My Lovely Assistant

Lucy sighed for the fourth time that day, while entering her mansion.

It was just... Senior Year could be a pain in the ass most of time. Endless homeworks and test, bringing eternal stress along the way. Besides, of course, all the gossip and youth. It was too much for a teenager like Lucy Heartfilia.

"Hello, young lady" a maiden greeted her as she walked by -it was a long way to her room.

"Hello," she greeted back.

She opened the door and met the usual smell her house held. Like old, clean yet a little dusty, and lilies. The main stairs had its red carpet, and the gigantic portrait of her mother - Layla Heartfilia- stood above it, her gentle smile welcoming everyone into the house. Lucy smiled back and said hello to her lovely dead mother. The squeeze she felt in her heart everytime she remembered her mom was inevitable.

Many more employees bowed to her, she always telling them to not be so polite around her. She wasn't so special after all, it was her father who did all the work to keep the company up. Talking about him...

Jude stood at the end of the large stair, his brown eyes still cold. It was like that since Layla's death ten years ago. He wore a serius expression, as usual. His suit was dark green today, with a black tie around his neck. He looked down at his daughter, and then at her chocolate eyes. He cleared his troath and said,

"Lucy, today your heater broke up, and fortunately for us," he grimaced "or not so much, a repair man showed up and he is now fixing it. So be careful when you go into your room."

Lucy frowned. "Why did you hire him if you don't trust him?" Her father wasn't known for messing up at hiring people.

Jude grimaced even more, his mouth a thin line and his eyes darkening. "He just wouldn't leave..."

That left Lucy more confused, but she decided not to ask. Jude wasn't a talkative person, after all. So she nodded to him and walked towards her room at the end of the aisle. The windows let her see the snowflakes falling down, creating a beautiful sight. But she still was freezing with her Fairy Tail Academy uniform on, which wasn't very warm. That, and the broken heater of her room -could her luck get any better?

She openen the door, carefully looking for that "repairman". After her father's words, she felt uneasy there, but... What a handsome repairman it was.

He was kneeling on the floor, stretching his arms in a way that showed up his big biceps. His tight black T-shirt did justice to him, marking those incredible six pack that drove Lucy crazy. His eyes were big, and so dark and mysterious. The most strange thing about him was his hair; a pale shade of pink that matched with his tanned skin. Was it weird to say pink hair looked manly on him? Because it sure did. Lucy felt her eyes glued to him

He should have heard her entrance, because he immediately looked at her. His eyes travelled from her tiptoes up to her eyes, making her cheeks heat up. He had a wrench on his hand. His desirable lips turned into the sexiest smirk ever.

"Yo, I'm only repairing it, did that man told ya'?" he said, his voice low and so... sexy. Had this man some flaw?

"Oh.. y-yes." Lucy said, cursing herself for stuttering.

"Though I'm finishing, so you can warm up again!" the man exclaimed. How old was him? He didn't look over 25...

"Thanks," she said, sitting on her bed. His eyes followed her every move, and she locked eyes with him all the time, too. Maybe she didn't need the heater to warm up, after all.

"So... you're his daughter?" he asked, returning to his work. Well, at least now she could watch more without feeling that embarrasing.


"What's your name?" he asked. Lucy's cheeks turned red at the thought of him being interested in her. She knew she was being a little inmature with thos, but after all, she was only a high school girl... Her hormones worked very well.

"I'm Lucy Heartfilia," she said. "What about you?"

"Natsu Dragneel at your service," he winked at her, smirking smugly when he saw the blush on Lucy's face. She looked cute.

"So, Natsu Dragneel... can I ask how old are you? You certainly don't look like all of my previous maintenance men," Lucy said, a new tone in her voice. Now she was back to her flirty side, forgotten when she got in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Loke. That jerk that cheated on her and left her two weeks ago.

"Yes, you can ask, Miss Lucy." he chuckled the best chuckle she had ever heard. "Just turned twenty, and single. May I ask about you?"

Lucy smiled at that unasked but very welcomed information. "About to turn nineteen, recently off a relationship."

"Ouch," Natsu said. "A jerk?"


"And how's the lady coping with it?" he eyed her, but she only smiled. His eyes had told her that she shouldn't answer if she didn't want to. Was he always so sincere with his gaze? She appreciated the gesture.

"Better alone than in bad company, right?" she joked. Even if she still felt a little hurt, she'd learned there were better things in life than grieve over a fool. Like this piece of hotness in front of her right now.

"Totally right." Natsu agreed before returning to his work. A comfotable silence fell over the room, as Lucy watched him work. It felt nice in a way, his company.

Lucy had no idea how much time passed when he got up and cleaned the dirt off him; it only seemed vague minutes. He grabbed his tool box and looked at her. She stood up too, locking eyes with him again. It was so intense; the way his dark eyes travelled her again. She'd learned over the years she had a pretty body and a pretty face, and don't get her wrong, she never let someone lower her just by it and her blonde hair, she was actually pretty inteligent. But... God the way he looked at her. And she couldn't say anything, she wasn't a saint either.

When had he become so close to her? Damn... she couldn't think straight. Her face was all flushed, her heart didn't stop beating too fast, her stomach decided it was a good time to do flip flops. She was such a mess, and all this was because of the man standing inches apart of her.

"You know..." he breathed. He was so close. "I may change the original price of my service,"

Lucy giggled. "Well, I have to check if my family can afford it, though."

Natsu smiled. "I'm pretty sure it can." His eyes fell to her lips. She was so grateful she had take time this morning tu put on some make-up and comb her hair.

She swore they both leaned in closer. But, c'mon, if it is her, nothing goes as she wanted, ever.

"MISS LUCY! HOW ARE YOU DOING?" One of the most reliable maids she had, Virgo, shouted through the door while knocking. This send Lucy ten feets away of the hot man, her face redder if possible, as she walked up to the door and opened it. Virgo was in her usual maid suit, with her bright blue eyes looking at her with amazement and curiosity. "Is everything alright, princess?"

"I told you not to call me that," Lucy reminded her. "And yes, everything's okay."

Virgo peeked to the room. "Is the sir already leaving?"

Lucy turned around to see, in fact, Natsu picking up his stuff and walking to the door with a big grin plastered on his face.

"Yeah!" Natsu said nonchalantly, like nothing had just happened. He crossed the door and stood behind Virgo, winking at her in a flirty way -she thought she would melt right there. "See you again someday, Miss Heartfilia."

He walked away down the aisle, putting a jacket over his shirt. Wait, did he always had that scarf around his neck? Probably. Why didn't she notice it before? It looked good as hell in him too.

Lucy felt Virgo's stare burning into her until she looked back at her, and smiled weakly. "Everything's ok, Virgo?"

"Did something happen with that repairman? I can tell Sir Jude-"

"Nothing happened." Lucy said. "But... Do you think he fixs TV's? 'Cause I think mine just broke."

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