Chapter 50: Luna's Dream

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Tensions continue to mount between the Goblins and the Humans as treaty talks have again turned sour. The Goblin King of England Ragnok was said to have unleashed a profanity laced rant at the British Prime Minister when talks turned to Goblin reservations. A more appropriate statement was put out by the Goblin people declaring that they wished to live as equals with Humans and not to be subjected to the same treatment of Native Americans during the bloody colonization of North America. The Prime Minister stated that Ragnok's rant was very offensive to Native Americans. The Goblin replied that his thoughts on Native Americans are no different than his thoughts on other Humans. "They all taste the same when cooked. So treat us like the people we are or we will treat humans like the swine!"

On brighter news, an uneasy alliance has formed between the old Magi, and the rest of the formerly mundane North America. The alliance features all three countries USA, Canada and Mexico. Goblin's have also stated they are happy with the agreements and offer support to the ongoing negotiations in Britain.


Is the famed Luna Lovegood really a Lovegood? Shocking developments may shock you. Are the rumors true, that Luna's real Mother was none other than the infamous Magical Dictator Delores Umbridge, who Luna helped over throw. Also how did Umbridge die? Was it from her madness or murdered by her own alleged Daught-


The Centaurs are far more receptive to talks of reservations as they have no desire to live in the "civilized" world, or even be classified as non beasts. To them the idea of being separate from nature is an abominable sin. Despite living in the wild Forests, Centaurs have proven to be as intelligent and civilized as any culture we have seen. They are however dangerously territorial. In this documentary, I have been given a rare opportunity to observe and submerse myself in the Centaur culture. They are very wary of my presence and of cameras so it will be somewhat regulated, as the Centaurs keep their sacred rituals and secrets close to their chests. If I were to violate their laws I would be at the mercy of their justice.


As the Minister of Magical Britain, Hermione Granger has played a key role in trying to desegregate a new magical world. In an interview, Granger pointed out that "For many Muggles or mundane people, they were living in a segregated world and did not even know it. I know this might prove to be even more tricky than desegregating the USA, which had largely been split into groups of White and African Americans. This process resulted in riots, violence and hate crimes. I would like to believe we are all better people and have learned from the previous generation. However I am prepared for the worst as change is rarely easy."

When asked of the ongoing threats of assassination by the terrorist organization known as the Totalitar, Granger simply stated. "People have been trying to kill me since I was 12 years old. Threats are not worth my time."

What has she been working on. "In fact I am proud to announce the launch of the first magically powered and manned exhibition to other planets. We have begun colonizing the moon but that is just the beginning. The Shuttle will be heading across the Solar System, installing portkeys on other planets to colonize. We will then begin making the environments more hospitable for earth life. With magic we might be able to travel faster than the speed of light and create worm holes to teleport us across the universe. With Magic we might also be able to solve the mysteries of Quantum physic. In fact Magic might be the very thing we call Dark Matter. Of course only time will tell if that's the case. Together magic and science can do things we believed to be impossible."


"So let me get this straight, your boy friend is a Goblin."

"I don't see what the problem is, we love each other and to deny us our love is racism."

"The question isn't a matter of race but of species. Sure a Goblin is a person like you and I but are Goblin's even human."

"Am I not human, but if you cut us we will bleed, and if you hurt us we will die. If we see a beautiful woman, do we not love. I am as much of a person as you are a Healer Philip."

"It's just Phil. Up next we have a man who says he is a centaur trapped in a human body"


Breaking news, there has been another Terrorist attack. This latest attack took place in the Magical city of Rawdon, taking the lives of ten individuals and injuring twenty more. Once more this is believed to be work of the Totalitar who continue to fight to reclaim magic from the Muggles. The USA has offered condolences and have doubled down on their promise to destroy the enemy with the power of the American army.


It has been 1 year to the day Luna Lovegood bestowed magic to the people of the earth. Some say she's a prophet, others say a lunatic. Some religious groups have decried her to be the Antichrist and that magic's the devil's work.

Tonight at 9:00 we give you a special report as we look into Lovegood's past. From her mysterious youth as a Squib to her Mother's tragic murder. We uncover her school years where she went from eccentric bullied dreamer, to rebellious fighter against a Wizarding terrorist movement that pulled a coup on the Magical Ministry. We tell of her experience as a hostage of war and how she fought alongside Harry Potter in the battle for blood rights.

