A powerful blast of gust was still blow all around both Sasuke and Hinata. The wind was spiraling around Hinata, but at the same time pushing past Sasuke. He hovered an arm over his eyes before he lowered that arm to witness the wind disbursing the flames and revealed Hinata's body moving. She slowly began to stand up onto her feet, as her jacket started falling into pieces due to the burn holes on it, revealing her traditional Hyuga garb underneath it. She looks up towards Sasuke with her eyes glowing white. Sasuke was now face to face with a fully 'awakened' Hinata. The amount of power she was display was extraordinary. Sasuke couldn't even describe the amount of power he was witnessing now. It was on a completely different level than before. Sasuke swallows hard as the wind slowly died down.

"What…?" Sasuke asked himself. He began to looks into her eyes using his Sharingan. His red crimson eye made contact with her shiny snow white eyes. 'Her eyes…They've completely awakened!' He swallows hard again as he starts to feet few drops of sweat rolling down his cheeks. One of them being a cold one. The power became radiating from Hinata's body, and the aura took form around her entire body. Hinata herself could feel the power spreading throughout her very veins. Unlike Sasuke who was witnessing the power from the outside, Hinata could feel the power from the inside. It was warm and gentle, yet fierce and powerful. She also began to stare right back into Sasuke's eyes. She could have swore she saw a tiny hint of fear. Hinata slowly closed her eyes as she lowered herself into her Gentle fist stances. She took a deep breath, then her eyes shot open as her power exploded sending a shockwave through the water, and managed to create a tidal wave of water that was heading directly for Sasuke.

The young Uchiha puts both of his arms up quickly to block the tidal wave. He gritted his teeth before he was engulfed within the water, within seconds the water passes through him but as soon as the tidal finishes passing through him, his eyes widen seeing Hinata's heading straight for him. She had dashed towards him and began to hit him rapidly with both of her hands overwhelming him with barrages of attacks, lucky for Sasuke he was barely evading her attacks until she gathers chakra to the palm of her hand then emits a constant stream of chakra from her palms, and swings it towards Sasuke quickly. Sasuke's eye shot open for when he saw that, unfortunately Sasuke had no time to evade all of it, and was hit across the face.

The stream of chakra caught Sasuke completely off-guard and he was launched through across the valley. The force from the chakra stream caused Sasuke to bounces against the water uncontrollably. The strength behind that one steam of chakra had enough force to send him suddenly flying like a rag doll. It was even more powerful than when she threw him across the valley after using Rotation. Sasuke eventually stop himself by landing on his feet then dragged his feet on the water stopping himself by using a random log that came out of the water. Luckily, he managed to make used of it or else, he would've kept going. He stood on top of the log panting.

Hinata lowered herself back into her trademark Gentle fist stances. Sasuke was still panting, but he slowly regain some of his composure. Sasuke managed to evade most of the damage just now, but his head paid the price. Blood began to roll down his forehead from underneath the forehead. Sasuke didn't noticed he was bleeding yet. He was still in disbelief at how much stronger Hinata had gotten. He stares at her with a shocked look in his eyes. 'What was that? I can still read her movements. But that stream of chakra she used. I couldn't read it at all. That aura of her. It's not any normal chakra... It prevents me from seeing her chakra-based attacks...' Sasuke narrowed his eyes. He may or may not have figured out how her power works. It comes in response to a 'need', not a desire to get stronger. This 'awakening' state must be triggered by either her desperation or indignation. Right now, it's more out of desperation.

'I see…' Sasuke may have just figured out what her source of power is. The Byakugan is a lot more similar to the Sharingan than Sasuke had expected. "I think I can understand your power now!" Sasuke shouted before he took off running to the side of the valley and began jumping from one rock to another keeping his distances from Hinata. Hinata wasn't going to let him escape that easily, she began to slide on top of the water heading in the same direction as Sasuke. Sasuke began to perform several different hand signs before he spat out three smaller fire balls towards her while he was still moving using his surroundings to his advantages.

