My Lovely Assistant

Lucy was in the most troubled trouble she had managed to get herself into in all her life.

But, how was she supposed to know her father would arrive from his trip a whole day earlier? He had left two weeks ago, for Lucy to do the best decision ever.

"Hurry up and dress up!" Lucy hissed frantically. She jumped off her bed and buttoned her uniform shirt. The knocks on her door kept sounding through.

"Mmmm... in five minutes..." the boy in her bed mumbled.

Lucy looked at him. The pink locks spread over the pillow, with a little drooling included. His cheeks were pink, with the corner of his lips turning slightly upwards into a cute smile she had get used to. Natsu... the man who started up as the Heartfilia's new repair man, and ended up as her secret lover.

Two days after their first encounter, one of the computers in Jude's office decomposed, and Lucy eagerly insisted him to call Natsu Dragneel once more, since her heater had worked perfectly since he came. The man was reluctant at first, but after one of the butlers reminded him that the pink haired boy had said he could repair anything and was good with hands, Jude accepted and called him up. Amazed by his work, the important man congratulated him and hired him as the official Heartfilia's Company repairman. Needless to say, two people were too overjoyed by it. Since occasionally some things started to break up more frequently and Lucy happened to be near them, they started to talk more, to kiss more, to hook up more. It had been four months since that.

It was a sin how his face looked like an angel now, if just hours before he had been a hungry beast.

"Shut up and get up!" Lucy threw another pillow at him, waking him up. "There's a maid outside saying my dad's here!"

That seemed to do it. With alarmed eyes, Natsu got up and put his jeans on. Lucy saw how the turned muscles of his back clenched as he put his shirt on. She bit her lip as she felt the common coil of heat curling in her lower stomach Damn... she had no time.

"Princess, Sir Jude is waiting for you!" Virgo shouted again.

"I'm dressing up!" Lucy shouted back. She stood in front of her mirror as she combed her blonde hair. It had been a mess since someone walked in her room that day.

The same who wrapped up his strong arms around her tiny waist and kissed her shoulders with his warm lips. Then, he buried his face in her hair and neck, tightening up his grip.

"Do you really have to go?" he prolonged his words, as a little child whining.

Lucy smiled gently and turned around, putting her hands on each side of his face. "I'm gonna be right back, you just wait." She pecked his lips and let go of his hold, chuckling when he groaned. He was so immature sometimes, but such a romantic. That was one of the reason why she grew up to love hi-

Wait. She didn't love him, did she? Sure, he was cute, gentle, brave, hot, attentive, happy, loving, euphoric, sexy... but she couldn't love him. They met just 125 days ago. There was no way...

"Everything's alright, princess?" Virgo asked. Lucy blinked out of her thoughts, watching her surroundings. She was at the door of her father's office. Well, that was quick.

"Yeah, I'm okay," Lucy said and opened the big wooden doors, taking short but fast steps up to her father's desk where he was waiting for her. His rude eyes watched her every move, sending shivers down her spine. "Welcome back, Father." she bowed with her best polite voice and gentle smile.

"Why did you take so long?" Jude asked.

"I was taking a nap, father. I took time dressing up," she explained, a tense smile, her fingers twirling behind her back. "My apologizes."

"Am I right about not believing you?"

Lucy's breath stopped. Since when her father was so perceptive? There was no way he knew about her affairs. He didn't care when she told him about her boyfriend, why would he mind now?

Then it struck her. An employee. Someone had to see -or hear- her with Natsu. And then she/he had told her father. She was dead.

She disgusted lies, but she wasn't ready to tell him about Natsu and she. Even herself wasn't so sure what they had going on. They hadn't talked about it yet.

"You're wrong, father. I was taking a nap. I didn't expect you until tomorrow." Lucy said.

"Don't lie, young lady" Jude yelled. Even if he always ignored her, he had never, never yelled at her. She was overly shocked there. He cleared his throat, regaining his composure. "I've heard you've been doing... things with that Dragneel boy. You should know by now this is impossible, since he's in the lowest of the society and you're on the highest-"

"Shut up." Lucy said quietly, but with strong voice. Even herself was surprised. She had never contradict her father's sayings. "Love isn't impossible. You are no one to say what's right and what's wrong. I can walk my path for myself. I'm old enough to make my decisions, thank you very much." she spat, anger running trough her veins like fire.

She started to run as fast as she could once she exited that creepy room. The fury transformed into hot tears streaming down her face. She ignored the maids' shouts, ignored everything as she arrived her room. Opening them, she saw Natsu sitting in her bed with a wide grin waiting for her. It became a worried expression as he saw the state she was in. At this sight, Lucy started crying more.

Natsu hurriedly walked over her and embraced her in another tight hold, closing the door for her. He ran his hands through her back in a comforting way as she cried in his shoulder, wetting his scarf. He said nothing as he held her there. She was so grateful for it.

There wasn't an exchange of words for the next five minutes until she calmed down. More knocks and shouts could be heard from the other side, but she ignored them all as she looked right into Natsu's curious and worried dark eyes.

"Hey, you okay? What happened?" his voice was lovingly soft.

Lucy wiped the remaining tears with the back of her hand and nodded. "It's just... I argued with my father. It seems there was someone watching over us. He said such nasty things... I got really angry and came here running." she explained.

Natsu nodded at this. "I thought about it," he stated.

"What?" Lucy frowned, her arms still around his neck.

"I thought someone was watching us. And, in the back of my mind, I knew I was only causing you trouble. But... Even if I wanted to leave, I wasn't capable of finding the strength to do it."

Lucy frowned even more, confused. Did he want to leave? Really? After all they've been through together... It kind of broke her heart.

But, Natsu noticed this, and alarmed did he explain, "No, no! You got the wrong idea." He sighed, grabbing Lucy's hand and keeping them between his. He stared at her chocolate eyes. They were so beautiful. "What I meant was that I couldn't leave you no matter how hard I tried. 'Cause you know... It's always more fun when we're together... And... I kinda... I..." he struggled with words, his cheeks turning red in the process.

Lucy chuckled, finally understanding. She relaxed, a smile playing in her soft lips. "I get it. And believe me, I feel just the same." she squeezed his hands reassuringly.

That's what he loved about her. She knew he wasn't very good with words, yet she understood him perfectly. She had stayed by his side even if he was a complete mess of a person. Damn, he was head over heels for this girl.

"MISS HEARTFILIA, PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR! WE KNOW YOU'RE THERE!" It snapped the couple out of their trance. Lucy looked alarmed at the door. It seemed they would break through anytime.

She turned around to Natsu. "What do we do?" she asked.

Natsu pressed his lips together, thinking, until an idea popped in his mind. He grinned at Lucy. "Let's go!" he said.

She could only stare at him confused. "What?" she asked again.

"Yeah! Let's go anywhere out of here! We can live by ourselves, and you can get away from all the things you hate! After all, you're entering college soon! We can make it!

"You want... to run away?" Lucy asked.

Natsu scratched his neck in awkwardness, his idea suddenly seeming foolish for him. "Uh... well... only if you want to?" he asked shyly. It was so untypical of him.

But Lucy wide and happy grin made it all worth it. Her eyes shone with the sparkle he got to love over the days, making him smile back.

"Let's go on an adventure!"


Special Epilogue


"C'mon, it's easy. Where did you think I sneaked all those time I gave you a surprise visit late at night?"


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