We speak of the turmoil following the reopening of Hogwarts and the love story that has captured romantic's hearts around the world, when Lovegood found true love in the form of war hero Harry Potter. Tonight we reveal what is known of Luna's past and try to fill the gaps that are scattered through Luna's checkered History.

However more debatable than her past is Luna's current whereabouts. Some say she died giving her life for the world. Some say she went back to the Moon, others say Mars. Many more say she's not an Alien. Those who are friends with her, say they have received sporadic correspondence from her, but that she offers little to no information about her whereabouts or her condition. The fact is we don't know

One thing we do know is that one year to the day, Miss Lovegood gave magic to the world and then disappeared, into myth and legend. Where she is now, only God...or Merlin knows.


Hermione shut off the TV and rubbed her tired eyes. She needed a vacation, but the big day was a month away. She was admittedly frightened the mission could end in disaster but she remembered something Dumbledore had once written in a book. "Nothing easy is found in uncharted territory. It is in the unknown that discoveries are made."

Hermione heard a knock on her office door and sighed. "Ron shouldn't you be at work."

Hermione opened the door and gasped. Standing in the doorway was a smirking Harry Potter. Hermione practically squealed as she gave him one of her patented hugs. "Harry I missed you so much! It feels like years."

"Tell me about it." Harry uttered with a smile. Hermione pulled back and took in her friend's appearance.

It may have been a year since Harry and Luna vanished but Harry seemed to have aged at least five years. He was growing a small beard and his hair was longer and as wild as ever. He also wasn't wearing glasses. Harry shrugged as she noticed this and mumbled. "I kept breaking my glasses so I just got contacts. I'm still getting used to the bloody things."

"It's a wonderful day to see you again Hermione." A voice uttered to their right causing Hermione to jump back and reach for her wand, only for Harry's invisibility cloak to fall to the floor.

There she was, smiling serenely as ever. Hermione couldn't help but be amazed by how beautiful Luna looked, she also looked older though she didn't show it as obviously as Harry who smiled from behind Luna. Luna's skin was tanned not unlike Harry's and her hair was longer. She seemed to have gained weight possibly recovering from her time in the dungeons of the Ministry of Magic. The dreamy look in her eyes was still there, but it had largely been replaced by happiness, love and awareness of her present state. Hermione honestly had never seen Luna look more human, though it could have been from too much exposure to the media who spoke often of her promotion to the mythical figure the world saw her as.

Luna gestured to the cloak. "Sorry for startling you but I didn't want to be seen yet. I just got back and it's most strange how a little bit of fame makes people forget their manners. I find it rather rude."

Hermione shook her head fondly as she hugged Luna too, before pulling back with a laugh. "Now I know you two have aged in this paradise of yours. Not in a bad way of course, you look more...well not grown up but mature."

Harry shrugged. "I thought it's been a few years, when we came back we found out only one has gone by. Sadly I don't think we will be going back there. We felt it was time to rejoin the real world."

Hermione's face brightened. "So why have you come here of all places?"

Luna shrugged. "Honestly, I have no idea where here is. Harry just gave me this dirty shoe Ronald had owled him and told me to put on his cloak and the next thing I know, I'm here. I assume this was a Portkey, I don't like Portkeys."

Harry laughed as Hermione looked at Harry with narrow eyes. "Why is Ron mailing classified Portkeys, and are you telling me Luna has no idea where she is?"

Harry grinned. "It's a surprise."

"I know where I am, judging by the pictures on the wall I'm in your office. I assume inside the Ministry of Magic." Luna answered with a smile.

Hermione glared at Harry with tight lips as she growled. "No it's not."

"First don't blame would've given me the portkey either way, he just cracked faster." Harry replied quickly. "I know we aren't supposed to be here but I promise we won't be long. I just couldn't pass up this opportunity."

Harry turned to Luna who looked on with intrigue. "Luna's given so much and has asked for nothing in return, but I felt it's my job to repay her, if not for whats she''s done for others, then what's she's done for me. Besides it's her birthday."

Luna blushed under his praise while Hermione's stern demeanour gave way to an exasperated sigh. "You really don't do things half way Harry."

"I have a most unordinary girlfriend, she deserves an extraordinary birthday." Harry laughed as Luna blushed some more. "It 's not like it's much of a problem, at least not anymore. Luna may have spread magic to the world but you have done an amazing job with it. Besides I promise we won't be too long. I mean what's the worse that can happen."