Hinata show very little effort in dodging each fire ball and she suddenly turns and began heading directly towards Sasuke. Sasuke began to form a few more hand signs swiftly. He can't let her come near him! "Fire Style, Fire Ball Jutsu!" Sasuke expelled a giant fire ball from his mouth and it took form into a massive ball of roaring flames and it heads straight towards Hinata. The young Hyuga continued on her path towards Sasuke, she took notices to the massive ball of fire, and started to emits two streams of chakra from the palm of her hands, the chakra streams began to grow slightly larger, and more flexible. The chakra streams began to surround her entire body like a barricade between her and the fireball. The giant fireball hits the barricade of chakra streams and explodes on impact creating a hot steam that surround the area where Hinata was at.

Slowly the steam clears out revealing to Sasuke, a Hinata that was completely unharmed. It was as if the fireball hasn't even touch her. No... It didn't touch her at all! The chakra streams that were surrounding her like a barricade had protected her. She places her hand down to the side as the chakra streams vanishes into thin air. Sasuke was beginning to feel aggravated by this new abilities. He couldn't spot a weakness! Not only could the chakra streams that she emits be used offensively but for defenses as well?!

'That chakra can protect her…?!' Sasuke thought while losing his composure. He gritted his teeth tightly together. 'Calm down… The Hyuga specializes in Taijutsu. She can't hit me, if I'm not close enough.' Sasuke let out a soft sigh. He had to stay calm. Losing his cool is just what she wants. 'So if I keep my distances I should be safe.'

Suddenly Hinata slide her hand downward then held it out to the side of her emitting a chakra stream. Then she thrust her hand forward extending the chakra stream towards Sasuke. He wasn't safe at long-range or close-range! Sasuke realized that just in time to jumps into the air over the chakra stream Hinata's gaze followed him then motions her hand upwards allowing the stream of chakra to pursue after him. Hinata was trying to make it wrap around one of his ankles so she could restrain him, but he was making that difficult for her.

Sasuke spotted the chakra stream heading for him at blinding speed and narrowly evaded it before he began falling back towards the water. She was watching him thoroughly before she motions her hands downwards making the stream of chakra pursue him again. Sasuke was doing his best to keep his distances from it. He knew that if he were to touch him, he'd be in a world of hurt. He landed on the water below, and quickly dives out of the way so the chakra stream hit the water instead of him.

Hinata emits another chakra stream with her other hand, then throws it against the water cutting against it. She cut the water extremely fast making the water shoot up around Sasuke, blinding him from seeing beyond the water. Sasuke readied himself as he began looking around the place keeping an eye out for her chakra steams. If he let his guard down for even a second, he's done for.

Hinata motions her other hand, she swung her hand with the extended chakra stream towards the pillar of water, and it pierces through the water towards Sasuke. Sasuke's eyes widen before he ducks down narrowly evading it. The chakra steam went over Sasuke's head, but then it came back, but Hinata aimed a bit lower this time making the chakra stream target his legs. Sasuke spotted it coming, then jumps over it, and over the whirlpool of water.

He had to get some distances from Hinata. Staying close to her was too dangerous as she is now. He had to find some way to get to her, but she wasn't giving him any breathing room for him to think. Hinata jumps up into the air lands on the cliff behind her while focuses a fix amount of chakra to her feet. She sticks to the wall before scanning the area for Sasuke. She watches Sasuke as he tried to make for a strategic withdraw. He was getting away! "I won't let you!" She launches herself through the air then opens her arms out before she began to glide in the air in Sasuke's direction.

Sasuke continued to run and hop away, but he stopped among hearing her voice. He then turns around towards where her voice came from and spotted Hinata heading his way. Hinata quickly emitted two chakra streams from the palm of her hands, one for each hand, and cuts against the water in front of Sasuke with one of them. The chakra stream created a tidal wave of water and the water was about to engulf Sasuke again, but then a chakra stream pierced through the wall of water and hits Sasuke in the abdomen carrying him and sending him towards the cliff behind him.

Sasuke impacted against the wall causing the entire cliff to collapsed right after him, the rocks fells onto the water creating several more tidal waves and strong ripple along the water. The entire valley began to tremble from the force. Luckily for Sasuke, the waves of water had pushes Sasuke out of harm's way and toward a nearby land with him. He was laying down on top of the ground before he began to wince in pain. He slowly began to move while clutching his stomach. This is crazy... How could she be pushing him so back so easily?

