an outside hatch door and opening it so they could enter.

The younger of the two shivered as the temperature shot down inside. "Brrrgh… It's freezing in here."

"Yea, we better hurry and find whoever was calling you before we freeze to death," suggested the Sage before he and Naruto walked down the metal hallway, entering what looked to be a main control room of sorts. It was wide enough to also be a pseudo council room, and was no doubt the center of whatever it was they were in.

Naruto took a calm breath and focused his thoughts, projecting them outward like a sonar. "Where are you?" he projected before he felt a pulse come back to him.

"You're close… Please…hurry…"

"In here," announced Naruto as he forced open a sliding door, revealing a strange tank filled with a frozen and glowing green liquid.

Inside though, there was a person with a breathing mask attached to her face. She had flowing black hair that floated in the frozen liquid, but would no doubt reach her posterior if it was allowed to fall. Her eyes were obviously closed, so they couldn't be determined; however, she still "focused" to Naruto, which honestly disturbed him slightly.

"You…press the green button… Hurry…" she spoke mentally to Naruto, who quickly complied and slammed his palm on it. A warning sound echoed throughout the metal walls of the area before the tank gave off a red glow and the temperature in the room rose. Before the eyes of the two shinobi, the frozen liquid slowly melted until the woman's body moved with the unsettled liquid. Then, a second warning sound was heard before the tank slowly drained itself of its liquid, letting the woman's body slowly drop to its bottom on her knees.

As soon as it was fully emptied, the woman's eyes shot open, revealing them to be a bright orange with some amber mixed in. Her right hand raised forward, and the two shinobi felt something come from her and shatter the glass of the tank. She then pulled off the breath mask and stepped out, stumbling as she did so and prompting Naruto to catch her before she fell.

"T-Thank," she tried to say before she was subjected to a coughing fit. Once her lungs were cleared, she resumed, "Thank you, youngling."

"Youngling?" asked Naruto in confusion. "I'm not that young, y'know."

The woman chuckled at his retort weakly as Naruto helped her sit down. "No, I suppose you aren't; not with your history."

The blonde rose a brow at that while Jiraiya suggested, "Perhaps introductions should wait until we get to a warmer place. This place is a giant ice box and a storm is coming."

She nodded in agreement and made to stand, but she stumbled again. Seeing this, Naruto quickly helped her up and walked her to the hatch before he leapt out with her in his grip. He then leapt to the shore with Jiraiya and helped the woman get to their hotel room.

Once inside, he set her down on one of the two beds, earning a sigh of relief from her. "Thank you. Not many people would help a total stranger." She then smirked at him and added, "But I think we've already established that you're not like most people."

"What makes you so sure?" asked the Uzumaki.

"I think it'd be better if we got names out of the way," interjected the Sage. "What is your name, miss?"

"So formal," praised the woman, "but we both know that you're not one for formalities, Master Pervert." She laughed at the expression on the Sannin's face while Naruto snickered. "Though, I suppose it would be polite to introduce myself. I am Revan, a follower and servant of the Force; much like you are, Naruto Uzumaki and Jiraiya the Toad Sage."

"How do you know our names?" asked Naruto in surprise.

"The eyes are the gateway to the soul," quoted Revan before scoffing. "Such a foolish belief. It is the mind that I find has the biggest gateway, and you both have your minds quite open for me to see; even with your impressive mental barriers, Toad Sage."

"So, you're telepathic?" asked Jiraiya, earning a bland look from her.

"Please don't try and insult my intelligence by playing the fool you love to be. You have witnessed the Force yourself, given your connection with one of its purest forms."

Naruto looked between them both before he cut in, "Could someone please explain what the hell is going on? I know that Pervy Sage wasn't telling me everything, but he obviously knows what you're talking about."

Revan smirked at him again while giving him her attention. "Yes, I believe it would be quite foolish and wasteful to deny you such knowledge. Tell me, have you been feeling strange tugs and nudges from seemingly nowhere…and everywhere at the same time?"