Hermione shook her head. "I'm going to regret this aren't I."

Harry shrugged. "Probably."

Hermione sighed with frustration but failed to hide her amusement from Harry. "Fine, you both more than deserve it. Merlin give me strength."

Luna looked between the two. "I'm normally not interested in presents. I have rarely received any from anyone outside my parents...but I confess myself to be most curious."

Hermione chuckled. "Well normally this wouldn't be possible. In fact doing this will help you understand of how much you've changed things Luna."

"I know I've changed things." Luna sighed with a tired look. "Though if I'm not mistaken, many things sadly remained the same."

"Change takes time Luna." Hermione replied sadly. "You can't expect everyone to become friends over night. A year ago they were on the verge of blowing each other up, wars were fought and people died. Goblin's killed by Wizards, dementors killed by Goblins. People don't forget that overnight. Family's don't forget who killed their Parents and children."

"Change will come." Luna agreed with a wise nod. "Though in what way, I cannot begin to guess. It's out of my hands now. It's up to everyone else to make the world a better place. I just hope they are up to the task. Trust me Hermione, I know what it is to lose the people you love."

Hermione rubbed her eyes and muttered. "Me too, but enough of this. Let me show you where we are, then I'm going to give Ron a piece of my mind."

"You two still dating?" Harry asked.

Hermione smiled somewhat strained. "Yes... we are Harry."

"That's nice Hermione?" Luna replied with a smile as she subtly handed Harry what looked like a Galleon.

Hermione frowned. "Did you...did you bet on my relationship with Ron."

"I have no idea what you are talking about." Luna replied innocently.

"I don't believe you, you thought we would break in up." Hermione exclaimed before looking sternly at Harry. "Thanks for believing in us."

"It's very impressive that you've been a couple for nearly two years, and at no point broke up and got back together" Luna praised with a twinkle in her eye.

Hermione was silent before walking past them "Shut up."

Harry laughed as they followed her out of the office and down the hallway. Luna whispered as Harry handed back two galleons."How long did you give them before their first break up."

"End of May." Harry replied causing Luna to laugh.

"Love is a most curious thing that continues to defy logic." Luna proclaimed before shaking her head with whimsy.

The two laughed before Hermione called out. "If you two are done gossiping I can start applying the charms written on the wall, on yourselves. They are written on the wall. I will cast the spells you don't know as some of them are new."

Luna shook her head. "I'm afraid you or Harry will have to help me with that."

Hermione looked between Luna and Harry. Harry simply nodded with a sad smile before wrapping his arm around Luna. "I told you, she gave a lot for us all."

Hermione looked at Luna with sympathy. "It's not fair, you of all people deserve magic."

"No one deserves anything Hermione." Luna replied with a contented smile.

"Yes but, it's one thing to be a Squib, but in this world of your own's like..." Hermione trailed off.

Luna grinned yet her eyes held a steel to them. "I'm disabled, a cripple in a world of my own making, is that what you believe. I confess I would have loved to have magic, how could I not. But that's not why I did all this. Maybe it was at first, but along the way, I learned what really mattered. You say I didn't get what I deserved, that's not true. I didn't get what I wanted, but sometimes you get something more important, you get what you need. I would give up all the magic in the world, to be as happy as I am right now. I might not have any magic powers, but with my Harry, I'm just as magical as you are."

Harry grinned and gave Luna a kiss while Hermione tearfully looked away, muttering something about being cheesy. Luna heard and replied. "Saying something is cheesy is a way of protecting our selves from feeling emotions, it protects us from appreciating raw emotion and true beauty. They are magical words that have a power over us. Of course other times it's just cheese ."

Hermione shook her head as she cast a ton of spells, some of which even Luna had never heard before. "Perhaps your right, but I am too, that was cheesy."

Luna's eyes widened as Hermione cast one last big spell before casting charms on Harry, "Why do I need all these charms on me?"

Hermione laughed. "So you don't die."

Before Luna could respond Hermione waved her wand at the door. "Have fun you two, don't wander too far."

Luna's eyes lit up with excitement, the door slowly started to slide open, the sound of gears grinding filled the room. The wider the door opened the wider Luna's eyes grew. By the time the door had opened as far as it could, and a loud clanging sound echoed through the hallway, Luna was pale and stunned. She let out a shaky breath as she felt Harry grab her hand for support. "Merlin."

Hermione giggled at Luna's expression. "Are you OK?"