Hinata landed on the nearby cliff near the piece of surface Sasuke was on. She jumps into the air and began emitting a large amount of chakra streams around her body like a barricade again. The barricade of chakra steam began to expand from her body as she glides through the air towards Sasuke with the shield expanding. Sasuke realized what she was right to do. She was trying to crush his bones so he wouldn't be able to move anymore! He began to run as fast as he could away from her while she was approaching him like a meteor about to crash. 'She's going to crush my bones with that!' Sasuke shouted in his head, he had to get away from her before it was too late!

Hinata had slammed onto the ground with the chakra streams protecting her from the impact to the concrete floor. Sasuke had literally gotten away by a hair. He had jumped at very last second using the massive wind from the impact that managed to squeeze from underneath Hinata's jutsu. Sasuke landed on the foot panting heavily That was too close. He took several steps back from Hinata, and stopped against the wall behind him having fear display along his face. Hinata allowed the chakra streams to vanish from around her and she lands on the ground on her feet. She drops now to one knee placing one of her hands flat along the ground, and the other in the air towards him while closing her eyes slowly to concentrate on something.

Sasuke was looking directly at her in shock. He hadn't taken her eyes off her since she almost crushed him a second ago. He leans back against the wall behind him, then slid down to the floor in absolute shock and fear. 'What's wrong with her? I can't do anything but dodge!' He was being pushed back so easily. She had literally backed him up into a corner! The Cursemark from his neck began to spread across his head face slowly. He was hesitating on whether or not he should make a move. He could only thing of one thing that could help him here.

Hinata reopens her eyes, then as she pulls against the ground, suddenly the ground revealed a chakra stream hidden underneath. It came up from the ground and before had time to react, it had wraps around Sasuke's stomach. Sasuke's eyes widened in surprised as it wrapped around his stomach. He was too busy staring at her, he hadn't thought she would use the ground to hide her chakra! "Don't be scared…It'll be over soon." Hinata informed him as she pulls the chakra stream that had surrounded Sasuke towards her at full strength. Sasuke was being forced to come closer towards her. He began yelling while being was forced to come closer to her.

As he got closer to her, she opened up her other hand, and thrust it forward colliding directly with Sasuke right in the face, she had launched him back towards the wall but this time he impacted against the wall so powerfully that he left a giant crater behind him. He slid down to the floor with the Cursemark still across his face. He was unresponsive.

Hinata narrowed her eyes unsure if he was still conscious or not. Sasuke moved his hand slightly. He started moving, and suddenly began to starts snickering before he went onto his hands, and knees. "Looks like I don't have a choice in the matter… Can't get around it, I guess." Sasuke looked up at Hinata with the markings of the Cursemark spread along his face. "I'll just go ahead, and let the curse mark do what it must. I don't know what's going to happen to me in the end, but I rather let it take over than to lose to you. Just remember…" He slowly began to make his way back up on his feet with his arms hanging on the side. "You forced me into doing this… Hinata."

The curse mark started to spread along his entire body. His skin began to darken turning dark-grey, his hair started to grow even longer and had turn dark blue color to it. His nails extended turning into sharp claws. His lips began to also turn blue. Then a black four-point star mark appears in between his eyes just across the bridge of his nose. His eyes had also darken turning dark grey, but his pupils stay red with the Sharingan still activated. His Cursemark had finishes changing his body completely. He was not the same Sasuke that Hinata knew... A wicked grin spread along his face as he spoken. "No doubt, you are special, but unfortunately you're not as special as I am!" He declared.

Hinata was watching Sasuke's entire being change into this... monstrosity that he calls 'special'. Her expression was at of horror. 'S-Sasuke?' Sasuke just started to snicker at the look she was giving him. Soon his wicked grin turned into a widen smirk. Hinata narrowed closed her eyes a bit. How could he called himself 'special' while looking... like that? "So you're special huh? Is that really all you care about?!" Hinata shouted towards him. Was that really all he could think about?

