Epilogue: The End, Relatively Speaking

"Come back to bed, luv," called Jack, his voice thick with sleep and other things best left to a berth. "M'not usually a jealous man, but I can't say I fancy sharing the coveted sight of my lovely new bride in the buff with all of Tortuga."

Elizabeth laughed lightly, turning an affectionate gaze upon her groom. She stood by the aft windows, naked except for his gift of the triple strand of black pearls about her swan's neck.

A small midnight stop had been made in Port Royal, so that Elizabeth could gather a few precious things and leave a letter of apology and explanation for her father. With Jack's permission, she'd left the heading for Treasure Island in her missive, so that Norrington and his remaining men would not be marooned indefinitely. It was more mercy than the Commodore had been willing to show Jack, but Elizabeth was finding that to be a common theme with her pirate captain. He was a power to be reckoned with, clever as a fox, fearsome when he had to be, but when given the choice Jack would always show compassion over cruelty. Some mistook this for weakness, but she loved him for this trait all the more.

Jack kept finding himself thinking he would never come across a sight more beautiful, than this brave woman by his side. He also kept thinking that he would wake up from this sweet dream at any moment. They had been married not but a few hours ago, in the only church on Tortuga. Elizabeth had worn a simple blue dress and a crown of plumeria blooms, her black pearls and her skull ring. Jack had scrounged a clean shirt, which for some reason seemed in short supply now that they had left the civilized world behind.

Elizabeth was fairly certain the parson had been inebriated throughout the whole ceremony, and possibly wasn't even really a man of the cloth, but she didn't care. She and Jack had made their vows to each other, smiling and laughing with joy through the whole thing—and that was all that really mattered.

With a bit of their newly won prize they had thrown a raucous party that spanned two taverns side by side, of which they had quickly abandoned for the great cabin of the Pearl, unable to wait any longer to partake of each other in their newly-wedded bliss.

Elizabeth's eyes turned from the glittering blue harbor to cast about the cabin of the Pearl. It was filled with Jack's books and charts, and other trappings that spoke of a man well-traveled and deeply in love with the sea. She could hardly believe this was to be her home now, and the legendary pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, her husband.

The legend in question lounged like a sleepy lion upon the bed—their bed—his mane of dark hair hanging down around his shoulders. His body was a map of all he'd lived, adventures written in scars and ink. She found him the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen, and her sly smile said so when his gaze met hers.

This time when he held out his hand in invitation she joined him. She settled into his arms, her long body folding seamlessly with his. "What now, Jack? It's hard to imagine the crew will put up with our honeymoon cruise for too long,"

"A fair question." His fingers slipped through her hair, causing her eyes to slide closed with pleasure. She'd almost forgotten she'd asked a question, when Jack finally answered, "The fact is, my Lizzy girl, that even after dividing the treasure from the Isle de Muerte, we are filthy fucking rich. We can do anything we want."

Elizabeth pursed her lips. The things wealth usually bought were all the things she'd run away from. It was adventure—and Jack—not necessarily in that order, that interested her now. "Then I suppose we had better bury this treasure somewhere remote," she answered cheekily. "And make a map for it, of course."

Jack chuckled, rather distracted as her fingertips traced the contours of his chest, explored his scars as though she could sense their stories in their shape, like a diviner reading tea leaves. "Said like a true buccaneer, luv," he chuckled. His laughter shifted to a groan as her exploring fingers followed the trail of dark hair upon his belly, down to discover his quickly swelling manhood.

Greedily she grasped his velvety member, purring with appreciation as he hardened in her hand so soon after their first bout of love-making. A rather naughty word escaped him as she quickly straddled him, sliding down upon his length in one smooth motion.

"Pirate," he growled, his hands gripping her hips, guiding her motion upon him. "Pillaging without apology. I should have surrendered to you at the first sight of your colors."

"Aye, Captain, you should have," she agreed, bracing herself with a hand over his heart, moaning as his thumb found that perfect spot upon her center. "Now I have no choice but to grant you no quarter." He swore again as she squeezed her womanly channel upon him, sliding up and down his cock with calculated speed, whetting his desire all the more. She made him feel like a randy young lad, ready to come with just a saucy look in his direction. This—her body surrounding his, hot and tight, so very wet, and so very his, now, forever more—it was too much.

With hands clasped they strove for the pinnacle of their release, passion taking them with all the fury of a hurricane. In the eye of the storm they reached their point of surrender, a mutual pleasure that rocked them like a tidal wave, rendered their bodies utterly pliable, happy and sated. Elizabeth collapsed upon his chest, his wiry arms wrapping about her.

They dozed, and with the sun upon the horizon Jack stroked Lizzy's spine, winning a shudder of delight. Her hand on his chest, she regarded the rings upon her finger, the golden death's head now complemented by a simple but elegant engraved golden band.



"Have ye ever heard of the Fountain of Youth?"

She laughed sleepily, snuggling closer. "Tis just a story, surely."

"Well…legend has it that there is a special map. How would ye fancy a jaunt to Singapore?"

In the rich golden light of the setting sun the diamond eyes of her ring winked with promise.

The End.

Sort of.

That is to say, this is the end of this Adventure.

But surely the beginning of many many others.

So this is The End, Relatively Speaking.