He nodded while Jiraiya leaned against the wall by the door. "Yea, I have actually."

"That feeling comes from the Force, an energy that comes from everyone and everything."

"Like chakra?" asked Naruto to his teacher.

"No, chakra is unique to people born from our own planet," answered the Sannin.

Before Naruto could ask for clarification, Revan continued, "Not many people can feel or hear the Force's call. Only those sensitive enough to its presence can, and that is what you are. Your control over it is small, but impressive for someone just starting out."

"You don't really believe this, do you Pervy Sage?"

"I do, but that's only because I've felt something like this from my training as a Sage. As soon as I was able to establish a connection to the natural energies of the world, I also established a weak connection to this Force this woman is speaking of. It is because of this connection that I can tell if anyone is lying or being untruthful, and she is being completely honest with us," explained the man. "You should be able to feel it too, and at a better degree than myself since your connection wasn't made artificially like my own."

The blonde frowned slightly, knowing that his teacher's words were true. He felt no lie or deception from Revan and knew that everything she was saying was fact. "But what did you mean by our planet?"

"You didn't really think our lovely patch of dirt and water was the only place out there, did you?" asked back the Sage with a grin. "Kid, we're just a single piece to the puzzle known as the universe."

"He's right," supplied Revan. "This planet of yours is just one of many along the Outer Rim, a sector so far away from the mainland that it is not affected by law. It is also, and I mean no offense at all, very underdeveloped compared to practically every other planet. Others have reached a more advanced form of technological achievement while yours is pretty primitive."

"If that's true," began Naruto, "then why haven't we been visited by other planets?"

"Because there's nothing of real value here. Most planets visit others for resources. Your planet's resources are pretty basic except for that inner energy of yours. But even then, I would guess only a handful of you have been taken from this place in secret."

"Why the secrecy?" asked Jiraiya, though he already had a theory and Revan picked up on it.

"Your guess is correct, Toad Sage. If it was known that your people had been visited by those of the outside worlds, it would spur them into a development that they would ultimately fail at. This planet doesn't have the necessary means to achieve space travel, and any attempt would draw more unneeded attention."

"So, we're just supposed to let ourselves be taken?" challenged the blonde angrily.

"Easy now," placated the woman. "I never said or meant that. I was only stating that it would be difficult to the point of near impossibility to try and advance to our degree. I never said you couldn't stop any abductions and take a ship for your own."


"A common term for all spacecraft," explained Revan. "That 'icebox' that your teacher called was my ship; the Ebon Hawk. It's a ship that I…acquired from some rather rude people. I doubt they'd miss it though since it was just collecting dust when I stumbled upon it…and many years have passed since I took it."

The Jinchuriki mentally put that last comment away for later. "Well…could we fix your ship?" queried the Uzumaki.

"I'd have to check the damage it sustained over the years, and then we can talk about fixing it. Until then, I'll have to wait for this storm to clear."

She nodded her head to the room's only window, which was being pounded on by snow and wind. "She's got a point," Jiraiya stated with a soft sigh. "We should get some sleep. We'll check her ship tomorrow after your lessons."

Naruto sighed as well, more questions being unasked and in his mind. "Fine… She can take my bed and I'll sleep on the floor."

"Quite generous of you, Naruto," commented Revan. "I appreciate it."

With that, the three slowly drifted away into slumber.

Naruto opened his eyes to a familiar sight, and it made him frown slightly as he rose to a sitting position in front of the Kyuubi's cage. "You've made an interesting acquaintance, boy."

"Pretty obvious since I've never met someone from a different planet before," retorted Naruto.

"Regardless, I can tell from in here that she has a rather significant…presence about her. No doubt she could sense mine within you."

"You'd be right on that, beast," commented the woman as she made her presence known. "I must say, I never thought that I'd see a creature your size before…and yet I'm not surprised that I am meeting you. I suppose that, even with all my years being immersed in it, I still have much to learn about the Force."

"I'm guessing you projected yourself into this place?" asked the Uzumaki.