Sasuke merely snickers again. "It's all I need to care about…" He lifted up his hands looking at the both of them, he clenches them into a fist and then reopens them back up. His confidences was back to normal. He could feel it. "Because now I know there's no way you can win." There was no doubt in his mind that he could take Hinata's 'awakened' form on now.

Hinata gritted her teeth before she took off running towards yelling enraged holding her hand towards the ground. "We'll see about that!" She shouted willing to challenged his word on her not being able to win! She emits a large chakra stream at the tip of her fingers. While she was running, it became thinner and thinner. The thinner it gotten the more sharp it became, she was beginning to leave gaps in the ground as she runs towards Sasuke. Sasuke's smirk never left his face, in fact it grew bigger.

Hinata continues to yells enrage while she went in for the attack. Hinata lifted her hand up that was emitting the sharpen stream of chakra, hitting Sasuke with all her strength she was forcing the both of them to slam against the wall behind Sasuke, and then they both began to heading straight towards the leg of the statue on the left of them, and they crashed against it destroy a chunk of it in the process. Hinata had created a cloud of dust on impact. But, thanks to her Byakugan, she could see right through the smoke and knew Sasuke was within the cloud of dust. The smoke began to dissipate and Hinata was standing up looking through it. She noticed something strange about Sasuke's chakra flow. It hadn't changed... It hadn't grown weaker. The when the smoke clear, and she notices Sasuke was protected by what seems to look like a webbed-claw-shaped wing. Where did this come for...?! "…What in the…?" Hinata asked herself while in surprised.

Hinata hadn't noticed it until now. The wing suddenly moved! Hinata noticed the movement and she panicked having little time in her next action. She quickly jumps back trying to create some kind of distances from it. But there was no time, she emitted chakra streams in front of herself but she was only able to create two of them. "Not enough time!" She braced herself as the wing opened up using it's claws to pierces through both of the chakra streams. The claws hits her against her arms knocking her flying across the valley, and she slams against the leg of the other statue destroying a chunk of the statue. on impact. The wing hurts more then her crash against the statue's leg.

Hinata winces in pain while struggling to sits up. "U-Ugh…" She opened up one of her eyes to look at Sasuke, and her eyes widens in horror. She sees Sasuke on one knee, and both his hands, with the wing sticking out of his back, and then a second webbed-claw-shaped wing ripped right out of his back. He looked nearly liked a monster with those wings, as well as his face looking like that. "S-Sasuke…You …" Hinata couldn't even finish her sentence. She was shock beyond disbelief. Is this really the power he was craving for?

Sasuke lifts his head up to look up towards her, and soon a wicked grin appeared along his face. But his wicked grin faded before he started to grunt in agony. He winces in pain over as he started to grit his teeth. The Cursemark was hurting him! 'My body… I can't waste too much time like this! I've got to end this now.' Sasuke thought to himself before he looked up at Hinata with a serious gaze. He can't waste any more time.

Hinata slowly stood back on her feet still wincing in pain from the crash. She was covered in some dust and dirt from the impact. She looks back towards Sasuke in his new monstrosity form. She noticed he was wincing, and he was grunting. Not to mention his chakra looked to be been unstable for a moment. "That transformation… it's hurting you isn't it?" She asked. Despite everything that happened, she's still concerned for the Uchiha's well-being.

"That power of yours…" Sasuke started. Hinata blinked looking at him to hear what he had to say. Sasuke huffed before he began his explanation of what he had discovered about her new 'awakened' transformation. "Your power, it's a blessing. It doesn't come with a risk at all. It doesn't change anything about you, except your attitude slightly. You've stop stuttering" Sasuke slowly lifted his head up even higher to look up at the stone statues. He slowly stood up from his crouching position. "Look around. You know where we are, don't you? It's called the Final Valley. The perfect setting for our fight, don't you think so, Hinata?"

Hinata looked up at the stone statues. The First Hokage on the Land of Fire's side of the water and an Uchiha on the opposite side. That Uchiha was the one that defected from their village. She had noticed them indeed, and knew just from where they stand one was on the side of good, which the other was... "Well?" Sasuke's voice cut off her train of thought. A chuckle escaped from his lips. "Oh right, of course. I say there would be no more talking. In that case, I guess we'll end it all here, and now. The end of this fight, and all of the fights we had until now!"