Luna sucked in a deep breath as she felt tears in her eyes. "I...I...I think I'm going to faint."

Luna looked to Hermione, opened and closed her mouth twice before she finally uttered. "How?"

Hermione smiled brightly looking a little teary eyed herself. "I believe in Karma, positive actions lead to positive reactions. How are we here, it's because of your work Luna. Without it...we could never do something like this not for at least decades. You gave us the ability to make our dreams come true, and it works for you as well."

Luna shuddered as tears ran down her cheeks. She felt Harry wrap his arms around her as he whispered. "Let's go outside."

Luna nodded smiling brightly, slowly with Harry's hand in hers they stepped towards the door way and walked through a transparent purple ward of magic. Luna felt strange, as if she was floating, which wasn't entirely wrong as she slowly fell ten feet and landed on the rocky surface of the moon.

Luna looked behind her to see Hermione smiling from the doorway above her. "Welcome to base Omega. America has base Alpha about a mile from here. You can see it in the distance but don't go near there they might think your aliens. Don't do anything to dispel the charms I cast on you if you enjoy breathing and not freezing to death among other things. Other than that stay in sight of this station and use the portkey to get back inside. I'll be watching from here just in case."

Luna hadn't heard a word of this, she was already walking across the moon with a smile, laughing as she jumped. "I must be dreaming, I feel like I'm flying, it just like magic.."

Harry just smiled as he followed her. He would always follow her to the end of the earth, even when they weren't on it.

Luna wasn't sure how long she was jumping before she truly looked up and felt her heart stop beating. There it was, the earth. "Harry's beautiful."

Harry stood away from her and took in the sight. Luna was absolutely angelic as she stood there but even her beauty was almost rivaled by the image of the earth. It was unlike any of the pictures he had seen, they simply could do no justice to the real thing. The earth was huge and divine. Full of heavenly white clouds, lush green plants, and blue oceans as pure as a child's eyes. His own eyes were still drawn to Luna, who looked up at the earth with a look of awe and wonder. The image nudged a thought in the back of his mind but he couldn't think of it.

"It's funny." Luna whispered solemnly. "All this time I wanted go to that little grey circle in the sky. Yet compared to the earth, the Moon feels normal. The Moon isn't really that important at least not in comparison. It's just a grey rock. there's nothing here. Yet from up here, you can truly see how wonderful how special, how rare the earth really is. As far as we know, there is nothing else like it out there, and if there is, it still wouldn't be the same."

"It makes me think of how insignificant we are, and yet how special everything is. We are all individuals, every single one of us as unique as this planet and every time someone dies we lose something special. It's OK though, because every time a child is born the world glows a little brighter. It makes me think of how close we came to losing everything.

I knew more about magic, than anyone that has ever lived...and yet I didn't learn anything, at least not anything important. Magic is not magic if we know the secret. This was never about magic, this was about you, me and those we love. I have changed the world, but does it matter? In the end the world still turns. Good and Evil still exists in our hearts. People will still do great and terrible things. Life is not about what we do, it's about how we do it and who we do it with.

"I fear for them, I fear for the rough times ahead of them. But every Mother knows when to let go and watch their child the flower you know they are. My Mother's work will be taken up by others but now I am finished. My life's my own now, though my heart belongs to you. Our journey has only just begun. The world in it's most basic form will never truly change. I had power, I had glory, it doesn't mean a thing to me, because all I need is the one thing we all need, love. Until they learn to love they will never change but as long as we know this then our lives are blessed and our existence is fulfilled. In the light of love nothing else matters. Harry I shall never be able to make you understand how much I love you for showing me that."

Harry smiled as he realized what had nudged his mind earlier. He remembered words that had been uttered to him so long ago by the woman who had started it all. He could practically hear the words of Pandora Lovegood in his mind. "You know what I saw before I died. A had an indescribable vision. I saw the most beautiful thing in the world...the world itself. And you dear Luna, even more beautiful than the world itself, was not a part of it. In my vision you were wishing you could go back..."

"I wish to go back." Luna suddenly uttered as she looks at the immense beauty of the earth. "I will never forget this wonderful moment, but it's time to go back to earth"

Harry had a feeling she wasn't just talking about returning to earth as he gripped Luna's hand. "Let's go home."

Luna looked up and smiled radiantly as she looked into Harry's heart warming eyes. She kissed him tenderly on the lips before she whispers. "I already am."

I Believe In Magic

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