"Yes, and it serves two purposes. The first is to sate my curiosity about the erratic presence I felt coming from you while the second is so that we could talk."

"Erratic?" mused the Bijuu. "Not a term I've been associated with before. Most call me a demon or a monster."

"I assure you that I do not see you as such, great beast. You actually have rather impressive tie to the Force, though much of it is linked to Naruto, here."

"I know of this already, woman. Our very existences are tied thanks to the seal on this gate. If he falls, so too will I."

"Interesting… I'll have to look more into that later. For now, let us talk, Naruto," she declared while turning to said blonde. "Ask your questions and I will answer what I am willing."

Naruto frowned slightly as he asked, "You mentioned 'years passed' earlier. What did you mean by that?"

She smiled and sat, motioning for him to do the same. Once he complied, she explained, "That tank you found me in was designed with two functions: recovery and sustainment. It heals anyone placed inside of it, and it can also sustain them for many years. The settings I had placed on that tank were tampered with, but I can only assume it was from my rather rough landing on this planet."

"How rough?"

"The ship was pelted by a few asteroids, or rocks floating in space, as I entered its atmosphere, or outermost level. At any rate, if you hadn't been around the Ebon Hawk, then I would still be stuck in there; frozen and unnoticed by the world."

Naruto regarded her with a hint of pity, though it wasn't much. He could feel her emotions and thoughts a bit easier within his own subconscious, and he could faintly tell that any pity he'd offer would be ignored. "So, what do you plan to do if you can get your ship fixed?"

"Honestly? I don't really have a plan. Never really did, and probably never will either. But, I do know that the Force guided me here, and it did so for a reason. I think that reason could be you, Naruto."

"Me? Why me?"

"I must admit that I'm rather curious as well, alien."

Revan regarded them both and answered, "Your connection to the Force is naturally made, but it is unrefined and needs to be nurtured. The connection is complicated, but I know that you will be able to discover the truth behind it in time. I believe I was sent here so that I could find you and train you in the ways of the Force; the ways of the Jedi."

"What's a Jedi?"

"It is what I am; though I was once a Sith as well. Jedi are followers and servants of the Force, much like I am. The Sith, however, use the Force in a more chaotic and dark manner. But, I have seen that one cannot truly be called a follower of the Force unless they have experienced both sides."

He thought over what she said, drawing up basic images of "good", "evil", and the "middle path" as he did so. After a few moments, he asked, "So, you want to train me to be a Jedi?"

"Yes, and I have no doubt that you will thrive with my instruction. The Force is strong in you, Naruto. I only want to help it grow even stronger." She then held out her hand, offering it to him as she asked, "Are you willing to let me teach you, Naruto Uzumaki?"

He stared at her hand, slowly frowning as he continued to go over everything she had said and informed him of. He even turned to the fox and silently asked for its opinion. Said beast merely stared back, offering no answer other than a silent message of "It's your choice."

Slowly, he reached out and grabbed her hand, shaking it firmly. "I want to learn, Revan-sensei."

She smiled beautifully at him, pleased that he had agreed. "Alright then. We will begin your training tomorrow…my young Padawan."

Naruto couldn't help but pout at that. "I told you, I'm not that young…"

And that, my friends, is the first chapter of this crossover! I gotta say that I'm really excited about this one! I'm a big fan of Star Wars, and I'm gonna make sure this crossover is done right even if I haven't played many of the games!

Now, the pairing should be obvious, but I'll inform you all anyway. It is a Naruto/Revan pairing, BUT there will be a second woman for Naruto later on!

Here's your hint: like Revan, this Naruto woman is insanely powerful and is both revered and feared. Good luck guessing!

Now, Naruto is being trained to be both a shinobi and a Jedi, but he will be given a much more open way of study from Revan (due to her having been on both the Light and Dark sides). Based on the Knights of the Old Republic games, Revan will be a Jedi Consular class while Naruto will be a Sentinel class. But, let's not forget our favorite Super Pervert! He'll get some pointers from Revan as well!

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I'm also shouting out thanks to ncpfan for his help! Thanks, my friend!