Sasuke and Hinata in sync in thinking about when they had just graduated from Ninja academy, became ninjas, and form their different squads. It was a bit of a sad moment, but that wasn't going to stop their progress together. Sasuke was standing on a pathway looking towards the sunset, while Hinata was looking at him nervously trying to muster the strength to talk to him. Sasuke wasn't going to speak first. He rest his hands in his pockets while staring at the sunset. It took her a long minute before she finally spoken up. "U-Um…Sasuke? I…u-um…" She swallows hard while twiddling her thumbs together.

"We're not in the same squad, Hinata." He deadpanned. He turned his head slightly to looks at her at the corner of his eye. Sasuke sighs. She had to get paired and two others that he dislikes. "It would seem I was paired up with the idiot, and an annoying girl." The idiot being Naruto Uzumaki, and the annoying girl being Sakura Haruno.

Hinata nods Yeah, she was there when their Sensei say the names of their squads. "N-Naruto, and Sakura..." Hinata then take notices to Sasuke calling Naruto an idiot, which she disagrees with. "B-But Naruto isn't an idiot Sasuke…"

Sasuke turned to her with a small smile along his face. She had the courage to defend Naruto? That peeked his interest. "Don't tell me." Sasuke paused for a moment. Unlike Naruto, he's not dense. "You have a crush on him?" He asked bluntly.

Hinata looked up towards Sasuke as her cheeks were blushes a dark shade of red. "N-No! I-I just…It's just…" She was going to faint at this rate and Sasuke rather not deal with an unconscious Hinata. Besides if she did have a crush on him, it was none of his business, right? Still, her reaction was expected. He's grown accustom to her blushing figure, and stuttering.

Sasuke turned his head back to face the sun. He was quiet for a few seconds before he replied. He huffed nonchalantly. "Humph. Whatever. Forget I asked." He quickly changed the subject.

Hinata wasn't done though. She looks back down at the concrete ground at her feet, still blushing a shade of red. "W-What I c-came to say was…u-um…" She kept twiddling her thumbs. "That if we c-could..."

"If we could still train together, despite being in different teams?" He finished in her place. She was going to take forever just to say that one sentence and he's not the patience type. So he finished her sentence for her.

Hinata nods her head slowly. She wasn't done... "I… I enjoy training with you, S-Sasuke. I-I don't want our squads to stop that…S-So…" Hinata paused for a moment. She may have realized that this sounded just about close to a confession.

Sasuke turned his attention back towards her. "It's fine." He answered. He didn't mind. In fact, he was all for it, doesn't mean he'll tell her that. "If we both have some spare time. You know where to find me." He turns his body towards her, and rests a hand on her shoulder. He had a small smile on his face. He was looking forward to training together again.

Hinata looked up at Sasuke awestruck before she smiled softly and nods. "Y-Yeah." She was looking forward to it as well.

That was the last flashback and the one thing that Sasuke truly meant to heart. He know how he felt about her, but wanted to discard of that feeling, since he figured he wouldn't need it on the path he was on. He didn't want anything to crack his resolve. Still... deep down inside Sasuke, he was suffering at the fact that he must kill her to gain more power. He, like Hinata had cherishes each, and every memory that had together to heart. He could never forget those times even if he wanted to. If there was one thing Sasuke regretted… it was that he and her had fallen in love. He wished it wasn't her that he had to kill. Anyone but her, but it's too late for him to change his mind now; he's already too deep into darkness to turn back now. It's… far too late.

'This is the end of it all… All of the memories we shared, all of the laughs, and smiles.' He reopened his crimson red eyes enraged as he started forming several hand signs specifically need to perform his most powerful jutsu.

Hinata stood straight up on her feet. Then she crouched down gathering chakra to the palm of her hand. She looks down while holding her right hand out to the side of her. Her entire hand began to glow.

Sasuke held one of his arms down then grips onto the wrist of that arm with his other hand. He growls slightly. "Chidori!" He shouted followed by him starting to channel a large amount of lightning to his hand. The sound of birds chirping could be heard throughout the valley.

Hinata's aura that was surrounding her body, began to gather to the palm of her hand. She was using all of the strength she could muster in this attack. The chakra slowly taken the form of a lion's face. The lion's face let out a roar throughout the valley. "Lion Fist!"

Sasuke's Chidori had darken, turning black while the sound of the chirping birds changed to the distinct sound of flapping wings instead. He gritted his teeth tightly together while staring directly at the Hyuga. Hinata was staring right back at him, she was not going to take her eye off of him. Hinata winced her eyes as her Lion Fist started to growl and began to shines brighter. Both had push their most powerful jutsus to it's absolute limit. Now it was time to see who's who the stronger technique. Both the Uchiha and the Hyuga jump through the air with their last, and strongest jutsus in hand flying. Sasuke was using his new wings to fly straight for her, while Hinata was gliding through the air directly for Sasuke at full speed. Both ninjas held their jutsu close to their faces before they both shouted out the name of their jutsu at the same time to end it all here!

"Chidori/Lion Fist!"

They collided with each other with an explosion of power heading in nearly every direction. Sasuke's Chidori, and Hinata's Lion Fist were canceling out each other, the power from both jutsus were expanding all around them across the whole valley. While they were colliding in power, both colors of their jutsu started to mix again, started to surround the both of them in a black void of chakra. While they were both in the void, Sasuke had managed to spot an opening in Hinata's defense. The aura that was once surround her was mainly focus on the power of the Lion Fist. So Sasuke had wasted no time going for it. He narrowed his eyes as he aim for her chest right with his claws stabbing her right in between the breasts. Hinata gasps when she felt the claws penetrating her. Blood rolls out from her mouth before he emits a chakra stream at her finger tips and cuts Sasuke right across the forehead where his Leaf headband was, and left a scratch across it. The dark void was inside grown bigger from their power, and darkens even more turning completely black from both of their powers. The void kept on expanding covering up the waterfall destroying parts of the valley as well. The sky started getting cloudy, and the dark void continued to expand over the top of the waterfall making the water shoot into the air. A small light began to emitted from the void and it started glowing from the center. The light kept on glowing brighter and brighter until it nearly engulfed nearly the whole area in a beautiful display of bright light. Within that very light there was a little boy, and girl standing in the center. The boy being Sasuke Uchiha, and the girl being Hinata Hyuga. They were both in the center of the light floating in front of the other, staring at each other in the eyes as the light slowly engulfs the two. Both lifted up heir hand, then moved their hands towards one another until they made contact, and were holding each other's hands softly staring into each other's eyes. The warmth from the others hand made the boy, and the girl smile. They're never forget this feeling for as long as they live.

The young Hyuga was smiling softly, as a soft gust of wind blown against her hair. Her eyes were on the Uchiha right in front of her. Her mouth began to move but no words came out of it. Since Sasuke was able to read her lip motion. 'I love you.'

The young Uchiha had blinked at first confused until he realized what she had said. His eyes hadn't left from her face this whole time. He slowly began to smile back at her, before he also moved his mouth with no words coming up. 'I love you too…'

Both little kids vanishes from the other's vision and as the light from their attacks subsided, Hinata had appears on the ground unconscious bleeding slightly by her lips. She wasn't moving. It was hard to tell if she was alive or not. Sasuke was standing over her staring directly down at her unconscious figure. His eyes half-closed looking dead from the sight displayed in front of him. He was holding his left arm while he had used during their collision a minute ago. The light radiating from the sky was shining down on top of the both of them but it was slowly growing dimer with each passing second. Eventually the light had vanishes completely onto Hinata body then completely disappeared along her face. A shadow was hovering over his eyes while his eyes were covered by the bangs on his hair. His headband loosen itself then untied itself from around his head. The head was falling from his head down towards the the ground. It make a 'clank' sound from hitting the ground, right next to Hinata's head. Sasuke hadn't said a word the entire time. Only silence fell the air between the two of them. Sasuke had noticed the scratch on his headband, yet didn't make an issue or show interests in the headband for the moment. He had no interests in that. The only object of interest was Hinata's unconscious body. Hinata's body was unresponsive. Sasuke was afraid to check Hinata's pulse. Sasuke's stare on Hinata was intense and a bit horrify by the sight. "Hinata… You… I…" Sasuke was sorry. Truly sorry, but he couldn't tell her how sorry he was, or the fact that he regretted this fight from the bottom of his heart. Suddenly, Sasuke flinched a bit feeling a cold drop of water land on his neck. Raindrops started to hit the floor, now the sound of rain fell the air. Sasuke turned his attention up to the cloudy skies as it started to rain down on both of them. Sasuke just stood there staring up at the sky as the rain became to pour down on his face and a drop of rain landed on his hollow eyes. That drop of rain rolled down her cheek towards his chin. It's possible that raindrop represent the fact that he wanted to cry about this event. Hinata dead or alive, he wanted to cry. Than his eyes widen from a massive sharp pain from his left shoulder. He closed his eyes wincing from the overwhelming pain. He soon lost the strength in his knees, they buckled, and fell onto his hands, and knees coughing up blood. The rain continued on pouring down on the body of the young Shinobi and Kunoichi. Sasuke's face had unexpectedly land right in front of Hinata's face. He was panting trying to endure the pain until he slowly reopens his eyes realizing their faces were mere inches from the other. He didn't react or move from the position he was in, as the rain continued to soak the both of them. "Hinata…" All he was able to said was the name of the girl he had fallen for. Yet, now he didn't even feel worthy enough to even utter her name anymore. He closes his eyes before he forced himself back up to feet. He turned his back from her, but before he walk off, he gave the young Hyuga girl one last gaze. This maybe his final one. He sighs softly before he began to make his escape.

A certain blond haired ninja finally made it to Final Valley panting heavily only to spot out an unconscious Hinata, but no Sasuke was in sight. The ninja that had just arrived at the scene was Naruto Uzumaki. His eyes widened in horror as he looks around the Valley still panting. He gritted his teeth angrily. "I'm too late!" He shouted in frustration. If only he were faster! He ran over towards Hinata's body, he sat her up and places two fingers right under her neck. He could feel a faint pulse, and he could see she was still breathing faintly. "She's still alive…" Naruto looked over her head having noticed a Leaf Village headband on the floor next to her. "That's…" Naruto paused for a moment to reach over and pick up the headband. He examines it closely at it as his eyes soften. He came to an conclusion on who this belonged to. "This is Sasuke's, isn't it?" Naruto guessed correctly. His gaze went back to Hinata as he places the headband on her chest. His eyes were starting to be overtaken by despair, and distress. "I'm sorry…" Naruto mumbled to himself, but that was mainly directed towards Hinata. He stood up to his feet, picking Hinata up in his arms. He was blaming himself for not getting here in time. "If only I had shown up instead and fought Sasuke, then you wouldn't have had to…" He turns around to face the forest behind him. He gets the feeling Sasuke had went in that direction. 'Sasuke… Was you really intending on killing her? If I had shown up instead of her… Would you have done the same thing to me?' He gets the feeling he would've.

Deep within the forest, Sasuke was walking through the damp forest towards Orochimaru's hideout. He was taking slow and steady steps. His body was still hurt from the fighting, not to mention he was still holding his shoulder in pain. His eyes were empty and hollow were he was staring down the path he was walking down. He only had one path now; it was impossible for him to switch mid-way. He couldn't even if he wanted to. He had to follow his Path of the Avenger to the very end. He does have regrets. A large amount. There was no turning back. He's too deep within. His body was fragile at the moment. He couldn't possibly survive another confrontation like that anytime soon. The rain kept on pouring down drenching his body in water and soaking his clothes heavily. His body was growing heavier due the rain. He could hardly keep himself from keeling over at this very moment. 'In the end… She got to me… Was her love… really that strong?' Sasuke staggers slightly as he was walking but he kept on walking while looking down at the ground. 'I need power…' He starts to remember what his older brother Itachi had told him a while back. If he wanted to have a specific power. Sasuke wanted that power at first but in the end, he just couldn't do it. He hated to admit it, but he loved her too much to kill her. No, he didn't hate to admit it, but he knew for a fact that he couldn't live with himself if he were to.

"Take the life on the person closest to you. The closer the bond, the more power you'll receive." Those words were echoing through Sasuke's mind. Sasuke finally stopped in place. Sasuke knew he had to kill her to get this power Itachi was talking about, but he wasn't able to complete it. Hinata's words had gotten to him. Secretly he was glad. The water from the rain was running down his face.

Back with Naruto and Hinata at the Final Valley, Naruto was getting set to leave the Valley with Hinata in his arms. He knew, he could try to pursue Sasuke but with the condition Hinata was in, he fears she wouldn't last too much longer with her wounds in this weather. So he begrudgingly decided he had no choice but to head back to the Leaf Village and give Hinata the Medical attention she needs right now. "If only I had made it sooner I could've helped her! I could've save her… I could've…" He was angry at himself for being too slow, but... His attention went back to Hinata. He changed her positions, and placed her on his back. He started walking out of the Final Valley. He was about to, until Hinata started to reopen her eyes. They weak and drain. It took her a while before she recognized the orange jumpsuit. It was Naruto.

Sasuke stopped walking and turns around staring in the same direction as the Final Valley was. He was sensing Hinata's chakra faintly. She was moving. No, someone was moving her. All he could hope was that it was an ally of hers. Itachi's words continue to repeat themselves in Sasuke's head echoing constantly to remind him of what he had to do to get the power he needs to defeat him. "Take the life of closest person to you. If you want power, you must kill her!"

Sasuke's eyes widens enraged. He's had enough. He's made a decision! 'I won't do it. Just because you say it will give me power, doesn't mean I want to get that kind of power your way!' Sasuke started walking along the forest again. He's not changing his mind. 'I will get that power someday, but I'll do it my way. I'm going to surpass you without having to kill her!' He nods slowly. 'That's a promise...'

Sasuke's presences, chakra as well as his body vanished within the darkness of the forest. He was going to grow stronger. Strong enough to kill his brother without killing Hinata in the process. Naruto was just about to head back to the village so Hinata could recover from the fight. He notices Hinata's eye were open as he was looking at her at the corner of his eyes. "Hey, you're awake!" He smiles brightly at her. The smile had a hint of sadness behind it but he was doing his best to hide it from her.

As weak as Hinata was she hardly noticed the smile on Naruto's face. Hinata blinks before she shifted her eyes around looking for a certain Uchiha. "S-Sasuke…" She called out his name faintly moving from Naruto's back. "Where is he?" She asked.

Naruto's expression saddens while his smile faded away just as quickly as it came. "Sasuke's gone…" He answered. He hated being the bear of bad news. "I didn't make it in time to help you, or to stop him."

Tears started to roll down from Hinata's cheeks. She couldn't believe it. She fought with everything she had, and even that wasn't enough to bring him home. She continued to cry at the lost of the one she loves. The mere thought of losing Sasuke was heartbreaking. "I couldn't…stop him…" She sobbed trying to fight back the tears, but they continued to fall.

"We'll get him back. I know we will! I'll make sure of that!" Naruto wasn't going to give up on getting Sasuke back. He'll drag him back himself if he had to! "Right now, keeping you alive is more important than getting Sasuke back." Naruto said. He could've went after him, but he was more worried about losing a friend right in front of him than getting a friend back.

Hinata tightens her grip of the fabric of Naruto's shirt. She was still sobbing and crying. He even tighten up her grip onto Sasuke's headband. She failed and she couldn't change that. 'Sasuke…'

Naruto made his way for the Leaf Village. Hinata was alive and kicking, she was only heart broken, though Naruto would be lying if he wasn't also deeply hurt by Sasuke's departure. He'll grow stronger and help get Sasuke back. They can grow stronger and drag him back if necessary. "We're get Sasuke back some day." Naruto nodded his head. "I promise. And I don't break a promise." He declared to her. He will not stop until he has Sasuke within his grasp! That was a promise of a lifetime!